“It’s nothing you won’t see when you’re older” Part 2

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By Mr Rodd Dan goes on his first date with Faith and his sister’s want all the details.

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I couldn’t see Faith in the Dining Hall and worried that something was wrong.
Was she avoiding me?
Was our date off?
Her friend, Wendy, arrived at my table. I recognised her, as the girl that ran to get the nurse when she hurt her ankle on the stairs.
“Faith asked me to give you this.” She handed over a letter and left.
Shit! She was dumping me, wasn’t she? And I was going to have to read her letter in front of all my mates. Bollocks! Well. I’d just have to front it out. I opened the envelope.

“Dear Dan,
I’m sorry I can’t join you for lunch today.
Mum says that I can’t go out after school until I’ve done all my homework, so I’m spending my dinner hour in the Hall to make sure I finish it all.
See you by the tennis courts at 4.15.

Love Faith xxxxxxxxxxx

I wasn’t getting dumped, after all. I had a date and after last night’s training with my big sister, my hopes couldn’t be higher!

I hurried straight to the park the instant the schoolbell sounded the end of the day. I got to the tennis courts 10 minutes early, which was great but I had to hang around awkwardly until my date arrived.

She didn’t let me down. She arrived at 4.15 precisely. Still in her school uniform but with her long brown hair tumbling over her shoulders. The first time I’d seen it out of a pony tail.
She looked a little older and it wasn’t just her hair that had changed. She was wearing makeup too. It made her even prettier than usual. I was proud that she had gone to so much trouble just to look good for me.

We kissed hello (just puckered lips – not open mouthed) and walked around the tennis courts, hand in hand.

“Do you play?” I asked.

“Yes, just a little in the summer. Dad’s really good.”

“I’ll have to come and watch. I bet you look great in one of those little white dresses!” I teased.

She pushed me in mock annoyance. “Oh yeah? With my frilly white knickers on show too, I suppose.”

“Of course, I bet you’ve got a lovely bum.” I put my hand on the seat of her skirt.
I was pleased with myself – that was a smooth move and she hadn’t pushed my hand away.
I squeezed a little, coping a feel. She didn’t seem to mind. I left my hand in place, as we ambled across the park.
I felt her hand rest on my own butt.
That was a good sign.
She was “up for it”.
I just had to work out what “it” was.

I helped her on to a swing, trying to act the gentleman. I pushed her firmly to show off my manly strength.
Every time my hands met her back I could feel her bra strap under her blouse.
Even that slight hint of her feminine charms was exciting and new – a promise of the erotic joys that may lie ahead.
Once she started to swing higher and her bra strap moved out of reach, I lowered my aim and pushed her on her lower back, straying onto her buttocks whenever I had the opportunity.

I was growing in confidence. Faith was good company, pretty and happy to let me touch her body. She seemed to like me too. I think she fancied me. I think she wanted me to touch her.

She jumped off the swing, as lightly as fairy and giggled like an angel, “You can’t catch me!” She ran across the playing field, inviting me to chase her.
I tackled her under the oak tree and we tumbled to the ground in eachother’s arms.
It was a pleasant evening and we lay side by side, panting and looking up at the branches and sky. All was well with the world….

I turned my head to admire my girlfriend’s supine form. I couldn’t help but focus on the swell of her breasts, rising and falling as she got her breath back.

“You can touch them if you like.”

“What?” I was startled to say the least.

“My boobs. You can touch them if you like, I won’t mind. I’m surprised you haven’t done it already. The boys in my class are always trying to grab them.”

“Well they are very nice.

“Third biggest in my class. Claire got hers first, but Sharon’s are the biggest now and mine are next. I don’t mind. I think they’re a nice size and mum says you don’t want them too big or they go saggy when you’re older.”

I propped myself up on one elbow to take a better and more blatant view of her bosom. “Well there’s nothing saggy about them, is there.” I stoked her cheek and ran my palm down over her thin cotton school blouse to stroke her left breast for the first time. “They’re perfect.” I told her.

“Ooh, thanks, that feels nice. The boys in my class always pinch and squeeze. They don’t stroke them like that.
They’re so immature – not grown up like you.”

I continued to stroke, helping myself to her curves. “I know, some boys seem to think that grabbing a girl’s boob is the same thing as shaking her hand.” I declared, trying to sound like an expert. She laughed and her tits jiggled beautifully.

I used both hands now, roaming freely over the objects of my desire. She sighed, encouraging me to venture further.
I kissed her. On the lips. Open mouthed.
I don’t think anyone had ever done that to her before and she took a moment to respond, but once she got the idea she kissed me back, like a natural and started to run her fingers through my hair.
No one had ever done that to me before.
Inspired, I fingered the top button of her blouse, pushing it free.

“No, someone will see!”
I got the message and pulled my hand away.
Faith wriggled free and jumped up.

“Sorry.” I told her. “Of course. You’re right.”
That was that then. I’d had fun and she’d been a good sport but I’d obviously found her limit. I’d just have to respect it. She was only 13 after all.

