Invisible Me Ch. 01

tagIncest/TabooInvisible Me Ch. 01

The Story of an Invisible Girl and her lust for cock, pussy and boobs.
This was put together in a couple of days so forgive the quick proofreading. It was based on a character in my story "Unseen Halloween" which was published already, I might have like to change some names around but I tried to keep that going.
Chapter 1
My boyfriend, let me see to be blunt was really a geek, a computer programmer type to say the least, I was his first love and he was mine. We were both virgins when we met at a party over the summer. I got my first taste of his cock at that party. The party its self was very hot, there were couples making on both ends of the couch and a guy getting a blowjob in the middle. I was kinda shocked, to be honest, I'd seen one cock in my life, my brothers and I wanted to watch. The girl's head bobbed up and down on the long skinny shaft coming up for air from time to time allowing me to get a quick glimpse of the swollen head before she gulped it back into her mouth. I thought to myself how much I would love to be in her place. Her hand cupped his balls as his hips thrust up off the couch. I didn't get what was happening right away but when a dribble of milky white cum escaped the corners of her mouth I knew, not from experience but from talking with my girlfriends what happened. I thought to myself how lucky she is.
Not to be obvious I backed up a little bit, and found myself sitting in an overstuffed chair facing the couch that Steve occupied, I landed gracefully (not) on his lap. I could feel the rough material of his jeans on my bare legs as my skirt flayed out to cover his lap. I felt something pressing right at my panty covered sex and being a little on the innocent side (read A LOT on the Innocent side). The light turned on and I knew it was his hard-on pressing right against my pussy. Just his jeans and my panties separated me from what I was craving. I wasn't really craving his cock, but at that moment it was a cock and my body wanted it. I knew I wasn't going to have it right then but I pressed back and Jason pressed back and we did this a few times. Jason then surprised me, he put his hands one my hips under my skirt. Actually, on my hip, my bare hips. I expected him to find my G-string and pull it down and try something right then but instead, he held me still and brought his face to mine, kissing me, really kissing me. I swear I felt his kiss all the way to my toes.
Then he said something that made me almost want to die, "Can you please stop that."
I was ready to bolt, I thought didn't he want it, didn't he like it. I said, "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to.."
Then he kissed me again and whispered in my ears, "I just don't want to make a mess in my jeans right now."
We made out for a good long time, the couples on the couch lost to their own world. When we broke for air we noticed one girl was on top of guys lap, her skirt was over his lap and she was bouncing up and down on him. His hands went up her skirt for a second, Jason and I stared at her hairless pussy being invaded over and over by his cock. It was long and thick and we just watched as he would come all the way out and then she would come down on him again taking most of his length into her body. His glistening cock to me at least looked like a work of art. I was getting to be so horny.
I never thought I would find the nerve, but finally I asked Steve, "Would you like to maybe, go somewhere a little more private?"
Steve stood up, and I laughed a little as he has a huge wet spot on the front of his jeans. I looked down and then said, "I'm so sorry, I think that's from me."
He said, "I don't think it all you, some of it's from me leaking."
I didn't know what he meant but I wasn't going to ask as he took my hand like a gentleman and led me upstairs and wondered out to his car. He said, "Would you like to go to my place? My parents are gone for the week."
I was excited and leery, and a hundred other emotions all at once. I started to say something like "I don't know." Or "What kind of girl do you think I am." But what I said instead was, "ah… sure I guess."
He then said, "We can watch a movie or something, just kinda chill, all the sex in there was making me ."
I finished his sentence, "Hard.."
He laughed, "That too. However, I was going to say a bit uncomfortable thought."
On the way back to his place we talked, actually talked about things we were interested in. When we got to his house he actually got out and opened my door for me. Taking my hand to help me out he asked me, "Can I ask you a question?"
Being a little like my father and being the queen of bad puns I answered, "You mean can you ask me another question, since you just asked me one question."
"You got me, what I was wondering, I don't know a lot about girls, but do you, I mean I just saw your.. ah your panties in the car for the first time and they looked soaked, do you have an issue?" He smiled.
I turned three shades of red and answered him, "No, I just got really excited and when a girl gets excited they leak. I that what you were talking about is you leak too?"
Taking my hand He said, "Yes, lets go inside, we can play 20 questions in the TV room."
