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I'm working at the salon as usual. Just another night. It's 7:45 and we're 15 minutes away from closing.
Jazmin enters the salon. She's smoking hot and Middle Eastern gorgeous. Raven hair, caramel skin, green eyes, (Wow), and petite. She is absolutely breathtaking.
She's wearing a white blouse and a black skirt. The hem is mid-thigh. Her caramel legs are exquisite. She's wearing a pair of strappy pumps. (How can I turn away such a beautiful girl?)
"Hi. I work across the street at Guess and I thought I'd try tanning."
"Oh cool. How did you hear about us?"
"I literally looked across the street and saw you.
"Oh, awesome. We're neighbors!"
"Yea, I work at Guess and I'm there doing client services on the 2nd floor a lot and I saw you."
"Cool. We also have a gym here. Are you going on vacation, or just looking to get some color?
"Just want to even out my skin and get the good feeling of being tan in the winter."
"Gotcha. Great idea. Thanks for coming in!"
"I'm across the street from you. We should be friends."
She's absolutely gorgeous.
"Yea… we should be!"
I take Jazmin through the different packages we offer and she settles on the 5 pack All Access.
I take her back to the room and show her all of the finer aspects of one of our elegant machines.
"Where are you from, Jazmin?"
"My parents are from Iran. They left when the Shah was overthrown in 1979 and came to America. They had me and my sister much later when they got established here."
"Oh, I've heard of that. I knew a dude that went through the same thing many years ago."
"Yes. It was a difficult time from what I hear from my family, but we are so much better off now."
"Like the Kardashians?"
"No. They are Armenian. Totally different. But I find your American ignorance endearing." She giggles.
I feel like an ass. "Okay. I put five minutes on the room for you to get ready and then if you're ready sooner just hop in and hit the start button."
"Okay! Thank you, Charles!"
"Off you go! Thank you for choosing Sun City!"
I go back to cleaning the toilets, taking out the trash, and mopping the salon.
The salon is closed and at least I got to munch my chicken stromboli. Just another day in paradise.
Jazmin is a new client and even though she came in late, she's money for the salon.
But the night was about to take a dark turn when she came out of her tanning session. A turn I would have never suspected in a million years.
I'm folding towels when this lovely lady emerges from room seven.
"How'd you make out?"
"Great! I loved it!"
God. Her legs are exquisite. What an absolutely stunning young woman. Guess still uses photos of a young Sophia Loren in their ad campaigns. Lovely, young Jazmin clearly trumps her, and she's a salesgirl.
What a beauty.
"You look great. When you come in next time just tell whoever is here your last name and they'll know what you did, and where, and for how long and you can go again."
"Thank you, Charles. It was amazing just like you said. It was like I got to lie on a warm, sunny beach for 12 minutes but with no sand blowing and no flies!"
We both laugh and I see that Jazmin is even more beautiful when she laughs. All women are beautiful, but when they laugh I love them more.
Maybe that's why I'm funny.
"Hey, technically we're closed so let me get the door for you."
"Oh, can I ask you one more thing?"
"Yea, sure. What's up?"
"You close every night at eight right?"
"Yea. Here's a card with all of our hours on it."
"I saw you through the window, Charles. I'm glad I came to see you."
"Yea, you said that. My partner Achilles will be happy that I'm pulling clients from just standing in front of the windows on Walnut Street. Thank you, Jazmin!"
"I saw you chatting with a girl one night in front of the windows."
"Oh… Okay. That was probably Colleen. Tall. Brown hair. Great girl. She likes to come in and tan and then leaves her gear in the gym, and then goes out for a jog. We call her the fudge lady because she hooks us up with delicious treats from the candy store she works in once a month!
"No. I was selling a dress to a lady and I saw you chatting and laughing with a really tan Asian girl with of all things… blonde hair. It was curious."
"Oh… because her hair was blonde and she was Chinese?"
"No. because you were both there laughing and happy and she was eating a banana and then I watched you do things to her."
I am having a panic attack at this point. A searing pain explodes in my heart because I'm suddenly so scared.
"Umm… what kind of stuff?"
"Things that I've never seen before. Things I don't know. You kissing her in her private place between her legs.
There's that moment in your mind when you feel like you've hit internet gold or when you're going out for the last time because of your shitty behavior.
