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My best friend growing up lived next door. When we were young, it didn't matter we were the opposite sex. We went on adventures, swimming together, even the movies and stuff. We were similar enough, that it didn't matter. Then through school, we drifted a little, but only a little. I got into sports, she did girl things with her circle of friends. We stayed close though, and often did our school work together.
Though as she grew, she developed into a very attractive girl. By the time we were going to college, she had blossomed very nicely. And I had to hide my attraction to her. Laura is her name, and at the age of 19, she was 5"4. Auburn hair, and ample C-Cup breasts. The classic 'girl next-door' look.
The occasion I wish to tell you about, happened one Sunday evening. As usual at that age, we had both been out over the weekend. We had our separate social circles for our boozy nights out. Though we kept most Sunday's as our hang-out days. We usually vegged out in her room, binging on boxsets. Sharing stories of our drunken escapades, and nursing our hangovers. And we would treat ourselves to some kind of take-out in the evening. And this Sunday was going just like the others, until I decided to test out a little theory,..
You see, I had noticed that over the last year or 2, Laura would show a little jealousy over female nudity on anything we watched. At first, I thought it was a reaction to the feminism that seems to be entrenched in the education system. However, I had never really heard her talk about such things, either negatively or positively. So it left me wondering if it is actual jealousy, or was it just being uncomfortable seeing female nudity with her male best friend.
While I had suppressed my attraction towards her, I had no idea about any potential feelings, or even lack of, towards me. We were both 19, and we were both virgins at that time. We each had been with one other partner, but neither of us had done anything beyond the over the clothes stuff young couples engage in. And at this time, we were both single. And during our watching of GOT over the last few months, did see her getting verbally and visibly upset in regards to the large amounts of female nudity in the show. She even fast-forwarded some of it, as if she didn't want me to see other girls naked. It did get me thinking, and I had come up with a sneaky idea to test out my theory.
So this Sunday was going like any other. It was late into the evening, and we had shared a pizza, and watching some slasher horror. Again, a shower scene with boobies appeared on the screen, and she shouted "naked women again!" and went on to fast-forward the scene. I smiled inwardly, and decided once the film finishes, I would test out my idea.
An hour later, as the credits were rolling up the screen, I say to Laura "You know how I was at the pub last night, did I tell you that Sandra Fullman came in with a few of her friends?" Laura sat up right, looked at me and said "No you didn't, what was that slut up to?"
Now, the reason why I had used Sandra's name, is because Laura and Sandra used to be friends up until a few months ago, then they had a major falling out. It started over something trivial, and spiraled out of control. To the point that they now seem to hate each other. And the large group of friends that they shared, seemingly split into 2 groups. So with that explained, what I go on to tell Laura is pure fiction. It never happened, but I use a bit of information I had learned via some mutual friends to make it seem legit.
"yes" I say to Laura. "I have struggled to tell you, since I know the two of you are no longer the best of friends anymore. Though as you and I are close friends, I feel I shouldn't keep this from you."
Laura is now sitting bolt up right, staring intently at me, but not saying anything. She raises an eyebrow expectantly, waiting for me to continue.
"Did you know Sandra has had her nipple pierced?" I ask.
"Yes! How in the hell do you know about it?" she asks, almost furiously.
I shrug, and sheepishly tell her "She showed me."
"How the… what… that slut. How? Did she just get her tits out in front of the whole pub?" Laura asked rather perturbed.
I laugh in reply and softly say "no. I think she was kinda hitting on me though. Look, here is what happened. You know how I like to have a smoke or two when I am having a drink? Well, Around 11pm, I went out back to the beer garden. It was empty, so I just leaned against the wall and sparked up. I think Sandra saw me leave, and followed me out. She asked me for a smoke, which I obliged. Then she says to me that she had just got her nipple pierced, and if I have ever seen a pierced nipple. I told her I hadn't, and she took me by the hand, and led me round the corner to the side part of the garden which is slightly blocked off. And she lowered the top half of her dress" I explain.
"Did that bitch take her bra off too!?!" Said Laura, who was now sitting stiff as a board, with her arms crossed in a very defensive posture.
"She wasn't wearing a bra" I replied.
Laura was open mouthed in disbelief.
I continue " To be honest, her piercing is hardly noticeable. Though, I have to confess, as a red-blooded male, she has a great pair of tits" I said smiling.