I was relieved he just took my answer and didn't make fun of me, and it made me feel good that he wanted to look at my panties. I was really starting to like him, not love him but like him.
His house was a typical house for the area, about as large as my parents and neatly taken care of. Steve aske me, "Do you want something to eat or drink?"
I nodded and said, "Something to drink would be good."
HE offered, "My parents have some beer or wine coolers and don't mind if I have them, or I have Coke."
I smiled, hopeful for how this evening might turn out and said, "A wine cooler sounds good to me."
We went in the TV room, it was a nice setup A larger overstuffed couch and a huge TV, and what looked like a sound system setup from some outer space hi-fi science project. Steve took up the remote and pushing a few buttons put the lights down low he started scrolling through the movies on Netflix. I didn't have to go to the bathroom but I wanted to lose my wet panties in hopes of some wondering hands so I excused myself, lost the panties and wiped an up a little, I was really wet earlier and kinda messy down there to be honest. I also slipped my bra into my purse. When I came out he gave me a choice of some movies that might be fun to watch. A Sci-fi movie, some musical thing, and a zombie movie. Let me tell you, I'm not into zombies, musicals or sci-fi, but one on the "suggested for you" list was one I had seen and knew had some good action in it AND a couple very hot sex scenes. I ask, "What about that one."
If the lights was up I bet you would have seen him turn red, I heard it in his voice as he said, "Sounds good to me."
We settled down to watch it, on opposite end of the couch, my wine cooler was empty in no time, I can't believe I drunk it so quickly. Steve's was empty too and he offered me another a returned with two. He handed it to me and I took it, and patted the cushion next to me saying, "You know you can sit a little closer."
He un-paused the movie and put his arm around me. I finished my wine cooler rather quickly I guess because I was a tad (a lot) nervous are what to do next. We actually was very comfortable and was just enjoying the closeness of each other, the first of the sex scenes came on and it was getting to me. I was slightly buzzed from the two wine coolers and getting a little on the horny side. If I was alone I'd probably have had my hand between my legs stroking my clit by now.
We were making out on the couch, and wow, his hands got busy and soon found the hem of my shirt and his fingers were soon squeezing my breasts and playfully playing with my nipples, I was moaning I know into his mouth has he kissed me, my hands found his hard cock through his jeans, and his mouth found one of my nipples and the whole room lit up with fireworks. Sure I had came before, but never like this, and he hadn't even touched my bare dripping wet pussy. When the fireworks finally stopped he asked me if I was okay, of all things to ask "Are you okay" all I could say as I melted into his arms was "uh -hu."
He just held me for a bit and my hands worked their way into his jeans, his hard cock was in my hands before I knew what I was doing. I had heard about blow jobs, seen a few in porn, and well at the party and I was intending on taking him in my mouth but wanted to touch his cock, the first cock I have ever touched, for a little bit. I wrapped my hands around it and the engorged head puckered a little and started shooting his cum at me, by the time he was done I could feel his hot cum on my face, and all over my bare breasts. I smiled and ran my finger over one of my nipples that was cum covered, licking my finger I just said, "Yumm."
He kissed me long and hard, he had to be tasting his own cum but he didn't care, I didn't care. We were very touchy, the need for cumming taken away. His hands found my bare legs and soon found my exposed pussy, his fingers felt divine running though my pubic hair. I don't recall when my shirt came off, and I don't recall spreading my legs to give him a better look. I was walking on a cloud right then, I could have been his right then, I would have let him take me right then and there if he wanted. His hard cock rested against my thigh as he fingered me, never going in, which I so felt the need for but I was totally fine like this. My fingers were running though his hair as his head rested on my breasts.
I pulled his head up to me so I could kiss him and he glided between my legs, the head of his cock finding my pussy, he pulled up so his cock was not so close to my pussy, rubbing on my stomach instead. We kissed, and I ran my hands along his bare back, (how we got undressed was a blur) feeling his ass cheeks pump his cock against my stomach as we kissed. I was lost in the feeling of his body on mine. He started working his way down my body, kissing my breasts before going lower, down my stomach, to my pussy. As his tongue found my clit I heard myself say, "Oh my fucking God!! Yes Yes, right, oh…"
Keeping up is licking and sucking he was bringing me further along the ride to my second orgasm. He moved up again and I felt his cock next touch my clit, I shook my head no and said something I didn't think I was capable of, "Not inside me right …"
He took his swollen cock head and ran it up and down the length of my slit, the slick, hard but soft feeling tip was about to send me over the edge and when it did I felt his cock slide down between the cheeks of my ass and his cum erupted aimed at my anus and down, running down the crack of my ass.
