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Chemistry at work
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Mum is carrying my child. I constructed a new kitchen table as the old one was not suitable for a quick fuck and if Mum, Chrissie and my Mother enjoyed anything, it was a quick, impromptu fuck. We carried out extensive research as to the ideal height and design. I then constructed it. We tested it thoroughly.
For detail of the story so far — please see Janet, Chrissie and me Chapters 1 — 8.
=== === ===
Wednesday evening a while after Mr. Johnson's wake. Chrissie, Mum and me were sitting around our new kitchen table. I was sketching Mum as she bustled about serving up dinner.
"Molly might well be around this evening Darling, while Chrissie and I are out. Please make sure she's very happy when she leaves."
"Whaaat?" I spluttered.
"My Brother's got a head like a sieve, Mum," chuckled my Sister, "now concentrate Ryan, this is important. Molly and most of the other women in the terrace want your cock, remember? Mum told you about it after Mr. Johnson's wake? Well Molly is popping round in the hope of enjoying a length of cock, your cock, OK?"
"Mum?" I said pleadingly.
"She's right Darling and you know it. She's not getting any. What with her Alf now passed she needs looking after. You promised Alf the night before he went, remember? 'I'd like you to look after Molly for me, if you can. She'll need looking after when I'm gone' he said and you promised him you'd do everything possible, remember that? Well now is the time to start keeping your promise."
"Yeah, OK although I didn't even consider that kind of 'looking after'. Anyway how did she know you two were going out? Did I even know?"
"Spur of the moment thing. Saw her this afternoon looking very down. Missing her Alf, 'know what I mean?' she said so I told her that Chrissie and I were going out about 7:30 and wouldn't be home 'til after 10. Suggested she might like to keep you company, is all," Mum chuckled, "so, like I said, make sure she goes home happy and knows she can come back for more, anytime. You owe Alf that much and we all owe Molly for her support and help over the years. It's time to help and support her now."
So, Mum and Chrissie went round to visit Rose, my Mother, Jim, my Granddad and Gerry, my Sister (same Mum AND Dad!) for a few hours and I'm sitting at the kitchen table converting the stick images of Mum in the shower that morning to images of a beautiful, naked, pregnant woman, when the doorbell chimed. I slipped my sketch books and materials into the nearest drawer.
=== ===
"Mrs. Johnson! Good evening, come in, come in."
I stepped back and held the door wide so that she could enter. She was wearing a long coat which surprised me. Her front door was less than two feet from ours. Even the wire that defined the property boundaries had long since disappeared. There was no need for her to walk up her front garden path and back down ours. She was also carrying a tray covered with a clean cloth. She'd been baking. Lemon Drizzle cake unless my nose deceived me.
"Mum and Chrissie are out I'm afraid, you'll have to put up with me for a while."
"That's alright Dear, I'm in no hurry. I'll just put this down here if you could help me with my coat?"
Putting the tray on the hall table she kept her back to me and started to unbutton her coat. I eased it off her shoulders and turned to hang it on a coat peg.
I turned back. Mrs. Johnson had turned to face me. She was wearing a dress. Mrs. Johnson always wore a dress or a skirt. I'd never seen her wear trousers, leggings or track-suit bottoms, ever. But I'd never seen her wear a dress that short. It definitely rivaled anything Mum might have worn. My brain clicked rapidly into gear. Mum and Chrissie were right. There was no other possible reason why Mrs. Johnson would wear such a short dress to visit us! And she didn't look to be over 60 at all. My jaw dropped as I drank in her beauty. She was wearing heels, something I'd not seen her wear before either. They accentuated her long legs which were further enhanced by the hem of her dress not even reaching mid thigh, barely passing the tops of her… stockings? The dress was tightly tailored emphasising her surprisingly slender waist. It was high necked and nicely tight across her chest. Mrs. Johnson was not wearing a bra.
"Wow! Mrs. Johnson, you look absolutely fabulous!" I exclaimed rather rudely, "sorry but… I know it's not polite to say it but you look incredible!"
"You like?" she beamed at me delightedly.
"No I love! Where have you been hiding all my life? If I may say so, you've got a beautiful pair of pins." I laughed in the hope that it would hide my rudeness a little.
Fortunately she laughed delightedly.
"My Alf used to say that, regularly. He'd say; Molly love, you've got beautiful pins and they go all the way up!"
"And do they, Molly love?" I asked cheekily, "twirl?" I added hopefully.
She chuckled and picked up the tray.
"You can follow me into the kitchen, if you like," she teased.
