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Jeffrey's Family Chapter One, My Mother
Please note: No one under the age of eighteen is involved in any sexual activity in this story
'Hello, my name is Jeffery Gilbert, and if you are reading this story that means that I am no longer a member of the living as my body has been resting next to my mother and father in the family's cemetery plot for some time.After I finished writing this manuscript, I sent it to my attorney with instructions that it was not to be shared with anyone until at least a decade after my death.He was to then send this story to the only person I have ever trusted with instructions to and change the names and pertinent details before it was published to protect my anonymity and that of any members of my extended family that may still be alive.'
My father, Donald Gilbert, was a giant of a man. He was respected by most of the community, loved by all members of our family, and feared by those unfortunate enough to have encountered his wrath. Soon after his enlistment in the Navy in January of 1942 he was chosen to become a Seabee. During the war his unit built bridges, roads, and buildings while at the same time fighting the Japanese in the Pacific. His battalion provided support for General Macarthur's army as they retook the Phillipines, by providing the necessary infrascructure for the supply chain necessary to support the troops that were doing the fighting.
After he returned home, the skills he had learned in the service of our nation helped to land him a job with the largest construction company in the large city just north of our small villiage. He advanced quickly within the orginization and after five years he was promoted to a project supervisor.
Soon after his promotion he met my mother, Elizabeth Baker, who was working as a secretary in the company's main office. After a six month whirlwind romance, they were married, and my father had the house that we all lived in for most of our lives, built for her as a wedding gift.
To anyone outside of our family, my parent's lives appeared to be pretty ordinary. My father worked hard at his job, while my mother stayed home, giving birth to my two sisters and I, and making a home in the large house that my father had built for her. My eldest sister, Mary was born first, then my next elder sister, Jane was born a year later, and I was born two years after Jane.
In June of 1968 I had just graduated from High School shortly after my eighteenth birthday, and was getting ready to take a job with the company my father worked for instead of going to college (My school counselors said my grades weren't good enough to get me into college). Although I was not as big as my father, at 6'3" and 175lbs, I was solid muscle and in pretty good shape.
I did, however inherit my curly blonde hair, blue eyes, and my large cock from my father (more about that cock later). Over the next several years the hard work I did and the great meals my mother made for me would make me bulk up and I would become a 'real man'. Of course I never became as huge as my father was, but I still earned the respect of my peers.
Later during the same summer after I started working as a laborer at the firm where my father worked, my eldest sister Mary married Harrison Lauder, the only son of retired Admiral Douglas Lauder. Harrison was then a Leutenant in the Navy, and the large wedding followed by the reception were held at our village's Lutheran Church. After the bride and groom left on their honeymoon, we all went home to resume our 'normal' mundane lives.
About a month later my father came home from his yearly doctor's appointment with news that would devastate all of us. My normally healthy father was diagnosed with advanced pancreatic cancer, and four months later, we were all back at the Lutheran church attending his funeral.
Soon after we returned to our home from the gravesite service, my next oldest sister Jane, announced that she was pregnant by her boyfriend David Thomas. She told us David had enlisted in the Marines and they were going to be married by a Justice of the Peace to save our family the expense and trouble of a wedding. Within six weeks, both of my sisters were no longer at home, leaving our grieving mother with only myself to comfort her.
I did our best to console our mother, and by late August it appeared that Mother was beginning to recover from her depression. However, at about Midnight one night, I was awakened by my bladder, having consumed one too many beers earlier in the evening with some friends. When I was returning to my bedroom after taking care of my urgent need, I heard sobbing coming from my parents' bedroom at the end of the hall.
As I walked to toward the master bedroom, I noticed that the door was ajar, and a very dim light showed through doorway. I knocked on the door when I reached it and asked, "Mom, are you alright?"
The crying stopped, and my mother replied, "Come in dear." As I walked through the doorway, my eyes beheld the most beautiful and erotic vision I had ever seen.
