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Is it cheating?
After my first gangbang, Dave and I became closer. Well he was much more affectionate and kept telling me how hot I was and how hot I looked fucking all those guys. Every time he spoke about it, he got turned on and we would fuck.
He kept asking me how I felt, did I think it was hot and if I enjoyed being the centre of attention. It became an addiction with him asking me about the gangbang and when I wanted to do another one.
I told Dave that I loved it and everything about it. The guys were respectful, which was something I was not used to during sex. What amazed me the most was how easily I could fuck nine guys. Once it started and I got over the initial embarrassment, I just went form one guy to the next. I told Dave I was looking forward to the next gangbang. This got him super excited and asked if I was happy to go to Grahams house again. As I was comfortable and felt safe there, I said yes. Dave got straight on the phone to arrange one.
During the next week I received a few text messages just saying stuff like "hi" and "is it ok for me to text you?" I had no idea who these texts were coming from so I ignored them. I then got one from a guy called Steve who text "hi Tara. Its Steve from the gangbang last week at Grahams. Ok to talk?"
I hesitated a bit then text back "sure. What about?' Steve replied straight away with "catching up with me and some mates? If that's ok?" I honestly could not remember who Steve was, but he had obviously fucked me. I asked Steve how he got my number and he said I gave it to him, something I couldn't remember doing. He sounded nice enough so I though why not.
So, I replied "yeah ok. When? Where? How many mates?" Again, Steve replied straight away with "That's awesome Tara thanks. I thought my place next week and I think there's four guys plus me."
I started thinking should I tell Dave or what? It's not like he would say no after our weekend so I thought I would ask him what he thought.
"Honey?" I said. "What would you think if I wanted to fuck other guys?"
"What do you mean?" Dave replied. "You are fucking other guys. That's a stupid question."
I was feeling a bit worried now and didn't know what to say next, but I wanted to catch up with this Steve guy for some fun and in a way Dave said I'm fucking other guys so what's the harm in fucking Steve and his mates I thought. "Yeah that's true babe. Silly question." I replied. Dave then let me know in a couple of weeks Graham has arranged another gangbang at his house with probably the same guys and chicks. He came and gave me a hug and a kiss, and I told him that was awesome.
As Dave works full-time and I only work part-time at a hardware chain, a lot of the time I stay at home, mostly bored. I thought what's the harm if Steve mates and I can catch up during the week, so I text Steve back asking if he was free during the day. He replied "yes every second Friday so this Friday coming up I'm free. Is that ok?" As it was only Sunday, I thought Friday would work out well, so I text, "yes Fridays good for me." Straight away my pussy began to tingle and get wet. What was wrong with me?
Steve text back "that's amazing Tara. Thanks, I'll tell the boys. C U Friday. I'll text the address." He did straight away. I was torn between telling Dave or keeping it a secret, but it felt exciting to be catching up with strangers again and being sneaky about it, so I didn't say anything.
Sex for the rest of the week with Dave was great as he bought up the gangbang over and over and me thinking about catching up with more strangers kept me horny. Dave asked me how many guys I thought I could do, and I replied that I had no idea but nine was fun. He hinted that the next party at Grahams may have more guys and the same two women. I just struggled my shoulders and said, "I guess if there's more guys that's more fun for me" and smiled. That really worked Dave up and he said how amazing I was, and he loved me 'so much' it was driving him crazy. I must admit, when he said that I almost told him about Steve but then he started kissing and licking me and I forgot.
On Friday morning after Dave left for work, I started getting ready. I put on a short dress with a plunging neckline top and no nickers as I wasn't sure how long I would be at Steve's house. Just after 9am Steve text me to say the guys would be at his house in 10 minutes. As he was 30 minutes away, I told him I would be leaving now.
When I got to his house it was in a pretty good neighbourhood which was a relief. There was only one car in the driveway, so I pulled up and got out then walked to the door. I could hear a few guys chatting and started to feel a bit nervous. What was I thinking? I'm in a neighbourhood on my own dressed like a hooker. I was about to go back to the car thinking this was a bad idea when a guy opened the door. He jumped back and held his chest. "Shit! You scared me!" He said. "Sorry I was just getting something out of my car. You must be Tara? Wow you're hot just like Steve said. I'm Trevor. Hi" Trevor held out his hand and we shook hands and laughed. "Dunno. Do we shake hands or kiss or what?" He asked nervously.
