Janie’s Big Day, part II

Janie’s Big Day part II

Jism, spunk, sperm, fluid, gel, cream, semen, squirt, load, junk, jazz, cum, cumming, lava, ooze, and ejaculation juice. Whatever you call it, that stuff that comes out of a man’s cock when he has an orgasm was drenching Janie’s face, neck, hair, and the top of her bare tits, right now. It felt, and smelt so good.

Let’s remember that ‘Janie’s’ real name is Margaret Jenkins. But all Billy, her ‘reality’ Master, wanted to call her, was Janie. And when he was in her house, he was in charge of everything. You may recall from part I, ‘Janie’ is Margaret’s cyber-sex name, and that’s where Billy met her. Then, through some skillful computer hacking, he managed to find her exact physical location, a nice country home, nestled on some forested, secluded land outside Jackson, MS. After prying his way in through the back door, he snuck up on, subdued, bound, and had his way with Janie on his first ‘visit’. She took to him, and his massive 12” cock, and invited him back for dinner, and some more Master/slave exploration. Now, they were in the middle of that second encounter.

After dinner, Billy rose from the table, walked behind Janie and pulled her arms behind her, over the back of her chair. He tied her elbows and wrists with soft, cotton cord, so that her forearms were practically welded together behind her back. It wasn’t uncomfortable for her, but it made her aware of what ‘total helplessness’ felt like. He then disrobed her, tied her ankles crossing each other, and had her stand on her knees on some pillows for comfort (he’s such a sweetie), and then attached her wrists to her ankles with a short piece of rope. She was hogtied standing up. After playing with her tits for a while, he was erect and ready. He ‘made’ her service his plow with her mouth, and unlike their first encounter, shot his load into her gaping oral cavity. But, that much cock emits a sizeable volume of warm, pungent sperm. Much more than little Janie could ever hope to swallow. Hence, the covering she received when he pulled out before he was finished erupting, dumping a goodly amount on her face, neck, hair, and tits. She loved it.

To her, nothing smelled as erotic as a man’s cum. It made her want more. It wasn’t a pleasant smell, but it was very intoxicating to her. Salty and kind of nutty to the taste (maybe because Billy ate a bag of peanuts on his way to her house), she savored every drop she was able to taste and swallow. But now he was spent, for the time being, and he had something special for his new slave to keep her occupied while he rested and recharged.

He was in her bedroom for a little while, and then he came for her. Easier than untying her and making her walk, he simply picked her up and carried her to the bedroom (“our playroom”, he called it), and showed her what was waiting for her. He set her on the floor, standing her up on her knees as before, and thoughtfully placed pillows under her knees, so the hardwood floor wouldn’t damage any ligaments. Sliding her over to the foot of her king size brass bed, he placed her in front of the ‘present’ he had gotten her. It was an almost perfect replica of his own enormous tool, only in dildo form. It was made of a kind of rubber that gave it a close resemblance in texture, to a real, erect penis. Billy had tied it to a cross-bar of the bed frame, so that it was just a little higher than Janie’s mouth. She stood there on her knees in wonder.

Next, Billy showed her the other new ‘present’ he’d bought her; a fresh new leather collar, with O rings on three sides, and a padlocking, adjustable closure, to fit it snug to her neck. He fastened the collar in place, padlocking it behind her head, and then took out a new leash, and snapped it onto the front O ring. “Now, Janie, open wide and get that fake dick in your mouth nice and deep.” Billy commanded. Janie did as she was told. When the dildo was embedded in her jaw a good 4 – 5 inches, he tied the leash to a bedpost. Now, she had only enough slack to move her mouth back and forth on the pseudo-phallus, without having enough slack to pull all the way back and remove it from her now well-gagged mouth. “Now, while I rest and recharge, you can practice. Practice makes perfect, you know.” Billy grinned.

The angle that the dildo kept her head locked into also prevented Janie from being able to look down. Her head was tilted upward, so that she was forced to stare at the ceiling, while she ‘practiced’. So, she couldn’t see when Master Billy reached around and gave her luscious firm tits a good massaging. She only moaned in surprise, and pleasure at his attentions. When he rolled her nipples tightly between his thumbs and fingers, the sensations went straight south, to her drenched, yearning pussy, making her clit swell to an impressive and ultra-sensitive state. With her ankles tied in criss-cross fashion, her thighs were held open, reminding her of how readily available she was to her Master at all times.

“I’m going to go lie down in the living room, and watch some TV, slave Janie. You have fun, but behave yourself while I’m gone, okay?” Billy had such a sense of humor, Janie thought. “Behave”. How could she not? She giggled a muffled giggle through her new gag/cock/practice tool. When he was out of the room, and had shut the door, she tried to make the most of this situation. She did practice, moving her tongue in creative ways around the rubber dicky, and also trying some new moaning and whimpering, and cooing noises to arouse her Master when she was working on the real McCoy. After half an hour though, she began to tire. Just then, Master Billy came into the room and asked, “How ya doin’ slave? You behaving yourself? Are you having a lot of fun?” Janie moaned to try and tell him she was getting really tired. But Billy wasn’t interested. He came for a specific reason. “Here. Its time for another new present. You’ll love these.”

