Jack Starts To Work Ch. 09

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tagIncest/TabooJack Starts To Work Ch. 09

They woke early; Jill was hot; she was lubing her ass when Jack woke up. As he watched her do it, his cock got so stiff. Jill then lubed Jack's cock. Ten minutes later, she had her third vaginal orgasm. He then did her pussy doggy style; Jill wanted it harder and more in-depth; she was still so hot. Twenty minutes later, they both climaxed within seconds of each other. They lay in bed, kissing and talking until seven. Jack was glad that Jill had stayed over; it was good for both of them. Jill was working so hard for him. Jill dressed then left. Nobody would see her go in the morning. Jack then showered, he checked his phone, he had a message from Connie, it read, "Jack, I'm glad that you'll be there. Yes, we have a lot to do. We should consider doing a brochure, explaining exactly what our House Clearance service offers and the benefits of using our service. I'll be there at ten. I want to check a few things before she arrives. Regards, Connie."
Jack was in the warehouse just after eight; he checked the van that had taken them to Berlin; it was clean inside and out. There already were areas where house clearance items could be stored. They wouldn't be keeping any Mattresses, cooker or fridges. Any damaged furniture would also go to the recycling yard run by the Council. Connie arrived early; she was wearing a tight-fitting top and jeans, her tits looked massive, she must have had a push-up bra on. Jack said, "Good morning Connie, you're looking super this morning. How are you? I've looked around; the big van is perfect, it's spotless inside and out. I think that everything would be ok, a good thing to say, would be if she could give you any suggestions to make our service better?"
Connie smiled then said, "I was going to do that anyway. Thanks for the compliment. I'll try my best to look good for you every day. They both chatted away; they were both confident that things would go well. After ten, Jack invited Connie for breakfast; he was starving. Connie declined as she had already had breakfast, but she would have a coffee with him. She also told Reception that she would be in the Bistro if anyone were looking for her. At five to eleven, the receptionist brought a slightly overweight lady into the Bistro. Jack stood up. Connie introduced him to the lady from the Council.
They went straight into the warehouse; Connie was so skilled in dealing with her. Asking advice, then telling her that they were joining the House Clearance Association, whose code of practice was excellent. Then Connie asked about the pieces that needed recycling, could they use the Council's recycling centre. All was in order. The lady couldn't have been nicer. Connie offered her a coffee, but she declined. The lady then said, "Everything is in order here, you can collect your Certificate tomorrow morning from the office, or would you prefer if I posted it to you?"
Connie told her that she would pick it up just after nine. They both thanked the lady, then she left. Jack and Connie went to Jack's studio to transfer the money to the Association; everything went through. The Centre House Clearance was now a member. Jack stood beside Connie; he said, "We have done it, I was sure we would, but we have done it, thanks, Connie."
Connie hugged Jack; she pulled him close to her; he could feel the weight of her tits. He felt her pushing her pussy against his leg; her lips were an inch from his, she pushed herself up with her toes, then buried her tongue deep in Jack's mouth. They kissed tenderly and affectionately for several minutes, then Connie said, "Jack, it's truly amazing, yesterday, I had a suggestion, a vision of how to make your business better. Today it is going to happen. I'm so happy that you listened to me. I've been doing a bit of homework, can I show you? I also love how you kiss."
Jack was amazed when Connie brought out of her briefcase, several sheets of paper. One was the wording for the website. The other was the wording for a brochure. It was beautifully done. Connie said, "There's a printer that can print a thousand brochures for us today. We also need business cards for May and I. Tomorrow; we will have the license, then we can change the website. Will you help me to get things moving today?"
"Connie, I will, we should also think of getting the van lettered we could letter all our vans. I'm excited about this. We do get house clearances, but we only take things that have a value. Charging seven hundred and fifty pounds is going to increase our margins considerably. Let's do it, Connie."
They first went to the printer; there were so many services that they offered. They could print the lettering for the vans on sheets, then apply them on to the van. Jack said that he would get back to them, as he needed to know when the van would be free. They could pick up the brochures and businesses cards at four this afternoon. They got back into Jack's car, Connie leaned over and cuddled Jack, they kissed passionately, both their hands were exploring the other's bodies. Connie's tits were a good handful, not as big as Susan's but similar to mum's and Jill's. Connie was purring with pleasure, as Jack played with her big tits. Jack said, "Connie, would you like to have supper with me tonight?"
"I'd love to, what time is good for you?"
"Six, in the Bistro, I like to eat early."
"No problem, I'll pick up the brochures, then go home and shower and change, I haven't been out for a meal with a man for a long time."
They kissed again, so tenderly and lovingly, Connie was stroking Jack's thigh, he was playing with her left tit, her nipple was so hard. They then drove to the office of the website suppliers. Connie gave them all the data and images that she wanted on. She asked if it could be all online at ten tomorrow morning. That wasn't a problem. They went back to the warehouse; Jack went into the Centre, Connie went to pick up the brochures. They hadn't kissed when Connie left; they hugged, the way they both held each other was a message to the other.
Jack was sitting in the Bistro at six when Connie arrived; she looked stunning, the outfit that she was wearing, showed her curves to perfection. They hugged, and cheek kissed, Connie showed Jack the brochures, then said, "They're better than I thought they would be, I've left a stand full of them at Reception, we must market this so much, being the only firm offering this licensed service is a big plus. The cards are excellent too. I spoke with May; she's excited about this."
