Jeep Hair Don’t Care Pt. 02

tagIncest/TabooJeep Hair Don't Care Pt. 02

I enjoyed writing Jeep Hair Don't Care so much, I wanted to continue to explore my experiences after National Nude Day. That first story detailed how Donna seduced me in the days leading up to, and then taking my virginity on NND. This part tells how the days following played out. As hot and busy as July was, my cousin Donna was even hotter.
After National Nude Day, I don't know how I got anything done, either with the jet ski business, or my classes. I had to have more of Donna, and I never wanted this summer to end. Knowing each other as well as we did, we simply never argued, had tons of sex, and completely enjoyed being together. I didn't look forward to the finality that awaited us in August, but I never dwelled upon it. We lived moment by moment, day by day.
Somehow, I was able to successfully prepare for my first presentation of the second summer session. I remember it being one of those incredibly hot Texas days on the Forty Acres, and the thoughts of that house on the lake kept me cool under the pressure of lecturing my professors about my business project.
Arriving back at the house on Lake Travis, I noticed some sheets hanging on the old clotheslines out back. I had never thought of using them before. In the house, I was greeted by silence. Typically, Donna would be in the house, naked of course, and ready for me. That, or I would find her on the dock getting sun.
Ready for a quick swim, I got my suit on and headed out to the hopefully cooler lake waters. On my way, I could see the shadow of Donna inside the sheets. Not saying a word, I walked up and pull one of the sheets aside. Looking up at me was Donna, completely nude, in a yoga pose.
"Come on in. I've been wanting to try this for a long time. Join me for some naked yoga." Donna said, her entire body on display.
How could I turn down that invitation? Not wasting a moment, I shed my suit to enjoy the sight of Donna. Upside down, with one leg straight out and the other bent to help her maintain her balance, Donna's pussy was clearly open. I couldn't resist, and bent over to lick her.
"Oh, don't stop. Let's see how long I last here?" Donna's body shook to stay upright under the influence of my tongue.
A little sweaty in all the right places, Donna was delicious and was enhanced by the view of her hard nipples at the tip of her breasts. I continued licking and nibbling her soft skin, finally just picking her up by her thighs to turn her over and fuck.
"Hold on. I'm not done with yoga. Lay down so I can finish." Donna directs.
Laying down, I'm at full staff.
"Just lay there, and I'll treat your mouth to my body parts. Let's start with a basic planking."
Donna straightened her back and began push-ups over my body. First, I received a breast to suck, latching on with each up and down onto my body. Settling into the pose for a just a moment, I could feel Donna's body along mine and grabbed her ass. She flexed it for me, then got up.
"Here comes the really tasty part." Donna said as she stood above my head, feet by my ears.
Slowly, ever so slowly, Donna remained directly above me as her feet began inching away from my head. As they did so, her pussy began spreading open as it got closer and closer to my face. With my mouth lined up to receive her, I kept my eyes on her eyes. Her strength allowed her to almost completely split her legs without using her arms to balance or support. Just as I plunged my tongue into her, Donna put her hands on the ground by my head. Still looking her in the eyes, I was able to consume her yummy cunt.
"Damn, you look so good under me. I have to change poses. We'll do this one again, for sure." Donna says with a smile, then moves her legs back together, thus lifting herself above me.
"Feel free to do that move anytime, anywhere on my body." I reply as I watch Donna move around me.
"Did you like that? I've been practicing. Time for a spread eagle."
Donna basically did more push-ups on my body, sucking my dick each time she lowered her body. Her legs spread wide open again, pussy rubbing my mouth as she moved herself. I stretched my arms out to hold her feet in place, licking at her as much as she allowed. Finally, Donna relented and settled in place so I could finish her off. Sticking my tongue into her, and biting the soft skin sent Donna over the edge. Meanwhile, I began fucking her mouth. By holding her feet in place, Donna was unable to move as I squirted cum into her willing mouth.
"Dang. I would never have thought of using these old clotheslines for this. Now, I can't wait to do it again." I told Donna as we rolled into each other's arms.
"Of all places, I found a naked yoga studio near Lake Conroe on a weekend visit to The Woodlands. If I can make some money in real estate, I'll probably open my own."
"Let me know when you need some investment help or advice. I'm sure it's a niche business, but done correctly will be a guaranteed hit." I said, thinking of nude female bodies in various poses.