He jumped up quickly taking off into the kitchen, I watched his cock bobbing up and down and then his cute ass disappearing. Thinking this was the first time I ever saw a naked guy, then I felt the runny mess on my ass, and felt it dripping off onto the couch. Then I jumped up also in shock as I realized our juices were messing up his parents couch. He was back and in a panic mode, still as nude as I was but with towels and some sorta cleaner. We cleaned the couch, naked as the day we was born.
I told him, "Looks good to me, it just has to dry."
Then he said, "Thanks for helping." Then he hugged my naked body against his and asked, "Chole do you want to spend the night?"
I really wanted to but I couldn't for two reasons, I knew I would fuck him and I didn't really want that, or maybe I wanted it too much. I wanted our first time, my first time to be special. The Second reason was I saw the clock, I needed to be home in 20 minute or I might not be going anywhere again for a long time.
We hurried and got dressed and he dropped me off in record time. I still remember watching his hard again cock get stuffed into his jeans, my mouth watered for it.
When I got home my brother was being a big brother when he came to my room to check on me. He let me know he could smell the drinks on me and I told him It was just a wine cooler. I wasn't sure what else he wanted but that's okay, we get a long good and I knew he wasn't busting my chops. I sat down on my bed and he took my computer chair and faced me.
He asked, "So did you have a good time?"
This was not a normal question for him to ask me but I answered, "Yeah, actually I did. Steve is a pretty cool guy."
He asked me outright, "So did you have sex with him?"
I looked at him funny, "ah.. No… what would it be to you if I had."
He answered, "Well I can see your red matted pussy hair and assumed you might want to talk if you had."
I stuttered and said, "Oh, we played, but no, we didn't have sex. I wanted to, and he wanted to, just not now."
He then said, "You know it looks beautiful, but you might want to … wait a second, I think, are you still a virgin?"
Damn, I was flashing my brother, "Oh sorry, yes, how .." I still left my legs spread for some reason.
Moving his head closer he said, "I think I can see your cherry the way you are sitting."
I looked over to him, "And I can see the head of your.. ah… looking at me too."
It was his turn to be embarrassed, "You know I love pussy hair, and yours is so pretty and red. I'd love to.."
Shocked I said, "You wanna touch it?"
He said, "If you wasn't my sister I would love to do more than touch it."
I asked, "Can I at least see the rest of your.. ah..?"
He simply pulled his shorts down letting his hard cock spring forth into the air. It was huge compared to Steve's, and had It's base surrounded by bright red pubic hair that matched mine. A part of me wondered something very bad, I wonder what our pubic hair would look like with him inside me. I said, "That is some cock brother or not."
He said, "I gotta go.." and abruptly went to his room. I closed my door, showered, and went to bed naked as I normally do.
The next day I saw Steve on campus at the library, and we wound up spending a lazy Sunday after noon skinny dipping at his house, and played a little more, I did finally get his cock into my mouth, but that's as far as it went, he pulled out and came quickly onto my breasts. We were both virgins and we had fun anyway. I got off, he got off, and we showered together. I couldn't get my brother's cock of my mind though.
That evening at home after the parents went to bed my brother came into my room. Since I was ready for bed I was wearing just my robe with nothing underneath it. He was asking me again about Steve, and I couldn't resist the urge so I let my robe gape open. He gasp, and then did something I never dreamed he would do. He reached out taking the robe by the lapels and opened it, and said, "Chole, you look so beautiful. I couldn't help but think of you last night and all day today. I've never consider you like this before but oh… I ah.."