I've experienced this too many times in my life.
This was one of those critical moments.
"Can you imagine the Yelp review I write of what I saw you do to that to that girl?"
"That would destroy me, Jazmin. I'm so sorry you saw that. I was out of my head. I hadn't seen her in over a month and we just…happened."
"Interesting. I never saw anything like that. The look on her face was unforgettable."
"I'm so embarrassed and humiliated. I'm sorry, please don't tell anyone."
"I don't know what I want to do because I've never had this information before. You can understand my position."
As hot as she was, I was sort of hating her power at this point, but still turned on in this moment…
"She looked very pleased to spend time with you."
"Yea. I slipped." (I knew I didn't slip. I wanted Kita for months and anything from her would have been magic. Her body was a delicious snack that any man would cherish.)
"Is the salon closed?"
"Yes, Jazmin."
"Then we need to have a conversation."
I'm shitting bricks.
"I'm a virgin."
"I want you to please me like you pleased your little girlfriend Kita. I saw her face. I just want to feel what she felt without the sex."
"Wait… What? Let me get this straight. You want me to give you oral?"
"I'm saving myself for marriage. But when I saw the joy you brought this girl it gave me feelings inside. If you try to penetrate me it will be against my will. I will call 911 and tell the police you raped me. Because you would have committed rape. I don't want to be penetrated in my vagina. But I saw the joy on the face of Kita and I want to feel that too. You can say no and pray that I don't write that Yelp review.
"This all sounds like entrapment and blackmail to me."
"I assure you, Charles, it is not. I saw you with that girl and it aroused something in me. I have never seen anything like that before. Not even in a movie. I'm not ready to be with a man sexually because of my culture, virtue, and religion. But now I have been put in this fortunate position of power. I can have what I want without the burden of a relationship."
This chick is obviously brilliant or crazy. But I think I need time to think this through. Technically she's blackmailing me for oral sex. She could have just come in here and just told me she wanted that. I would have done it in a heartbeat. She's gorgeous. But that could have led to something else she doesn't want to happen. Not knowing I'm the gentleman I am she couldn't take that risk with a stranger. This seems weird. But as fearful as I am, I'm really turned by the weird vice of this moment.
"Can you at least give me a day to think about it?"
Jazmin just looks at me. "Are you married?"
"No. Divorced in 2001."
"Do you have a family?"
"My parents have passed away. I have three sisters. One older, two younger."
"One daughter. She's 23, and lives with me."
"A gentleman who grew up with women and whose grown daughter lives with him. Impressive. You must have great integrity and fairness if your daughter has chosen to live with you."
"I don't know how much integrity I have but I don't feel that I should be blackmailed into giving you pleasure."
"You have twenty-four hours. I'll be back here tomorrow at the same time. Fair enough?"
I have one day to sort out this mess. A predicament that most men would leap at, but I'm scared. It's wrong, right? Twenty-four-year-old, super hot, Persian girl wants me to pleasure her orally and I'm having second thoughts. Am I insane? I should have just thrown her onto the sink in the back of the salon and went to town.
But I'm a gentleman, and even though sex has always just come to me, I've always been cautious. Because when you love something so much, you need to be careful with it. I've always been who I am and apparently, sex hits my windshield like a stray deer. That's been my life. Whether I had a guitar in my hands or a pen. I'm just that guy.
Unlike most men, I've never pursued sex. I love romance. Dinners. Holding hands and stolen kisses have always been my forte. I'm a great date. A shitty husband, but a great dad and a damn good date.
But beyond that, I want to be alone. I want to be amazing to you ladies on an occasional basis.
I have to figure out this crazy proposal and there is only one guy I can go to regarding this kind of madness.
Johnny R. He's my beloved friend who is turning forty this year.
Johnny loves cigarettes, Budweiser, Adderal, cocaine, strippers, hookers, and gambling. So he's the immoral friend I should call during this crisis.
"Dude. So I ate out Kita in the gym."
"I'm so proud of you. That little slope owed you."
"Yea, it was amazing. She's adorbs."
"I hate when you use abbreviations."
"I know, but she is like… delish."
"There you go again."
"So I went down on Kita, and some chick from a store across the street saw me and now she's pulling some extortion shit on me."
"What are you talking about?"
