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I was an only child as my mother died when I was 7 (cancer) and several years later my father remarried, and my new mother had an 8-year-old daughter. Even those my father adopted her as his own and his wife adopted me, we weren’t blood relatives. So, years later I was at in my final year at university and my stepsister 2 years behind me at the same university. Our parents died in a car accident, and we were both now alone and as such stayed close together. I took over running the family business and my sister lived with me and was finishing her university courses. That was 2019 and the next year the pandemic and all the things that changed with that. Isolating with my sister we became lovers and by the time lockdown was over I had gotten her pregnant. It wasn’t an accident it was by mutual agreement; we had decided we should marry and stop taking precautions and married a month after lockdown finished. In the time since we’ve had 3 children a boy and twin girls. Our son is named after our father and the girls after our mothers. We hope to have another boy and name him after my wife/sister’s father. We both work together running the family business and are very happy being married. We can’t see anything wrong with our marriage and believe it’s the best for our future.

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