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Jefferey's Family Chapter Two, My Sisters
I hope that you enjoy the second chapter of my family's story.Please note: No one under the age of eighteen is involved in any sexual activity in this story
About two years after my sister Mary's wedding, I came home one Wednesday after work to find her and my mother in the kitchen having coffee. After my big sister gave me a tender hug, she said, "Jeffery, Harry is out on the patio and he needs to talk to you." When I asked her what he wanted, she said, "It's private and very personal."
I walked through the house and when I stepped through the open sliding glass door onto the patio. I saw my brother-in-law, Lieutenant Harrison Lauder sitting at the picnic table in his civvies. When I sat down across from him, he handed me a cold Strohs from the 12 pack in front of him.
I took the beer from him, cracked it open, and as soon as I had finished my first swallow, he said, "Jeff, I have a big favor to ask of you."
I smiled and said, "Sure Harry, ask away. You know I would do anything for my big sister's husband."
He got a serious look on his face and said, "Before I ask you this favor, I want you to know that what I'm going to ask is very important to Mary and I, and if there was any other way for us to solve this dilemma, we would do that in a heartbeat. You see if it ever gets out what I'm asking of you, we could all be in trouble because what I'll be asking is against the law in Illinois and most other states. Whatever you decide to do, whether you agree to help us or not, you cannot divulge any of what I'm about to say to anyone other than your mother or your sister."
I think my face must have turned red because it felt hot right then when I said, "You are really scaring me right now Harry." Then I calmed down a bit and said, "Of course, I will not say anything to anyone. One of my father's rules was 'Do not tell family secrets to anyone outside of the family'. We're kinda like the Mafia that way."
My brother-in-law took a deep breath and then said, "OK, here's the background story behind the favor I'm going to ask. Mary and I have been trying to have a baby since the honeymoon. You see the Lauders have a long unbroken line of succession dating back to before the Revolutionary War. Ever since I was old enough to understand, the Admiral has drilled into me how important it was for me to produce a male heir."
He took a swallow of his beer and continued, "At first we thought that our timing was off and your sister wasn't in her most fertile time of the month, so we went to a private doctor outside of the Navy and paid for it ourselves to determine the best time for us to get pregnant. They did a bunch of tests and found out when Mary was most fertile. When she didn't get pregnant the next month, they tested my sperm and determined that it was incapable of fertilizing her eggs. It seems that the mumps I had as a teenager, caused me to be sterile."
He stopped talking while he finished his beer and opened another before continuing. "The Admiral is a very stubborn man. He would never believe that after all these generations, his only son would be incapable of producing an heir. He would blame your sister, force me to divorce the woman I love, and make me marry someone else, just so he could have his heir."
We both took long tugs on our beers, and he finished he said, "What I am asking you to do for me is to get your sister pregnant for us. I know this is a lot to ask, but Mary loves you dearly and it was her that suggested using you as a sperm donor. You see, that way the child will grow up looking like the members of your family, and if he has red or blonde hair, that trait is common in your family so no one will know. Actually, you don't look that much different than I do anyway, so everything will be fine."
I wondered what would be illegal with me donating my sperm so a doctor could inseminate my sister but I said, "OK, I'll do it for you. When do you want me to go to the doctor to donate my sperm?"
Harrison looked at me with a stoic expression and said, "Jeff, it's not that simple, if we went to any medical facility for invitro fertilization, the Admiral would find out. We will have to do this the old-fashioned way. You and Mary will have to actually copulate in private to make this happen."
I forced myself to have a shocked look on my face when I asked, "You want me to fuck my sister so she can get pregnant and have a male heir for your father?" When he nodded, I asked, "And you're all right with that?" When he nodded again, I asked, "Are you sure my sister doesn't have a problem with fucking her little brother?"
He smiled and said, "As I said before, she was the one that suggested this solution. Your big sister loves you very much and is looking forward to doing this with you."