"I went down on Kita in the gym and a chick from Guess across the street saw us and now she's making trouble."
"Oh fuck, dude. That's bad. Are we talking exposure? Cops? The media?"
"Well, apparently. But not if I do what she wants.
Dude. This is horrible. What does she want?" Money?"
Umm. No. She wants me to eat her pussy like I did Kita."
The phone fell silent.
"Dude. Are you fucking insane? She's a Persian girl with a freight car full of emotional and religious baggage. She can't do anything and she wants you to swab out her box?
"Do it!"
"She's saving her virginity for Raheem or whatever, but you have the opportunity to please her like no one ever has before! Remember the Indian chick I slammed in New York on the back of a dumpster who was a virgin before her wedding?"
"You make an important point there, Johnny."
"She's not blackmailing you. She's seen an opportunity for sex and she wants it really bad."
"Really? It all just seems weird to me. Because all of my stuff is always pretty normal now."
"Just lean in and do what you're great at. What's the worst thing that could happen?"
"I get fired and she files a rape charge and I go to jail."
"Do it!"
I'm wiping down the counter when Jaz enters the salon. Here is one of the prettiest women I've ever met and there's such a penalty hanging on my head on this one.
It's not a free tanning session. (I do that one all of the time and they all buy packages) I buy upgrades for the pretty girls I like. This is a brand new situation. This is a foreign lady who has caught me in a comprising position with a girl in the gym and is prepared to expose me on Yelp and social media if I don't comply with her orders.
It all seems weird to me and I'm having oceans of anxiety about this incident. I wish it all never happened.
I'm wiping down the Alpha 6800 when Jazmin had entered the salon at 7:45. Fifteen minutes before closing. She looks stunning. Vermillion blouse, black pencil skirt, and heels. Her legs are bare and stunning.
"Hi, Charles. How are you?"
"I'm good." (I want to sound enthusiastic for her so it's not weird.)
"I'm so tired today."
"Well corporate America can be a bitch!" (I've worked in the corporate rat race since the '80s, so I really know)
"Well, have you decided?"
"I have."
"What is your answer, Charles?"
"Yes… You're lovely Jazmin. How can I refuse your request?"
It's been an unconventional request but some of the best things in my life have come to me when I least expected them. Actually, all of the most magical moments have come to me in unexpected ways.
"So yes… I will do whatever you want, Jazmin".
God, this girl is on the right side of thirty and really pretty. I can't believe the crazy things that have happened to me working at this salon.
Thank you Achilles.
The salon is now closed. The silence surrounds me.
Should I turn the music back on?
I decide to leave it off unless Jaz asks for it. I call her Jaz because I'm about to become intimate with a client and it's wrong.
How can I even say that after what happened between me and Kita? (See: Kita – Reckoning and Double Dip)
Jazmin goes tanning and after about fifteen minutes comes out of the Cadillac. (We call that sunbed that because when it's closed it looks like the front of an old Caddy.) She looks amazing. Her skin is darker and she's just gorgeous.
"Where do you want me?"
This is insane.
"Go ahead and have a seat on the sunbed in room 9."
I can just get down on my knees to do the deed.
I actually hate calling it the deed. Because I'm the benefactor here. A super beautiful girl holding me hostage to go down her. How bad is my life?
I stop by room 9.
"Charles, I'm frightened."
"Then you can go now and we'll never speak of this, Jaz." (I'd never force a girl to do something she didn't want to do.)
"I want this. But now I am feeling so much fear. Can you help me?"
"Jaz… you opened this event. Reach into yourself. You really want it to happen, right?"
"It's going to be so nice and you're not comprising your virginity or your virtue. You're just going to have some good feelings and then you're done."
I am literally Dr. Love at this moment. This extortionist that has tried to pull some blackmail sex on me is now feeling nervous and scared.
If Jazmin will just relax, she'll have a feeling she's never known.
Jazmin is a virgin, so I need to go very slowly and be really gentle.
She's sitting on the edge of the sunbed when I reach the doorway. I've brought a chair with me and I put it outside of the room in the hallway. I sit down. I don't enter the room. The room is small and she's going to need her space at the beginning of this event.
"I'm really scared. I can't do this."
"Okay. What do you want to do? Jaz, we don't have to do anything. It's okay.
