Jack Starts To Work Ch. 04

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tagIncest/TabooJack Starts To Work Ch. 04

Mum and Jack arrived at Judy's house. She was waiting for them. Jack helped her with her suitcase and chill box; Judy's chill box was full of the breakfast things. Jack's chill box was full of water and Chablis for mum. Judy had told mum only to bring enough wine for the ferry trip as there was a supermarket close to her that sold an excellent Chablis at half the UK price. Judy looked stunning; she was wearing a top, tight leggings and ballerina shoes. Mum was the same. Both of their Camel's Toes looked fantastic. Jack drove, he asked, "It might be better if both of you try driving before we get to the ferry, then you will know how it feels if you have to drive over there."
Jack waited until they got on to the motorway, at the first Service Station, mum took over for fifty-odd miles. She liked it; she had no problem driving it. Then Judy tried it, she loved it too, telling them it was a lot better than the one she had driven before. Judy drove for over an hour and a half; the roads were quiet; they had made good speed. They arrived at the port; they went through customs. Jack drove on board just after four-thirty. The cabin was excellent; it was so spacious, the bed was a king-size, mum said, "I'm glad to see that the bed is big, it will take all three of us easily."
They plugged on the two cool boxes; they weren't noisy; you could sleep with them on. Jack said, "I've to confirm our table reservation, shall we all go down, then it will give you an inkling of what to wear tonight?"
They both of them agreed, they were all impressed with the restaurant, it was quite sumptuous, they were also impressed with the menu and the wine list. Jack confirmed the reservation for seven. They did a quick tour of the overpriced Duty-Free shops, then went back to their cabin. Mum had blazer and trousers with a shirt and tie for Jack. Jack said, "I have a quick shower and shave, do any of you need to use the bathroom?"
Mum said, "Jack, we've got two hours, Judy and I can use it after you finish, when you come out, we can open a bottle of Chablis."
Jack was finished ten minutes later; he was wearing a towelling dressing gown; there were four of them, which the ship provided. The air extraction system in the bathroom was excellent. When Jack came out of the bathroom, mum and Judy were both wearing the towelling dressing gowns. Both their evening outfits were hanging ready for them to put on. Jack opened the Chablis, he poured three glasses, then toasted Judy and mum, saying, "I'm looking forward to tonight, I'll be sitting with the two most beautiful women on board the ship."
Mum and Judy took their wine into the bathroom; they were both happy, laughing and giggling; neither of them was wearing a bra, both of their massive tits were swaying beautifully. Jack's phone beeped, they had WiFi onboard. Jack had a message from Jill. Jill was a retired Police Superintendent; she had taken a cabinet; she had also helped Jack with the security. She has arranged for a Crime Prevention officer to visit and advise on security. Jack had installed so many cameras, both the warehouse, Centre and Auction House were covered. Jill loved her dealing; she was making a lot of money from it; she dealt in coins and banknotes. She also ran the precious metals side of the business which also included, if anyone came in with a piece of jewellery, then she would buy it for Jack. A retired jeweller, who came in regularly with jewellery, had come in today with a beautiful three diamond brooch set in platinum.
Jill had bought it for two thousand pounds, there were four pictures of it, the stone was the biggest, but the two others were round-cut, they were two beautiful stones, there were a serious number of carats in them. Jack replied to Jill, "Jill, thank you so much it looks beautiful. Please keep that for me; I have a place where that's going. If you have any problems, then get in touch. Please keep buying like that. What can I bring you back from Germany? Kind regards, Jack."
A minute later, Jill replied, "Thanks Jack, it's locked in the safe now. We have had a busy day today, lots of selling but apart from the brooch, not much buying. My husband served in Germany with the Army, that's before I met him, he loves Bratwurst German sausages. If you could bring back a couple of tins, that'll keep him happy. It will only be for something serious if I get in touch with you. Take care, Jill."
Jack was happy about this; Jill had taken her cabinet nine months ago if anyone came in selling coins or banknotes, it was Jill that bought them. Her collection had grown considerably. Her husband was a lot older than her; they had no kids; he spent his days at the golf club; he drank a lot but didn't play golf anymore. Jill was an attractive woman with a full figure. Jack liked her a lot. Mum came out of the bathroom first, she was still wearing the towelling dressing gown, she whispered to Jack, "Judy, is so hot, she's also very nervous, be nice to her, she likes you a lot, but she feels very insecure, in case you reject her. After dinner, look after her first, suck her clit, then fuck her first, she will love you for that."
Mum then sat in front of a mirror, putting the final touches to her makeup. She then put on the outfit she was wearing tonight, miniskirted suit with a blouse, she was wearing a crotchless bodysuit, no panties and self-supporting stockings, she then put on a pair of heels. She looked stunning. Judy then came out, saw that mum was dressed, she said, "I'm so sorry, I've taken too long, I was futtering about in the bathroom, it won't take me long to get dressed."
Jack said, "Judy, take your time, we have still thirty-five minutes before they open, will I top up your glass for you?"
"Jack, you're a darling, yes, please."
