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I’m 48 divorced and well off even after my divorce, I’m not socially active. Can’t be bothered, anyway I met a man and his wife. Who I became friends with, after which I found the man 52 was a hardcore poker player. No concern of mine, his wife 46 looks good, but wouldn’t stand out in a crowd. Mainly because she is dressed up as most women are, she is also the most submissive person I’ve met. She is more like a slave than a wife, he tells her to do something, and she does it no comment or complaint. Anyway, he was having a period of bad luck and asked me for a loan of $500, I loaned it to him. He won that night at the game and promptly paid me back. Of course, his luck changed again and another loan. Again, paid back no hassles, so I was disposed to loaning him money when asked for it. Then some big poker game/tournament was coming up and he was short $5,000. I was reluctant to loan that much money and so as he called it sweeten the pie. He offered me his wife as interest on the loan, meaning she would clean and cook for me as well as have sex with me while he was at the game for a week. I would still get the whole $5,000 back afterwards. There was betting on the side and if not for that he would’ve lost everything. But I got my money back, I had also gotten well serviced by his wife due his absents. That how it went till one day the wife came over to see me and seemed distressed I returned with her and saw her husband sitting in his chair. No problem at first sight, but he didn’t react to my present and on looking closer I realized he was dead. The medical examiner said he had a massive heart attack and died straight away almost. The wife was in shape to do anything and so I looked after all the arrangements. He was buried and his wife had nothing much left or anywhere to go, the house was leased, and she had no way of paying to keep it. Short version I took her in, and we started straight as before as on that loan week. Her husband smoked and drank a lot and wasn’t in the greatest health, which led to his heart attack. With the now widow sharing my bed every night, I was quite happy with the arrangement. But I felt I was taking advantage of her and tried to get her to decide for herself. Which didn’t take as they say, but at least she started asking for things she needed. Which before was left to when I asked her what she needed. Before she could have no underwear worth wearing and if I didn’t ask, she wouldn’t say anything. I told her many times if you need something tell me, she still is very submissive, and I wanted to secure her future somehow and the way I decided was marriage. At least she had some protection, also my vanity caused me to make sure she looked as good as possible. Getting her hair done and clothes and sexy lingerie, with her looking so good done wonders for my self-esteem. Even those I know she would do whatever I tell her, I ask her instead of telling her. I ask her for sex, and she always agrees, but I have given her the choice. So, I married again, and I use to like being alone. But since I married her, I can’t stand her not being close by. I realized that last week, she was doing the laundry and I sitting watching a game and I had to go be near her. I know she needs me, but I need her just as much if not more now.

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