"Yeah, I'm sure you'd love a free pass to come check out the naked women and men doing yoga." Donna tickled me at the same time.
"Men? Count me in." I laugh.
"I see you had a suit." Donna said, lifting herself from my grasp.
"Yep, but I saw something a lot better than the cool lake water."
"I bet. Race you to the water!" Donna exclaimed, jumping up and running toward the shoreline. Naked.
"Sure, let me…" I was caught off guard by the sight of Donna's naked ass sprinting for the water.
Following her, without my suit, I run quick enough to catch her, but let her jump in first. In the water, we cool off and watch the sun set over the trees surrounding the lake. As dusk settled, we walked inside. Our bodies mostly dried as we moved slowly up the gentle sloping ground to the house in the oppressive July heat.
Inside, we remained naked, as we would often do now, and cooked dinner. After cleaning up the kitchen, I turned off all the lights. Donna walked to the back door and onto the deck.
"There's no moon. Let's walk down to the boat dock. I want to make love there." Donna was pretty insistent, and I was definitely not turning her down.
Picking her up, I carried her all the way to the dock and laid her down on the wood planks just a few feet above the water. Looking at the boat, I suddenly realized it would be much more comfortable than that dock.
"Come aboard and let me make you my first mate." I told Donna.
"Aye aye captain."
Climbing aboard, and to the front of the boat, Donna and I become entwined together on the port side bench seating. Soon, her feet are on the starboard cushions, wide enough for me to get between her legs. The space between the benches allows me to kneel down, and I resume licking Donna. Leaning back with her arms over the side of the boat, Donna is also able to bend her knees and place her legs on my shoulders.
Stopping to enjoy her thighs, I see her arms and inspiration takes over.
"As your captain, I find you guilty of treason on the high seas, and your punishment awaits."
"Oh, captain. What is my crime?"
"Like I said, it's treason, and the price is bondage accompanied by many more licks. Stand." I direct.
I move Donna so her back is to the bow, and seat her. From this spot, I can tie her arms to the ropes wrapped around the cleats on either side. I'm also able to tie her ankles to her hands, then lean her back. Now, she is completely mine to consume.
Kneeling once again, I resume licking the only pussy I have ever eaten. Tossing in the occasional lick of her ass, Donna is the willing participant. I have her right where I want her. In the dark, I am confident I am the only man on the lake with a woman tied up in his boat. For sure, Donna is not the only woman on this lake about to be fucked all night. If she is, then that's a waste of this tremendous lake.
As Donna cums all over my face, I rub my face into her so I can feel the wetness all over me. Loosening her right hand, I stand and go sit in the captain's seat.
"Go ahead and make yourself cum a few more times. I want to watch."
Now untied from the cleat, Donna rubs herself gloriously for my eyes as I stroke myself. The darkness hides us, but we have no problem seeing each other.
"You are amazing. You can untie yourself and come here to serve your captain." I direct.
Donna, now freed, steps to me. Turning her around, I guide her into a sitting position on my hard cock. I'm able to hold her and begin pounding from my spot in the seat.
"Next time we're out on the boat, I'll tie you up again totally naked so you cum while we're speeding along the waves." With those words, and vision in my mind, I fill Donna with my cum.
"Wow, Zoo. You won't have to tie me up again to do that if you keep this up. I'll ride in the boat naked anytime for you."
Leaving the boat, I put Donna on my back and carry her up to the house. Feeling every inch of her, including her wet pussy just above my ass, we head inside to recover.
The sun shining into my room reminds me I have a class presentation this morning. Donna's body next to mine reminds me of our coupling last night.
"Hey sleepy head. I need to get to class. Do we have any rentals today?" I arouse Donna as I get out of bed.
"Nope. I had planned on doing some shopping today. Can I take you to class?" Donna turns over, still naked and now uncovered.
"Sure. I only have the one class. Is 2 hours enough time?" I ask as I head to the shower.
"I'll be shopping for you. Just thought you should know." Donna joined me in the shower.
Turning to face Donna, my hard dick hit her. Grabbing it, Donna worked a soapy lather all over me. As if I wasn't hard enough, she rinsed it off then knelt in front of me and sucked me until I couldn't take it any longer.
"Not so fast big man. We have a big afternoon ahead of us. Go get dressed." Donna stopped and pushed me out of the shower.
"Why did you say you're going shopping for me?" I asked Donna as we dressed.