Jack topped up all the glasses, which finished the bottle. Jack and mum sat on the bed as Judy did her makeup. She was still wearing her dressing gown, but she was wearing either a basque or a bodysuit underneath, her figure looked gorgeous. Judy then took the outfit that she would wear, Jack noticed, that she was wearing underneath the same as mum, Judy wasn't wearing any panties either, Jack knew that they must have discussed this. Judy looked stunning too, they arrived at the restaurant, just as they were opening the restaurant door.
The service was excellent; they ordered a bottle of Chablis, mum's Chablis tasted better, they ordered their meal. The restaurant was half full, Judy and mum were not overdressed, they both looked gorgeous in their outfits, both were showing just enough cleavage to get second or even third looks. Judy soon relaxed; they were both nice, beautiful women. Jack was playing footsie with both mum and Judy under the table, Judy had taken off her heels, Jack, could feel her stockinged foot caressing his calf, Judy, had a, I need fucked, look in her eyes.
The meal was excellent. Mum said, "I'm glad that we used this restaurant for dinner. I've heard so many bad things about the other restaurant; it's just a buffet. Everything is pre-prepared, and you queue for everything, my steak was medium-rare, as I ordered it, it was beautiful. I wonder if they serve breakfast here? Jack, please ask them if we can breakfast here?"
Jack knew that he had prepaid his breakfast but didn't know if that covered this restaurant. Jack asked as he paid for dinner. Their waiter couldn't have been nicer; they could have breakfast in the restaurant for a five-pound supplement per person. The ship docked at eight; the waiter suggested a table at seven, which would give them an extra hour in bed. Jack tipped the waiter and booked the same table for the next morning. They then went back to the cabin.
When they got into the cabin, mum said, "Let's all of us get naked, Jack, you lie on top of the bed and Judy, and I will make you so hard."
They all stripped naked, Jack was half-hard, but his cock looked so impressive. Judy had a beautiful body, so similar to mum's; they must have the same cup size, as both their tits looked the same size. Judy's vulva was perfect, smooth and swollen, she had a long sex slit with thick pussy lips, naked, she looked gorgeous. Jack said, "Judy, you have a beautiful body, it's gorgeous, please come close to me. I want to kiss you."
Jack, hadn't kissed Judy before, he felt that kissing her first was the best thing to do. Judy, lay down beside Jack, they both started to cuddle the other, their mouths met, their tongues exploring the other's mouths. Their kisses tender and passionate, they kissed for several minutes. Jack loved it, as mum was giving him an incredible blow job as he kissed Judy. Jack then positioned Judy in a position that he could go down on her. Then Judy would have the opportunity to help mum as she sucked Jack's stiff cock. Judy, understood what was happening, she spread her legs for Jack, Jack saw some wetness on her cunt flaps, then Judy saw Jack's cock as mum's head bobbed up on down on his massive cock, Judy said, "Jack, your cock is magnificent, I've never seen one so thick and long, can I help Dot make you hard?"
Jack replied, "I would love that Judy, let me go down on you. I want to make you so wet."
Judy spread her legs wider as Jack went down on her, Jack used his index finger to explore her wet pussy, she was very wet, Jack, teased her big clit with his finger, he then spread her cunt lips, out popped a sizeable hooded clit, it was similar to mums. This was what Jack wanted, he started to suck it, it was hard but felt soft in Jack's mouth as he sucked it, Judy loved it, she was pushing her pussy against Jack's mouth, as she was massaging and sucking Jack's heavy balls. Judy's cunt juice tasted so sweet, mum and Judy were very similar in so many ways. The idea of having both of them together was getting more appealing to Jack.
For over ten minutes, Jack sucked on Judy's clit; then Jack sensed that Judy was very close, she was pressing hard her pussy against Jack's mouth with a circular motion of her hips, Judy cried out loudly, "I'm going to cum, keep going, this is amazing, it feels so good."
Jack did keep going, Judy was trembling as Jack felt the warmth of her cum in his mouth, it was delicious, held as much as he could in his mouth, he had to swallow some as there was so much. When Judy had settled, Jack cum kissed her, the kiss was so loving, as Judy transferred her cum into her mouth. Then Jack cum kissed mum with Judy's cum still in his mouth. As they kissed, Jack knew that both of them loved him so much. As Jack kissed mum, he felt Judy go down on his cock, then he felt her lips wrapped around the base of his cock, it was a great feeling.
Jack then lay on top of the bed. Judy went on top in the cowgirl position; she was terrific. She was a gripper, like mum, with powerful cunt muscles. As Judy was riding him, Jack was stroking her clit; mum was playing with Judy's massive tits. Twenty minutes later, Judy had a body-shaking organ, Judy was noisy when she came. Jack, had been so close to cuming himself, he knew that the next time they did it, they would probably cum together. Judy then said, "Jack, thank you, that was amazing, both of my orgasms were so strong, I have never had them so strong before, one with stimulation, the other with penetrative, they were both so good."
They kissed for a minute or so; then Jack started on mum, forty minutes later, Jack fell asleep beside two very contented women, Jack was happy that it had gone so well with Judy. They all got on so well together; there was no jealousy or anything like that. Jack was looking forward to tomorrow.

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