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A rumor started to do rounds of my company, it was false, but it started to take hold anyway. The rumor was major staff cuts, and the opposite was the truth more jobs were coming just not then. Anyway, everyone was on edge, and I told them I (38) wasn’t reducing staff, but due to having to keep my expansion plans secret., Not wanting the price of land to rise before I had bought it. I couldn’t say why their jobs were safe, I was also busy with my plans and being widower and having small children made me busier. My office staff were worried as I had 3 of them all women all over 45 and they thought I would surely reduce 1 or 2 of them. First one then the others being divorced or widowed, started to make suggestions towards me. But I was too busy to really notice, but one day I was overheard saying old fashion women lingerie was far sexier than the modern lingerie. I was meeting with my advertising company agent, I mention that stockings, garter belts and corsets made the woman look sexier. Much better than a woman in a bikini and the agent said they would take it into account and left. Two days later my office staff all stayed back after work and done fashion parade for me. All were dressed in stockings, garter belts and corsets, they must’ve changed and came into my office wearing a coat over top and all removed their coats. They all told me they were MOST willing to please me in anyway. I was going tell them they had nothing to worry about. But decided to see just how far they were willing to go. All the way as it turned out, now knowing how far they were willing to go. I told them of my expansion plans and that their jobs were safe and asked them to keep it a secret still. Then just to tease them a little asked who would share my bed that night, all three of them were willing and that’s how I started fucking my office staff and all now live with me and my children, they take in turn to watch my children. But all let me fuck them anytime I want, now the expansion is complete I have more time for sex. I never back away from an opportunity and with 3 women willing let me fuck them I done just that.

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