"Oh, that's a surprise. Concentrate on your class, and we'll see what I can find in a couple of hours." Donna seems coy.
The ride to downtown Austin was pleasant enough, even as the summer heat seemed to beat the sunrise. Donna dressed in some shorts and a t-shirt. With her small tits, no bra was necessary. Jumping from the Jeep, I headed into class and watched Donna speed off toward Congress Avenue. With only so much time, Donna would be lucky to shop along South Congress before having to get back to me.
After class, I almost didn't recognize Donna. Now in a bandeau top, and bikini bottoms, she might as well been naked.
"Have you told anyone I'm your cousin?" Donna asks as I jump into the doorless Jeep.
"Nah. I keep to myself."
"Good. What if they ask?"
"I never thought of that. I guess it's none of their business. I'll probably lie if I have to, but I keep to myself for the most part. On this campus of 50,000, it's easy to blend in." I never really considered anyone asking me about Donna.
Those thoughts were a mere distraction from my chauffeur. As we drove toward San Marcos to shop at the outlet mall, Donna somehow exposed her right breast by lowering her top. Here on I-35, I'm sure we'll get some attention, so I pretend not to notice right away.
"Damn dude. What do I need to do?" Donna asks.
"Take it all the way off. How about that?" I reply.
"Okay, but I had something else in mind." Donna replied as she exited the highway.
Along the access road, we find a gas station.
"You drive, and I'll sit in back. You can tell me what to do." Donna jumps in the back seat, and I scoot into the driver's seat.
"Go ahead and get naked. May as well get it over with. I know you want it." I tell Donna as we jump back onto the interstate.
Sitting on the floor in front of the back bench seat, Donna strips down. Quickly, she places her left foot in my lap, and her right foot in the passenger seat. I adjust my rear view mirror to watch her body. The sun streams through the Jeep's bikini top and onto her naked skin.
Scooting forward just a little, I'm able to put my right hand and fingers into Donna's pussy. Keeping my eyes on the road, I'm able to move my fingers around her softness and every so often get a peek at her tits in my mirror. Bringing her to orgasm is easy, considering the environment speeding by. After a few minutes, Donna plops herself into the passenger seat. Still naked, she buckles herself in, then pulls the bandeau over her tits.
"Where's your shorts?" I ask.
"Oh, I'll get them soon enough. I need to cool off my parts." Donna replies, spreading her legs so I can look at that tasty cunt.
"Park in the middle of the parking lot. I need to get dressed." Donna tells me as we arrive at the outlet mall.
Parking under a small oak tree, we see the mall is as busy as it should be on a weekday. If this was the weeks leading up to school, there would be no way to get in any of the hundreds of shops.
"Well, crap. I can't find my shorts." Donna sounds surprised.
"Well, either we head home, or I go buy you something." I tell Donna after we search around the Jeep.
"Let's see what you find me, and then we'll decide." Donna responds as she resumes her spot in the sunshine.
Walking toward the shops, I see my first stop. I think it will be my only one. Inside the Nike store, I pick up a tank top in the boy's section and a size small pair of girl's shorts. Purchases in hand, I take the tags off the clothes while I make my way across the parking lot to the Jeep. On the other side of the car sits a security guard on his tredway. This should be interesting.
"There you are. Please tell this guard how I got like this. He's cool, but we need to ensure him there is nothing bad going on." Donna laughs lightly as I hand her the clothes.
"Dude, I've never seen anything like it. We were heading to the river down in New Braunfels, and my girlfriend here decided to get changed while we were driving. Anyway, long story short, all of her stuff got blown out the back of the Jeep onto I-35. As you can see, she left her top on, but everything else is gone. Luckily, Exit 200 was still available, and here we are at the outlet mall. I chose the less-crowded side to shop for her. How do those fit?"
"A little tight, but at least I'm dressed to go find a suit now." Donna has squeezed into the tank and squirmed into the shorts while I explained our predicament.
"Alright guys. That's cool. By the way, my brother runs a tube business over by the Texas State campus here in town. You might like the college crowd there a little better than all the way down in New Braunfels. Tell him I sent you."
So, the ultimate party school in Texas is in San Marcos. The Texas State campus is located on the San Marcos River and the students are famous for walking out of class and jumping immediately into the river. Who can blame them? I will say the eye candy on rivers is much easier to see than on Lake Travis. Which meant many more eyes will be on Donna.
