Jack Starts To Work Ch. 07

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tagIncest/TabooJack Starts To Work Ch. 07

The Bistro was packed; the Manageress got them a table, she said, "We will need some of the Chardonnay tomorrow, we're nearly sold out of the house white. Jack asked for the bottle of Rudi's Champagne; they hadn't opened it at lunchtime. Jack asked the Manageress to bring a glass so she could taste it too. They all loved it. Jack then went to the warehouse; he came back with four cases of Chardonnay and a case of Champagne. They ordered their meal; they chatted, Jack asked, "Jill, how did you become a policewoman?"
"Jack, I have a law degree, at University, I saw this advert looking for graduates. I was in my first year doing law. I signed up; I graduated, I was put on an accelerated training course. I was an Inspector two years later. I loved my time in the force. I was in my forties when I met my husband; he was wealthy. I liked him at first; I was still working. I was a Superintendent then. When I retired at fifty-five, I was a Chief Superintendent. I have a great pension, six months later I saw your Antiques Centre, that gave me something to occupy my mind. It also got me out of the house, but as from today, I will want to stay more in my house. Will you come and visit me sometime?"
Jack smiled then said, "Of course I will, that was good advice about Susan. When I brought the wine over, I saw the weakness. We need a control there. During the day, there's always someone in the warehouse, checking things, we could cage off an area, that would make the wine more secure?"
Jill replied, "Jack, you need to do something, we can look at it tomorrow. I'll message Susan now, we can meet tomorrow morning, but I'll need to see if that's convenient for Susan. She'll get excited when she sees that I've messaged her, she would think that I wanted to visit her tonight."
Jack laughed then said, "Is Susan hot?"
"Very, she would love your magnificent cock. She's a very competent woman, but she's getting older, like me, she still wants and needs sex. Jack, to be honest, it would be in your interests to look after her occasionally, she would work so much harder for you. I'll message her now then we can plan what we do tomorrow."
Jill messaged Susan, then said, "I've suggested eleven in the Bistro, if she's free, then she'll be there."
Jill's phone beeped, Jill, typed a reply, then said, "Eleven it is, I've asked her to wear a push-up bra, that's just for you. Susan has lots of nice lingerie. She knows that I like big tits so she'll be wearing that."
The meal came, as they ate Jill said, "Jack, I want to help you all that I can, I spend time in the buying department, I think that we could do with another couple of helpers in there. We need people who can trade, think on their feet and have the interests of the business at heart. I think Connie and May would be ideal for that. Both are widows; both of their families have grown up and no longer living with them. Both come from business families. May's paintings are excellent; she's been collecting them for years. Connie's glass knowledge of glass and vases is fantastic. They would be terrific at buying for us when we're not here."
Jack replied, "I agree, but you couldn't ask them to wear a push-up bra, I don't think."
Jill smiled then said, "Never judge a book by its cover; they are the essence of respectability. They always correctly conduct themselves, get them alone and relaxed, they are two very sexual women, I've often had a threesome with both of them, they are both wonderful lovers. Jack, they are another two that would love your magnificent cock."
Jack was surprised to hear this; he had not spoken to them much; he had always been polite and acknowledged them when he saw them. They both were beautiful women in their mid to late fifties; they were both buxom. Maybe Jill had a point; they could deal, they both knew how to buy. Jack knew that May was a doctor but only practised three mornings per week. He knew that Connie had come from a wealthy family. Jack said, "Jill, that sounds interesting, should we talk to them together or individually?"
"I would say, together would be best, they are very close, if one wasn't interested in doing it, then I doubt the other would be. I will chat to them the next time I see them, then set up a meeting."
They then went back upstairs, on the way up, Jill said, "Jack, I'd love it if you ass fucked me first."
Jack did, an hour and a half later, they both fell fast asleep. Next morning, they had another session, Jill left just after eight, she needed to go home and change. Jack did a bit of research on Sales Ledgers that could be done online. The Centre had excellent WiFi; if the Bistro needed wine, then they could use an iPad, the order would be sent, the invoice would be printed in the Bistro and the warehouse. He liked the sound of it. He then went down to the warehouse, like the Centre, it didn't open until ten. He found a space where they could easily fence the wine in. Then he looked at the Bistro. Beside the Bistro, there was an open area that could easily be turned into a wine shop, if he took away part of a wall, then gave the end of the available space a wall, then the wine shop could be run by the Bistro staff.
At nine-thirty, Jill arrived, she looked gorgeous, she was still glowing. Jack told what his thoughts were. Jill thought that they were good too. It increased the security; Jill said that only take away wine sales would be recorded in the wine shop cash register. All wines sold in the Bistro would go through this. She loved the idea of the iPad, but Susan would advise on that. Jill then started to work out the wine shop bottle prices. They were very competitive, but if someone knew the quality, they would buy them in a heartbeat.
Susan appeared just before eleven, she looked good, her tits looked massive. Susan had a beautiful smile, lovely teeth and honest eyes. Jill started by saying Jack needed a bookkeeper. Susan said that she would be interested. Jack then told her about the wine company and how they intended on setting it up. Jack then asked if she knew any of the companies that supplied the Sales Ledgers. Susan was knowledgeable about them. The market was changing so quickly. She would make a couple of phone calls to get more information. She said that a system like that eliminated so much paperwork. You still had the hard copy when you printed the bill, but you also had the security of all transactions being recorded on Cloud.
