It’s shocking that I fucked my bhabhi

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Hi, ISS lovers, how r u. This is Ravi, 29yrs, single from Bangalore guy working for a pvt comp, ours is a joint family a bit big, conservative, well to do. To cut short ever thing , my bhabhi is a sweet & lovely lady around my age , good looking , slim & fair with two kids, I am not interested in hers fam issues so not discussing it here, actual thing what happened is that after about her marriage they use to stay separate for 4 yrs & now due to brother work came back to home & stay together , now I was seeing her & she looks at me – initially I thought that she wants to be bit closer to me as we r in same house , but after about 6-7 months her attitude towards me changed totally & she used to touch me, come close & give good sexy smiles etc so I felt something wrong & started to avoid her but things instead of getting ok became worse as she can’t control herself & wanted to at least c me every time, I felt I am doing wrong , if she is so much interested I can at least speak to her & convince her what is happening is not good, so two months back at about 2 ‘o clock afternoon I came from work early because no one at home except my bhabhi & smaller one only,

She was feeding her son I entered so after changing dress I came to hall, still she was feeding & asked me for lunch so I said she can serve after she finished feeding. After ten minutes she went to her bedroom & came back after making her son to sleep , came near me as there were no one else she felt free in her movement & asked if I am hunger I said yes want to eat lunch, she said she didn’t prepare because her son kept crying so very sorry , but I can still have some special thing if I am hungry but I should not ask what it is ,I said ok but knew from her looks that she is already hot & horny her body oozing all sex scent & breathing was deep & heavy I could see her boobs also bouncing high & low when she breaths because she was in her nighty which was little changed so two zips at front for easy breast feeding of baby, she asked me to close my eyes & open my mouth for that special lunch ,so I did thinking some sweet she will put my god ” I got fainting when thing I felt in my mouth was hot ,slippery & fleshy oooooooooooohhhhhhhhh! It was her right nipple mmmmmmmmmh she then suddenly held my head tight & pressed my mouth towards her breast , that force was only enough for milk to come in jets like water from shower touching back of my throat , it got filled in a second ,I lost my senses as I came early to home to convince her but now I didn’t know what to do , I just gulped it full ohhhhhhhhhhhhh what a taste only those adults who have tasted milk of wife r from other women feeding like my bhabhi can answer nothing can match its taste those readers who have not tasted & encouraged by this don’t miss a chance do taste it I thought all taboo & relationship is gone so no point in just keeping quite , I started sucking heavily & felt her left boob in right hand & squeezing both milk pots , she took my mouth out & changed to breast which was looking like full moon & nipple was already dripping milk ,I took in mouth & sucked 7 chewed for 5 mins.

She asked hw is my food for lunch did u have such special lunch before I said it is the tastiest food I had after gaining my consciousness & saw the world because I don’t remember my mom’s when I was kid. She felt very happy & took to my bedroom & became naked & asked me to do , in that situation I even didn’t thought what I am doing is right r wrong , as she gave me so much energy I felt like thanking her by following her O took off my clothes & asked her to close her eyes & open her mouth & go on knees ,she did & I just pushed my rock hard ,hot rod deep her throat & held her head , she was a real cock sucker she moved full length licking & sucking ,biting tip & I came after 10 mins of her blows & splashed again like jet , my milk came out like shower she drank all ,now I lost all my energy & both slept on bed for half hour . I got up saw some milk coming out because I was keeping hand tight on her boob, started licking & sucking to regain my lost energy, she too woke up, now was very fresh & giving very good smile I thought she is very happy after long time just wait for my next poster quickly I will say what happened after gaining my energy back.

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