It’s A Girl World

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Its a women’s world. Men are not much encouraged here in this world of sex. Specially in chat rooms, or lets say here in N8story. A female post’s a story and in spite of had grammar or idiotic fake looking story, she will get many hits and minimum 25 mails per day. Sorry for being sarcastic at the beginning of my story but its the truth. Male and Female readers of this story know this fact. 

This reason, this very big reason is the force that compelled me to do what i m about to narrate in this story. Yea ask your self, you get 3 – 4 stories from different females every week here on ISS. Now making an assumption what do you think, how many females are there craving for incest, group or lesbian sex? How many girls loved that someone raped them, so much that they were obliged to write their experience on ISS. Even if that’s fake, lets suppose that the girl writing story about her rape, is actually a virgin or an amateur. Well then if she is writing this story then obviously she would love to get raped or ravished or loved or fucked by multiple male or female good fuckers. 

This question compelled me to write a story on ISS impostering myself as a female. I kept writing stories and posted 6 to 8 stories. And as the female writers know how it is once your email id gets posted on ISS, mails never stop coming. And most of them are from males who think saying dirty things on mail will turn you on, like if they say “hi rand, i have 9″ cock, wanna suck? i will fuck you like my personal randi” then they expect the girls to reply ” oh yesss please put your 9″ thing in my throat.” 

Skipping and deleting those retarded mails, i came across 5 mails after 1 week from different girls out of which one was special. Natasha, her name was Natasha, which i thought she was faking. She wrote to me thinking i am a female. I dont remember the whole thing but the mail looked very cute when she mentioned that she was virgin and wanted to learn about sex. She was curious, and always got wet and wild when she read stories in ISS. 

Cutting the crap, I faked myself and taught her myself. After a few days, and lots of cyber sex sessions and sexual knowledge, she told me that she thought of me as her elder sister. She wished she had an elder sister like “me” with whom every day and night she could share her bed and fulfill her sexual hunger. I said ok from now you can consider me your sister. And after a few days i asked her to break her virginity herself (untill then she only used to masturbate by rubbing her clit). Since we both were bored by our usual stuffs rubbing and sucking, she said yes. 

I gave her instructions and she executed them very beautifully. Though she didn’t have a cam but i had her bring a mic for voice chat through which i heard her moans when she rubbed herself. oh! and me? well i used the “voice changer” software, easily available on net. through which i made her sound myself like a sexy female.She was ready with 2 cucumbers. 1 thin and the other thick. 

After warming up i asked her to pour oil on her boobs. Rub the oil all over your boobs, spread them, press them hard. Pinch your nipples, try to crush your left boob with the right one. mix both nipples. with one hand pour the oil on your tummy and with other continue rolling and pinching your nipples and allow the on your tummy to flow down to your pussy. And now take the thin cucumber and spread the oil on your pussy with the tip of the cucumber. 

And she started moaning softly ummmmmmhhhhh … aaaahhhhhhhh … uhhhhh…..Now spread your legs and rub the cucumber on your clit and let the cucumber lubricate by the oil on your pussy.aaaaaahhhhh didi … hhhhhhhmmmmmnow spread your pussy lips with two fingers and rub the well lubricated shining tip of the cucumber on the entrance of your pussy and imagine my fingers rubbing ur hole. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh didi..rub it very slowwwww and in circular motion. 

and with your other hand, pour some oil on your pussy directly and spread it with your palm. let it drip till your ass hole. and pinch your clit with your other fingers. dont stop rubbing the tip of cucumber on your pussy entrance. uuuffffffffff didi i wish u were here doing this for me. Imagine me sweetheart doing it. if i was there, instead of all this oil my saliva would have been all over your body and pussy. aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh.. ohhhhhhhh didi i love you so much.I love you too natasha. Didi are you masturbating too? ofcourse sweety, how can i sit here doing nothing when my sister’s hot cunt is going to be matured today. mmmuuuuahhh didi.mmmmmmmmmmmmuuuuuuahhhhh my sweetheart. 

now gently and slowly push the tip of the cucumber inside, very gently and if it pains tell me and stop pushing. ok didi, it paining sweety?not much. aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh aaaaaaaaahhhh its going in didi.very good my love. now slowly take it out and put it in and give gentle strokes. imagine me fucking you with strap on.aaaaaaaaahhh ahhh ahhh ahhhh ahhhh ohhhh .. ahhhh didi feels like heaven. yess yeahh babe do it, yeahhh isn’t it better than rubbing ur clit? ahhh ahh yess yeahh didi its 100 times better ahh yess i feel like not stopping ever. 

i want it more deep inside. then without thinking anything just push it all at once.aaaaaaaaaaaeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh shitttttttttttttttt … what??? are u ok???? dont take it out if its inside.aaaaaaaaaahhhh its completely inside. aaaahhhh its burning inside. awwwww my beta just keep it that way for a while u will feel better in no time. rub your clit. aaaaahhh didi suck my clit. uuuuuummmuahh .. yuummmm .. ahhh my lil sis’s so tasty .. mmuahhhh … aaaaaahhh didi i m moving the cucumber in and out now. very good natasha you are learning fast. do it. is it paining?yeah very much, but i m liking it. Its burning alot inside but i feel like moving this cucumber more faster and tearing my pussy. hmmmm then don’t think just move it as fast as you want to. 