I let the robe fall to the floor, I pulled his shirt over his head and he allowed his shorts to fall to the floor. I went to my knees and started working on his cock. It was a nice cock as I stated before, much bigger than Steve's but not too big that I couldn't mostly take it into my mouth. After a little while I stood up, my brother had much more self-control too. I Hugged my brother right, the tip of his erection finding the V of my being with an almost electric shock. I knew I was ready for more, more what I didn't know, just more. I always pictured this moment differently, more girly maybe. I pushed Greg down on my bed and followed down on top of him, our mouths meeting no resistance from one another. My nipples cutting into his rock hard chest, his strong but tender arms embracing me. He rolled over on top of me, my legs spreading to accept him in, his cock pauses upon finding the entrance to my vagina. He speaks for the first time since I had his cock in my mouth, "Are you sure?"
I bite my lip and nod as his cock enters me, I could feel every little detail, the soft tip splitting my pussy lips, the ridge of his cock head stretching my opening, and then a searing burning bright pain that lasted only seconds as he slid completely into me, hold there waiting for me to get used to it. I felt a tear go down my face, a tear of joy as I just found love. He slowly started rocking into me, pulling a little more out at a time, I swear I could feel the veins of his cock as they went into me and back out. I was getting close, I could feel it, I wrapped my legs around his and was meeting each thrust with my own.
Soon he moaned into my ear, "I'm cumming… Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr"
I returned the moan as my fingers dug into his back, "MEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Tooooo…"
And just like that he lay over on his back, and I put my head on his chest and fell asleep. I'm not sure when I woke up but it was with a startle, I looked down and Greg's cock was looking back up at me. IT was a mess of a display, dried cum and blood on it and I wanted it. I got up went to my bathroom and jumped in the shower to clean myself up, dried off, and got a warm wash cloth, and in the middle of the night I returned and washed his cock clean. This woke him up and I put my legs over his head, and he took the hint and I swallowed his cock. With little effort I was soon rewarded with his cum, I swallowed every drop. I guess I had worn him out and I was fine with that, I fell alsleep on top of him like that my face next to his cock and balls. I woke up to him licking my pussy again, this time I just enjoyed it and let it happen, After I cam somehow he got behind me and entered my pussy from behind, in what I learned was doggie style. I loved it! I could reach between my legs and play with my clit as he was inside me. I cam again, as did he.
Common sense kicked in as day started to break, He went to his room and I got in the shower again. That next morning when I got up I was walking funny. Mom asked and I told her I over did it at the gym, and she bought it.
Steve and I broke up shortly after this. I couldn't get into him, and didn't want to have sex with him. Yeah I felt bad for him, but I think he did okay. I met him again at a Halloween party where there as some good naked fun going on and a Ghost but that's another story.
Greg and I we continued to have our fun, and we got really good at pleasing one another, I was sad to see fall come around and him going off to school, I knew we were not over.
The party where I met Steve again was different, I think it was in a real haunted lake house, with an honest to God ghost. I think I was felt up and maybe the ghost pushed me into playing around with Steve some. One thing I do know is the host was fucked my a ghost that wanted to be called Daddy. I saw her bent over the kitchen island and her body was moving like she was being fucked, I could see inside her pussy and it acted like a cock was stretching it. I swear I could almost make out the outline of a cock and balls going in and out. Anyway I was a little horny watching this, that's why I can only explain what happened. I saw the ghost cum, if filled her up and some leaked on the floor. I reached down took some on my finger and sure enough, it smelled like cum, and well it also tasted like cum. Why I tasted it I don't know and right then I shrugged it off.
About a week later in the middle of the night I had a dream, I'm not even sure what it was about really. It was about Greg and I and sex and I woke up went to the bathroom to pee. When I looked over towards the door, the mirror on it showed only the toilet where I was sitting, where I was currently setting. I got up and examined the mirror and still no me in it. I thought I was still dreaming so I went back to bed.
When I woke up and went it the bathroom the first thing that struck me was my hand was missing as I flipped on the light switch followed by me not being there in the mirror above the sink. I thought I must have died and went back and checked the bed for my body. To my relief I was not there, I was simply not anywhere. I used the bathroom and well my urine showed up in the water turning it yellow. When I washed my hands I could see them in the water as a watery outline. The thought of the ghost never hit me right then. I was INVISIBLE.. and Invisible girl!! I went into my room and started to pull on some clothes, but as soon as I pulled on my panties I found out they were not going to join me and be invisible. I shed them and decide to test out my powers of invisibility. I opened my door and walked down the hallway and downstairs, I figured I would see if my parents would see me.

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