Earlier I described my father as a large man, and he was, standing 6' 5" and weighing in at 275lbs. (before his illness). My mother, however, was a tiny woman, only 5' tall, and barely weighing a hundred pounds. How my mother was able to accommodate my father's substantial manhood, and carry the three of us in her womb is something that boggles my mind to this day.
In front of me, sitting in her bed I could see that my beautiful mother was nude from the waist up, the sheet and blanket covering the rest of her body. Her firey red hair showing a few streaks of grey was hanging just past her shoulders. Her eyes were the same bright green as they had been for as long as I could remember. Her skin was a pale alabaster color, showing a few more age lines than I remembered seeing before my father got ill.
Her large breasts (I knew they were 36D's because I had peeked at her bras in the dirty clothes hamper when I was sixteen), still stood firm and full, with very little sag. They were crowned with pale pink areolas about two inches across, and erect dark red nipples the size of a pencil sticking out nearly a half inch.
She saw me staring an her and smiled. Then she got out of bed and I realized that she was completely nude, and stood smiling at me. As she walked towards me, and I could see her flat tummy with very few stretch marks, her smooth hairless vulva, petite but curvy hips, nice firm round butt, sexy long legs (for her height) and tiny size size 4 ½ feet. What went through my mind then was 'My father was one lucky man to have been sharing a bed with this, the sexiest woman I had ever seen'.
When she reached me, Mom wrapped her arms around me mashing those firm massive orbs into my bare chest, and gave me a kiss unlike any mother should ever give her son. When she broke our embrace, we both realized that my cock was fully erect and tenting my boxers obscenely.
She smiled, as she knelt in front of me and said, "Well, let's see what we have here." She grabbed my boxers and after she pulled them around my ankles said, "My goodness, you certainly do have your father's cock." When she grasped my now erect manhood with both of her tiny hands, they barely reached around it. Then she opened her mouth and tried to swallow it, but only got less than half of it in until I saw the bulge in her throat.
She let my cock slip out of her mouth and coughed a little. Then she stood up, still grasping my erection and after I stepped out of my boxers, she led me to their marriage bed by my cock, saying, "We need to have a mother-son talk."
When we were both sitting on the bed facing each other, my mother said, "Jeffery, I'm sure you know that your father and I made love quite often during our marriage. You don't end up with three beautiful children by accident. Our sex life was very active until this summer. Even though I had confronted my feelings about your father not being with us anymore, I had not accepted that he was no longer here to take care of my sexual needs until tonight. That was what I was crying about when you heard me. When I heard your voice, I had an insane thought. I wondered if you would be able to, or even want to take care of my 'needs'."
We stared at each other for a moment, and when we both looked at my still throbbing erection in her small hands, we both smiled. We both answered at the same time, me asking, "Do you want me to?" and my mother asking, "Would you want to?"
We answered each other's questions by falling into each other's arms and kissing passionately until we were panting and out of breath. When we broke our embrace, I said, "Mom, I don't have a lot of experience. I've never gone 'all the way' before."
My mother smiled and said, "Well my darling son, that will not be a problem because tonight I will begin to teach you everything you will need to know, and we can start right now." Then she kissed me passionately again before she had me lay in the center of the marriage bed she had shared with my father for the last twenty-five years.
She started by taking my cock in her small hands again, but this time she kissed the head and licked the precum that was oozing out of it and said "Yummy." Then she took it into her mouth until I felt it hit the back of her throat. She then started sucking on it better than any girl I had dated in my short life. In fact, she was better than anyone I have experienced since.
At this point in my young life the only sex I had experienced was fondling several girls breasts, fingering three previous girlfriends, and a sloppy blowjob by a girl who was a year older than me two years before at a party. She was named Betty Bakker but was known by everyone as 'Blowjob Betty'.
It didn't take me very long until I exploded in my mother's mouth, and she swallowed every drop. When she was finished, she licked her lips, smiled and said, "Jeffery, you have two other things in common with your father. Not only does your sperm taste as sweet as his, but you produce a huge load as well. I am really going to enjoy teaching you how to be a great lover, and all the women in your future will appreciate the skills you will have learned under my tutelage."