She turned and led the way down the hallway. Stockings! With perfectly straight seams! God, that dress was tight and it clearly wasn't the first time the staid, Mumsy, home baking Mrs. Johnson had worn high heels. I reached down and quickly reorganised the position of my rapidly growing cock.
She placed the tray on the table and walked straight over to the tall fridge freezer where the Tupperware cake thingy lived. She stretched up. The tight dress rose with her showing more bare flesh above her stocking tops. She stretched a little higher, the dress hem rose a little more but not quite enough.
"If I were a gentleman I'd offer to help…," I started.
"If I'd thought that you were a gentleman I'd not have bothered to wear a dress like this," she laughed, "well, do my pins go all the way to the top?"
"Can't quite see yet. Would you like me to get the cake box down?"
"No, but you can give me a lift if you would?"
Standing right behind her I stooped, wrapped my arms around her thighs and straightened up.
"Wow! My turn to be impressed! You didn't struggle in the least! That's enough, don't want to bang my head on the ceiling now do you?"
She picked up the cake box.
"You can put me down now, if you like."
"I'm in no great rush."
"There's nobody next door waiting for me."
Stepping away from the fridge freezer I turned us both to face the new kitchen table. The very same table I'd constructed at exactly the correct height to enable me to slide my cock deep into a willing cunt, effortlessly.
Easing my grip around her thighs I let Mrs. Johnson slide slowly to the floor. That is Mrs. Johnson slid slowly, her tight dress didn't move an inch. It just stayed firmly put as Mrs. Johnson slid by.
Mrs. Johnson laughed happily.
"Did I do that?" she giggled rubbing her neat bum hard against the bulge in my trousers.
In for a penny, in for a pound.
"Of course! A beautiful, sexy, highly fuckable woman in my arms? I'd be dead worried if my cock wasn't as hard as a rock and leaking pre-cum out the end."
"Sexy? Fuckable? You silver tongued smoothie, let's just check that my pins do go all the way up then I'll see if I can think of someway to sort out your leaky, rock hard cock, OK?"
"If your beautiful pins do go all the way to the top then I'll not be held responsible for my actions," I whispered in her ear.
"Then I'll accept full responsibility for everything and anything that happens in the next half hour," she laughed delightedly, "now let me loose so you can inspect my pins."
"Half an hour? You just want a quickie then?"
I released her and she danced away a couple of steps excitedly. She had an exquisite bum! I won't say for her age, it was exquisite for any age. My hard cock throbbed with excitement. She turned.
"Well?" she demanded adopting a sort of 'ta dahhh' pose.
"Great legs, no panties and a smooth pussy. Do you suck cock as well Mrs. Johnson?"
She grinned wickedly.
"Oops! Did I forget my panties? Force of habit, my Alf used to say there was no point wearing this dress and wearing panties. They only slowed the process of getting something in my pussy. Would you like to put something in my pussy, young Ryan? After I've sorted your nice, hard, leaky cock. Have we got time for more than half an hour?"
"Mum said they'd be home after 10, and it's not yet 8, we've got a good 2 hours, so get over here and release this throbbing cock of mine, It's getting painful."
Taking the thicker cushion that hung innocently from the back of a chair I dropped it at my feet.
"Better take your dress off, I wouldn't like to spoil it if you can't manage to swallow everything I've got for you."
"I just love a Man that knows what he wants and demands it!" she said softly, "Yes, Master," she continued in a normal voice.
She beamed up at me her face full of joy, "and I'll swallow every drop you produce, Master."
Her dress was off in seconds without hesitation or artifice. Stepping forward she knelt at my feet, looked up and smiled.
"I'd better be gone by 9:45, give you time to tidy up a bit, Master."
She held my eyes as she scrabbled with my belt and trousers, there was a clear question in her eyes.
"I've no experience of 'Master' and 'Slave' to be honest, Molly. We play at Master and Slave for fun, when I want to be bossy and they feel submissive but generally…"
I dried up. I shouldn't have said any of that!
Molly made no reference to my slip at all. She just smiled!
"So what do you do when you 'Play' as you call it?"
"Well y'know,…" I struggled.
The cat was well and truly out of the bag! Try to talk my way out of it and make a terrible mess of it or bite the bullet and soldier on? Molly's happy face suggested she'd picked up on my cock-up.
"… Strip naked, suck my cock, spread your legs, that sort of thing."
