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The next morning, Judy was awake first; they made love in the missionary position, then Jack looked after mum. Everything was so relaxed; they showered then had an excellent breakfast; everything was cooked to order. They arrived safely in Berlin just after one, they all had shared the driving, mum and Judy, enjoyed their stints at driving. Judy showed them around the apartment. Jack knew that they could clear the apartment; everything would fit inside the van. The porcelain looked impressive; it was a marvellous collection. There were also several boxes containing, gold and silver jewellery, Judy said, "My aunt, used to go to flea markets and car boot sales if it were cheap then she would buy it. She was quite a woman."
Mum tried on a ring; she slid it on her ring finger. It fitted her perfectly. A little later, Jack used a ring measure to measure the ring that fitted mum; mum was a six-point five-ring size, Jack knew then what size to get the two diamonds made into a ring, he would give it to mum when her divorce came through. Judy suggested that they go to the supermarket that sold the excellent wine as they had only one bottle of Chablis left. They also needed some bread for toasting, milk and mushrooms. Judy had brought the baked beans.
The supermarket was a minute walk away. Jack was impressed with the wine prices. Jack studied the wines and noticed that several came from the one importer, who was based in Berlin. Jack bought three bottles of the Chablis, and a bottle each of Champagne, Premier Cru Chablis, an Australian Chardonnay, which was very cheap. He also bought several different red wines from Italy, France and Spain. They got back to the apartment; they put the white wines and the butter and milk in the fridge. Judy suggested they have a Full English breakfast again as she had forgotten to get anything in to eat. The breakfast was beautiful; then they started packing the porcelain. Jack was amazed at the progress that they made.
The afternoon flew in, Judy had made her aunt's king-size bed; they would all sleep there. Around six they decided to go to a nearby Chinese restaurant before they went, they had a quick wine tasting, the wines were outstanding, the two Chablis were terrific. The basic Chablis was excellent, far better than mums. The Chardonnay was also excellent. Jack then checked their website; it was a family-owned business; they specialised in finding high quality, reasonably priced wines. Jack made a note of their number; he would call them on Monday.
Jack spent more time on Saturday at the wine department shelves. He had found fourteen wines there that they supplied. They even had a Petit Chablis. Judy was now cooking breakfast and lunch every day. On Saturday night, the last of the porcelain was packed. They hadn't used all the boxes. The van was parked in the car park at the rear of the apartments, it was a secure area, as it was gated. Jack suggested that they would load the van on Thursday morning of the ceramics. All the furniture and other things could be loaded anytime. The trip was now starting to make sense, Judy was so happy at how quickly things had happened.
The lovemaking was incredible; both mum and Judy were amazed by Jack's stamina; he was looking after both of all their needs. Mum had wanted ass fucked on Saturday night when Judy saw the number of orgasms that mum had, she wanted it too. Judy loved it; they were all having a wonderful time. On Saturday Jack got a message from Jill, it read, "Dear Jack, I hope things are going good with you. I'm starting to get involved with Militaria; it's fascinating and so many people are collecting it. If you come across any German Militaria, then please buy it, and I buy it from you when you get home. We have been busy here; the Bistro is doing so well. I hope that you are having fun. Regards, Jill."
Jack asked Judy if there were any flea markets open on a Sunday. Judy told him that there was a huge indoor one a five-minute walk away, but it was best to go at seven in the morning. Jack replied to Jill, "Dear Jill, Judy has told me that there's a large indoor one close to where we are staying. We will go at seven tomorrow morning. If I see a nice Panzer in good condition, shall I buy it for you? I have limited knowledge of Militaria, but I'm good at dealing. I'll do my best for you tomorrow. If I see anything that I'm not sure of then, I'll message you. Regards, Jack."
Ten minutes later, Jill replied, "Dear Jack, thank you for making me laugh. I got home an hour ago, my husband, drunk and lying on the lounge carpet. He didn't make it to his bedroom. Last time I tried to help him get to his bed, he lashed out, I had a bruised arm for a week. I should never have married him; I suppose in life we all make mistakes. I'm so happy that I am in the Centre, it gets me out of the house. I would go crazy if I were stuck with him all day in the house. If you see anything, then please buy it for me. A Panzer might be a bit big, but it was a big thought. Thank you. I'll have a nice glass of wine now then go to bed. Cheers, Jill."
The Sunday morning flea market was excellent, they all bought things, Jack found a guy with lots of British, American and German Militaria, he was a pensioner who did it as a hobby. Jack spent over four hundred euros with him, but he bought an awful lot of quality things, including a Luftwaffe Officers pistol, holster and two magazines. It was as new; Jack doubted whether it had ever fired a shot in anger. He also bought twelve Iron Crosses and an SS Dagger. They managed to carry it all back to the apartment. Jack exchanged business cards with Hans, the dealer he had bought the Militaria from, he knew that Jill would want to keep in touch with him. They packed all they bought in two of Jack's boxes. Jack took pictures of all the things that he purchased for Jill.
Jack messaged Jill with the pictures; he wrote, "Jill, I've had a great day, I made a great contact for your Militaria, I'll give you all his details when I get home. His English is pretty good; you can do business with him, he's a man that you can trust. I have everything packaged now for the trip home; you will see everything on Friday. I felt sorry for you last night; you seemed a little depressed. I hope my purchases can cheer you up. Cheers, Jack."
Ten minutes later, Jill replied, "Jack, they look wonderful, I think that the Pistol is a Walther PPK, if it is, then it's a very valuable pistol, it was only given to the best Luftwaffe Officers. How much did you pay? I'm a little worried, a crap Iron Cross over her costs thirty-five pounds plus, you have twelve! The Dagger looks superb, very collectible. I am so happy that you've got them for me, but the big question is, how much do I owe you? I was depressed last night, I'm depressed every night with that useless ass hole, I can afford to divorce him, but if I can hold on, then I'll get the house and everything. I haven't had sex for over twelve years, and then, he had just got it in, then he came. It's not a life. Thanks and Cheers, Jill."
