Jake and Jordan Share a Dorm Pt. 02

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tagIncest/TabooJake and Jordan Share a Dorm Pt. 02

The twins stumbled into their dorm room just before midnight on their second Friday night as college students. Jordan was laughing at something Jake said, both of them drunk from their first keg party as college freshmen, as she turned on the light.
Jordan was dressed to the nines, wearing a short skirt and black, low-cut shirt. She kicked off her heels and tied her hair up in a ponytail. Jake flopped down on his bed.
"I still can't believe how unfair it is," Jordan said, "that I have to do all that work to get dolled up for a party, and all you do is throw on jeans and a t-shirt and you're all ready to go."
"I think that just proves that you try too hard."
"Shut up, I do not," she said.
"It's not just you," Jake said. "Girls spend way too much time getting ready."
"Hot take Jake," Jordan said, sitting on her bed. "When does your stand-up comedy album drop?"
"Women be shopping," Jake said, laughing.
The twins shared a laugh, which faded out into silence as they laid in their separate beds.
"I'm not really that tired," Jake said.
Jordan sat up and said, "Thank god, me neither."
"Well, let's do something," he said.
"I'm down," she said, "but you have to come up with something."
"Why me?"
"Because I came up with our last activity," she said. "Remember? I suggested the Taco Bell run."
"Oh yeah, that was a really good idea."
"Yep, so it's your turn."
"Okay," Jake said. "Same rules as usual?"
"Yep," Jordan said. "Whatever you say goes."
"This is going to sound childish," he said, "but what the fuck — we're drunk."
"You make the rules tonight," she said.
"Then we're playing the greatest game ever invented," he said, "the centerpiece of all great sleepovers."
Jordan started laughing. "Oh shit, please tell me we're going to play Truth or Dare."
Jake plowed on, pretending not to hear her. "It's the game that middle schoolers everywhere are playing so that someone will finally kiss them, the revealer of all embarrassing secrets…."
"Just say it's Truth or Dare."
"it's Truth or Dare!" Jake announced.
"Outstanding," Jordan said. "Just an outstanding choice."
"Since I have selected such an amazing activity for the evening," Jake continued, "you may have the first choice. Truth or dare?"
"I feel like you have to start with a truth," Jordan said.
"Pussy move," Jake said.
"Fuck you," she laughed. "You heard me — truth."
"How many guys have you made out with in the week and a half since we've been here?" Jake said.
"Not that many," Jordan answered with a smile. "Just three. But to be fair, two of them were at the same party."
"And how many had you made out with before college?" he said.
"Three guys total, but I only actually 'made out' with Dyl — hey! No free questions in Truth or Dare!"
"You caught me," Jake said.
"Your turn," Jordan said. "Truth or dare?"
"I'll take truth," Jake said.
"Sure, but it's still the safe move."
"Fine. Same question."
Jake turned slightly red.
"Only one girl so far," he said. "But we got to second base."
"Which one is second base again?" Jordan asked. "I always thought the baseball analogy was awkward, so I never learned it."
"Second base is basically boobs and over the pants stuff."
"Ooh so you felt her boobs?" Jordan said.
"Yeah, it was so hot," Jake said.
"What was her name again?" Jordan asked with a knowing smile.
"No free questions in Truth or Dare," Jake replied. "Truth or dare?"
"I'll take a dare," Jordan said.
"I dare you to show me your last 10 texts with Brian," he said.
"We don't really talk much," she said.
"You guys dated forever," Jake said. "He was your prom date and took your virginity — you can't tell me you never text each other."
"I didn't say never," she said.
"Well then show me," he said.
She unlocked her iPhone and handed it to her brother. While he read, she went to her dresser and pulled a bottle of tequila out of her underwear drawer. She took a big swig and handed the bottle to Jake without speaking. He took a sip and then handed the phone back to her.
"That's sweet that you're still friends," Jake said. "He's definitely still into you."
"I know," she said. "I'll always care about him, but I always knew I wanted to be single when I got to college."
"And you're off to a great start," Jake said.
"You're damn right," Jordan said. "Truth or dare?"
"I'll take a dare too," Jake said.
"I dare you to streak to the end of the hallway and back."
"No fucking way," he said. "Nothing that can get me kicked out of school."
"You can't get kicked out of school for streaking when you're drunk on a Friday night," she said.
"I'm pretty sure you can," Jake said.
"I don't think so," Jordan said. "Besides, you can't take back a dare after it's been issued, so my hands are tied."
"I think you're making up rules at this point," Jake said. "But before I take my shirt off, I just want to make sure you want to do this. Because once I get back in here, the gloves are off."
"Oh I'm sure," she said.
With that, he stripped off his shirt, undid his belt and jeans, then pulled them down with a swift motion. His body was muscular and toned, his penis even more impressive than usual through Jordan's beer goggles.
"Ow ow!" she catcalled. "To the stairway door and back."
He opened the door and darted into the hallway, sprinting down the hall.
