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Harem (?)
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The principle players, for new comers to the series: I am Ryan. Mum is Janet who brought me up from the age of about 6. Chrissie is Janet's Daughter by my Father. Rose is my birth Mother and Employer (boss), her Father is Jim and her Mother was Jim's Mother, technically Rose's Grandmother and Mother. Jim is the owner of the company Rose and I work for. Gerry is Rose's Daughter by my Father — Gerry is my Birth Sister. Gerry and I are the legitimate (?) Grandchildren of Jim. Chrissie is my half-sister. Molly is the next door neighbour. I hope that helps a little?
Mum is carrying my child. I've built a longer, taller and stronger kitchen table so I can fuck Mum, Chrissie, my Mother and Molly on it safely. Mum was concerned about the other women in the terrace being jealous about her pregnancy due to my apparent 'chemistry' and told me to please them, if asked. In Ch. 9 Molly came round while Mum and Chrissie were out, she was looking for some TLC. I provided it, on the new table. Mum and Chrissie returned while Molly was riding my cock cowgirl. Mum Chrissie and I gave Molly a lot of TLC. Molly joined the team…
For detail of the story so far — please see Janet, Chrissie and me Chapters 1 — 10.
=== === ===
"Morning Molly, how's it going? Did you sleep well? We didn't keep you out too late last night, did we?"
7:30am, I'm heading off to work and Molly was just bringing her milk in.
"It's going wonderfully, Ryan, thank you for asking. Slept like a log. It was so nice to spend the evening with you all. Friends to chat with and all that. Hope I didn't outstay my welcome?
"Of course you didn't. Pleased to have you round, anytime," I pulled her in for a quick hug and kissed her briefly on the forehead, "gotta fly, if I'm late for work the Boss'll give me the boot," I laughed, "maybe see you later?"
The friendly neighbour requirement had been met and what happened while she visited concerned nobody but those involved.
=== === ===
I gave my Mother the carefully saved piece of Molly's cake and a quick peck on the cheek. I settled down to work. At ten thirty Steve set off on the deliveries, Jim took over on the shop front and my Mother popped in to see me, closing the door behind her.
I was on a mission, we were on a mission. With Mum happily pregnant my attention turned to making my Mother pregnant. Slightly different rules for my Mother as she didn't actually live in the same house as me. We fucked after Steve left to do the deliveries and again after we closed up for the day. At weekends we made love in a comfortable bed.
I was hard, waiting and as soon as she bent over my desk her skirt was up over her back and my cock slid home. It wasn't a quick fuck. We didn't need to rush but we both had an urgent need to feel the connection between us. Once we were up and running we slowed down and it took a full ten minutes before I'd emptied my balls into my Mother's cunt for the first time of the new day. There would be a second time before I left for home at the end of the working day.
I made three cups of coffee while Rose, (my Mother and Boss) looked through the ideas I was working on.
Sticking my head around the door to the shop I called;
"Coffee's ready Jim!"
How many times had I nearly called out 'Coffee's ready Granddad?' far too many.
"Cheers, Lad," came back the cheerful reply.
Coffee was served in Rose's office where she and Jim could have a quick look at my ideas on her screen. My 'office', the stockroom, being a little too tight on space to allow three people to move about in comfortably.
"These are good, Ryan."
It was always Ryan in the office or in public, Son or Darling otherwise. The same as she was Rose or Boss at work or in public and Mother in private. It was a bit confusing with Janet, who I called Mum and had done for over twelve years.
"I'd like to see the clients Logo a little more prominently though."
I slid in behind her, reached over her shoulder, nibbled her neck seductively and activated another layer on the image.
"I was toying with this," I said reorganising the layers, "or this… or this?"
"I think I'll just let him got on with it," suggested my Mother to my Granddad, "so, how did it go last night? That cake was delicious by the way. Please thank Molly for me."
Jim wandered off as I started to give my Mother full chapter and verse of the previous evening and I thought little of it, at the time.
"Will she fit in with the overall scheme of things or just be a 'bit on the side'?" she chuckled.
"She fitted in very well with Mum and Chrissie and she's spotted your regular visits, 'that nice lady with the Mercedes' so she knows that you are part of my 'harem'. We told her that you were my Boss, is all.
Jim reappeared at the door.
"This Molly?" he asked holding out a photograph.