"Well, I'm damn near naked and happy to remove my stockings and shoes, if you really want me to?" she grinned evilly, "you told me to get your cock out, I'm in the process, as instructed. I'll put it in my mouth and will only taken it out so we can talk. Tell me to spread my legs and I shall, eagerly. All in all, for somebody who doesn't have much experience of being a Master to Slaves I'd say you've done pretty well, wouldn't you?"
My immediate thought was that I'd blown everything, until I remembered Mum's words as she left, make sure Molly is very happy and knows she can always come back for more, or words to that effect.
"True, but in all fairness I know how far I can push things with them. With you it's a bit different. I've known you since I was six as the lovely lady next door who has helped us in every possible way since. I'll be totally honest, until I helped you with your coat just now, I haven't entertained any thought of you, in a sexual nature, ever."
"And now something has changed?" she grinned.
"You kidding? I'm an eighteen year old with testosterone for blood. You look fabulous! Great pins, no panties, smooth cu… you don't mind me saying the 'c' word do you?"
"No, not at all. Cunt, pussy, twat, minge, cock, knob, spunk, cum, arse, tits, knockers, jugs, fuck, shag, screw, shaft err… have I missed any? If I have they're also acceptable. Where sex is concerned the dirtier the better, I'll smack your bum if I hear any of then in any other context though. You we saying?"
I laughed with relief.
"You've got an incredible body and a lovely smooth cunt. I just love smooth cunts, can eat them for hours, wonderful pair of tits as well. Can just see my cock between them. Then there's your eyes, never really noticed them before but they just seem to sparkle, with mischief. So yeah things have definitely changed. For the better?"
"I hope so, don't you? But what about your other Slaves, won't they mind having me wanting you as well? I'm guessing, your Mum err, do you call her Mum or Janet? And Chrissie? And that nice lady with the Mercedes?"
"Mum and Sis if I'm feeling dirty, the implied incest thing even though they are neither, otherwise just Janet and Chrissie and Rose, that's her name. They won't mind. I don't really understand that but I'm not complaining."
"I'm 60 next month and I've been around the block a few times, I understand so I can tell you. You ooze sex! When certain women, get close to you they want you. They want to do anything you want them to do. I've felt it for a long, long time. Alf knew it. He said he'd asked you to look after me. You said you would but he wasn't sure you really understood what he was asking.
At the funeral a lot of the women couldn't keep their eyes off you. Didn't you notice how they were always asking if you wanted another sandwich or drink? Congratulating you on your nice Eulogy? They haven't stopped talking about you since. I'm maybe the first of many, you mark my words."
My cock was freed and without the least hesitation it was in her mouth and being stroked and sucked hungrily. To say I was shocked and surprised didn't begin to cover it! She wanted to be my slave. Sweet, demure, butter wouldn't melt in her mouth, elderly(?) Mrs. Molly Johnson, from next door, wanted me to be her Master! She certainly sucked cock, that was immediately clear. It would be nice if she could swallow everything I had. I rested my hands on her head and heard a long, low sigh of pleasure as she gobbled greedily on my cock.
"Is that OK Mrs. Johnson?"
She reluctantly eased my cock from her mouth and looked up at me with wonderful 'puppy dog' eyes.
"Yes, Master, perfect but I think, considering the circumstances, you might call me Molly or even Slave?"
I chuckled delightedly.
"I'll try, Molly, I promise but for the last twelve years you've been Mrs. Johnson from next door, to me."
"Well, Mrs. Johnson from next door is now eagerly sucking your cock and I SHALL swallow, I love the taste of warm, fresh spunk and the feeling of it pumping down my throat. When you are ready you can fill my cunt with spunk as well. And if, after that, you still think of me as Mrs. Johnson from next door, then I'll be very happy with that. Now let me get on, Master, I've got a cock to suck." she chuckled delightedly.
She swallowed my cock starting to suck and stroke eagerly.
Her mouth made a wonderful 'popping' sound as she pulled my cock free from her sucking grasp. She held my eyes devotedly.
"You don't mind me, your sex Slave using the dirty words, do you Master?" she grinned happily.
"No," I laughed, "and I don't object to the use of 'fuck' either, especially in a sentence."
"You mean as in 'let's fuck'? But not just yet I want a belly full of spunk before you give me a cunt full, if that's OK with you, Master?"
My great big smile was all the reply she needed.
"Now put your hands back on my head and fuck my face, pretty please."
I followed instructions to the letter, long, slow deep strokes deliberately pushing my cock head into Molly's throat a little further each time. Mrs. Johnson didn't flinch, took it deeper and deeper with only soft, contented moans of pure pleasure. I was moments away from unloading down Molly's throat in very few minutes.