Jordan leaned her head out of the door to watch, after a moment yelling "Oh my god, is he naked?!" She ducked almost all the way back in the room, keeping the door cracked so that she could watch him as he touched the wall at the end of the hallway and turned back toward the room.
Two girls emerged from the staircase, nearly bumping into Jake as he sprinted back to the room, their surprise giving way to giggles when they saw that he was naked.
A moment later Jake ran through the doorway into the room, breathing heavily and scrambling to find his boxers. He put them on, along with a fresh t-shirt from his dresser.
"Fuck you," he said between breaths.
Jordan still couldn't stop laughing. "That was one of the best things I've ever seen," she said.
"Truth or dare?" he heaved.
"I swear to god…."
"You think I'm taking a dare right now?" she said. "I've got to let you calm down first."
"Tell me your most embarrassing nudity-related story," Jake said. "Since you've now seen mine."
"That's fair," she said. She thought for a moment, then continued. "It has to be that time when I was on the swim team and my suit ripped."
"I forgot all about that," Jake said. "That was a while ago."
"Yeah, it was in 7th grade," Jordan said. "We were stretching on deck after practice and the crotch of my suit ripped so that everyone could see my coochie."
Jake laughed. "I can't believe I missed that. Of all the days to be sick."
"It was mortifying," she said. "I was right in front of Henry and David, plus Coach Jamie. I had barely even started growing hair there, so it was just the worst time for that to happen, not that there's ever a good time."
Jordan had started to blush and realized she was rambling. She took a drink.
"Let's just say it was embarrassing," she concluded. "Truth or dare?"
"Fair enough," Jake said. "I'll take a truth."
"How many girls have seen your penis?" she said.
"Two," Jake said without hesitating.
"Ooh juicy!" she said. "I assume one is Brooke."
"Hey, you're not the only one who had a good prom night," Jake said.
"So who's the other one?" Jordan said.
"You," Jake said.
"Oh yeah," she laughed. "I'm in rare company!"
"Well you don't have to say it like that," he said.
"That's not a bad thing," she said. "I think it's sweet that you haven't gotten around too much. It shows that you're loyal and that you care about who you're with."
"Well that's nice of you to say," Jake said. "But I would really rather have a bunch of sex with random girls than be sweet and loyal right now."
"Eh, that's fair," Jordan said.
"Truth or dare?" Jake said.
"Have you calmed down from your dare yet?" she asked.
"Yeah, I'm good," he said.
"Then I'll take a dare."
"Wow, you're gullible," he said. "You thought it would take 3 minutes for me to forget that you made me run naked down the hall in the dorm where we've lived less than 2 weeks?"
"Well I had to take a dare at some point," she shrugged.
"I dare you to play the rest of the game naked."
"Oh, wow," she said. "How do we know when the game is over and I can put clothes back on."
"Good question," he said. "Let me clarify: I dare you to take off your clothes and stay naked until 9:00 tomorrow morning."
"That's your dare?" she said.
"That's my dare," he said.
"Okay," she said. With that, she pulled her black blouse over her head and wiggled her skirt down over her curvy but thin hips. She was wearing white panties with little pink hearts and a matching bra.
Jake watched her undress with a bashful smile.
She unclasped her bra and let her perky, C-cup breasts free. Her light pink nipples looked an even softer pink in the low light of the room. She had been working out every day since arriving at college and it was showing in her flat stomach, with just a hint of ab muscles.
"Now you get to see the last part of my party prep," Jordan said as she slipped her panties down, revealing that she had fully shaved for the evening.
"Whoa, you're totally bald," Jake said.
"That's what you say to me?" Jordan said. "This hot piece of ass gets naked in front of you and you call me bald?"
"It's a compliment," Jake said.
"Uh-huh, sure. Truth or dare?"
"Probably wise," Jordan said. She thought for a moment, before asking, "What's the last porn video you watched?"
"Like, what's the video's title?" Jake asked.
"Yeah," she said.
"I have no idea," he said.
"Then just pull it up," she said.
"Okay, I can probably find it," he said.
"And no lying and making it something nicer," Jordan said. "Read me the URL and I'll type it in on my laptop."
"Okay, here it is. It's a little kinkier than what I usually watch."
"Sure it is," she said playfully, "I totally believe you." She handed him the bottle. "Take a shot, man up, and read me the URL."
Jake did as he was told, handed her the bottle back, and read the address aloud from his phone,
She keyed in the URL and read the video title, "Strictly Taboo — Spying on Sister." She shot a side-eyed smile at Jake. "Naughty boy…."
"Like I said," Jake stammered, "it's kinkier than what I usually watch."
"Sure, sure," she said.
"Fine," he said. "Truth or dare?"
"Truth," Jordan said.
The alcohol hit Jake suddenly and he felt a surge of courage. "What do you think of my penis?"
Jordan smiled and looked at him with a raised eyebrow.
"Your penis?" she said.
"Yeah, you've seen it twice now," Jake said with a newfound boldness. "What do you think?"
Jordan took a big pull from the bottle before answering.
"I think you shouldn't call it your penis," she said.
"Why not?" Jake said.
