Janet, Chrissie and Me Ch. 12a

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The story so far. From the age of six I was brought up by my Father's girlfriend, Janet, who I always called 'Mum'. Mum had a daughter, Chrissie, she was three weeks younger than me. When we were twelve Mum threw my Father out when she caught him trying to molest Chrissie. We haven't seen him since. On my eighteenth birthday I had sex with Mum and on Chrissie's eighteenth birthday I had sex with her.
I got a job in Graphic Design. It turned out that the Boss's Daughter was my birth Mother. My Father had thrown her out and taken me to his new girlfriend. My Mother and I had sex. I had sex with Molly, our 'older woman' next door neighbour. Her husband had died and he asked me to 'take care of her' I didn't realise that he meant sexually. I enjoyed it immensely and she taught me lots of ways to please a woman. Soon after that I had sex with Sarah, who lived at the other end of our terrace. Her husband wanted another child but was unable to do the deed. Sarah asked me to substitute for him.
For all the details please read Chapters 1 thru 12.
"Hiya! Deadeye Dick!"
Genetic parameters determine that 19 year old young men cannot look into prams, smile happily at the contents and make silly, incomprehensible, coo-coo-key-chou type noises. Fortunately those same parameters actively encourage 19 year old young men to stop and talk to attractive women at every opportunity.
Despite being married to an idiot Sarah was very attractive. That Rihanna, the contents of said perambulator, chuckled gleefully, waved her arms and kicked her legs when I peeked in, smiled at her and made silly, incomprehensible, coo-coo-key-chou type noises, I put down to either wind or tummy ache.
"The little one looks happy," I observed cheerfully.
"I think that might be because her parents are very happy, don't you?"
=== === ===
A good many things happened in the year since I'd embarked on the quest to make Sarah pregnant.
I'd become a proper Father, name on Birth Certificate and everything. Mum delivered me a big, beautiful bouncing baby girl, Janette, a little Janet, and perfect in every way possible.
=== === ===
The nursing staff wouldn't let me in the room so I hung around outside the door hoping my enthusiasm would break them down. The boss arrived, that's the Midwife, not my Mother.
"You the Dad?" she asked bluntly.
"I am," I replied, proudly standing to full height and pushing my chest out.
She looked me over critically.
"I can believe that," she said at length, "follow me."
I followed her through the door obediently.
"You sit there," she said pointing to the chair in the corner, "you faint and you lay where you fall, we'll be too busy. You're sick and you clean it up yourself. No matter what, you stay sat in that chair until I say otherwise! OK?"
"May I say hello? So she knows I'm here, close by."
"Of course. You think I'm an ogre," she chuckled.
=== === ===
"They let you in?" asked Mum delightedly.
"That nice young Lady said I could sit in the naughty corner provided I was as quiet as a church mouse. She said that if I had a heart attack I'd have to sing the Bee Gees song to myself." I whispered loudly.
"I never once mentioned a church mouse," the Midwife sniggered, "and flattery will get you anywhere."
"The Bee Gees song?" giggled Mum.
"Ha Ha Ha Ha, staying alive, staying alive," I sang, way off key.
"If you're going to make us laugh make sure it isn't when we are at a crucial point in delivering your Daughter," laughed the Midwife, "got plenty to read? You could be here quite a while."
"Yep, got plenty to keep me occupied, thanks."
"Well, give the Mother of your child a big kiss, tell her how much you love her then go and sit in the naughty corner and be quiet, like a good boy."
I did exactly that. Winked cheekily at the Midwife and mouthed 'Thanks'. I sat, got my sketch pads and pencils out and absorbed the atmosphere.
I started sketching.
=== === ===
Things eventually kicked off and I was pleased for the preparation I'd done and the box full of sharpened pencils ready to hand.
It calmed down again. Those of you that have been in the same position will understand that it's not a simple, start then end process. It can go on for hours with peaks and troughs all along the way.
Helen, the midwife, wandered over, during a bit of a lull, while I was frantically trying to fill in some of the detail. I honestly didn't even notice her. She waited, I don't know how long, until I stopped for a breather.
"That's pretty good, Dad. Do I really look like that? Seem to have lost quite a bit of weight?"
"Take a look in the mirror tonight. I think you'll find I've got you about right," I whispered cheekily.
