Is Pre Cum Risky For The Woman?

During the lovemaking session, men secrete some white fluid which is commonly known as pre-cum. This pre-ejaculate is a lubricating fluid which is secreted when the man is aroused. Many women feel that this lubricating fluid or pre-cum or pre-ejaculate is risky and can make her pregnant. Can pre-cum get you pregnant? Check out…

Pre-cum is risky?

1. It is best to avoid taking pre-cum inside. This pre-cum is a semen which can contain sperm from the previous intercourse.

2. If you are having your second session continuously, avoid having an intercourse without any condom.

3. Pre-cum after an ejaculation can be risky for the woman. This can even get her pregnant.

4. Sometimes pre-cum or pre-ejaculate have sperm and lubrication mixed together and the man may not even know about it.

5. Chances of getting pregnant even with the pre-cum is more higher during the ovulation days of the woman.

6. Wash the penis before the next intercourse. This washes out sperm and keeps it clean and hygienic.

7. Pre-ejaculate during the lovemaking session is risky as it can transmit HIV and other sexual diseases. Even urine infections are commonly faced by women due to pre-cum.

8. Even a drop of pre-cum is risky as it can mature with an egg and make the woman pregnant.

9. Delay in periods is a sign of pregnancy. It is best to avoid such situations by wearing a condom and enjoying the lovemaking without worries.

10. If the pre-cum enters inside during the intercourse, immediately wash with water to prevent the fluid from entering inside.

Many women feel pre-cum doesn’t make them pregnant and this is why they don’t care much. To have a satisfying and tension free lovemaking session, always use condoms. Don’t let pre-cum or ejaculate become risky on the woman.