"She even let me have a feel of them" I add.
Laura seemed enraged. "She only chose you to get at me you know, that F***ing bitch. Did anything else happen? Did you kiss? Or did you sleep with her? sleep with that F***ing tramp?
I held my hands up in defence "No, not much else happened. She leaned in to kiss me as I was handling her boobs, but I backed off. While she may have great tits, I have no interest in her. And even if I did, I have loyalty to you, you know. I would never get with someone who has wronged you."
Laura seemed to visibly calm down a little, even let a smile cross her lips, if just for a second. "well, thanks I guess" she said. "Though, I can't believe her. She is such a trollop".
I laugh in reply "well maybe, but she made my night if I am honest. It's not often I get to handle such a great pair of tits."
"Oh really?" Laura replies. "Are they better than mine" she asks, while she pushes her chest out.
Laura is wearing a black tank-top and jeans. Her ample breasts are displaying some nice cleavage, and her ass always looks amazing in her tight jeans.
I reply "Well how can I answer that? I have never seen yours"
And before I can say anything else Laura says "Right" and in one swift motion, she takes the bottom of her tank top, and raises it above her head, and removes it completely. And as quick as a flash, she reaches behind her, and unclasps her bra, shimmies it down her arms, and in seconds she is topless.
"Well?" She asks. "Are her breasts better than mine?" And as she asks that question, she shimmies her shoulders at me. That causes her lushes breasts to sway and jiggle a little, in almost a perfect rhythm.
I couldn't believe that worked, I thought to myself. All these years I had dreamed of seeing her tits, and here they are right in front of me. Now, I badly needed to handle these puppies. They are amazing breasts, but I can't just grab them. Laura is focused on beating Sandra, in this imaginary boobs contest I had conjured up, so I need to stick to that game plan.
"Laura, wow. Just wow. They are amazing. And on looks of boobs, you win. Though I did get to feel Sandra's. And they were a delight to handle. Soft and firm, I can still remember the touch and feel of them now Laura."
I leave that hanging, Laura is contemplating. Had I pushed it too far, was it becoming obvious?
"Well you had best feel them then Scott" she says to me "but be gentle with my nipples, they are rather sensitive".
I didn't need to be asked twice. I slowly raised my hands, and held her beautiful breasts at the bottom. Almost like I was weighing them. Then my grip became more firm, and I groped, and groped some more. Squeezing her amazing breasts, and I was sure I heard a slight moan of enjoyment come from her as I did so. Then while I was groping her, I came clean.
"Laura, I need to confess something else to you. Sandra never came to the pub last night. I never saw her breasts, never mind handled them".
Laura's eyes shot open wide. "What" she screams. "Why did you tell me all of that. It got me angry you know?" She seemed upset, but didn't stop my from fondling her tits, so I carried on while I explained.
"Laura, I set that up to see how you would react. You seem so upset if I see female nudity on TV with you. And I struggled to understand it. By your own admission, it doesn't bother you when you see female nudity when you're watching TV on your own. Though with me, you almost behave like a jealous girlfriend. And I set this up to see if you have feelings for me, more than friendship, and I think you do."
Laura is again open-mouthed in surprise. She may not have realised her feelings towards me, and I had just made her aware of it. And still at this point, she is stil letting me grope and fondle her bare breasts.
I move in and kiss her, and she kisses me back. We fall on her bed, and we continue kissing. My hands still exploring her feminine charms. Eventually, my mouth finds her nipples, and she moans in pleasure. My hand sneaks down into her jeans, into her panties, and I find her folds. She is damp, and almost by accident, I find her nub. She almost screamed when I touched it. I continue to stimulate her clit with my hand, and her nipples with my mouth. It takes mere minutes, and she explodes in orgasm.
By pure luck, I had given a girl an orgasm, without ever seeing a bare vagina in the flesh. Though I am hard as a rock. We didn't have sex that night, but we did get together. We did loads of foreplay on Sundays for months, until the glorious night we both lost our virginity to each other.
And I did address the jealousy thing. We made a deal. She could fast-forward the female nudity, as long as when we watched TV together, she remains topless for me. And many many years later in married life, that agreement still stands to this day. Though, we did tweak it, so she is naked instead of topless. I take great pleasure in playing with her and giving her pleasure. So she doesn't wear clothes much at home anymore.

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