Its Spicy To Dominate Your Man In Bed!

Every man would love to get dominated in bed! It is like a fantasy for them where the woman will dominate in bed.. A woman also want to dominate her man in bed to make him do the way she wants him to but can feel shy. During lovemaking, you don’t need to feel shy but let yourself go with the flow. Thinking how to dominate your man in bed? Here are lovemaking tips to spice up romance in your way.

Tips to dominate your man in bed:

Take the charge: To dominate your man, you have to firstly take in charge. You can initiate and make him do what you want. For eg, go close to him and approach for a kiss but then turn away. He will get excited and come to you.

Tie him: By tying his wrists, you can be really creative in bed. You can either striptease and be playful or excite him with or without touching him. Striptease is a nice tip to spice up romance in bed and do what you like!

Take over control: During the intercourse, you can take over control and handle the pace or speed of it. It is a nice lovemaking tip to dominate your man in bed.

Tell him: You can also tell him what he needs to do during lovemaking. You can guide him the penetration, speed, timings, in short control the session completely.

Try these tips to dominate your man in bed and and spice up romance.