"I think I need a moment. I still want to have this feeling, but I just need a moment."
(Which could mean: Never.)
"Just breathe, dear."
Jazmin takes a deep breath.
"In through the nose. Out through the mouth. Slowly."
"Thank you for being so patient with me."
This is a completely different woman than the one I met the other day. She seemed so confident and almost arrogant in regard to what she was demanding from me. Now she's sitting here like a frightened teenager.
This is going to totally suck if she doesn't pull herself together.
"Jaz. You can trust me. We're not going to do anything you don't want to do. You're just having a little stage fright. You decided you wanted to experience this feeling and here we are."
"You're right. Thank you."
She seemed to be calming down.
"I assure you, Jazmin. You're going to enjoy this experience. I know what I'm doing in this department. You've witnessed my work first hand. It's just one of the many services I offer at this fine salon."
She cracks up. That's exactly what I was going for. Bring in a little humor to get them giggling to lower the tension.
"You're so funny. Okay. Let's do this."
"Okay." I remain seated. No need to rush.
"Yes, dear."
"How do we do this? Should I remove my skirt or just hike it up?"
"To provide the maximum amount of freedom of movement I would recommend you remove the garment. But when you do that, I'm going to close the door so that you can disrobe in private. You'll also want to remove your undergarments as well. Then I would ask that you take that yellow towel over there on the table, and place it over your pelvis to cover yourself. I'll come back when you're ready.
I think she was surprised at my tact. But it's how I operate. This is a serious, life changing transaction. It has to be right for Jazmin. I can't have a misstep here.
I return to the chair. I can hear her removing her skirt. Then the sound of her panties slipping down her slender caramel thighs.
I'm performing a sexual act under duress, but at the same time, I'm trembling with excitement with what I'm about to do. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity. To orally pleasure a beautiful virgin. I've relieved several women of the burden of virginity. I've been gentle and loving every time. This is no different. I will do my absolute best to bring Jazmin to orgasm as many times as her body and mind will allow for the very first time.
All without penetrating her.
I've got this.
I'll be honored if she goes through with this. She could open the door fully clothed and call off the whole thing. Then what happens? Do we try again? Does she go with the evil Yelp review, contact the authorities, or just drop this matter entirely? I'm sitting here in the quiet salon.
It's as silent as a morgue.
What am I doing? I should put the music back on. Just to create some atmosphere in this weird moment, I run to the front and hit the tablet. I pick an internet station that sounds like something sensuous.
I slowly walk down the long hallway back to the chair outside of room 9. I sit once again and wait.
"Yes, Jazmin." (Can she hear my heart beating?)
"I think I'm ready…"
"Charles… I think I'm ready."
I tap on the closed-door. It's now 8:30 pm.
"Come in, please."
When I enter the room, Jazmin is sitting on the edge of the sun bed. Her red blouse looks angry with me because of what's on my mind.
Jazmin's eyes look frightened and worried. But I know from her words she wants to try.
I smile warmly and enter the room.
"You okay?"
Jazmin is sitting there like a patient in a doctor's office. The yellow towel covers her lap. She's done everything I've asked her to do, and as alien as this, I feel this is how it should go down. (Literally!)
She looks beautiful, nervous, and hopeful all in the same moment. Her dark eyes are innocent and she smiles weakly.
Gone is the sultry goddess.
I like that.
I'm about to use my expertise on a neophyte. She may be breaking some rules but I think she's tired of waiting and horny. That's okay. I'll help relieve her of her burden and I hope we're not breaking any rules.
"I'm really nervous. What do I do now Charles?"
"I'm going to grab some towels for my knees. The floor is hard and I'm not getting any younger, sweetheart."
"You're fine. Just stay there. You're doing great."
"I'm actually feeling excited about this now."
"Good. That's the way this should be, dear."
I grab some towels from beneath the counter because I know my old knees will break on the goddamn hardwood floors. It's weird when even when you're in the middle of a curious sex act shit can go wrong on a functional level.
I position the fluffy towels on the floor to cushion my knees and I think we're ready to go.
As long as Jazmin is ready to go.
Lovely Jaz is on the sunbed. She's laying vertically across it and her legs are hanging off the edge. Her skirt is folded on the table and her panties are laying on top of them. They're white and lacy.

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