Jack replied, "Dear Jill, I think that I got a good deal. I paid four hundred euros in total for everything. I believe that you will make a profit. I hope that this cheers you up. Jill, you are a beautiful, intelligent woman, can you not find someone to have a discreet affair? Cheers, Jack. "
Two minutes later, Jill replied, "Jack, that's brilliant, you've bought well, I will pay you, but I want to split the profits with you. It's cheered me up. I would love to meet someone, I would be so discreet, but where am I going to meet them? I tried online; I had some online sex there; it got me off, but didn't satisfy me. I'm so happy that you have done this, I'm looking forward to seeing you and what you've bought on Friday. Cheers and the kiss here comes from my heart, Jill x."
Jack didn't reply, but he knew soon that he and Jill would-be lovers, he felt a strong possibility that she would join with mum and Judy. They came back from their meal on Sunday night, mum and Judy, got onto the bed. Jack sat in a chair, watching them sipping the gorgeous wines. Judy and mum had beautiful sex; they were so intimate with each other, it took them over half an hour to get each other off. This aroused Jack; his cock got so stiff just watching them. They weren't having sex; they were making love. When they had finished, Jack made love to both of them, it was a fantastic night.
Monday morning, Jack was up early, he phoned the wine importer, he spoke to the owner. Jack told him that he would be interested in importing his wines into the UK. The owner said no one else had his wines in the UK. They arranged to meet at ten-thirty. Jack had a great feeling when he came off the phone. Over breakfast, Jack explained what he intended to do; both mum and Judy thought it was a great idea. Judy said, "Jack, you're a businessman, you find something that's good, you see the potential, then you make it happen. The wine business will snowball, you should create a Wine Club, hold tastings in the Bistro. This will take off. I want to help you with this."
They took a taxi to the office, Rudi, the owner, was in his thirties, he had a lovely way about him. Jack and Rudi, hit it off immediately. He explained that they only carried forty wines, some came from small producers, supply was limited. Every wine that Rudi sold was guaranteed to be of the highest quality from the region it came from. The minimum quantity was for twenty palates; it was a lot of wine, that was the way that they did business. Jack was given the prices; they were terrific, the basic Chablis was, import tax, sixty-five per cent cheaper than she was paying for her Chablis from a wine wholesaler. It was a no brainer for Jack. He ordered a container load; he asked what discount could he get if he paid cash with the order?. He was told that they worked on tiny margins, but they could offer him a discount of five per cent.
Jack then explained why they were in Berlin. He explained that he had a van that could take seven and a half tonnes. It was only furniture and household goods. He asked about the weight of a palate. He then calculated that he could get six, possibly eight palates in the van. Jack then suggested that he'd do his calculations tonight, he would come tomorrow and pick up the six or eight palates, then pay for everything by PayPal. Jack explained that the account that he used was always in credit, Rudi would not be charged a commission on the transaction.
Everyone was happy; the prices were unbelievable; Rudi knew his business. His father had started the business over forty years ago. They demanded quality. The company had expanded dramatically with Rudi. The Chardonnay and a Spanish Red that Rudi recommended were under one euro fifty a bottle. Even with the duty, it was so cheap. The transport, Rudi suggested a German logistics company who worked with DHL, their prices were fantastic. They guaranteed a two to three-day delivery. Jack was impressed, he said, "Rudi, don't send it until Friday, we won't be home until Friday, it will take me a couple of days to set things up. Tuesday or Wednesday would be great for us.
On Tuesday morning, Jack went to Rudi; they loaded eight palates onto the van. Jack paid for them and the twenty palates for the container. Storing it in the warehouse at home wouldn't be a problem. On Wednesday morning, they started to load the porcelain and the house furniture. When they had finished, when you looked in the back of the van, all you could see was house furnishings. The only other things to load were the king-size bed and the fridge. Judy wanted the bed; the refrigerator was excellent; she wanted to replace her old fridge with that fridge. After breakfast on Thursday morning, it took them fifteen minutes to load the bed and fridge. Everything was secure inside the van. They drove to the lawyer's office at eight-thirty and handed in the keys.
Jack drove, apart from the wine and porcelain, there wasn't much weight in the other items. There was a slight difference in the performance of the van, but it still drove beautifully. They made good time; they stopped for lunch at a Service Station just before the Dutch border. The lunch was good, mum and Judy looked terrific, they were both glowing. The way that they were dressed showed their full figures perfectly, Jack said, "It would be good if you wore similar clothes tomorrow morning when we go through customs, we don't look like smugglers, they would just be looking at both of your beautiful bodies."
They arrive at the port in Amsterdam. Jack had filled the tank with diesel; it was a big saving. They went through the Passport Control with no problems. It was a different ferry to the one that they came over on. They went to their cabin; it was identical to the one that they came across in. They booked the table in the restaurant for seven, then went back to the cabin to change. That night, both Judy and mum, were dressed in risqué outfits, Jack felt his cock stiffen over dinner when they finished dinner, mum said, "Jack, Judy and I have enjoyed this week, we've all got to know each other so well, let's go back to the cabin, we'll all get naked. You lie on top of the bed and let Judy and I do all the work."
They went back to the cabin, for the next two hours, Judy and mum were like sex slaves to Jack. When they fell asleep, every one of them was glowing. It was a perfect end to their trip. Jack's final thought before he fell asleep was, how would it go at the Customs tomorrow morning?

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