"And I 'spose you'll want a selfie to prove it?" she chuckled, "we've reached a bit of a lull. Got time to go and hold the Mum's hand and tell her you love her again?"
"Again? I haven't stopped loving her the first time yet," I chuckled, "I have all the time in the world."
Taking Mum's hand in mine I brought it to my lips and kissed each finger tenderly then bent to her ear.
"You bloody won't!" she laughed loudly.
"Won't what?" asked Helen with a chuckle.
"You don't want to know!"
"If it makes her laugh like that and helps her to relax then I do."
"He said," said Mum, "if it's going to be like this every time, he'll settle for blow-jobs in future!"
Everyone laughed.
"Bet he won't" observed Karen, as she walked back to the bed.
Name badges are so useful. Karen looked to be a little older than me but clearly very proficient. Obviously she knew about men too.
"Damn right! I didn't get myself a toy-boy just to do the washing up and make the beds," Mum laughed delightedly.
=== === ===
My Mother was pregnant and working backwards it seemed that the shared 'good feeling' was well founded. Celebrations all round. Molly continued to train me to be a considerate lover. Mum, my Mother, Chrissie and Sarah were delighted and willing to let me practice as often as I liked. Molly insisted on frequent practical exams to ensure I hadn't lowered her standards.
Sarah was also pregnant, hence the earlier greeting. It was either the first away game or the second because her 'due' date was very close to my Mother's. We stuck with the 'John's baby making process' procedure, the night before the away game for him and while they were actually playing it for me. We carried on with that until it was confirmed that Sarah was 'with child' as they say. After that Sarah visited Molly more frequently.
=== === ===
My Mother produced a beautiful baby girl whom we called Rozalind at my request. I went with her, as you'd expect, and waited hoping to be present at the birth as I had been for Mum. Helen arrived, looked at me and smiled.
"Why am I not surprised?" she chuckled wickedly. "you know the routine. Go and tell the Mother you are here and love her to bits then go and sit in the naughty corner, where you most definitely belong. Erm, does the Mother know about little Janette?"
"She does, both Mum's are very good friends."
I quickly realised that most of the team were the same as before and much to my surprise they all smiled when I spoke with them. A while later my 'phone pinged. A message from Helen and a selfie. I was quite correct. The scrubs didn't do anything for her. I set about setting up my layer sketches although everything was much the same as before.
Sylvia brought me a cup of tea while it was still quiet. Susan found some biscuits. Helen came over.
"Have I put on any weight?" she giggled.
I looked her up and down critically.
"No, lost half a pound or so? You've certainly got a new sparkle in your eye. New man in your life?" I asked cheekily.
"At my age? Don't be silly. Who'd have an old broiler like me? Anyway, a girl can still dream, can't she?"
"She can, Helen and for the record you are not an old broiler! Don't forget I've got the evidence and have the real thing standing before me," I said sincerely, "and… can I have an update please?" I added naughtily.
She chortled delightedly.
"You really are a naughty boy, aren't you? We'll see. Am I going to deliver any more of your babies?"
My turn to chuckle.
"I wouldn't rule it out Helen but for the record, Janette has my name in the Father's Name box on her birth certificate and so shall Rozalind and any other's you are good enough to deliver for me."
"As long as it's not mine nor one of my team's I'll be delighted. You are a very bad boy!"
Helen's updated selfie arrived three days later. She'd shaved. I replied instantly and said it looked really nice and that I'd like a close up. 'thts sumthin ull hve to do yr slf xxx.' came back minutes later.
I sent back a holding 'wll b in tutch soon vry bsy @ mo' with a big smily face and got 'understand' back five minutes later.
I showed my Mother and Mum and they both roared with laughter. "Don't get her pregnant!" they said.
=== === ===
Sarah gave birth to Rihanna a couple of weeks after my Mother presented Rozalind to the world. She fell pregnant a hell of a lot quicker than either of us would have wished. She continued to visit Molly until it was too painful. John, her husband, walked around like a dog with two dicks. I didn't go anywhere near the delivery suite!
After Rihanna was born John announced that he'd like another. Sarah read him the riot act, said she wasn't a bloody baby factory and if he, John, thought it was OK for his Father to shag her then she thought it was OK for anyone she chose to shag her. She was going on the pill and he should get a double bed and sleep with her every night unless he wanted her to sleep around.
He was thinking about it, for fucks sake!