Next my mother said, "O. K. now that I have emptied your testicles, I can start teaching you how to be the best lover you can."
First she had me hold her large beautiful breasts in my hands. They were more than a handful even in my large hands, and felt so soft and warm, but firm at the same time. To this day I have never held any woman's breasts that felt as wonderful as my mother's did, and I have fondled several dozens of pairs since that night.
She showed me how to fondle them without hurting her, how to suck and nibble her nipples, and how to know when they were too sensitive and leave them alone. Something amazing happened while I was sucking on her large swollen nipples. My mother started trembling and moaning and had an orgasm.
Then she kissed me and said, "Thank you Jeffery, I really love you sucking on my boobies." I smiled and promised to 'nurse' from her every day from then on, and I fulfilled that promise from that day until the day she died.
Then she lay on her back and spread her legs. She had me crawl between them and had me smell her arousal. I must admit that the aroma given off by an aroused woman is more seductive to me that the finest French perfume, and every woman I have ever been with has her own distinctive aura. Of all of those ladies, none have been as intoxicating as my mother was.
Then my mother took her fingers and spread open her lower lips. With her bright pink inner folds exposed to me, she had me stick out my tongue and taste the juices that were oozing out of her. Once I tasted her juices, I couldn't resist dining like a hungry pig until she stopped me because she was too sensitive from having another orgasm.
When she finally calmed down she pulled me to her face, and we shared a kiss. When we stopped kissing, she said, "My pussy tastes pretty good, doesn't it?" I smiled and answered, "Mommy, I've never tasted anything better in my life." To this day I have never met a woman who tasted better than my mother.
After we both calmed down, my mother started teaching me the finer points of cunnilingus, showing me the difference between the inner and outer labia (lips), the clitoris and its hood, and the 'G' spot up inside the vagina. When she came down from the orgasm I was able to bring her to with my middle finger by rubbing that illusive bumpy spot up inside her vagina, Mom noticed that my erection had returned.
She then had me lie on my back and said, "Jeffery, my beautiful son, I am going to take your virginity now. I owe that to you because your father took mine on our wedding night, and I hope we will continue to be lovers from now until I join your father in heaven."
We kissed passionately after she climbed on top of me, then sitting on my thighs with my large hard young cock standing at attention, she raised up, grasped my shaft, aimed it at her dripping wet vulva, and lowered herself onto me, slowly inserting my young erect virginal cock into her soaking wet vagina.
It felt like my cock was being caressed by a velvet glove, and when she was to the point where there was only a few inches of me left outside of her, I felt the head of my cock pressing against something soft and spongy. My mother stopped and said, "Jeffery, what you are feeling is the head of your cock pressing against my cervix."
Then my mother smiled, relaxed and eased herself the rest of the way down onto my cock until our bodies were touching. She then said, "Jeffery, the head of your cock has penetrated my cervix and is inside my womb, just like your father's used to."
We lay there connected and kissed passionately for a long time, and then my mother started slowly moving her hips so that my cock slid in and out of her. When she reached the point where only the head of my cock was still inside of her vagina, she would release it's tight grip on my cock and lower herself back onto me. When she reached the bottom and my cock penetrated her cervix again, her vaginal muscles would resume their death grip on my cock and she would restart her body's upward travel.
The result of what my mother was doing to me felt like she was milking my cock with her vagina, and I soon I was only partly aware of what was happening to my body. She kept doing this as I lay on my back, and gradually increased her speed and intensity. For a while I just lay there, but finally I caught on and started returning her thrusts.
Soon we were slaming into each other with so much force that our bodies made a slapping noise when we collided. It was then that my mother moaned, "That's it baby boy, fuck Mommy good!"
I continued to do my best to please my mother, but she seemed to be insatiable. I don't know how I was able to do it, but I didn't stop until she did. In the last fifty five years, I have fucked and made love to many women, but none of them has ever given me as much pleasure or made me feel the way my mother did that night.
