It Started on Literotica Pt. 01

tagIncest/TabooIt Started on Literotica Pt. 01

From literotica to reality.
I've written a few stories on here all revolving around Kevin and Christie. They're based on me and my wife. The first story of how she and I met is very close to the truth. My Asian massage parlor story is 99% true. But sadly the stories of Kevin, Christie, and Brandi, who is based on Christie's younger sister, have been fiction. Up until now.
When I first wrote and published the massage parlor and original meeting Christie story I shared both of them with Christie. Then years went by and I never wrote anything again until I wrote about Brandi earlier this year. Not for one second did I think that my wife had ever come back to literotica and read the original stories. They never came up once in years.
Several weeks ago I was in a hotel after a traveling day of work, but only about 80 miles from home. That night Christie and I facetimed and got dirty with each other. One of my favorite things to do, not hers for the record, is I like to hear about her past. By that I mean I'll ask her questions and she'll tell me a story. That night I found out all kinds of kinky stuff I didn't know before because I didn't ask the right questions. I learned she has had two cocks in 24 hours before. It was two ex's for the record and not as dirty as it sounds. These things happen. But it was when I asked her if she and her sister Brandi had ever been with the same guy that my life took a turn for the amazing.
"Have you and Brandi ever had sex with the same guy?"
She had a look of regret on her face for a moment then answered "Yes."
I was like a kid in a candy store for the first time ever. I almost dropped the phone. I blurted out quickly "Holy shit! Tell me about it!" and she just started laughing. I told her I wanted name, date, details, all of it, and she took a deep breath and then started. Tonight we were really crossing some new lines for us. I was holding my iPhone with one hand and playing with my balls with the other while Christie played with her nipples as she began to talk. Her tits were out and one thing that is true is that my wife has amazing tits. To die for. Then she started talking.
"His name was Jason. You've never met him. We grew up together and we were all friends. I think I was about 22 when it happened. I was the last person at his place after a party and next thing I know he's rubbing my shoulders and then slipping my shorts and panties off at which point he immediately started eating my pussy. I came in under a minute. No sooner did I cum than he lifted me up, carried me to his room, put on a condom, and started fucking me on his bed. When I say he fucked me I mean he hate fucked me, like he hadn't been laid in years. My legs were up and he was railing me hard but it didn't last that long and he came."
"Awwwww, you didn't cum a second time, how sad."
"I DID!" she yelled back and my eyes widened.
"Seriously?? How long did he fuck you??"
"Maybe 2 minutes."
"Holy shit Christie. So this guy made you cum twice in 3 minutes??"
"Holy fucking shit. Wow. Ummm… why? What was it?"
"I think it was the alcohol, the fact we'd always flirted and built up a lot of sexual tension for years but did nothing, and earlier that night we joked about being fuck buddies since we were both single. Keep in mind I had yet to go through my slutty phase yet. I'd only been with Chris, Jacob, Matt, and Brad at that point, so 4 guys in 6 years. And to be honest, his dick was almost as thick as yours but it was longer and he hit spots that no one had ever hit before."
"Did you fuck him again?"
"Tell me! How long? How many times?"
"We fucked almost every day for two weeks. It was the best sex of my life at that point. But he wanted more, to cuddle, and date and I did not want that. I just wanted to fuck him. We also kept it a secret from all our friends."
"So you never fucked again after that?"
"We did."
"Damn brat. Tell me! And when does Brandi fuck him??"
"Calm down tiger! I'm getting there!"
I was impatient. It was a lot for me to take in and I loved it. I was also holding back cumming and I was barely touching myself. I looked at the clock and started thinking about driving home after all. But then she started talking again.
"So we went back to just being friends and would see each other around for a while. That lasted about 3 months and I was horny as fuck one afternoon and I just picked up the phone and called him. He came over and we fucked for about two hours that afternoon. Then he started getting mushy again. So sadly I didn't call him for another year and when I did I made it clear that I just wanted to fuck. We ended up becoming actual fuck buddies again and that time it lasted a few months and then I met Phil and broke it off."
"So when did he fuck Brandi?"
"Well, keep in mind she plays stuff pretty close to the vest and keeps her secrets, even from me. Phil and I had been together about a year and one night we were coming home, Brandi was living with us, and as we walked up the driveway we ran right into Jason and he was leaving. We said hi, he said he stopped by to see Brandi, and we gave each other a funny look as I introduced him to Phil. I immediately wondered if Brandi was fucking him. As far as I knew they weren't even talking in a long time. So that night after Phil went to bed I flat asked Brandi if she was fucking him and she said yes. So I asked her if she knew that he and I had fucked before and she almost woke up Phil with her reaction. She wasn't happy! We eventually started laughing about it and she called Jason to tell him she knew and he started laughing, too. I grabbed the phone from her and called him an asshole. We weren't really mad but still it was fucked up. Brandi pursued him though as I later found out, so really he did nothing wrong."
