It’s my Birthday today

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By Susie Will all the hard work Britney and I did last night payoff or will I be a girl on her birthday bored and crying?

Saturday has arrived and its my birthday, 15 years old and thankfully not a virgin like the nerdy girls at school. I bounced out of bed headed straight for the shower. I was shaving my body from my neck down and going to put on my best lotion. I wanted to glow today with it being my day. After my self care routine, I put on this super cute summer dress choosing not to wear panties or a bra.

The guest had started to arrive around 1 p.m. and I escorted them to the backyard where my family was once again having a BBQ while Brittney and my Mom laid around the pool. A couple of the guys brought their girlfriends, which made me a little sad, but they were nice but flunting their developed bodies in their bathing suits.

I excused myself and went inside to change into my bikini which Brittney followed and offered me my first birthday present. She had bought me a butt plug and after she sucked on it she bent me over and slid it into my ass. “Keep it in all day darling, the water won’t bother it at all” she said to me. I thought it was cute being stainless steel with a red gem on the top. With my new toy, I went downstairs and entered the pool with all my friends.

The boys kept tossing me around the pool coping the occasional feel of my breasts, ass, or pussy. This was turning me on every time as I or they could be caught by my parents or their girlfriends. Occasionally, we would be on the side of the pool where I would put my hand down their shorts getting their cocks rock hard. While I stroked them, they would slide their fingers in and out of my pussy. I wanted to fuck them all but couldn’t being in such a pubic place.

Once my Daddy had the food all prepared, he called all the teens to come get their food. While we ate my Dad disappeared for some time going into his tool shed. After we ate, I went into the hot tub and some of the boys followed and my mother did as well. In the hot tub with all the jets going, nobody could see anything under the water. The boy to my left and right I whispered in both their ears to pull their swimming trunks down so I could stroke both of them. I was able to stroke both of them to completion as their cum erupted from their cocks. They both pulled up their trunks and thanked me with a kiss on my cheeks. They excused themselves and the spots quickly got filed by 2 other boys. When my hands wandered this time their trunks were already down and I had to shove their hands off their cocks to put my hand on them. They leaned in and said to me that my mother was hot and my Dad is lucky.

As I stroked them I told them to think of fucking my mother who’s tits you could see on top of the water. They tilted their heads back and enjoyed their handjobs until again they dumped their sperm into the water. My Daddy came and asked me to follow him as he had a birthday surprise for me. I eagerly jumped out of the hot tub and followed him to the shed. He had placed a mattress on the floor next to a rectangle that he had cut into the shed. “Are we going to have sex out here Daddy with mom and the guests in the backyard?” Yes and more baby, you’re a woman now and Daddy wants to have fun. I saw you and Brittney go into the boys locker room and come back out freshly showered, Daddy says to me.

With that he puts me in doggy position with my facing the hole as he slipped into my wet pussy. As he begins to undress me he pulls the butt plug from my ass and sets it to the side and that’s when I noticed that the red gem on its top was flashing a bright red color. OMG, Brittney must’ve turned on the light when she inserted into my ass. Everybody must have noticed because my bikini was very small on my body. He began to lick my stretched booty hole while playing with my clit. Have fun today sweetie, he said to me. Then a cock was placed into the hole and he pulled my hair as to raise my head to it as he pushed me forward engulfing the cock. Once I caught my stride he slid his cock into my pussy and began to fuck his daughters pussy again. The cock began to swell in my mouth and cum began to stream from my mouth and drip onto the floor of the shed. Once he finished cumming, I arched back taking my Daddy’s full length into me and spitting the cum onto my chest.

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As it runs down my teenage body, I grind on my Daddy’s cock and see another cock appear at the hole. Leaning back forward I took it in my mouth and began to service the boy in the hole. This went on for what seemed like an eternity as I had many cum loads dripping down my chest as my Daddy stayed hard in his teenage daughter’s pussy.

I heard the door opening and I froze in place not saying a word. Brittney came in holding my mothers hand as she was blindfolded. She motioned for us to slide over from the wet from cum hole. She placed my mother at the hole and told her to open her mouth and blow Josh, Brittney’s boyfriend through the hole. I could tell that wasn’t her boyfriend as the cock was smaller than yesterday. As my Mother began to suck this stranger’s cock my Daddy began to slide his cock in and out of my pussy. I was mesmerized watching how a grown woman sucked a boy’s cock.

As the boy began to cum Brittney removed the blindfold from my mothers eyes and she eagerly sucked all the cum from his shaft while looking at Brittney. “Now kiss your daughter,” said Brittney. My Mother with a shocked expression and embarrassment looks behind her and sees her daughter covered in cum from her neck down to her hairless pussy and sees her husband behind their daughter fucking her. I could see all the questions going through her mind but at the same time she just sucked a fandoms boys cock through the glory hold I had been servicing.

She begins to kiss me with the other boys cum and Daddy starts to fuck me harder from behind. Brittney is watching us fuck as a family as she fingers her pussy and points to the hole as another cock appears. Wanting to practice what I had just saw, I slipped off my Dads cock and squatted at the glory hole trying to copy what my mother had just done. It took longer but as always I was able to get him to finish as he pulled back and sprayed his cum onto my chest through the hole.

My mother, watching her precious daughter, suck cocks and being covered in cum began to suck my Daddy’s cock. She could take his whole shaft into her throat and let him pump a few times in her throat. When she would breath she complimented me on how sweet my pussy tastes on his cock. After a couple of rounds of this he says, Honey I’m about to cum! Do you want to cum in our daughter, she asks him as she pulls me toward him. She has no clue that he already has but Daddy and I know the truth as I straddle his cock, arching my back as he pushes into my pussy.

I practically yell “breed me Daddy, give me that cock and sperm deep into my teenage womb.” He doesn’t disappoint and thrusts deep into me expelling his cum into my pussy. After moments he pulls out of me as Brittney inserts my anal plug back into my ass. Britney helped me to my feet and started to walk me out of the shed. I protest “what about my clothes?” Oh you don’t need those as I’m sure the whole party heard you scream out in ecstasy for your Daddy to breed you.

Shyly, I walk out of the shed nude with Brittney, who is also nude by this time, and all I see is the whole party is naked boys in several different stages of an erection. My parents followed also in their nakedness and when Daddy came out the boys seemed to get cock envy of their size compared to his.

We spent the rest of the midday naked in the pool, hot tub, or sun bathing. Brittney came over to my Dad and began to play with him as boys played with mom and me.

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By Susie #Exhibitionist #Group #Incest #Teen