"A mouthful Slave?" I asked trying the term to see how fitted.
She didn't hesitate. Her head nodded eagerly, I felt her chuckle all the way down my length. She cupped my aching balls and massaged them lovingly.
That was the end for me. Pushing my cock unkindly deep into her throat I unleashed my first load. I felt her swallow and heard that sigh that I would quickly come to love. Holding her head steady and my cock still I let go with the second load. Swallow followed happily by the sigh. Twice more I filled her throat before easing back a little.
"You are a fantastic cock sucker Molly." I told her delightedly as I let her head go, allowing her to do whatever she wished. My cock 'popped' out of her mouth as she released the suction. She paused.
"Thank you Master. My pleasure Master."
Her head dipped forward again. She continued to suck freely on my cock and stroke up the length. I thought I'd finished but she coaxed out another small load and rested my cock head on her lips while she milked it into her mouth before setting about ensuring that she'd missed nothing.
"Learned very early on that men love having their cock sucked. I've never found a guy that didn't want to shove his cock down my throat and shoot a load. Such an easy pleasure to give and so very rewarding. I also learned that I enjoyed pleasuring a man that knew what he wanted, Master"
She grinned very happily.
"Would you mind giving it a try? Pretty please."
"One condition."
"Anything! Condition granted," she laughed delightedly.
"I'll always try to return the pleasure. I cannot do take only."
I felt Molly tremble at the thought.
"That would be nice, Master."
I helped her to her feet. She stood, looked me in the eyes and salaciously liked her lips.
"I like the taste of your spunk Master. I'm hoping I'll be able to have more over time?"
"You shall, Slave! You might be surprised how many times I just pop around to make sure you have everything that you need," I chuckled, "now let's get you comfortable on the table. That alright or shall we go upstairs?"
"Kitchen table sounds perfect. Illicit lust urgently required and rapidly delivered. Anyway I'd feel terrible if I came down the stairs with a cunt full of your spunk only to find Janet waiting for me at the bottom…"
"She wouldn't be waiting at the bottom of the stairs, she'd have come up to watch. Now let's get you up on the table, suddenly I'm feeling ravenous and your wet cunt is the only thing on the menu."
"So what suddenly happened to the Master, Slave routine?" Molly chuckled.
"Oh, I'm sure it will cum and go, until I get used to it," I laughed.
"Hopefully you'll not cum and go too quickly," she giggled dirtily.
Molly didn't hesitate. She was so eager she was ahead of me. While I was getting my shirt off and grabbing the cushion from the floor she was putting the cake into the Tupperware thingy and putting the whole thing on the counter top. I collected another cushion from a chair back while Molly was getting herself comfortable on the table.
"Pillow," I said offering the fatter cushion while I hooked the elephant's foot out from under.
I sat, she put her feet on my shoulders and she lifted her bum without instruction. I slipped the other cushion under.
"You've done this before Molly."
"Many times, one of our favourite locations for impromptu sex. Easy to… shall I say recover(?) from the situation should somebody come calling unexpectedly. Less easy if we're both stark naked though," she giggled.
Draping her wonderful legs over my shoulder I dipped my head downwards and wiped a flat, soft tongue upwards from her bum to her clitty and was rewarded with a long, low, soft moan of pleasure escaping from Molly's lips. That was followed by a guttural grunt of need from deep in her throat.
Allowing myself a small internal smile of satisfaction I circled her clitty with my tongue before sucking it urgently into my mouth. Molly squealed and bucked as I sucked and flicked the hard nub with a firm tongue. Molly didn't calm down nor did I want her to. Grabbing a firm hold on either side of the long table she thrust her hips up and her wet cunt hard against my mouth.
My response was to wrap my arms around her thighs and use my fingers to hold the lips of her cunt open wide. Attacking the soft flesh of her folds with a hard tongue I lapped up the copious juices flooding from within her love tube. Molly's hard thrusting became uncontrollable twisting and jerking as her first orgasm pulsed through her glorious body. Her loud sobs and shrieks of utter pleasure made me feel glad that it was my neighbour making them and not my neighbour hearing them. Even then, with Molly a writhing heap of pleasure on the table I didn't relent. I went to town with my tongue, probing as deep as I could inside her pulsing tunnel. My nose ground against her clitty. I shook my head like a dog with a bone forcing her clitty left and right driving it against her pelvic bone while my tongue flicked from side to side in her cunt.

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