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My now wife and I knew each other for a long time, and we were just friends. We dated other people, but nothing worked out in the relationships and when another friend was marrying, we were both unattached. We were both invited and had no one to go with, so we went together and had a great time and awoke up in bed together next morning. We put it down to drinking too much and carried on as before, another event and no partners again and again we ended up in bed together. Of course, we put it down to over drinking and back to our usual lifestyle. Finally, I was rewarded with a cruise by my boss for doing a great job and it was for 2 people and I’d no-one else to take. But thought mu longtime friend and she accepted having a free cruise and we both expected to meet someone on the cruise but didn’t. We both ended up fucking and on our returned we decided to date, the dating didn’t last long. As there was a problem left over by the cruise, she got pregnant, and it shocked us both at first. I accepted my responsibility and asked her to marry me. Which she accepted and we married 2 months later, now 12 years later and 5 children we are very happy with our lives and family. We cannot believe we didn’t see that we were right for each other. If there was a big neon sign saying you two are right for each other flashing in our faces, we would probably have miss it.

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