Later on it will pain but take some pain killers and go to sleep when u wake up u will be fine. ok then didi fuck me to death with your strap on. aaaaaaaaaaaahhhh aaaaaaaahhh yeahhh baby m fucking you, your my rand your my doll i will use you as i like to. ahhhh ahhhhh ahhhhhh ahhhhhhhh aaaaahhh didi aaaahh yeahh eahhhh eahhhh fuck me fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck aaaaaaaahhh didi aaaaaaaaahhhhhhh … after 3 or 4 minutes of fucking she had an orgasm to which she screamed like i can never forget. aaaaahhh didi that was awesome. yeah my baby. but i m not leaving you. hmmm? what? its time for u to give ur didi your ass virginity too.ohh today??? yeah double pain my sister. ok didi. 

I love you alot. I love you too. Now take the thick cucumber. your pussy is wet enough already and the thick will go inside easily but with some pain. so push it in very gently. ok didi aaaaaaaaahhh … my god … aaaaahhh mummy … are there guys with this much thick cock? hehe well if you find one you will be very lucky. ok its completely inside didi.hmmm how does it feel? 

Its burning inside i dont know why, my pussy walls are stretched but it feels awesome when i move it in and out. don’t worry till tomorrow all your pains will be gone. and you will be ready for another session from your didi. Do one thing. Grab some ice cubes from fridge. ok didi give me 2 minutes.I sat there wondering what I am doing is it cheating? Of course it is cheating. But she would have given her virginity even if instead of me some real girl was sitting there and making her do these things. didi i m back… hmmmm today your didi is gonna take you to heaven. come on, start inserting the ice cubes in your choot one by one. What??? insert? 

i thought i brought it to rub nipples and clit. Hehe no, thats what retards do. My little randi will become professional one day. What didi, i dont wanna become prostitute who fucks for money. You wont be fucking for money but u will be fucking alot. Yup thats what i fantasize of, all the time. 4 5 Guys ravishing my body … tearing my pussy .. humping my ass . ook ok bas bas sweety. your didi will make this dream of yours come true one day. now comon without wasting time start inserting one by one.ok didi inserting one, ffffooooooooo its cold. aaaaahh ouchhh … its in didi. 

One more. comon. Aaaahhhhh didi it feels so nice. aaaaaaahhhh .. ssssssssssscan you take one more inside? hehehe the ice is melting fast due to my hot hot pussy, didi.hehehe, ok then let one more ice cube go inside. aaaaaaaaahhhh hmmmmmmmmm 3 are inside. woowww it feels awesome didi, how do you get these ideas. hehe experience my baby. now insert the thick cucumber inside. aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh … goddddd didi i need a guy here satisfy me. oooohh my sister, half n hour earlier you lost your virginity and now you want a guy. comon now take thick cucumber in your hand and keep the thin one in your pussy for now. 

Now take some oil in your finger and insert the finger in your ass hole. hmmmm you are gonna give me pleasure of 2 guys .. ahhh wow it feels good. is it paining? no didi. half finger is inside now. ok push your hole a bit aside to make a gap and put some oil inside your ass hole through that gap, and move your finger so that the oil goes inside your ass. and if you want then push one more finger inside. aaaaaaaaahhhh now its paining a little. Fuck this. I m too horny to keep patience now didi. I want both cucumber to move inside. Oho? are u sure? it will pain alot. DIDI JUST FUCKKK ME HARD. 

I don’t care how much it pains !!! Ok bitch, then pour some oil on the tip of the cucumber and push it.aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkhhhhhyeahhhhhhhh randi push it push itttaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkk didiiiiiii push it my randi pushhhh it completely, shake the pussy cucumber.aaaaaaaaaaaahhh yeahhh ffuuckkk didi aaaah ohhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhh its completely inside didi.. its paining like hell ….if you want you can take it out. no didi aaaahh m loving it .. aaaaaaaaahhhhhhh i just wish someone was here to have no mercy on my ass and fuck my ass like raping me. aaaaaaahh yeahhhhhhh aaaaaahhhhhh aaaaaahhhhhhhh aaaaaaaaahhhhhhh move both the cucumbers in and out now. move it .. move it bitch .. tell me how does it feel huh ?aaaahhhhh goddd aaaaaah aaaaah fuck fuck fuck fuck aaaah didi … 

i can feel both cucumbers fighting between one thin skin of my ass and pussy. ohhhhhhhhhh goddddd.. m gonna cum. no no don’t cum yet. stop.. aaaaaaahhhhhh huh? why??? now sit on the chair. keep both the cucumbers totally inside. and sit normally on the chair. dont spread your legs. and now move front and back on your chair.ohhhhhhhhh godddddd.. aaaaaaaahhhhhhh didi … does it feel the same aahh when you ride someone’s dick. yessssss my baby. both at a time. are both the cucumbers shaking inside?yesssss .. aaaaaaahhhh fighting inside. 

my pussy walls are crushing. is it paining? yes didi but i don’t care didi. just fuck me.. aaaaaaaaah aaaaaahhhhhhh ahhhhhhhh aaaaaaaaahhhhhhh damnnnn godddddd m going to cum didi. don’t stop me now aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh aaaaaaaaaaaaaaeeeeeeeeeesssaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhand she kept screaming like this for 2 minutes … then heavily breathing and not saying anything, just breathing hhhmphhhh hhhhhhmkphhhhhhhhh 

I said – Natasha ? 

Yes didi ? 

I want to confess something to you. 

What didi? 

Now what you are going to hear you will be shocked but let me complete first. Don’t say anything in between. ok?(I turned off the voice changer and said in my normal voice)I am a male. My name is Prashant. I am sorry to cheat you but none of my feelings were fake. I still want to continue this relation.cut … 

She didn’t even let me justify myself. 20 minutes earlier she wanted 2 guys to fuck her like prostitute and now she felt xheated? Its a Girl world … Like i said in the beginning. But she did come back to me after few weeks.