I do not remember how long our lovemaking lasted because I lost track of time and space during our copulation. When I opened my eyes some time later, my mother started trembling again. I then realized that my cock spewing my seed into my mother's womb.
The next thing I knew, my mother was kissing me and saying, "Thank you Jeffery, you lasted as long as your father used to when we were first married. You made me cum three times and filled me up so much that now we are leaking all over the bed. I'm kinda sore now, and we both need a shower. We'll change the bed after we clean each other up."
We both got out of bed and shared the oversized shower stall in the master bath. My mother washed me from head to toe, paying particular attention to my cock and ballsac, and I did the same to her body, paying attention to her large breasts and her lovely outer and inner labia. Before we were finished, she demonstrated the douching attachment my father had installed in the shower.
After we had toweled each other dry, my mother had me rub moisturizing cream all over her body, and then she rubbed some on my very tender cock. When we returned to the master bedroom, I helped my mother strip the the soiled linen and remake the bed.
After we climbed nude under the covers together, my mother said, "Jeffery darling, I'm much too tired to do any more tonight. Would you just cuddle with me until I go to sleep." I did as she asked and must have fallen asleep soon myself, because I didn't remember anything after I wrapped my arms around her spooning with my left hand holding one of her breasts and her hard nipple resting in the middle of my palm.
The next thing I remember was waking up with the sun peeking through the bedroom window the next morning. I opened my eyes I became aware that I was alone in bed, and when I was completely awake, I realized three things. I was naked in my parents' bed, I was hungry, and it was Monday and I was expected to be at work. I got out of bed, grabbed my boxers that were still lying on the floor, put them on, and headed to my bedroom.
After I dressed in my work clothes, I headed to the kitchen where I saw my mother wearing the same plush pink terrycloth robe and pink fuzzy slippers I had seen her wear every morning for as long as I could remember. When I sat down at the table, she placed a plate with three eggs, over easy, two pieces of buttered toast, four strips of bacon, a glass of orange juice, and a cup of black coffee.
As I was eating, my mother took off the robe and sat in the chair next to mine completely nude except for her slippers. To say I was distracted would have been an understatement, but somehow I ate my breakfast. After I finished, she removed my plate, glass, and cup and placed them in the sink. Then she sat on my lap and pulled my face to her chest, and said, "You have plenty of time to get to ready for work. Just relax and suck on my nipples while we help each other relax."
I did as I was told and when she finished trembling from the orgasm I had given her by nursing on her nipples and her rubbing her bare pussy on my lap, she said, "Jeffery, throughout our married life, this is the kind of breakfast I served your father every morning. You children never knew this because you were always asleep. From now on I will serve you like this as well. You should change your pants before you go to work, and remember to take them off before you sit down to breakfast from now on."
When she got up from sitting on my lap and started doing the breakfast dishes, I noticed the whole front of my jeans were wet from where my mother had cum on me. I went to my room and changed my pants and underwear. After that morning, I remembered to always come to breakfast carring my pants and underwear every day.
When I returned to the kitchen, my mother was still nude as she handed me my father's old metal lunchbox filled with the lunch she had prepared for me, and his trusty green Alladin one quart stainless steel thermos bottle filled with black coffee. I kissed her goodbye and climbed into the trusty 1962 Chevy Nova my father and I had rebuilt together over the last five years.
I don't remember much about that day at work, but somehow I did everything I was supposed to because they didn't fire me. When I got home that evening, my mother had moved my things into the master bedroom.
That night and nearly every one afterwords, we went to 'our' bedroom where Mother and I made love as soon as the dinner dishes were cleaned up and put away. All of those years I never watched any evening television other than the 6 o'clock news. When my friends asked me why I didn't watch TV in the evening, I would tell them I had much more entertaining things to do at night. I'm sure they all thought I was crazy but I didn't care because it was none of their business anyway.

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