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Another Short Story
So, the rules were set. She got the final say, but she had to show me one cock pic and one body pic of the guy who she would be inviting over. I wouldn't see his face, I wouldn't know what to expect, I wouldn't see the conversation and I wouldn't be able to say no. The safe word was always in play, but if I said no, that meant I didn't get my chance to put her in this situation later. I agreed knowing full well that she would no doubt push me to the brink to get out of having the tables turned on her. She knew I wanted this, but she knew I would do anything to do the same to her.
The truth is, I don't want anyone else but Jen. She literally is my sexual soul mate. Nobody can compare to the way this girl makes me feel, accepts the things I like, gives me everything I want, and satisfies me in every possible way. These last few months have been greater than I ever imagined. I am not bored with her in the least, I just like being able to give her extra experiences that I know she has interests in and I love the feeling that she would (and does) do anything to make me happy. Our adventures are never about the other person or persons, they are about us. Now, more than ever before, it is about us giving more to each other.
So, it is Saturday morning, day of my surprise, and I get up and start getting ready. I hit the gym early and I have a light breakfast. I never ate at all yesterday because I wanted to be ready for anything and everything. I take a long shower and make sure I am clean n every way. I brush, floss and set the mouthwash out on the bathroom sink. It is almost 945 by the time I am finishing up. She said to be ready and "in place" by 10am.
I light a few candles to get the place smelling nice. I do 2 sets of 20 pushups to make sure I am looking my best and I tighten the comforter on my bed before laying back and cuffing my first arm to my bed. With my free hand, I look at the time, 956. We made sure we knew how accurate the other's phone time was and there was to be no contact until that morning. I place the blindfold over my eyes and found the other cuff on the bed. I clicked it on and waited.
I heard the front door open, but no one spoke. I made sure that the house was going to be empty for most of the day. I couldn't be sure but, I think it was open long enough for at least 2 people to enter. I could feel my pulse pound a little quicker and my cock twitched involuntarily. I was hard from the moment I heard the door open. Jesus, I can't believe I am doing this. I quietly told myself that no matter what, leave the cuffs on and do not object.
A hand touched my leg. I couldn't be sure if it was a man's hand or a woman's. I heard what I thought were light sounds as if someone was getting undressed near the edge of the bed. Suddenly, someone began to crawl on the bed to my right. I could smell their scent and I was sure that it was Jen. A hand from that direction ran down my chest and wrapped around my cock. This was most certainly a woman's hand and I knew it was Jen. She squeezed my shaft to feel its fullness. And my how I was aching it was so full and hard.
Someone else began to get on the bed to my left. They seemed much heavier though and their scent was quite different, more masculine. It appeared they were on their knees near my chest. I instinctively turned my face in that direction and then something touched my lips. At first, I wasn't sure what it was but it only took a second for me to recognize the feel of a semi hard, mushroom headed cock slowly teasing me as they traced it across my half opened lips. Then it was gone for a millisecond only to be slapped down on my cheek. This happened a handful of times and then, with the slightest redirection, they guided it expertly between my lips and plunged it deep in my throat. I resisted and gagged a second, but it persisted. I got in a slightly better position and this time I was able to take it without gagging.
He was cut and smooth. My nose ended up buried in a small patch of his pubic hair, but it seemed as if the rest of his cock was smooth, just the way I like them. He grew hard in my mouth and it felt amazing to have the power, even while being in such a vulnerable position, to make him so hard so fast. He quickly stroked and fed me his meat and I was relishing the long-lost sensation of sucking an incredibly shaped cock until something caught my attention. I felt the bed move ever so slightly in a rhythmic way. I focused more, and I realized that it was Jen next to me. I knew that movement!! She was either playing with her own pussy, or this guy forcing his cock in my mouth was doing it for her.
I tried to feel where his balance was and realized that he had to have both hands at the head of the bed. Good, she was doing it herself. She was hot and horny watching me suck this guy's cock. I was inspired to do better, and I did. Each time he pulled it free, I would bend, arch and crane my neck to find it and take it back in my mouth. Then, in an instant, he moved off the bed. I shifted as I waited for his next move. Was he going to return the favor? Was he going to push my legs up over his shoulders? Was he going to roll me over?
Within seconds I felt his weight on the bed again, but this time, I knew he was on the other side of Jen. Wait, I heard the familiar slap of a cock on the skin of a cheek. He was about to feed her the same way he had fed me. She backed herself up to my body and every part of her was now in contact with me. Her head was against my right arm still secured over my head. She lay half on me and her left arm still occasionally stroked my cock. I felt her head against my arm and I head the sounds she was making. He was fucking her mouth much the same way he had done mine.
This went on for a few seconds less than he treated me and she turned to kiss me full on the lips. Damn to I love kissing her in the middle of a hot blowjob. But we were interrupted as he positioned himself over us and forced us to break our kiss with his sloppy wet tool. We eagerly took it between us and licked and sucked the shaft as he worked. Then, her body separated from my own and she was gone. He moved to straddle my chest and I felt his smooth balls on my chest. The familiar scent and feel of your hair on my face immediately let me know you were back and eagerly sucking his cock right above me.
He put his balls on my face and I couldn't help but open my mouth and suck them into my mouth. I know how that can feel so I was gentle and had to really try to fit them both in my mouth at once. All around he felt like me even if he was maybe just a little bit bigger. It seemed as if Jen had found a guy with a cock and balls nearly identical to my own. He had a smooth taste to his skin and I wanted to compliment her on her choice. But, now was not the time.