I took the proffered photo and looked at it carefully before excusing myself and going to my 'office'. I returned with my sketch pad, and flicked the pages over and held it out to my Granddad.
"I'd say it was the same woman, twenty years apart although my one should have clothes on. Little strawberry birthmark high on her right thigh? She wasn't wearing them much last night, sorry.
Jim chuckled, a dirty chuckle.
"Yep! That's her, still looking great too. No need to apologise Lad. Good choice, she was a cracking girl…"
"But she said the man's name was Gerald?" I questioned.
"And she was correct, Gerald James," smiled Granddad.
"That's why Gerry is Gerry, Geraldine. Dad's not her Dad but I wished she was, so I named her after him." explained my Mother.
Jim was deep in thought.
"Should I leave?" I offered.
"No, Lad. Just give me a minute to get my head around this… another coffee?"
I made coffee. Somebody entered the shop and Rose dealt with it so it was nearly fifteen minutes before we reconvened in Rose's office.
"As you know Rose," Jim opened once we were settled, "your Mother was bi-sexual and although we were very, extremely, happy together I knew, deep down that she missed the touch of another female sometimes. We talked about it for a long time. A while after you left home I'd gone into town to buy something sexy for your Mother's birthday. I went into Molly's shop. As soon as I got close I felt that she might just be the woman. She had a wicked twinkle in her eye, a good body under her shop uniform but she was wearing a wedding ring. I mentioned it and she slipped it off and put it in her pocket.
"That better?" she said mischievously.
I arranged to meet her the following lunchtime, if her husband approved. He did and we started a very discrete affair. On our third, I think it was, date I asked if she would consider a threesome with myself and your Mother. She agreed and we were a happy threesome for just over eight years. Her husband was happy, apparently and the three of us were delighted."
"Just over eight years? So you stopped seeing her when I came back? I spoiled your fun. I'm so sorry Dad, why didn't you say? I wouldn't have minded, really I wouldn't!"
"You might not have but we would've. Where did you sleep most nights? With your Mother and me. Who'd you think we would have preferred to share our bed? You or Molly?"
Mother smiled delightedly.
"Yeah! They were good nights… Would you like Molly back in your bed again? From what Ryan has just told us she was very happy and also from what Ryan said, she wouldn't mind threesomes again either."
"I would, very much so. Keep me out of your way if Molly's even half as, dare I say greedy?, as she used to be. Problem is, why would we have stopped seeing her? Our Daughter came home works but what happens after? When Gerry is ready to sleep with her Brother."
"She doesn't need to know Ryan's my Son nor that Gerry is his Sister, just that I'm his Boss and you're my Dad, the owner of the Company we, Ryan and I, both work for and she's already worked out that I'm taking Ryan's length on a regular basis. So, I came home, like you said and you didn't think it appropriate to continue. End of…"
"Ryan? You willing to part with your new woman?" asked my Granddad quietly.
"Promise to look after her? Wouldn't like her to think I was passing her on because she wasn't good enough or was too old? If we could somehow work it so that it became her choice…? That might be better."
Mother came over and gave me a big hug and a very Motherly kiss.
"You're so thoughtful Darling! Janet really did make a very good job of bringing you up. I must make sure she knows how much I appreciate her."
"Well Lad, that's us in the clear. Definitely a job for our two fixers, my Daughter and your Mum. They'll find a way, trust me. Now, back to work. Those ideas are good, keep at it."
=== === ===
Steve locked up and left. Jim left Mother and I in the office and headed home.
"What do you want to do with or about Molly," my Mother asked as she undressed.
Always naked in my presence, remember? I sketched rapidly.
"Molly and Alf have been good to me, us, since as long as I can remember. Molly's alone now and I promised Alf I'd look after her. Didn't actually realise he meant fucking her on a regular basis but I'm not complaining. She is hot! What do I want to do? Make sure she is happy, as best I can. I'd like to repay all the kindness she's shown us over the years. That make sense?" I replied as I removed my own clothes.
My Mother was down to her thong and looked fantastic as always. Molly was hot but nothing like as hot as my Mother, Mum or Chrissie and that's a fact. But I could certainly see my Granddad's point of view.
I would! I have and shall probably do so again. Hey! I was eighteen and as horny as hell.