"Because something that sexy deserves to be called a cock," Jordan said.
Jake didn't have a response to that. Just a bulge growing in his pants.
"Truth or dare?" Jordan said.
Jake was still absorbing his sister's last statement. The silence lingered.
"Take the fucking dare," Jordan said.
He found his voice.
"Dare," he said.
"Kiss me," Jordan said.
All hesitation was gone. Jake walked confidently over to his twin, wrapped his arms around her, and kissed her passionately. Years of longing and friendship combined with the haze of tequila. It felt natural for their lips to be intertwined. For his hands to comb through her hair, to slide down and cup her butt. For her to reach down and feel his bulge.
She undid his pants and slid them down, her pinkies catching his boxer briefs and bringing them down with the waistband of his pants. He had an impressive "V" of muscle leading down toward his clearly erect cock. She slid them down further and it popped out.
Now fully hard and impressively big, Jordan stared at Jake's penis, noting the thick shaft, smooth and rounded head, and droplet of pre-cum built up over the course of their game. She reached her hand out for it.
The moment her fingers wrapped around Jake's cock, Jordan felt his hand on her pussy. As he moaned with long-deferred pleasure at his sister's touching his thick cock, she did the same when his pointer finger instantly found her clit and began playing with it.
Jake leaned in and kissed her again, moving down to her neck, then up to her ear, pausing to whisper, "I want to taste you."
Jordan shivered, then whispered in his ear, "Not until I taste you first."
At that, she kissed down her brother's chest and stomach, got on her knees, licked the shaft of his cock from balls to tip, then took her brother all the way into her mouth.
Jake moaned, then covered his mouth so that their neighbors wouldn't hear.
Jordan looked up at him with beautiful, innocent looking eyes and cupped his taut balls with her left hand. She wrapped the right firmly around his shaft and began working her way up and down the shaft, the tip pressing further and further down her throat each time.
She sped up as his cock got wetter and wetter and her mouth sloppier and sloppier.
"You've got to slow down," Jake said.
"Hmmm?" she murmured, not changing her pace.
"I'm going to cum now if you keep it up."
"Hmmm?" she said again, changing nothing.
"Oh fuck!" Jake said, louder than he wanted. "Fuck, I'm coming Jordan!"
She kept working up and down his shaft, vibrating his cock with one more audible "Mmmmmm" as her twin brother's cum spurted gently into her mouth. She held it there, working the head of his cock with her tongue and jerking his twitching cock as her brother continued moaning.
"Holy shit, Jordan," he said.
She milked the last of the cum from his shaft and slowly slid her mouth from around his cock, opening her mouth to show him his load. She then closed her mouth and swallowed it in one gulp.
He stepped back and sat down on his bed.
"I think it's bedtime Jake," Jordan said.
"No, no," Jake replied, "you haven't had a turn. I just need a second."
Jordan walked over, bent down, and kissed her brother on the forehead while her nipples brushed against him.
"It's okay," she said, "that took a lot out of me. You can give me a turn tomorrow night."
"You sure?" he said. "You're not going to flake on me are you?"
"After that load," she said. "not a fucking chance. I'm going to want more."
"Before you go to bed," Jake said, "can I make a weird request?"
"Weirder than what just happened?" she said.
"Maybe," he said.
"Sure, what is it?"
"Can I kiss your pussy?" Jake said.
"Just kiss it?" Jordan asked.
"Yeah," he said. "I could tell you weren't 100% comfortable with me fingering you — you seemed freaked out. But I'd love to just kiss you there."
She thought about it for a moment, then said, "I think that would be okay."
Jake got up from his bed and walked over to where Jordan was standing. He got down on his knees and sat with his face inches from his sister's smooth vulva. She smelled sweet. She smelled like Jordan.
He put his hands on the backs of her thighs and leaned in, brushing his nose against her soft skin. He kissed her below her belly button. He kissed her vulva, sliding down with his lips, prompting her to step back, giggling and looking a bit uncomfortable.
"I'm so sorry," she said. "I've never been good at letting guys go down on me."
"It's totally fine," Jake said. "For what it's worth, you smell really good."
"Do I taste good?" she said. "That always freaks me out."
"I don't know," Jake said. "I didn't quite get there."
Jordan sat back on the bed and spread her legs slightly. She closed her eyes and said, "Go ahead, I want to know."
Jake seized the moment and put his lips directly on hers, playing his tongue across her pussy from front back to front, then back again, savoring every taste of his sister. He slowly puckered his lips up around her clit, sucking it lightly and flicking it with his tongue as he reluctantly stopped the kiss.
"You taste incredible," he said.
She blushed, smiled, then looked away.
"Thank you Jake. You're sweet."
"You taste sweet," he said. "Like, you actually taste sweet. It's incredible."
"Will you want to taste me again tomorrow night?" Jordan said.
"Absolutely," Jake said.
"It's a date then," Jordan said.
With that, she slid under the covers, still naked, rolled over, and flipped off the light.
"Love you Jake," she said.
"Love you too," Jake said.

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