It started with Loans to my sister | incest story from Happy and indebted Brother

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My sister 36 is always short of money, she is married and has 4 children already. Her husband works hard, but they live paycheck to paycheck. I’m her younger brother 32 and I got a good paying after university and I’m not a girl magnet, so I don’t very often, but had lost my virginity by paying to lose. Near the end of their pay period my sister was always broke and would see me for a loan until they were paid. No problems I lent her the money, but it didn’t solve their problem because they borrowed money and paid back each payday they were always behind. When my brother-in-law got injured at work, they got ever further behind. He was still being paid, but no overtime meant less pay and made their lives harder. Anyway, she came to see me earlier than usual to burrow some money. She walked into my home as always and caught me masturbating. I was shocked and she had a giggle. But I soon recovered and lent her what she wanted. After she left, I masturbated again to get off. This loan would cause a change, as they had extra unplanned for costs and weren’t able to repay the loan even those her husband was now back at work. She worked odd jobs here and there, but they weren’t a reliable source of money. My sister had had her tubes tied and her husband had the snip. So, in need of another loan and still owing for the last she came to see me. I would give her the loan anyway and she knew it but doesn’t make it easier to ask for. But she had an idea, as I didn’t do well dating and got off by hand relief and she couldn’t pregnant, she offered me sex in replacement for the unpaid loan. I was duly shocked after her offer, but she said if I to accepted, they would be able to break the cycle burrowing and paying back and burrowing again. The amount owed was as much as I had paid for sex before. But she wanted to stop burrowing every pay cycle. So, I agreed, and we fucked, and I really enjoyed the sex and the new loan was repaid the same way. Loan became rare and she repaid any loan the by fucking me. When their car broke down, I paid for its repair, and she fucked me 3 times. Any unforeseen expense, I paid for and got to fuck my sister. Finally, I got a promotion and got an assistant, and I hired my sister. She didn’t need to travel with me and could attended to her children as needed. That finally broke the cycle of burrowing, with my sister working for me, I got one final benefit. She scouted the female staff looking for someone special for me, after some time she found my now pregnant girlfriend and soon to be wife 27. Without my sister I wouldn’t have found her, my sister got extra help when we had a large project and as she had found my soon to be wife, she always got my soon to be wife to assist us and thus getting us together by nudging me towards her pick.

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