"Okay well that's not that bad. But I am jealous as fuck of Jason right now. You know I had the sisters fantasy for years. Lucky motherfucker."
"Well it's not like he had us together!" Christie shot back.
"I know but damn. That is so fucking hot. I'm still jealous."
"I'm sure you are. I read your stories by the way."
"Your stories online."
"What stories?"
"Christie and Brandi."
MY HEART DROPPED INTO MY STOMACH. It was a serious WTF OMG moment for me. I was almost speechless but managed to respond.
"It's just fantasy! Don't be mad!"
She laughed and said, "I'm not mad! I don't care. I find it hilarious. You really wanna fuck her don't you?"
I sighed and rolled my eyes.
"Yes I do. Is that so fucking bad? I already love her and she's going through a rough time right now and you can obviously tell her I know how to fuck –" and that's all I got out. My wife busted out laughing almost uncontrollably. Sexy time had turned into the comedy hour.
"Oh my god! You're cracking me up! It's not like I didn't know though. And no I will not be selling your sexual skills to my sister anytime soon. Although it would keep her from calling Vince when she finds herself horny one night. But yeah no. Not now at least."
The last line gave me hope!
"Not now at least?"
"That's what I said."
"I'm stupid, Christie. Speak to me slowly and in small words."
"I'm not totally opposed to you fucking Brandi but it still will probably never happen. Clear enough?"
"Yes. I'll be on the road in 5 minutes. I'm coming home, should be there in an hour. Go ahead and face reality that you're gonna be up late tonight okay?"
"Yes sir."
"Good girl. I'll call you when I'm on the road. Love you!" and she said "Love you!" and I rushed out the door. Thankfully I'm a very light traveler.
I called her almost as soon as I got in the car.
"Okay so I'm about to have a heart attack here. You'd really let me fuck Brandi?"
"Well it's not really up to me."
"But you'd be okay with it if she was?"
"Probably. Circumstances matter obviously. Obviously I'd never want anyone to find out either."
"I'm lost. What's in it for you?"
"Oh I'll get some laughs!"
"Laughs?! Jerk!" I yelled back.
"Sorry I find the whole thing hilarious! One day you hate her one day you love her and I always said you were separated at birth, it's just hilarious that's all. I can't believe out of everyone she's who you fantasize about. But it's the sister thing I guess."
"Yes it is, lover. But I also do find her sexy. She's not as beautiful as you but you know she exudes sexuality and I do love her ass.
"Oh I know. On both counts."
"So tell her you'll loan me out!"
"We'll see. How close are you?
I could tell she didn't want to talk much further about it. It made me wonder if she was just letting me fantasize and indulging me. To be honest I was more than okay if that was the case. I switched gears and we started talking about what we were going to do when I got home. She said she was going to edge me for a while before we fucked and tell me another story. It was clearly my lucky night. I was only about five minutes from the house when she decided she hadn't thrown me for enough loops yet.
"Brandi has read the stories, too."
I almost fainted but managed to spit out, "What?".
"Brandi has read your stories."
"Are you fucking serious?"
"She's the one who told me about them."
"WHAT?!" I yelled.
"Kev, I gave her the link to the story about us a long time ago. I didn't know she fucking saved it and went back."
"HOLY FUCKING SHIT. How long have you guys known?"
"About a month."
I started thinking back to every encounter I had with Brandi in the last month. She lived not too far from us and would come over regularly.
"Oh my God. The last time she was over."
"I know! Ha ha ha!" Christie replied.
The last time Brandi was over she was in tight cut off jean shorts and a white top that hugged her skin and showed off her boobs and figure. Her ass cheeks were almost out of the shorts and when she bent over they were definitely out. She was bending over when I walked into the room and I walked right into a view of her ass. I blurted out "Fuck Brandi! Christie you need to start warning me before B comes over." Then I shook my head and walked out of the room. I remember them both laughing a little bit more than normal.
"So she knew when I commented about her ass?!"
"She did!"
"OH MY GOD. Christie! What the fuck? Okay I'm home."
I walked to the front door and my wife was waiting for me at the door in booty shorts and a tank top that showed off her tits. I kissed her when I came in and she grabbed my cock and said "Are you okay? A little too much for you tonight?" and I just laughed and we headed back to the bedroom.
As I got into the bedroom I started taking my clothes off and hopped on the bed. Christie got in between my legs and started stroking my cock with her tits out. I stopped for a moment, grabbed my phone, and got a little bit of video of it cause it was a happy sight. Christie is awesome like that. She doesn't mind pics and videos from time to time. When I put the phone down she started talking.
"How long have you wanted to fuck Brandi?"
"Since day one."
"What?!" I replied and we both started laughing.