I sat there for a moment finishing my beer while I thought, 'What kind of screwed up family was I born into? I get to fuck my mother every night to help her deal with her depression over my father's death, and now my brother-in-law is asking me to knock up my sister! I have always thought my eldest sister was beautiful and used to have wet dreams about fucking her, so this was a dream come true. Hell yes, I would do that in a heartbeat.
I sat my empty beer down on the picnic table, stuck out my hand to my brother-in law, and said, "OK Harry, we have a deal. Now how is this going to work?"
He shook my hand and hugged me so hard it hurt. Then he said, "I'm going to be on a fourteen-day cruise on a Destroyer out of Norfolk starting next week. Mary will fill you in on all the details later. Thanks a lot Jeff, you're a lifesaver."
We went back into the house and sat down at the kitchen table with my mom and sister to drink coffee. When my mom and brother-in-law got into a deep discussion about something that didn't interest me, my sister dragged me into the hallway by our bedrooms.
When we got there, she said, "Thank you little brother for helping us. I'm going to be staying here starting next Friday while Harry is on the high seas. Do you want to use your bedroom or mine?"
When I had a confused look on my face, she said, "Oh come Jeffy, I've been wondering what that cock of yours would feel like in my pussy since the first time I saw you jacking off when you were a teenager. Mom told me that now you're as big as Daddy was and get just as hard. She told me that you two have been fucking practically every night since just after Daddy died."
When I blushed, she smiled and said, "Please let me see it." I could never deny my sister anything, so I unzipped and pulled out my trouser snake. When she saw it, she dropped to her knees and held it in her hands. She took the head in her mouth and sucked the drop of precum that was there. She stood up still holding it and said, "Yummy, we are going to have so much fun!"
I put my now semi-hard cock away before we walked back into the kitchen, and when we got there my mother had dinner on the table. The conversation that ensued while we ate had nothing to do with what had transpired earlier. After the happy couple left, I cleared the table and helped mother do the dishes.
We retired to 'our' bedroom, undressed and took a shower together. After we climbed into bed, I lay there trying to make sense of what had transpired earlier, and my head was spinning. My brother-in-law was allowing me to fuck his wife for two weeks in hopes I would knock her up. My sister was on board with this and had wanted my cock since I was a teenager. She also knew that Mom and I had been fucking each other silly since Dad died. What kind of fucked up family was I living in?
My mother sensed that something was bothering me and wrapped her arms around me pulling my face into the valley of her large bosom, and the warmth of her body calmed me down. Before long I was fondling her boobs and nursing on her nipples. After I had given her an orgasm, she said, "Do Mommy's boobies make my little boy feel better?"
I kissed her lips and said, "Yes Mommy, you make everything all right." When she asked me if I wanted to talk about what was bothering me, I said, "Yes Mommy, why my did you tell my big sister that we were lovers?"
She smiled and said, "Jeffery, I taught both of your sisters about sex. I let them both watch your father and I make love as soon as they turned eighteen and he took their virginities two weeks later. I bought them their first toys and encouraged them have sex with each other."
She gave me a passionate kiss before she continued, "Mary was always the most conservative of the two of them, while Jane was our wild child. I always hoped that they would cancel each other out but that didn't happen."
I smiled and said, "I did my best to convince Harry I was apprehensive about committing incest with my sister when actually I have wanted to fuck both her and Jane since I found out what sex was about. When I found out tonight that she has wanted me for as long as I have wanted her, I almost threw a fuck into her as she was holding my cock in the hallway while you were chatting with Harry in the kitchen."
My mother smiled and said, "I am really happy that things have worked out for our family this way. I know you are really going to enjoy your big sister. The circumstances of this situation couldn't be better. You get to try out your newly learned prowess in the bedroom with someone who loves you and wants you as much as you want her. Who knows Jeffery, if you don't knock her up this time, you can try again next month."
I looked at my mother with a puzzled look on my face and asked, "Do you really think he will buy me fucking her for more than just two weeks?"
My mother answered, "He loves your sister, but he fears his father more and would never stand up to the Admiral for any reason. I think we have him between a rock and a hard place, so you two enjoy yourselves while you can son."