Mother removed her final piece of clothing and picked up the 'phone, pressed speed dial, perched on the edge of the desk and rolled gracefully onto her back. I pulled up a chair and dipped my head to her wet pussy while she had a short conversation with Mum. She must have finished her chat very quickly as she was her usual bucking and encouraging self very soon after replacing the handset. Once I had her undivided attention I licked, sucked and finger-fucked for a good five minutes.
I didn't need to prepare my cock for her, it was instantly ready as soon we were together. I stood, she guided me into her wet tunnel of lust and I slid home, exactly where I belonged.
"Not too long tonight, Darling, Janet and I have a lot of thinking to do together."
I glanced quickly at the clock.
"Half and hour?"
Mother sniggered filthily.
"Twenty minutes? I'll have a word with Janet, maybe we could have tonight all to ourselves?"
I chuckled at the thought of my Mother negotiating fucking time with my Mum. When Mum was the target of my fertile spermatozoa her requirements and desires always came first, regardless. Now it was my Mother's turn and she would come first. When Chrissie was in her early twenties it would be her turn and then Gerry, when she was in her twenties. It would always be so, regardless.
"And still both nights over the weekend!"
"Now you're just being greedy," she giggled.
"Not at all! I'm on a mission, remember?"
"Oh! So if we weren't trying to make a baby between us you wouldn't want to fuck your Dear Old Mother then?" she teased.
"I'd have to think about that." I retorted delightedly.
We made urgent, loving love for twenty minutes, as required. It was a job to hold on that long to be honest, with Mother playing me as she was. I got my own back. She was overflowing when I eased out and she complained about her dress getting marked all the way home.
Dinner was waiting when we arrived.
=== === ===
"Have a quick shower then pop around and keep Molly happy for an hour or two, please Darling," suggested Mother, "more girl talk," she added needlessly.
They, Mother and Mum, had been bouncing ideas as to how best to look after Molly throughout the meal, Chrissie and I just listened. Master or no I just did as I was told.
"Rose is staying the night, so don't wear yourself out," cautioned Mum with a laugh.
=== === ===
"Evening Molly, busy?"
"Not any more, Master. How do you want me? Where do you want me?"
She opened the door wide and I stepped though. As soon as she'd closed it I pulled her close and kissed her hard on the mouth. Her soft moan of delight was music to my ears.
"Rose is staying the night," I explained as soon as we came up for air, "I am informed that she requires a long, slow session and you have been designated to nearly wear me out. You up to that, Slave?"
"Of course, Master. What is your desire?" Molly chuckled happily.
"OK," I laughed, "what have I done now?"
"You have been informed? You up to that, Slave? Not very Masterful is it? Master," she grinned delightedly.
"Well, it's a work in progress," I sniggered.
"So's global warming, apparently. Not sure I'd put money on what comes first though."
"That's not very Slave like!" I remonstrated with a fierce grin.
"I'll be honest, Master. If Masterful Dominance was measured on the bear scale, you'd be Winnie the Pooh," Molly laughed delightedly and ducked the imaginary slap I didn't deliver.
"My Father was a domineering bastard, 'scuse my French. He used to beat my Mother, until she escaped and he beat Janet until she was strong enough to throw him out. I do not want to be anything like him!" I replied unnecessarily forcefully.
"Yeah, I can understand that. Alf and I used to hear the goings on but we couldn't do anything to help except be there afterwards. Domestic violence is a terrible problem and nobody can assist until help is asked for… On the other hand you're not anything like a domineering Master. You're very much more like a Gerald or an Alf type which, in my book, makes you damn near perfect… so we could play 'Master and Slave' like you do with the others? I'd be more than happy to get naked when you're around and you won't even have to ask me to part my legs or open my mouth?" she giggled, taking all the tension out of the moment.
"You liked Gerald that much? How did he and Alf treat you? How could I get to be more like them?"
"I loved Gerald nearly as much as I loved Alf. Such a pity. I have often wondered if I did something wrong, y'know?" she paused to think, "how could you get to be like them? Experience, practice and listening to what your girls are saying, without them saying anything."
"OK, forget the 'play' Master bit — 'get your dress off, kneel, suck my cock stuff'. Fun and I totally enjoyed it as you probably noticed. I also totally enjoyed you fucking my face. When you went down on me I was in heaven, if you were a Master then you would be the only Master that actually cared about me enough to go down on me. I just couldn't keep still, climax after climax, that's not what Masters do. They prevent or prohibit their slaves cumin'. You fucked me, hard, fast and furious and it was wonderful, couldn't have asked for better…"
"I can feel a but… just over the horizon, Molly."