Master Billy produced an impressive pair of gold plated nipple clamps, which he wasted no time securing onto Janie’s hard nipples. Even though she was tired, as soon as Master Billy entered the room, she got excited, which directly affected her nipples. He had no trouble fastening the pinchers onto her half-inch-long nubs. They hurt a little. Billy said, “Those will give you something to look forward to. I promise I’ll take them off when I come back.” After another half hour, Janie was feeling the pain. She was more than ready for her Master to come back. She continued sliding the dildo in and out of her restrained mouth, and tried, futile as it was, to wiggle free of her wrist restraints. With her elbows tethered together tightly as well, this proved to be a true waste of time. The chain that joined her nipple clamps, and hung between her bare breasts tapped against her abdomen as she moved back and forth on the fake man-meat.

All this movement, straining and struggling, only resulted in making poor helpless Janie intensely horny. She couldn’t stand waiting for her Master to come back and attend to her, any way that he wanted. She was ready for absolutely anything. She didn’t have to wait much longer. Just a few minutes later, Billy sauntered into the ‘playroom’. Janie could tell he was in there by the sound of bare footsteps on the hardwood, though she couldn’t turn to look. A gentle, but huge hand on her shoulder let her know he was near. “Behaving? Practicing like a good slave girl?” Billy softly inquired, not needing a response. He could see she was right where he’d left her, tied, tethered, gagged and anchored at the foot of the bed. He was fully recharged, too, and ready to spend his newfound energy on her.

“Let’s get you up,” he said, and untied the leash holding her mouth around the big phallus plug. He pulled her head back slowly, so she wouldn’t hurt her jaw, and let her get used to closing her mouth, and being able to lick her lips after such a long time not being able to. She finally said, “Thank you, Master, for my practice time.” She was a hell-of-a-slave, for sure. “That’s a good girl,” he replied. “Now, let’s get you on the bed. I want to reposition you.” He untied the connecting rope, that held wrists to ankles, and helped her up off her knees. Then, he untied her ankles, so she could stand flat-footed in front of him, with her back still to him. Then, he even untied her wrists and elbows, and allowed her to lift her arms over her head, and stretch. She yawned a big yawn, too. Now relaxed, she waited for her command.

“On the bed, slave,” the Master ordered matter-of-factly. She walked around to the side, and reclined on the big king mattress, sandwiched between two impressive brass frame ends. Billy gazed at her. She was so enticing to him. No matter how she posed, she had an allure that captivated his every attention. He also sat on the bed, and began preparing a long strand of cotton cord. “Lay on your back,” he ordered, and she obeyed without question. He took her wrists in his big hands, and pressed her palms together in front of her. Then, he wrapped them up tight with the cord, tying the strand off at her upper wrist, on the back side of her hands, so she couldn’t reach the knots, even with her teeth. Another piece of rope fastened wrists to head-frame, and held them up about a foot from the mattress.

More rope for ankles and thighs, and Janie was frog tied. Her legs were doubled, so that each ankle was bound flat up against it’s adjoining thigh. Thus, her legs were unalterably folded up, and out of commission, and also, this made it very hard for her to close her legs. But Billy didn’t stop there. He looped a line through each knee bend, and pulled her legs to opposite sides of the bed, thus butterflying her legs, spreading them the ultimate distance apart. This didn’t bother Janie. She was very limber, from years of doing yoga, and pilates exercises at the gym. But, she was certainly splayed wide open, no doubt. Next, Billy stuffed a holey ball-gag in her mouth, and buckled it behind her raised head. When she drooled, lying on her back, it would have a way to exit, and not get caught in her throat. Billy was a very thoughtful Dom, to be sure.

Billy enjoyed blindfolding her this time, and saying, “See if you can tell it’s me inside your pussy, slave,” and he chuckled. She had to chuckle, too. Who else carried a horse-sized dick around with them? No one she knew of. Billy went over to the stereo, and put on some upbeat jazz cd that Janie had handy. He began to sway to the music, and he swayed over to the bed. Already naked, he climbed on top of Janie’s outstretched, helpless form, and began stroking his already erect cock. As he gazed into her pink pussy folds, he became so aroused, he thought he might do the pre-mature thing. But, he got hold of himself in time, and eased up.

Now, he stood on all fours, hands & knees, and let his long hose dangle above its intended target. He looked her over, and let his snake rub across her labia, and up onto her belly button, then slowly, he moved it back down again. “You want something, slave?” He baited her. She moaned and tried her best to say, “I want your cock!” He didn’t make her wait long. Billy was poised and ready. He positioned his pole in front of her glistening wet lips, and in just a couple thrusts, because she was so incredibly wet, he was inside, to the hilt. Janie gasped!

To have that much massive manhood inside her tiny, tight canal, stretching the walls to their absolute limits, gave her a rush that forced her to scream, OOOOOHHHHH GOOOOOOD, YEEESSSS YESSSSSS!!!!! Then, she came in no time flat, while he pumped his drill bit in and out, in and out, harder and harder, until he also was climaxing with a yell, AAAAAAAHHHHHHH YEAH YEAH YEAAAAH!

Billy slowly rolled off her to one side, and his boa followed reluctantly. They both lay there, utterly spent, and utterly fulfilled and happy. Billy left Janie bound, while he stroked her belly, and her breasts, licking her still-hardened nipples to her continued moaning in blissful submission to his desires. “Are you finished with me, Master?” she asked with a tone that hoped for more. “That will do it for tonight, my pet,” he said, as he began untying her, and allowing circulation to come back into her legs, causing them to tingle wildly. “Next Saturday, then?” she hoped. “Of course, slave Janie. Wouldn’t have it any other way.”