My mother and I made sweet, gentle love that night, and we both came three times before falling asleep while still connected. The next morning, we woke up spooning with my morning wood trapped between my mother's legs. She reached down and inserted my hard cock into her from behind, and we made love before showering together. Then I grabbed my clothes while my mother made my breakfast and lunch. After I ate, we made love at the kitchen table before I got dressed and left for work.
When I came home from work the day our incestuous affair was to start, Mary was helping my mother fix dinner. I tried to act like I wasn't excited about the two weeks ahead of us, but my big sister saw through my facade. When we all sat down at the table, she sat next to me and reached under the table, grasping the bulge in my pants. Then she whispered in my ear, "I'm really excited too. I'm soaking wet and can't wait for you to fill me up with this 'big boy'."
I whispered to her, "I'll take a shower while you are helping clean up dinner and be waiting for you naked in your old bedroom." I have never seen a more seductive smile on any other woman than the one my sister gave me right then.
I was waiting for her nude under the covers with the light on her night table turned on to the lowest setting when my sister Mary walked into the room. As soon as she shut and locked the door my sister started a slow, seductive striptease, first taking off her shoes, then her blouse, and finally her skirt. She wasn't wearing anything under her clothes, and just stood there smiling with her hands at her sides and her feet about shoulder width apart.
My oldest sister Mary was about six inches taller than our mother but had the same alabaster skin and facial features. She had the same green eyes and full pouty lips as Mother, but her hair was a dark auburn and cut in a bob just below her chin. Her breasts were smaller than Mother's at about a C cup but stood out proudly with the same large pale pink areolas and hard dark red nipples. Her tummy was flat, her pubic mound hairless, and her vulva was an 'innie' with the inner lips just barely showing. Her hips, legs and ass were firm and shapely, but longer in proportion with her taller stature. Her feet were a bit larger than Mother's, but that was to be expected because she was a taller woman.
The whole package was enough to make my cock throb, and Mary giggled when she saw the covers move. I pulled back the covers and my sister climbed into bed with me. We wrapped our arms and legs around each other and kissed passionately as our bodies embraced.
When we ended the kiss she said, "Jeffery I have loved you since you were born but have wanted to be your lover since I saw you naked after you hit puberty. I only married Harrison because I knew I could never marry you. Tonight, we will fulfill a dream I have had since I was nineteen. I hope you feel the same way."
I smiled and said, "Mary I have lusted over you since I understood what sex was all about. I got my first erection thinking about you, and the time you caught me beating off, it was you, not Jane I was thinking about."
Mary smiled at me and said, "I don't know about you, but I don't want to waste any more time on foreplay, my pussy is soaking wet and I want that big cock of yours buried in it right now!"
With that, she pushed me down on the bed and climbed on top of me. She positioned herself on top of me, grabbed my cock and aimed it at what I could now see was her dripping wet pussy. As she lowered herself, I could see the head of my cock parting her inner lips like Moses parting the Red Sea. As I penetrated her, I realized how much tighter she was than my mother. I wondered how much larger I was than Harrison, and whether she would feel looser to him after these two weeks were over. Then I thought, 'Fuck him, I'm fucking my sister.'
She stopped her slow journey with only a few inches of my cock still not in her, and I felt her spongy cervix. I smiled at her and asked her if she could take any more of me. She said she wasn't sure, so I told her I would just lie on the bed and let her 'do her thing'. I said, "I'm touching your cervix with the head of my cock. If you get really excited it might penetrate you and then I can shoot my load directly into your womb like Dad and I did to mom."
She looked puzzled for a moment, then smiled and started to really fuck herself hard on my cock. After a while she really got into what she was doing and said, "Holly fuck little brother, you feel just like Daddy did the night he popped my cherry. Compared to you, Harrison has a 'pencil dick'. After this, I'm going to need for you to fuck me on a regular basis to keep me sane. God Damn this feels good!"
After a while she bent down to kiss me, but I stopped her by grabbing her boobs. I took one in my mouth and started sucking on her nipple. When I did that, she started fucking me harder and moaning louder. I switched to the other nipple, and she started fucking me harder still. As I kept sucking on her boobs, she fucked me even harder and suddenly she started to orgasm.