"No, not a but… an observation? You Dad being the bastard he was, I suspect Janet enjoys or did enjoy being dominated. So hard, fast and frantic usage is more than acceptable. Don't know about Rose, you treat her the same?"
I was listening hard to what Molly was saying and re-playing the old times and noises Mum was making when Dad was home. I compared them with the sounds I heard when I was living with my Mother, at Gran's, the same noises. Screams and squeals of delight alongside the sounds of pain and punishment. Molly was spot on!
"Not sure about Rose," I lied, "but I'm pretty sure you're right about Mum. Sometimes it sounded like she was having a fantastic time and others it was like she was being beaten half to death. I used to take Chrissie and we'd hide in a cupboard or under the bed until it stopped."
"And Chrissie? Does she get it hard and fast all the time?"
"Well it's not always hard 'n' fast with any of them. Sometimes we take it slow and loving, I think."
"But it's always more is best. More orgasms for them… more coming for you, fuck 'em and fill 'em?"
"Well yes, it's what they say they want. What they've taught me to give, well Mum and Rose that is. That wrong?"
"No that's not wrong in the least. It's what 6 months, a bit less since your first fuck? You've got three, well four if you count me, women eating out of your hand, and cock, and one is already pregnant and you've started on the second. How can that be wrong? No, not wrong but you could, over time expand your techniques.
Sometimes hard 'n' fast is not the best approach. Sometimes multiple orgasms are best left to another day and a long, slow lovemaking session is just what the doctor ordered. Knowing just what is required and when comes with experience. Knowing how to deliver the different requirements comes with practice. Gerald and Alf must have practised a great deal before they got to me."
"Well Mum and Rose are apparently getting what they desire so they may not be able to teach me. You busy, Slave?" I teased.
"Isn't that where we came in, Master? And the answers the same, not any more! Let's go up to bed…, Master." Molly giggled delightedly.
=== === ===
I undressed Molly slow and tenderly, as she instructed. She then did the same for me. I carried her to her bed and laid her down, easing in behind her and pulling her into my arms. For the next two hours I took my first lesson in how to properly pleasure a woman, not how to pleasure myself. Half an hour after the lesson ended I filled Molly to the brim with my seed, kissed her lovingly and slipped out of bed leaving her to rest.
=== === ===
"Oh! You don't look tired at all!" exclaimed Mum as I strolled contentedly into the kitchen.
I was feeling on top of the world. Molly had murmured that she'd had a wonderful time and asked if I would mind if she slept for a few hours and I'd got plenty of energy for my Mother and a couple of new skills to practice, for homework, as Molly put it.
"Did everything go alright?" probed my Mother in surprise.
"Everything was fine, no problems at all," I laughed, "you should know that Molly loved Gerald almost as much as she loved Alf, her own words. And she worries that she did something to upset the apple-cart. Clearly I couldn't say anything but it might be relevant when you come to your decision?"
"Well that's just the problem, we haven't come to any decision. Every angle seems to throw up a problem."
"OK, here's a thought. 'sposin', in couple of weeks time we had a bit of a gathering, at yours, family and Molly? She might just remember the crunch of the gravel on the driveway. She'll certainly remember the three steps up to the front door and nobody could ever forget the hallway, not in a million years. See how she reacts? See how she reacts when she sees Jim stroke Gerald? That way we can be totally innocent, she makes the 'discovery' for herself and we go with the flow. Worth a try?"
Mum made a comment along the lines 'nice to see you don't keep all your brains in your cock' and my Mother observed 'there's nothing wrong with the way his cock thinks!' At least Chrissie had the decency to suggest it could be a good idea.
10:15pm, time to take my Mother to bed!
We showered together. Mother looked surprised as I'd showered the day's grime off before popping around to Molly and she'd showered while I was out. I just told her I wanted to get my hands on her, all over, which made her smile.
'Girls like to be touched' Molly had said, not just mauled or man-handled. I explored my Mother's wet, soapy, naked body with a butterfly touch. I stayed away from the erogenous zones, well the better known ones anyway. When it came to drying I tenderly patted her down with the towel rather than scrub her down quickly. I carried her to my bed, shusshed her over into the middle before slipping in behind her and easing myself into a spoon position with her delicious body.

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