I only have a cuddle with Rihanna when Sarah brings her down to visit Mum, to talk babies. Did you know that women can talk babies to another woman while laying on their back on a kitchen table AND enjoy it!? Multi-tasking or what?
=== === ===
Molly moved in with Jim semi-permanently. That is she popped back infrequently to ensure her standards were not slipping.
=== === ===
I sent an apologetic text to Helen explaining that I'd been 'up to my eyes' and could we arrange a 'close up ' in the near future?
=== === ===
Helen lived alone, in the cottage where she had been born, about five miles from town. I arrived, sporting a very large bunch of flowers and a box of chocolates. They weren't a romantic gesture, which she understood, but a big thank you for delivering my children safely. I didn't confirm how many children. It seemed politic not to.
Helen was dressed for the occasion. A big smile.
"My nearest neighbour is over a hundred yards away and I very seldom get unannounced visitors. My garden is totally enclosed and I enjoy being naked. Care to join me?" she suggested wickedly.
Up close and personal Helen was fit with a body similar to Molly and Sarah, curvy with tits somewhere between the two. That's between Molly's and Sarah's tits not between her curves. Where she differed was her bum! That was a bum to be spanked. I followed it into the lounge then further to the garden room, as she termed it. Looked like a conservatory to me but I said nothing. I divested myself of all my clothing as she watched.
"Well that explains a lot!" she exclaimed delightedly as my cock came into view, "knew there was something about you when you came for your Janette's delivery. Got that buzz, hormones, y'know. Just thought 'lucky Mum' and no more about it. When you showed up for Rozalind's arrival I suspected there was rather more than hormones at work, especially when you said the Mothers were good friends. Makes perfect sense now," she grinned, "Had a Sarah Morron in a week or so after Rose, Daughter Rihanna, according to her records she lives in the same street as Janet Robertson, anything to do with you?" she chuckled.
I tried to keep a straight face.
"Yeah, Sarah and John's new baby. They're as pleased as punch, John particularly so. Live at the other end of our terrace. Very pleased to have a daughter to go with their son."
"Pretty baby. Got her Dad's eyes y'know," she teased, "ever been skinny dipping? Had sex in the great outdoors?"
The answer was 'no' to both.
I followed Helen to what looked like an upmarket poly-tunnel.
"WOW!" I exclaimed in delight, "looks like an extra big hot tub."
"Well it's not hot as such but I unwind in here and when I want exercise I swim in it."
"You can swim in it?"
If I sounded astounded it was because I was, very much astounded.
"It can't be much more than ten feet long."
Helen chuckled at my response;
"It's what they call and endless pool. That device at the end circulates the water at various speeds. I swim against the current it creates. You swim?"
"Doggy paddle," I laughed, "and I can float pretty well."
"I'll not embarrass you then. I swim for about half an hour most days. I'll put it on the lowest setting so you can get a feel for it. Mind you, a body like yours you should be a good swimmer."
"And with a body like yours you shouldn't be wearing scrubs all the time. No wonder you look fit."
"Thank you kind Sir. My little luxury. An indulgence, I treated myself with a little of my inheritance. Running costs are about the same as buying a gym membership and here I can be naked, as nature intended. Now just slip in, if you will," she giggled.
I slipped in, to the pool, and faced the machine. I soon felt the current pushing against me and tried some ineffectual breast stroke kind of strokes to keep my feet on the floor. Helen slipped in behind me. There wasn't room for side by side with two pairs of arms flailing about. She came up close. I could feel her tits pressed against my back.
"Crouch down," she instructed, "get these big strong shoulders of yours down to water level."
I slid down her tits obediently. She took a firm hold of my wrists.
"Relax your arms completely and let me move them. At least we can get the stoke a little better."
Forward together, out to the sides and back to the middle. Nice even, steady strokes. I began to get the hang of it.
"Now you practice that. I've got some strokes of my own to practice."
She reached down and wrapped her hand around my cock.
"Did I say you could stop, Father of three? You naughty boy. At least this glorious cock of yours won't make me pregnant. Lucky me!"
We continued to practice our stroking for only a minute or two.
"You still want a close up of my pussy?"
"The closer the better."
"Stay there."
She climbed out, turned off the machine and sat on the side of the pool, her legs wide apart and her smooth pussy looking very inviting.
"Close enough to eat?"
