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They woke at six-thirty, they were late, breakfast was booked for seven. They showered quickly; they dressed, Jack was happy that Judy and mum had dressed in even tighter clothes than yesterday, they both looked fantastic. They arrived for breakfast at seven-fifteen, once again the breakfast was perfect. They got back to the cabin just as the tannoy announced that all commercial drivers should now go to their vehicles. Jack drove off the ferry; it was a beautiful morning, they went through Passport Control, they asked what they had been doing in Europe, Judy said, "My aunt died, my friends have helped me clear out her apartment, we weren't on holiday, but it's great to be back home."
They were told to stay on the Green Lane, the nothing to declare lane. Jack drove slowly down it; they exited the dock area, soon they were on the dual carriageway out of Newcastle, Jack thought, wow we have done it. He now felt how, in olden days, how the smugglers fell. Jack drove for an hour then mum drove, they would be home around one, Jack dozed off, his phone beeped, he had a message from Jill, it read, "Hi Jack, my husband had a stroke last night, I heard him fall, which was lucky as if I hadn't I wouldn't have found him until this morning. He's in Intensive Care in the hospital; he is paralysed down his left side. I have just arrived at the Centre, when do you think you'll be here? I want to be here when you arrive. I was at the beauty salon yesterday. I have had my hair cut and highlighted. I like it; I hope that you do too. I phoned the hospital this morning, the consultant will see him this morning, but they couldn't give me a time. If you let me know what time you will arrive, then if they phone, I can tell them that I'm working but can be there later. Thinking about you, Jill xx."
Jack replied, "Jill, I am sorry to hear that, what age is your husband? We should be there around one. We did a lot; we are now in the Wine business, I found an Importer, who specialises in top quality wines; I have a container load arriving next week. I believe in the UK, that if you sell wine by the case, say a six-bottle case you don't need a drink license, can you check that up for me? The wines are excellent; I'll explain everything when I see you, thanks for the kisses, Jack xx."
At eleven-thirty, Judy took over the driving; mum said, "Jack, this is a great van, all that stuff on board and it still drives beautifully. I can do deliveries now for you; I am glad that we got through the Customs."
"So am I mum, Jill messaged me to say that her husband had a stroke last night, he's in Intensive Care, she wanted to know when we'll be home, as she would stay there until we get back. I told her around one. I also asked her to check what license we would need to sell the wine? I'm not sure what licenses are required."
Mum replied, "I'm sorry to hear about Jill's husband; he's a lot older than her. I met him once in the supermarket with Jill; he's not my cup of tea. It was just after ten in the morning; he was stinking of alcohol. I'm sure that he has a serious drink problem. I believe that he's quite wealthy. Jill hasn't had a good life with him. Jill's a great asset to your business. She was telling me that she loves working with Antiques, she'll be so happy with the Militaria that you got for her. I also think that she likes you a lot; you should look after her Jack."
Jack's phone beeped, Jill wrote, "Jack, the hospital just phoned, he died in his sleep. He's at peace now; I told them that I would be there this afternoon, I'll have to get an undertaker to organise the funeral. It's a great relief for me. Jack, you haven't a problem with the drink license, you have one for the Bistro, we put a wine shop next to the Bistro, that license covers everything. That's a great idea with the wines; it will do well, I'm sure of that. I'll be here when you get back, if we get the opportunity, if there's no one around, I'd love a hug and a kiss with you. I'm a widow now. Kisses, Jill xx."
Jack said, "Mum, Jill's husband has died, that's maybe the best thing for him and Jill, I'd like to spend some time with Jill when we get back. She'll wait for us to get back. Are you comfortable with that?"
Mum leaned over, and tongue kissed Jack, she then said, "You must do that Jack, she'll have the funeral to arrange, I'd like to go to that with you, Jack. Jill will be the one to help you set up the Wine business, that'll take a bit of arranging. Spend time with her; make her feel that you're there for her. Give her some comfort."