I smiled and stood up to join her.
She reached out for my hand, “Let’s go to the woods…”

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I hadn’t found her limit after all.
She skipped away towards the trees and I followed. We didn’t stop until we were safe from prying eyes. Faith chose a broad beach tree and pressed her back against its trunk, allowing me to pin her in place.

We got back to business. Kissing with new found passion. Grabbing hungrily at each other’s bodies. I went back to her blouse buttons. She held still and allowed me to release them all and peel back her top to feast my eyes on those near naked tits.
They were bigger and better than I had hoped or expected.
Not as good as Stacy’s, of course, but if they were only the third biggest in her class then Claire and Sharon must be truly blessed.

Her bra displayed them perfectly. Supporting them evenly, showing off their beautiful size and shape and cut low enough to show some skin, but leave me longing for more. It’s fabric was soft and pink just the right shade to compliment her olive skin.
It obviously wasn’t regulation school underwear – that had to be white. The saucy little minx must have changed into it after class.
She wanted me to see it!

I fondled her with greater enthusiasm.
Improvising and going “off script”, kissing the exposed portion of boob flesh and fondling the rest through the silk cups. She moaned in response and pulled me close.

“That feels lovely.”
Wow, my own move – not even one of Stacy’s suggestions and she loves it. I must be a natural Casanova.

I kissed her in the secret valley between her breasts and started to ease the bra down to unveil a nipple.

“No,” she put her hand on mine to stop me, “not till I know you better.”

She kissed my lips and let me continue my caresses.
There was no anger or hard feelings. I really had found her limit this time and we were both happy to play there.

It was a marvellous evening.
When it was time for us to go home to our parents I walked her to the corner of her street. “We’ll have to stop here,” she told me, ” I let mum think I was meeting Wendy. She doesn’t know I’m with a boy.”
She put her arms up behind my neck and kissed me, open mouthed, as was our new norm.
I took the opportunity to squeeze her bum and I think she liked it.

“Thanks. I had a great time.” I told her.

She rubbed my groin, fondling my very hard, very erect penis. “I can tell.”
She strutted home, as though walking on air.


My sister’s cornered me later that evening.

“So. How did it go?” asked Stacy in a sing song voice.
“Did you screw her?” asked Donna more blatantly.

It was probably wrong of them to ask and I probably shouldn’t have divulged details of Faith’s sex life, but I couldn’t wait!
I had to tell someone!
It was the best thing ever!
I wanted to thank Stacy for her help, but I was so proud of the way I’d carried it off that I wanted to boast about it even more.

They wanted all the details and I was happy to let them have them.

“What were her tits like?” Donna was keen to know.

“Very nice, but not as big as Stacy’s, of course.”

“Are they bigger than mine?”

“I suppose so, she’s 13, but I’ve never really seen yours, have I.”

“Well that’s easy to fix.” She pulled up her tee shirt, showing off the light blue bra that held her young boobs.

“Very nice! Faith’s a year older though and her’s are the third biggest in her class.” I could see the disappointment in Donna’s eyes, “but you’re prettier,” (that wasn’t strictly true), “and your bum is much better” (that certainly was).

The girls agreed that the date had gone well and Stacy promised to help me out with more tips before the next one. I’d have to wait, though. She had a date of her own and had to leave.

Donna was keen to chat though and made me re enact the date, with her taking the role of my girlfriend.
Well, I say she “made me” join in but I didn’t need too much persuasion. She didn’t have a boyfriend yet, but when she did get one, he was going to be a very lucky boy.

She loved to kiss me and she was more than ready for me to open her blouse and take hold of her tits.
I kissed them too. She said it tickled, especially when I pressed my face between them kiss her cleavage.
I learnt that she certainly had more to offer me than just her lovely bum.
I bet she would have even let me take that bra off too if I’d tried…

We both went to bed happy, but the fun wasn’t quite over yet.


Stacy’s date drove her back home. He parked outside and his car was a proper “old banger” revving away and probably disturbing the whole street.
Donna peaked through the window, spying on them.
“He he. They’re kissing.”

“Oh okay.” I wasn’t very interested.

“Like this.” She snogged me. I snogged her back. It would be rude not to.

“And he’s squeezing her arse.”
I didn’t need a second invitation to copy him and when he stuck his hand up Stacy’s blouse to feel her tits I was happy to do likewise with Donna.

I walked my fingers under my little sister’s nighty. Working my way up towards the boobs that she had been so keen to show off earlier.

I grasped my prize.
“Oh that’s different,” was her unexpected reply.
She was ready for bed and she wasn’t wearing her bra.

A boy was fondling her bare boob for the first time and she liked it.
“Oh God. Do the other one too.” She pulled her top up and treated me an eyefull, as well as a handful. I took a moment to enjoy my privileged view, then squeezed them both and fondled them freely.
Firm and perky with stiff little nips.
They was the best..

We were both in heaven until we heard Stacy’s key in the lock.
“Thanks. Got to go.” Donna dropped her nighty back into place and scampered to her bed, before her big sister found out she’d been spying.

I had to go too.
To the toilet.
For a good wank.
It had been quite an evening.

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