"She's not going to cold call on Lawyers offices. She intends to phone the offices, introducing herself as Dr May Roberts, then asking for an appointment with the Managing Partner. I think her strategy may work; she intends to have appointments every afternoon next week. She is going to get a Receptionist from the Clinic to make the appointments. Then at the meeting, she'll play the Green recycling card. May, when she's dressed, is a formidable woman. I think that it's a good idea, who's ever heard of a doctor, promoting House Clearances before, what do you think?"
Jack poured Connie a glass of wine then said, "That'll make a big impression; anyone with a brain will take notice. It allows her the opportunity also to offer the services of the Auction House, which would benefit the Auction House a lot. It lets us sell a complete package, that's what people want, a service that gives them no hassle. I like it; it's an excellent idea. In all honesty, it's better than you do cold calling, I'd let May do it for a couple of weeks, I'm sure that she'll be successful."
Jack couldn't help himself, but as he had been speaking, he couldn't keep his eyes off Connie's massive tits, they swayed, ever so sexy, as she moved. Connie replied, "I agree with you, Jack, I've other things that I can do. May will make the right impression at every appointment. She's also pleased about you allowing her to hang her paintings with your beautiful antiques."
The main course was served. Connie said, "May and I have eaten here during the day; it is nice at night, the foods good, there's also a wonderful atmosphere."
Jack nodded in agreement; he was sure that Connie was pushing her tits out for him; he couldn't keep his eyes off them. Connie smiled at Jack then leaned over the table and whispered, "Do you like my big tits?"
"I love them; they are so striking, it's my weakness. I love big tits."
Connie was looking at Jack's lips; she whispered, "I'm glad that you like them, you aroused me when you were playing with them earlier. Jack, I'd love to spend the night with you, is that possible?"
Jack was now looking at Connie's lips, he replied, "I would like it if you did that."
Connie smiled, then said, "I have an overnight bag in my car. Will we go upstairs now?"
Jack walked with Connie to her car, then carried her overnight bag to the studio. They stood beside the sofa; they were hugging, kissing and touching. Connie's kisses were fantastic, so loving, Jack realised that Connie was wearing a bra, he unhooked it, then lifted it over her big tits, Connie said, "Jack, let's go to bed."
Jack led her into the bedroom, they both stripped naked, Connie saw Jack's stiff cock, then said, "Jack, you're well hung, that's massive, I've never seen a cock as thick and long, be gentle with me, I haven't been with a man for over six years, since my husband died, for the last five years of his life, sex was non-existent."
Jack hugged Connie then said, "I understand, don't worry, I'll make you very wet before I go inside you."
Connie had a great body; her breasts were big; her vulva was smooth and swollen with a long sex slit. Her legs were long. Jack laid her on the bed in a position that would allow them to 69. Connie went down on Jack; her tongue felt so good as she teased his stiff cock with it. Jack spread her cunt lips open; she had a lovely hard clit, when Jack saw it, he knew that he was going to enjoy sucking it. Her pussy was wet; he slid two fingers inside her, Connie purred with pleasure. Jack started to suck her clit as he gently finger fucked her with two fingers. Connie said, "Jack, that feels so good, you're the first man that's ever done this to me, keep going, you'll make me cum."
Jack kept going; Jack was impressed when he felt Connie's lips wrapped around the base of his cock, her head bobbing up and down. Jack was also impressed with the way Connie was gripping his fingers as he finger fucked her; she had powerful pussy muscles. For ten minutes, Jack sucked Connie's clit, then Connie started pushing her pussy against Jack's mouth, Connie said, "Jack, I'm going to cum, oh my god, I'm cuming."
Jack felt the warmth of her cum flood his mouth; there was so much of it, Jack swallowed some of it, but kept a lot in his mouth. When Connie had composed herself, Jack cum kissed her; it was so tender and affectionate the way Connie's tongue was working in Jack's mouth. Connie now had a lot of her cum back in her mouth. They looked into the other's eyes as both their tongues were working. Connie then lay on top of the bed, she spread her legs and said, "I'm dripping for you, please go gently, to begin with, once I'm used to it, then you can do anything that you want."
Jack, carefully slipped his stiff cock inside her very wet pussy, it felt tight but very wet, he was slowly going in and out of her, she was taking his full length. Connie said, "It's amazing, you're hitting my cervix, I've never had that before, I feel filled, but it's so comfortable, you can go harder and deeper now, Jack, I could easily get used to this."
Jack moved up a gear; he was enjoying it, Connie was gripping him so tightly, Jack said, "Connie, it feels good for me too, you're such an attractive woman, why have you not had a lover?"
"Jack, I enjoy and need sex so much, I had a couple of bad experiences, one was an alcoholic, the other was married, it was all so stressful. I've had a few girlfriends, that's so much safer. I feel good when I'm with you; now I feel even better when you are inside me. I'm so close, Jack, keep going, make me cum."
Jack upped his tempo; he was close too, he was now pounding Connie so hard, she was pushing against him with every thrust, then they both climaxed within seconds of each other, Connie had a body-shaking orgasm. When she had composed herself, she said, "Jack, that was mind-blowing, thank you, I'm going to work so hard for you. I love being part of your business; I am so happy that I've found your business and you. I would love to see you occasionally outside of business hours, are you comfortable with that?"
Jack leaned down and kissed Connie; the kisses lasted a couple of minutes, then Jack said, "I haven't a problem with that, but I must be honest with you, I'm also seeing Jill, Susan, Judy and my mum. How do you feel about that?"
Connie kissed Jack, then said, "I've no problem with that at all, I want to glow like they are all glowing. We're all mature ladies, we all have needs and urges. One day, you'll meet a beautiful young lady, you'll have a family, you won't be short of babysitters. Jack, be nice to May, I know that she would love you to make her glow."

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