I was wading towards her as she spoke. She raised her feet from the water and rested them on the side of the pool then swung her knees outward. Her cunt opened up like a ripe fig. Delicious folds of soft, sensitive flesh just waiting for my mouth to devour. I didn't hesitate for a single second.
As my soft tongue licked sensuously up between her labia she laid back onto her elbows and sighed encouragingly.
Now despite regularly and eagerly going down on Mum, Chrissie and my Mother, not to mention Molly and Sarah, it took Molly to point out that cunts, pussies, cunnys, snatches and anything else you might like to call them, are all different. To make it even more interesting they change with time and, she suggested, usage and or treatment. She then went on to remind me how each of 'my women' as she termed them, differed, in detail. You shouldn't be surprised that she had that knowledge, I wasn't. I'd watched on more than one occasion. Watching two women together can be very instructive. Molly didn't mention Sarah but I have my suspicions.
Helen was different again. As I said, like a ripe fig, luscious and inviting. Everything about her was so gloriously swollen. I could suck each of her outer labia into my mouth and gently maul them with my lips. Switching from one to another simply drove her wild. By rolling her legs up and over I was able to reach everything from above her anus to her clitty. At every millimetre of the journey I found ways to please her and I'd not paid any attention to her clitty. That was being saved for a very special treatment.
Helen was twisting energetically as I explored her sensitivity, tongue, lips and very careful teeth. Her dark rose invited me and I spent a lot of time teasing the entrance with a hard tongue and the surrounding area with a much softer one.
"You want my bum?" murmured softly.
"Is it available?" I asked pressing my tongue harder into the puckered orifice.
"Ugh ha."
"Your cunny?"
"Ooh yes!"
"Your mouth?"
"Absolutely! You'd better be as fit as you look, Dad of three!" she moaned contentedly.
I didn't abandon her anus but slowly I moved my attention up toward her clitty. That was a beauty, the like of which I'd not seen before. It really looked like a tiny cock, peeping nervously out into the world and wondering what was going on. What was going on was my mouth, moving inexorably closer and closer. I paused, lifted my head and looked at it closely. That was going to be the subject of one of my sketches without any shadow of doubt!
I flicked it hard with my tongue. Helen squealed and jerked with a sudden short, sharp, explosive climax.
"You're cruel!" she panted as she calmed a little.
"Cruel? Because I? …"
She screamed that time and was even more energetic with her instant climax. I waited until she'd collected herself.
"Sensitive clitty?" I enquired wickedly.
"Nooo, not at all. Hardly felt a thing," she giggled, trying hard to sound nonchalant.
"Won't mind if I play with it a bit then?"
Not waiting for a reply I bent to her erect clitty, sucked it into my mouth, flicked it with my tongue then sucked on it tenderly as if it were a teat.
The intensity of Helen's orgasm caught me totally by surprise. That she'd have one was a given but… WOW! Her feet left the side of the pool and went over my shoulders. Her heels dug into my upper back and her powerful, swimmers legs pulled me tight into their apex. Two hands clasped the back of my head and her hips drove upwards grinding her cunt into my face. I hung onto her clitty for dear life until she deigned to set me free. Such a wonderful captivity! Once free I let her rest, simply teasing the inside of her upper thighs and blowing soothing cool air onto her throbbing cunny lips. She twitched with pleasure.
"You still alive? Didn't break your neck with the death hold I had on your head or anything?"
"Err, yes. Yes, I'm definitely dead. Can't move my shoulders let alone my neck. I've had to use a bicycle pump to cool down your poor cunny."
"Silly sod! Won't ask you where you learned to eat pussy like that. Three new born babies with three beautiful women, dare I say 'older' women? Good physical condition, glorious cock and a magic tongue? I'm going to see more of your produce I'll be bound. Shall we go into the sunshine?"
The sunshine was in the middle of the lawn. I have to admit that the simple process of carrying the 6×4 gym mat from the summer house, that was home to all the necessary for the endless pool and relaxing in the garden, while totally naked felt exhilarating. Helen carried the big, blue Ikea bag with cushions and the like. Placing the mat was a simple process of doing as I was told. We had to allow for the sun to reach us and move across our bodies. NOT so it shone directly on us from the outset. Your learn something every day.
I rested back on the cushion while Helen wriggled about until she was laying across my stomach. She took my cock into her hand, I could feel it although I couldn't see it, nothing to distract me. She stroked.

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