"She knows how good you are and why I married you."
Christie would often tell me she married me because I fucked her better than anyone ever has. It's not a joke.
"Well then I should be a pretty easy sale then! Tell me how you guys found out about the stories."
"Apparently Brandi has been back several times over the years. She stumbled across the new stories and called me right after she read them. She was laughing too don't worry! We were debating whether or not to call you out on it immediately by having her text you a link to them."
"I would have died if you guys did that. Oh my god."
"Ha ha! We know!"
Christie then took a break from stroking me and started licking my balls for a while then eventually licking up my shaft before blowing me. Then she went back to stroking and talking.
"Jason told me that Brandi is better at sucking dick than me."
"Oh fuuccck" and I took her hands off my cock immediately.
"Does that turn you on baby?"
"So you and Jason actually talked about it??"
"It was years later but yeah. He said I was the best fuck he ever had and Brandi was the best blowjobs he'd ever had. Michael (Brandi's ex) said the same thing."
I rubbed my head at that point and widened my eyes then said, "Damn Christie. I fucking love you."
"You better" she said, and then she went back to blowing me again. This lasted for a while and then I decided to eat her out. We switched positions and I started teasing her pussy. I licked and touched everywhere around her lips and clit without touching them. I eventually started tonguing her pussy and licking on her clit and she came. But I wasn't done. I thought she deserved another so I kept eating and gave her another.
I sat up between her legs and my cock was rock hard. I laid it on her pussy and then started touching her with my hands. I decided to go back to story time. But as I did I started rubbing my cock up and down her pussy lips and against her clit.
"So what was Brandi's reaction to it besides laughing? Was she grossed out?"
"I actually asked her that and she said, 'Don't hate me but no it actually turns me on!'."
I let out a huge sigh and my eyes were wide again.
"She would fuck you, Kevin. I know she would."
"Did she say that?"
"Pretty much."
"HOW did she pretty much say it?"
"After she told me it turned her on I laughing said 'oh my god Brandi you wanna fuck Kevin!' and she got defensive saying 'No I don't! I just said it turned me on! I don't wanna fuck your husband Christie!' but I didn't believe her. So I said, 'you may not want to per se but you would wouldn't you?' and she said 'Well yeah if you weren't in the picture! Better than the boring dick I've been getting!".
"She said that?"
"Yes now can you please put your cock inside me?!" Christie yelled back.
I slid it in and went as deep as I could. She started moaning and I grabbed her wrists pushing them behind her on the bed and was railing her deep and at a great pace. I knew she was going to cum again and I knew I wasn't going to last much longer.
"I'm gonna cum Kevin cum inside me! I wanna feel your hot cum."
I kept pounding and I found myself thinking about Brandi obviously.
"Fuck me Kevin. Come inside me. Come inside me like you want to cum inside my sister."
"Ohhhhh you dirty fuckin girl" I replied cause she knew talk like that would make me cum.
"Cum inside me Kev, please, fill me up, I promise I'll tell B how good you fucked me. Please Kevin, oh my god, I'm gonna cum! Please shoot your cum inside me!"
I put my face close to hers and said, "Does it turn you on thinking about me fucking your sister?" as I railed her.
"Yes! It does! Oh fuck I'm cumming! Kevin shoot inside me!"
I started fucking her as hard as I could without slipping out and did exactly what she asked. I started cumming an enormous load into my wife. One that had been building for hours upon hours.
"I feel it! Oh my god yes! Ohhhhhhhh Kev fuuuuuuuuuuuuuccckk yesssss oh my god you're fucking throbbing in my pussy!"
I finished emptying inside her and then gave her a kiss as I pulled out. Then we kissed a little bit longer before I rolled over. As I did she said, "Fuck thank you so much. That was so, fuuuuuck. SO FUCKING HOT. FUCK."
"Oh YOU think it was hot DO YA?!!" and we just started laughing. But then I continued, "So was this all just fantasy or does she really know about the stories?" I laid there in the afterglow thinking it was all malarkey.
"Nope, all true, she knows."
"You didn't make anything up? Nothing?"
"It's all true, Kevin."
"Oh my god. Soooooooooo what now?"
"We're not gonna prioritize you fucking Brandi, babe. If it happens it happens."
"Yeah it's not just gonna happen."
"It might don't be so negative."
"Okay you're making me hard again. Are you not telling me everything?"
"Brandi is making you hard not me and yes I am not telling you everything."
"So what the fuck? Tell me!"
"Nope. That's enough for tonight. I need to go to bed, baby."
And that was that. She went to sleep and I actually drove back to the hotel that night because I did have to work near it in the morning. Plus I was wide awake with excitement still. That was a month ago. There has been a lot happen since then but I can't type it all out at once, and again this is 100% true. So hi wifey! Hi wifey's sister! I love you both! THANK YOU!!!

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