With shorts bordering on obscene, and a tank top which looked like it had been painted on, Donna is fully on display. At the river outfitters, she basically got our tubes for free. I just walked to the river while a couple of guys were more than happy to bring our tubes down as she led the way.
"Do these shorts make my ass look big?" Donna asks, spinning around for me, as all 3 of them arrive.
"Your ass is perfection. Let's get it wet." I reply as our tubes are dropped in the water for us.
As I recall our time in the river, it's a good thing we were both consenting adults.
Donna got off her tube and in the water as soon as we got floating in the slow moving current.
"Hold onto my tube." Donna directed me.
With that, she was next to my tube, and began kissing me. Before I knew it, her shorts and tube top were in my hand and we continued on down the river. Under my tube, I soon felt Donna's right hand grabbing my ass and pulling my suit to expose my rapidly hardening cock.
Floating down the San Marcos, naked cousin next to me in the water makes this already surreal July even more so. Falling even further into the tube, Donna has a firm grip on my dick. Disappearing under the water every so often, she is able to take a quick suck on me.
It's a short float, nowhere near the 6 hour trips in New Braunfels. Approaching the bank of the river near a small bridge, Donna jumps out.
"Throw me my clothes."
"Ummm, okay." I respond, stunned to see her standing naked out of the water. I toss the shorts to her first.
"Now I need my top." Donna says after putting on her shorts.
"I have it right here. Take your tube first." I reply as I hide her top in the back side of my suit.
"Got it. You know what? Keep the top. I have an idea." Donna says, pulling the tube over her head.
The float brought us back around the campus so we have just a short walk back to the car. Donna takes the lead, still topless, but covered by the tube around her body.
At our car, we have a decision to make. Who will go turn in the tubes?
"Well, I'll take the tubes if you want to sit in the car. I'd love to find you naked in there when I get back. Or, you take them back and see if you can get a free shirt from their gift shop." I say with a wink, looking at the tube rental shop.
"Hmmmm. I've already been naked in the car. I think I'd like a new shirt." And off Donna goes, leaving me at the car.
If I wasn't ready to get laid, I would be soon after watching Donna walk up to the tube shop, take the tube off her body, and turn to wave at me. Son of a biscuit if she isn't completely naked. Somehow, she got her shorts off without my noticing, and walks in with a smile on her face. I take the opportunity to put the doors back on the Jeep.
A few minutes later, in a new shirt, Donna walks out. Turning to wave at the shop, she lifts her shirt enough for me to see her still-naked ass.
"Well, how did that go for you?" I ask rhetorically.
"This shirt only cost me a pair of shorts, so pretty well I'd say. Now, I have a request." Donna seems suddenly serious.
"I hope it's what I have on my mind." I reply.
"Well, sure, but I'm hungry. Let's go eat."
"Okay, Whataburger? Taco Cabana? I've seen lots of drive-thru's around here."
"Oh no, nothing like that. Let's head downtown and find a nice spot to sit outside." Donna says as she jumps into the Jeep.
Just a short drive from the river, we find a quaint little town square, surrounded by various businesses on three sides, and the county courthouse on the fourth. I don't know why I'm surprised, but Donna spies a bar on top of a 4 story building overlooking the square, squeals in delight, and begins walking toward the entrance.
Inside the building, we find there's a restaurant on the first floor, and stairs to the rooftop bar just past the greeter's station. Heading up, I'm treated to Donna's ass peeking out at me from underneath the only thing she's wearing. I swear, if this wasn't a college town, we'd never be able to just stroll in here and walk upstairs.
On the roof, we discover quite possibly the coolest scene I've ever seen. Being a weekday, it's almost empty. Close to the stairs is a covered bar so we stop for drinks. Looking around, there are loungers and bar tables scattered around; it's just a really relaxed spot and the sounds of cars on the street below are almost imperceptible to the ear.
As I carry our drinks, Donna leads me to a lounger near the side overlooking the square. She sits, and I hand her the drink then pull a chair up.
"No, silly, sit with me. You better sit facing me." Donna directs.
Straddling the lounger, I sit upright. Donna is leaning back on the lounger, then moves her knees up and crosses her legs indian-style. Now fully exposed to me, Donna's pussy is begging for attention. As blood rushes into her pussy lips, she begins to spread open noticeably for me. Scooting forward closer to my cousin, I drop my left hand to the lounger cushion and begin moving it to her legs.

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