It Happened in School Bus Part 1

Beep Stories

William is a school bus driver for a rural high school. He’s 6’5”, black and a former football player. Not good enough to get beyond high school but still in good shape. He applied to drive for the high school because it puts him in close contact with high school girls. You see, William likes young girls, the younger the better. This year there is one particular girl he is very interested in. She usually rides in the back of the bus and is the last one off. She lives on a ranch that is about 10 miles from the next to the last stop. Her name is Tisha and she is a stunningly beautiful girl. Her skin is a lovely light brown. She is slender with nice melon sized breasts that she likes to show off in tight tops. Her ass is round and sticks out nicely below her slim waist. William has been thinking since she started on his route that he was going to fuck her. His cock always got hard and he had to masturbate as soon as he let her off at her stop!One Friday after the next to last stop, Tisha had another girl with her. William didn’t know her name but she was a blond with big breasts. He thought she was a cheerleader he had seen at games.As he drove the girls would whisper to each other and then look at him. If he looked in the mirror they would blink their eyes at him, teasing him, then giggling. After about 15 minutes of this William had had enough. He pulled the bus into a dirt road and pulled to the side, turning off the engine.Tisha asked, “what are you doing? Why are you stopping?”“You girls have been teasing me the whole time you’ve been on the bus, so I just thought I would give you what you’re asking for!”Tisha responded Cooley, “we weren’t teasing. I don’t know what gave you that idea!”She was very haughty about it and it really pissed William off.He looked at the blond, “what’s your name?”“Cindy. And I was teasing you.”“Cindy!” Tisha complained, “we were not!”“Well I was!” She looked at William, “I think you’re hot.”“Cindy, you’re horrible!” Tisha told her.“Well he is hot! I bet you have a big cock, don’t you?”Tisha was stunned that her friend was openly flirting with this guy.“What, because I’m black?”“No silly, because you’re like ten feet tall!”“Do you want to see it?”“Cindy, don’t you dare! We need to get home.”Cindy ignored Tisha, “yeah, I do. Right here on the bus!”William smiled at the slut. Man she was something and he wasn’t going to pass up the chance to get into this fine looking girl’s panties.He unzipped his pants and fished his cock out. It was hard but due to the length, it hung down.“Ohhhhhhhhh wow! It is big!”, Cindy moaned.Tisha turned her head away so she wouldn’t see his cock, but Cindy reached out and started sliding her hand up and down the hard shaft.“Cindy! Oh my god! You’re touching him!”“Yes! I am! You wanna try?”“No! That’s disgusting!”“Okay, your loss.”Cindy continued to stroke William’s cock. William reached down and cupped her boob and massaged it.Cindy grabbed Tisha’s hand and pulled it to William’s cock. Tisha tried to pull it away but Cindy held tight and rubbed Williams cock on it.“Oh, it’s so hot and hard!” Tisha said.“Just like I like them!” Cindy giggled.William was just sitting in the seat enjoying this. He thought it would take more convincing to get the girls to have sex with him, but he had no idea that Cindy was such a slut.Tisha finally got the courage to turn and look at his cock!“Oh wow! It’s so big!”Tisha and Cindy both had their hands wrapped around his cock and there was still a few inches protruding out of the top.“Yeah!” Breathed Cindy, “I can’t wait to get it in my cunt!”“Get your pants down and you won’t have to wait, Cindy!” William told her.Cindy stood and pulled her slacks and panties down to her knees and bent over the bench seat.“Oh my god Cindy! You’re going to do it?”“Oh hell yes! Look at the size of his cock! Hell yes!”William lined his cock up with Cindy’s tight little cunt and pushed the head in. Tisha watched a cock go in a cunt for the first time.“Oh god! He’s putting it in! Does it hurt?”“Ohhhhhhhhh no! Ohhhhhhh god no! It feels so fucking good!”Cindy was very wet and William slid his cock in all the way!“Oh god Tisha! You’ve got to try it!”“But it’ll hurt won’t it?”“You do gymnastics and cheer, right?”“Yeah.”“Well, you probably already stretched it, it might not hurt. Ohhhhhhh god! This feel amazing!”“Okay! I’ll do it! But be slow William.”Damn! William thought, I’m gonna do it! I’m gonna fuck that fine pussy!Tisha pulled her pants down and laid on the bench. She spread her legs and William looked at her pussy. It was tight looking and he wondered how his cock would fit.“Are you ready kid?”“I think so, but please go slow!”“Oh don’t worry, I’m going to make this last!”He got on top of the teenager and pushed the head of his cock in her cunt.“Oh god Cindy! He’s in me! Ohhhhhhh god! It’s big!”“Does it hurt?”“No, just feel full, like an oversized tampon! Ohhhhhhh god!”She moaned as he pushed another 2 inches into her.She was panting as he pulled back a bit then pushed halfway in.“Oomph! Ohhhhhhh! Oh Cindy! He’s going in! Oh yes! Oh fuck! Push it all in!”They were talking to each other mostly as if William was a fucking machine, but he didn’t care as long as they let him fuck them.He pushed in until he hit bottom! He still had an inch outside but it wouldn’t all go in.“Ohhhhhhh Cindy! He’s all the way in me! Oh god! It feels so fuuuuucckinnnnggg good!”“I told you it would!”Cindy helped her by rubbing her clit as William fucked her with slow strokes.“Ohhhhhhh! Ohhhhhhh! Ohhhhhhh!” Tisha moaned continuously as William and Cindy pleasured her.It didn’t take long for Tisha to yell out,“Oh my fucking god! I’m coming! Ohhhhhhh fuck! Ohhhhhhh fuck! Fuck! Fuck!”She wrapped her legs around William as her body was wracked with spasms, her legs shaking and her eyes open wide!She rode the orgasm until it ebbed to a pleasant buzz.William kept stroking a few times, then said,“Oh fuck! I’m getting close!”“Oh god no! Not inside me! I’m not on the pill!” Tisha begged!“I am! You can cum in my cunt!” Cindy told him.William wasn’t particular so he pulled out of Tisha and Cindy pushed him on his back and mounted him. She was also close to cumming as she had been massaging her clit while William fucked Tisha.As soon as William buried his cock in her, Cindy started to cum,“Ohhhhhhhhh! Ohhhhhhh! Ohhhhhhh god!”Her cunt contracted, milking William and bringing on his orgasm.“Oh yeeeeaaaahhhhh! Fucking cumming in your cunt baby!! Oh yeah!”Cindy ground her cunt down on William as he kept firing into her. They fucked till they satisfied their lust, then Cindy stood, with Williams long cock flopping out. His cum dripped out of her cunt and puddled on the floor of the bus.They all got dressed and William drove the rest of the way to Tisha’s stop.The rest of the school term William and Tisha fucked in the bus nearly every day. Once or twice a week Cindy joined them.