When her orgasm hit, I felt her cervix open and her body drop onto me, allowing my cock to enter her womb. She let out a loud moan when that happened, and I felt her vagina spasm on my cock, causing my orgasm, and I filled her womb with my seed.
When Mary opened her eyes, she realized that our bodies were touching. When she asked what had happened, I explained how my sucking on her nipples had caused her to have an orgasm. When she asked how I had managed to get all of my cock inside of her vagina, I told her that her orgasm had caused her cervix to open and let my cock into her womb. She looked confused and told me that was impossible.
When I reminded her of what I had told her earlier and explained to her that it happened to our mother with both her father and me, she looked puzzled. Then I told her that I had cum and had deposited my sperm directly into her womb. When Mary understood what I had told her, she smiled and asked, "Really?"
I smiled and said, "Yes, and that way you are almost assured of getting pregnant." When she heard that, she asked me if that meant we were done fucking. I told her, "Absolutely not Mary, you are one incredibly sexy woman. I have wanted to make love to you since I learned about sex, and I will continue fucking you until you tell me to stop."
She smiled and said, "Little brother, your cock feels just like Daddy's, and I have missed it so much. I never want to stop fucking you, and even after we finish with this 'Baby thing', I'm going to want your cock in my pussy as often as I can."
I smiled and said, "You can have me as often as you want as long as you can work out a deal with Mother and make excuses with your husband."
She smiled and stuck out her hand and we 'shook on it'. Then she took my softened cock in her mouth and started working on getting it hard again.
It didn't take long for me to get hard, so as soon as I was fully erect, my sister got on all fours and said, "Jeffery, get behind me and take me 'doggie style." I did what I was told and started fucking her from behind. We were going at it pretty heavy for quite a long time but when I started squeezing her rock-hard nipples between my thumbs and forefingers, Mary went off like a roman candle on the Fourth of July. This caused me to fill her with my seed for the second time that night, and afterward, we both collapsed on the bed spooning. We must have fallen asleep, because I was awakened by my sister saying, "Jeffery, your cock is still hard and it is still in my pussy. I wish I could wake up to this feeling every day."
Sometime later I woke up with a start and I woke up my sister with my sudden movements. It was still nighttime and I guessed we hadn't been asleep very long, so I said, "Well big sister, we've done it with you on top and 'doggie', what shall we try next?"
She smiled and said, "Why don't we try missionary. I'm still horny and I've had two great orgasms, but I'm really tired too. I really want to cum again but I don't have any energy left. Would you mind it if I just laid here and let you fuck me?"
I kissed my sister sweetly and in a mock Olde English accent said, "It would be my honor to service you M'lady."
I rolled her onto her onto her back, crawled between her legs and started kissing and licking my way up the inside of her legs from her ankles to her thighs. By the time I got to her mound, she was moaning incoherently. When I stuck my tongue inside the entrance to her vagina, she raised her ass off the bed and moaned, "Holy shit Jeffery, I'm ready. Fuck me now."
I grabbed her ankles and put them on my shoulders, lined my painfully hard cock up with her entrance, and eased myself slowly into my sister's vagina for the third time that evening. She let out a low, mournful moan the whole time I was penetrating her, and when I felt her cervix with the head of my cock, I stopped. Then I gave her an open-mouthed kiss and when our tongues wrapped around each other, she stopped moaning and opened her eyes.
We broke the kiss and both whispered, "I love you." When I started easing my cock out of her, she closed her eyes and grabbed the sheets with her hands. When I drove gently back into her, I felt her muscles tense and knew she had a death grip on the bedclothes. I started a gentle rhythmic thrusting and watched as she relaxed and met my thrusts with her own.
Before long we were making love like we had been doing it our entire lives. It was like we were both two parts of the same body, completely in tune with each other and the world around us, but oblivious to anyone else. I do not know how long we made love, but the orgasm we shared at the end was one of the most loving embraces I have ever experienced to this day.

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