Jack knew what his mum meant, he then said, "Jill told me that we don't have a problem with the license, the license that I have for the Bistro covers us completely. We can even wholesale with it. I'll spend some time with her this afternoon. She will love being involved with the wine."
Judy said, "Jack, keep me posted on the funeral, I would like to go too. I didn't like her husband; there was something funny about him. I'm loving driving this van, Dot; I can help you with the deliveries, we have ten miles left to drive, can I drive the rest?"
Jack nodded in approval; they turned into the warehouse several minutes later. They agreed to leave the furniture in the warehouse. They had all the furniture unloaded when Jill appeared, she looked great, her new hair cut suited her. Mum hugged her then said, "I'm sorry to hear about your husband, Jill, if there's anything that I can do to help, please let me know."
"Thank you Dot; he's at peace now, it's perhaps, for the best that it happened so quickly. I've just got to move on with my life now. I'm so lucky that I've got my little business in the Centre."
Judy then hugged Jill as she offered her condolences; it was quite touching the way Judy and mum spoke with Jill. Jack then hugged Jill, she pulled him close to her, he felt the weight of her big tits on his chest, then with a gentle circular motion, she pushed her pussy against his leg, Jill said, "Jack, thank you so much for your support, I can't wait to see the Militaria that you have for me, I'm excited. I have a few ideas about how we can incorporate the wine business into the Centre, that'll be a good one."
They then cleared the van; all the porcelain was put into the walk-in safe, Jack was so happy that he had bought that. Jack gave Jill the box with her Militaria in it; she was over the moon with it, she loved everything, she took the box to the walk-in safe. When she left, mum said, "Jack, I'm going to take Judy home, I'll stay with her tonight. I will change the sheets on the bed here; I'll take them to your apartment, and change the bedding there too. Jill's very happy to see you, you have got a lot to talk about, you may have to do a night shift. Look after her, maybe next week, we'll all have supper together."
Mum then hugged, and tongue kissed Jack, the kiss was so tender and loving. Judy did the same then they left. Jack realised that mum had given him the go-ahead to sleep with Jill, but she wanted some of the action next week. Jack had all eight palates off the van when Jill came back. Jack then took ten bottles of wine into the Bistro; he got three wine buckets and put water and ice into them; the whites would be chilled soon. He opened the reds to let them breathe. He then asked Jill to show him the brooch; it was gorgeous. They had a goldsmith working in the precious metals division of the business. They could recycle precious metals, making them into bars. The goldsmith was a neat worker. He looked at the brooch. Jack had told him that he wanted two rings, one with the two diamonds, the other with the single diamond.
The goldsmith said, "The two diamonds are a perfect match, the clarity of them is fantastic. I can keep the platinum settings the stones are in; there's enough platinum in the bar of the brooch to make the ring for both the ring size you want. I can have the two rings ready for you tomorrow afternoon at this time. They will be beautiful rings."
They went back to the Bistro; Jack invited the Bistro manageress, her assistant manageress and the cook to the tasting. Jill, had a notepad, she would take the tasting notes. They also compared them with similar wines they were presently selling to Rudi's wine. Rudi's wines outclassed the other's by a considerable margin. The Chardonnay was unique; the assistant manageress asked how much they would sell this for a 175 ml glass. Jack said five pounds per glass. She replied, "That's a bargain, we have been charging six pounds fifty for a 150 ml glass which doesn't compare with the Chardonnay. People will love that and also the Spanish Red. "
Jack asked how much wine did they have in stock? He had messaged the Manageress on Tuesday to tell her they were changing their wine supplier. She replied, "Not a lot, we don't carry a lot of stock as sometimes we order twice a week. The majority of our wine sales are House Wine, the other's we only keep three or four bottles in stock. We could run out of the house wine this weekend."