Jill needed to go as she had a dental appointment. Jack invited Susan for lunch. They sat in the Bistro; Jack asked if she would like a glass of wine? Susan replied, "Yes please, I'm a little nervous, this with the wine is very exciting. I enjoy a glass of wine in the evening."
Jack then organise a mini tasting for Susan, Susan was so impressed with the wines, she said, "Jack, the quality of these wines is amazing when people get to know about them, you will do very well."
After lunch, Jack invited Susan upstairs to his studio; he asked what hardware she would need and what software? Susan asked if she could make a phone call. She brought out her smartphone. She was asking questions about the different sales ledgers and tablets. She came off the phone and said, "There's a company called Fastbooks that gets a great name. You can run it on an iPad. I believe that there's a printer in the Bistro, we would need one in the warehouse. So one printer, three iPads, and we download the software. If you would like, we get one iPad today. I set it up then you can see it working."
"Susan, you are a dream, there's a guy in town with an Apple show, he does everything with Apple products, he also buys a lot of Antiques here, let's give him a visit. "
They got an iPad, Susan asked if she could work in Jack's studio, as it was quieter there. Jack said, "How long will it take you? The reason that I ask is the Bistro closes at seven. If it takes longer, it's not a problem as we can order a takeaway or eat in the Bistro at six."
"Let's eat at six in the Bistro; I have only another eight wines to enter. I want to be sure that it runs smoothly."
They went to the Bistro at six, Susan had everything entered, she just needed to test it. They shared a bottle of Chablis with their meal. Susan was smiling seductively at Jack during the meal. Jack was sure that she was pushing her tits out for him, the looked beautiful. Jack took a chilled bottle of Chablis up to the studio; he poured himself a glass as Susan wanted to test the system first. She connected the printer to WiFi, then keyed in a test order. The printer printed out the invoice; everything worked perfectly. Jack poured Susan a glass of Chablis; he said, "Thank you, Susan, you have been a great help today. I've enjoyed working with you. You certainly get things done."
They were both sitting on the sofa, Susan's leg touched Jack's leg, she didn't move her leg away. She then put her hand on Jack's thigh, she squeezed it gently, then said, "I've enjoyed working with you to Jack, thanks so much for the lovely meals and wine, I enjoy eating out, but sadly, I don't get invited out very often."
She then leaned over; their mouths were an inch apart, their lips connected, Susan buried her tongue deep in Jack's mouth. The kisses were hot and passionate; their hands were exploring, Susan tits felt huge; he didn't know what cup size but they were a lot bigger than mums. Susan was stroking the outline of Jack's stiff cock. Susan said, "Can I take him out; he feels so good."
Jack helped her as she unzipped his trousers. Jack took off his trousers and boxers; his shoes were off; he was only wearing his socks. Susan said, "He's enormous. I've never seen a cock as big."
There was a little precum on the slit of Jack's cock, with a flick of her tongue, it was gone, Susan then went down on him, she knew what she was doing as Jack soon felt her lips wrapped around the base of his stiff cock. Jack was trying to get access to Susan's tits, but it wasn't easy, then Susan said, "Would you like me to undress for you? If you take off your shirt, then we both can be naked."
When Susan took off her top and skirt, she was wearing a beautiful Basque it was crotchless, she was also wearing a thong. She looked great; Jack said, "I love your lingerie; you look so good in it."
"Jack, I also love nice lingerie. Would you like me to wear nice things when I visit you?"
"Susan, I'd love that. We would be more comfortable in the bedroom, let's go in there."
They went into the bedroom, they both stripped naked, Susan removed her Basque and thong, her tits were enormous, her figure was good, flat stomach, long legs, smooth and swollen vulva with a very long sex slit. Jack said, "You have a beautiful body; I love your curves. Susan, let's take our time. We don't need to rush."
They stood and kissed beside the bed, Susan stroking Jack's stiff cock, Jack sucking and playing with Susan's massive tits, her nipples were big and rock hard. Jack then slipped his hand between her legs. Susan opened her legs to give him better access. Jack ran his finger up and down her long sex slit; she was so wet, he slid two fingers inside her, Susan said, "It feels so good, Jack, it's so long since I've had a man, I need it so much."
Jack laid her on top of the bed, both their kissing and touching had moved up a gear, Jack now went on top of Susan, who was in the missionary position, he placed his bulbous head in the middle of her sex slit, with a gentle push, he was home. Susan was now holding her ankles with her hands held high above her shoulders, she felt so tight, her cunt muscles were powerful. Susan was a gripper; Jack was pounding into her now, Susan said, "Jack, it's wonderful, I feel filled, but it feels so good. The head of your cock is hitting my cervix. I've never had that before. Keep going; I will cum soon. How's it for you? Can I do anything to make it better for you?"
"Susan, you're wonderful, you are giving me a great ride. I love how you grip me; you make my cock tingle. The more we do this, the better we will get at it."
"I want that Jack, I'll be very discreet. I'm so happy that you are enjoying it. I love it, keep going, I'll cum soon. Message me anytime that you want me. I'll be there for you."
Jack felt happy when he heard this; he needed Susan to help with the accounts. He started to go harder and deeper, ten minutes later, they both climaxed within seconds of each other. They hugged and kissed for several minutes. They fell asleep in each other's arms.

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