"Haha. We can kiss if you like." I replied. Trevor came closer and gave me a deep tongue and grabbed my tits. "Wow!" He said afterwards. "I hope you can suck and fuck as well as you kiss?" I smiled and replied "better." Trevor asked me to wait while he ran to his car and grabbed a small bag. We both walked in together with Trevor putting his and around my waist. "look who I bumped into" he said as we walked into the lounge. There were another four guys sitting around who all stood up when I walked in. One guy walked up and rubbed my pussy. "Hey. I'm Steve. Remember? Oh wow. You're ready for action. No G string this time!" I groaned as he rubbed my clit. Steve dropped to his knees and started licking my pussy. My knees went weak. He then held my hand and lead into the master bedroom. Two guys had taken their pants off and were already hard. Steve pushed me onto the bed and opened my legs then started fucking me straight away. A cock was forced into my mouth.
Steve came in about 5 pumps. He apologised as another cock entered me. This guy lasted a bit longer then the next cock was in me. After less than 10 minutes I had three loads of cum. I was hoping they would be lasting longer the next time. After less than an hour, all five guys had fucked me once then Trevor opened his bag and passed some dope around which everyone smoked. It was offered to me and I said I didn't smoke.
A few minutes later, Steve was hard again and fucking me. The others seemed happy to sit and watch. No one was rubbing my clit or sucking my tits. Occasionally one guy shoved his cock in my mouth, but they mainly wanted to fuck my pussy which I was happy about. After an hour, all five had fucked and filled me again. I got up to go to the toilet and they all called out "please stay a bit longer?" I told them I was and just needed a toilet break. They all sighed "oh good".
When I came back from the toilet, they were all smiling, and I asked them what was funny. "Well," Trevor said "we were just talking, and we were wondering. Could you stay here long enough so we could see how often we could fuck you, coz you know, we've done you twice each?"
"So, what like a competition to see who can fuck the most times?" I asked smiling.
"Umm yeah if that's ok?" asked Dave.
"Yeah why not." I replied giggling "it's not like I have anything else to do and I love sex."
"Umm do you mind if we take some Viagra?" Steve asked me shrugging his shoulders and smiling.
"Sure." I replied.
The five guys kept fucking me until they couldn't cum anymore. A couple even said their cock and balls were starting to feel sore. I lost track of how many times I was fucked. A couple of times I had to ask for lube, but I had a lot of cum running from my swollen pussy which kept me wet.
The guys were all impressed that I could keep fucking them and I told them how much I loved sex, cock and cum.
They asked if I liked the taste of cum to which I replied "yeah its ok. A bit salty but I don't hate it. I know guys get off when I swallow but I prefer cum in my pussy."
They looked at each other disappointed. "So, if you sucked us off and we had cum in your mouth, you would have swallowed?"
"Yeah, of course." I replied. "Why?"
"Aww coz like a couple of us have girlfriends and neither of them like to swallow." Trevor replied. "Umm its cool with you that us two have girlfriends yeah?" Trevor asked pointing at Steve.
I just laughed "Ha-ha. Bit late now hey? No, why should I care? We're just fucking for fun. I will go back to my boyfriend and that's it."
Three of the guys wanked themselves hard and asked me to suck them, off. Only two came in my mouth but they all wanted to catch up again and said they would arrange to take another day off work so we could all catch up. I told them "yeah sure. I had fun" and went and had a shower.
When I got home, I pulled out my favourite dildo and had a play by myself on the lounge until Dave came home. He walked in and shoved his cock in my mouth which I hungrily sucked. He then turned me around to fuck me doggy style.
"Wow!" He said "You've been slamming that dildo in all day. Your cunt is stretched and wet as fuck. Good girl. I wanna fuck your arse coz next week we've got the gangbang and I want you to do DP's all night. OK?"
I groaned as he slid his cock into my arse. "Sure, babe if that's what you want me to do, I'll DP all night if you want."
"Fuck yeah you will." Dave grunted as he slammed my arse. "Gonna get you more cock baby. You want that? More cock?"
"Yes please." I replied and almost telling him about the fun I had today with Steve and his friends, but I didn't. I wanted to keep that a secret, just in case Dave wasn't happy with it. Should I tell him?

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