Jack was happy to hear this, Jack and Jill had some lunch in the Bistro, over lunch Jill said, "Jack, you need a bookkeeper, the systems you have in place, work perfectly, a dealer brings an item, it's into the system, it can be sold. We now have the wine; we sell it through the Bistro, we must have a system that tells us how much wine we're selling to the Bistro and how much wine the Bistro is selling, we need a part-time bookkeeper. One of our stallholders is a bookkeeper. Should I have a word with her?"
"Who do you have in mind?"
"Susan Green, she's been trained in one of the large accountancy firms, she's a widow, she's in here every day. She would appreciate the income from a small salary."
"Yes Jill, we should do that, I'd like to be there when you speak with her."
Susan was a tall attractive woman; she had a full figure, Jack liked her, there was a kindness about her. Jack and Jill went upstairs to Jacks studio; they sat in the lounge area. Jill excused herself and went to the bathroom. Jack checked his phone; there was a message from mum, it read, "Jack, the bed is changed, there's lube in the bedside cabinet, go down on Jill then ass fuck her, then she will be yours forever. Judy and I are having fun, love mum xx."
Jill came back into the lounge. Jack took her in his arms; they kissed with a lot of passion; their tongues were deep in the other's mouth. Jill was pushing herself against Jack's body, she said, "Do you have a bedroom here?"
Jack said nothing; he led her into the bedroom, a minute later they were both naked, lying on top of the bed, Jill had a beautiful body, her tits were big, her nipples hard, her stomach flat and her legs were long. Her vulva was swollen and smooth; her sex slit was long. Then she took hold of Jack's stiff cock; she said, "Jack, that's huge, no wonder your mum and Judy are glowing all the time."
Jill went down on Jack, as Jack went down on her, he thought, Jill knows about mum and Judy, he knew then that she would be part of the group. They were both now in the position to 69, Jill was wet, her clit was not as big as mum's, but it was still big. Jack started to suck on her clit as he finger fucked her tight pussy with two fingers. Fifteen minutes later, Jack felt the warmth of Jill's cum in his mouth, he kept sucking, but then using her cum as lube he slowly slipped his index finger up her very tight ass, Jill said, "Jack, that feels so good, give me another finger."
Jack came off her then they cum kissed, Jill's tongue was busy transferring her cum into her mouth, then Jack leaned over and got the lube from the bedside cabinet. As he lubed Jill's ass, Jack said, "I'm going to give you something better than two fingers,"
Jill replied, "I've never been ass fucked with a cock before, years ago, my husband tried it, but he couldn't get it up. Some of my girlfriends have done me with dildos and strap on's, I enjoyed it, but I've never had a cock."
Jack lube her tight ass, she could take three fingers, then he lubed the bulbous head of his cock and shift. He then got Jill on all fours on the bed, her ass was at the bottom of the bed, level with his stiff cock. Jack then slipped the head of his cock inside her ass doggy style. Jill loved it, with a gentle push, Jill was taking Jack's full length. Jack soon had a steady rhythm going as he pounded her ass. Jill said, "Jack, you're hitting my G-spot with the head of your cock. I'm going to cum, please don't stop, keep going, it feels wonderful."
Jack didn't stop; he just kept pounding her ass, ten minutes later, Jill had her third body-shaking orgasm, she said, "I've never had such powerful orgasms in my life before, we must do this again."
Jack pulled out, then went inside her dripping pussy doggy style, Jill was incredible, she had powerful cunt muscles, she was gripping Jack's cock at the base and head of each thrust. Jill said, "Jack, this is unbelievable, the head of your cock is hitting my cervix, I'm going to cum again, Jack, cum for me, I want you to cum too. Cum for me, let me feel your spunk squirt inside me."
Two minutes later, they both climaxed simultaneously; it felt so good, Jill was trembling with it. Jack pulled out, they lay on top of the bed kissing and cuddling, Jill was relaxed, she was now glowing, Jack said, "That was wonderful, Jill, it's ten past six, let's get showered then go down to the Bistro for supper, do you want to stay the night here?"
"Of course I will, that was fantastic. I have never made love like that in my life before, thank you."

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