He told Jen to get up and then he placed his cock right at my open mouth. I could tell he had his hand wrapped around his shaft and he squeezed and stroked it to the tip while pushing just the head against my lips. I got a very large amount of precum out of his swollen head and I savored the taste. He managed to squeeze another nice amount out and I lapped at it like it was dessert.
He got up off me. I felt him stand and then he had her lay down next to me. Suddenly, her body was shifted, and I suspected her had used her legs to pretty much lay her on top of me. She wiggled until her shoulders were on my chest. Her arms instinctively reached for the top bar on my headboard. Her weight shifted, and I knew what was happening. He lifted her legs over his shoulders, her ass about even with my cock but I had no way of maneuvering to get inside her from my current position. Then I head her sigh and felt his weight through her. He just pushed his cock into her while she was on top of me.
I tried to use my legs to position my cock nearer her, but he kept me just outside of my reach. He started slow at first, and she gasped with each stroke. I knew that from the sounds, if I were able to see her, there was a good chance I would feel jealous. But, al I could do was provide her a soft cushion to press against each time his weight rammed into her. As this went on, he increased the downward force and his thrusts reverberated throughout my entire body. As this went on, he increasingly lowered her legs and soon I could feel his balls grazing my cockhead as he fucked my girl right on top of me. I again struggled to raise my hips and I did manage, likely by his own good will, to slip my cock into a position so that it was alongside him as he thrust into Jen's warm, moist pussy. I could feel the pressure that he exerted with each stroke and my aching hard on was smashed between her and him.
He pulled free and I felt her body slide ever so smoothly down. A hand took me by the shaft and I felt it guide me inside Jen. Finally!!! I almost fucking came I loved feeling inside her knowing he had just pulled out. I wanted her to fuck me, but she didn't move. He pulled her back as if he was placing her in a way that afforded me my maximum penetration. Then, I felt his cock head tease my shaft. I knew what was coming and I wanted to see so bad. He slipped inside her soaking cunt and I felt her go limp for a second.
Maybe 5 second went by and nobody moved. Then he began to fuck her from the top. I could feel every inch of his perfect cock gliding up the bottom of my own shaft. I grew more excited each time the head of his cock passed the ridge of my own. His position gave him better penetration and so his swollen head would glide over mine on each and every thrust. Please be recording this was all I could think about. I was so close, and I prayed I could hold out until I could reclaim her. I knew that if I came, it was over and there was more I wanted from this encounter.
That was when I heard her tell him that she wanted him to cum inside her and all over my cock. The idea of him cumming in her as we both fucked her was beyond words. I had to make it until he came first. She began telling him how good it felt and how much she wanted him to cum. I knew I was leaking precum into her like crazy and I hoped he came soon.
Almost on cue, he began moaning and pumping faster. He thrust deep into her and cried that he was cumming inside her. I felt his balls and cock twitch against my own and I swear I felt the wetness of his semen on the head of my cock. He clenched a few times then he pulled free and I felt his cum drip down my balls. I don't know why, but I pulled out to feel the rest of him on the head of my cock.
Her weight shifted as if she was pushed. She rolled off me and then was suddenly straddling my chest. I felt cum drip out of her and land on my upper right pec. Then she was over top of me and her hand was in my hair. She pulled the blindfold free and tossed it aside. She pulled my mouth to her and she clearly was about to cum. I opened and placed my open mouth over her entire silky-smooth pussy and gently sucked as my tongue found her clit. She began to convulse, and I felt her body tense. Goosebumps on her legs were the sign my body needed. I flicked her clit a few more times before plunging my tongue as deeply inside my girl as I could reach it. She tasted saltier and sweeter than normal. She relaxed, and I waited to taste this guy's cum. I sucked more, and I was rewarded with a huge load that came free. I tasted it before swallowing and savored its flavor before trying to get more.
Straddling me the way she was, I could see directly up her incredible body but not much else. She had taken the blindfold off at a moment after she had blocked most of my view of the room. I head the bedroom door close and that is when she got off me enough to crawl down my body and smear her nipples through the rest of the stranger's cum that was running down my shaft still.
As she positioned herself to sit down on my cock, I craned to lick her tits clean of our new toy's creamy surprise. Right then, I didn't care who he was, all I knew was that he had just made one of my biggest fantasies come true for the second time. I got to eat my lady's fresh-fucked pussy clean of another man's still warm cum. She barely was able to slide down on me a handful of times before I was cumming inside her myself. To my surprise, I clenched twice and shot 1 good stream of my own cum inside her and she immediately sprang back to her dominating position and forced her pussy onto my mouth again. In the midst of my orgasms still, I repeated my effort again and this time tasted the familiar flavor that was my own load. I had shot it many times in my own mouth while masturbating but always lost interest by the end of my orgasm. She timed it perfectly and I lapped it up the best I could before I had to catch my breath.
As I lay there catching my breath, she undid the cuffs and lay next to me. She whispered in my ear how much she loved me and how much she appreciated me not refusing anything. I smiled because I knew our next adventure would be mine to plan. But for a while, I just wanted to relive this one. And it was on video, but the guy wore a Halloween mask, so I never saw his face. She says she has his contact information and her deal was that he never writes her first but if she wrote him, they could maybe set something up in the future. It wound up being one of my top 3 favorite encounters and I openly admit that eating his cum out of her pussy is the single greatest gift, sexually, we have given each other in our long history. She now understands that I would do anything for her and by giving me that insane opportunity, I see that there is nothing off-limits to request.
What an incredible demonstration of love and faith in one another. Can't wait to write about my planned adventure with her.
This story is for both of us. I want to hear the parts you liked, loved, disliked and "strongly disliked" after you read it.

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