Jennifer & Eric – Siblings Pt. 01

tagIncest/TabooJennifer & Eric – Siblings Pt. 01

I guess you could say we have an attractive family. My sister and brother have had many hot boyfriends and girlfriends, and boys have been oogling me all year in school. My body has matured a lot over the past year, and the boys are beginning to notice. My breasts have gotten very large, and my legs long and my hips full. I've been exploring my sexual side since 8th grade, and now that I'm in 11th grade, and just turned 18, I feel like I may be ready to have sex with a boy. As soon as one worthy enough comes along, that is.
So as I said, I have a pretty attractive family. My sister, Rachael, who is in her 2nd year at college, is amazing. She is tall, has very full breasts, and is absolutely gorgeous. She has been such a role model for me, and I am so happy my body is developing just like hers. Her long muscular legs, her cute little ass, her smooth, tight stomach, her full round breasts, and her long wavy hair have been the torture of many boys over the years, and I've watched and learned. Thankfully, she comes home every once in a while so I can see what she's wearing and how she wears her hair so I can get pointers.
My brother, Eric, is pretty hot too. He's a senior in my school, just turned 19, and all the girls want him. He's got an absolutely stunning girlfriend, and I suspect they have been having sex for a year now. Hard to imagine how they couldn't. He is about 6 foot 2, has a very muscular body, and his chest and ass are very strong. With a body like his, most boys his age look like they have a long way to go before they're done. It's no wonder I haven't found a suitable boy to give it up to yet. He is absolutely beautiful.
And as for me, Jennifer, I'm about 5'6", one hundred and ten pounds, and have long blonde hair. My tits are about 36-C, and have very pert and stiff nipples. They are so stiff I often have to put a pad in my bra to hide their erectness. Some days when I'm feeling really sexy, I wont wear a bra at all, and the boys cannot stop staring. I love it too. My stomach and legs are very fit, the result of years of tennis. My ass is one of my best qualities. It is round and full, but not too big. I love to wear tight fitting jeans and skirts to show it off, and I know boys turn to look after I walk past them. And last but not least, my pussy. I am in love with my pussy. It is so soft and plump, and is very sensitive, especially since I've begun shaving it bald. I can't stand having hair down there because it keeps my panties from rubbing against my lips and clit. I am in a constant state of arousal because my panties gently massage my pussy as I walk and play tennis. Some days I get so wet down there that I have to bring another pair of panties. My cunt is so ready to be fucked, but as I said, there have been no suitable cocks for which I will give it up to.
So, this brings me to my story. It is a wonderful story, one that demands to be recorded, so I can remember it forever.
It was a morning just like most mornings, except I woke up earlier, like 5 am, feeling very horny. I was lying in my bed and I was stroking my clit. I almost always masturbate in the morning, primarily because I'm horny as hell when I wake up after dreaming about getting fucked by some huge cock. I also want to be able to concentrate in school, so I take the horny edge off. So I'm lying there, gently massaging my pussy, loving the soft folds and juicy lips. My fingers are wet, and I push them one by one into my cunt. I draw them in and out, listening to the sexy sound of wetness popping and juices dripping. With my free hand, I massage my tits and tweak my hard stiff nipples. I bring one breast up to my face, and hungrily suck on the nipple. I taste my fingers dripping with my pussy juices, and hungrily suck them dry. I switch hands and continue to stroke my cunt and knead my aching breasts. My eyes are shut tight, envisioning a huge cock pounding in and out of my steaming cunt. I'm writhing on the bed now, in complete ecstasy, fingers vibrating hard against my swollen clit, my hand squeezing my breasts and nipples. I begin to moan loudly, certain no one can hear. I'm beginning to cum now, the wave of pleasure rising up my legs, racing towards my pussy. My pussy quakes powerfully, and I let out a muffled scream as the first wave comes. Just then, without any warning, Eric comes racing through my door, "Are you oka…"
I've forgotten to lock the door!
He stops in the doorway, his hand still on the doorknob, and his mouth drops open. Just then a second orgasm, wells up and wracks my body, forcing me to slam my fingers deep into my cunt and tweak hard on my nipple. I stare at him, horrified, yet helpless to stop masturbating. A third orgasm explodes in my pussy, forcing me to cry out and arch my back in ecstasy. I keep staring at Eric, embarrassed beyond words, and fearful that he'll start laughing or something. Finally the orgasm subsides and I begin to feel like I have control over my body again. Eric is still standing there, watching in amazement as his younger sister has just been caught masturbating, but doesn't seem to care. His eyes are wide, and are scouring my body from head to toe. He has never seen me naked, at least not after my body turned into a young woman's. I lay there, tits heaving, legs trembling, terrified at his reaction. Is he disgusted? Is he too embarrassed to say anything?
I jump up, my huge tits swaying heavily, and grab my robe. I throw it on, not realizing that cum is coating my pussy and upper thighs. He keeps staring, hand still on the doorknob, his mouth still agape. I stand there, looking at him, not knowing what to say. Finally, the anxiety becoming too much, I blurt out, "What! What!"
As if awakened from a coma he says, "Nothing. I'm sorry." and then he backed out of the room, closing the door quietly, as if he had never been there. I sat down on the bed, breathing heavily from both the powerful orgasms and from having been busted by my brother. I couldn't think straight, and the embarrassment was becoming unbearable. This was terrible. How could I ever look at him again? Would he tell our parents? Or worse, would he tell his friends? I'd be the laughing stock of the school. Knowing my brother could be a jerk sometimes the idea wasn't far fetched.
I quickly wiped the juices from my legs and pussy, quickly dressed, and went downstairs. I was shaking with anxiety and nervousness. I knew I had to face Eric soon, because he drove me to school. Oh God! What a mess!
When Eric came downstairs, I couldn't look at him. Then he surprised me by talking to me in his normal way. "You ready to go? You got all your stuff?"
For a second I couldn't answer.
"Jennifer? You there?"
He was playing it off. He must have known how embarrassed I was, and was making it easy for me to continue with life as I knew it.
"Yeah, I've got my stuff. Let's go."
I was floored. As we drove to school, I kept looking at him for fear that the joke had not been played yet; that he would bust out laughing at any minute and start pointing his finger at me. But he didn't. He just drove there quietly, ignoring my presence. When we got to school, he told me goodbye, and went off to his classes. I was so relieved he was making it easy for me. What a sweetie! I went off to my classes.
That evening, I spent my time in my room, still embarrassed at the morning's display. I was trying to avoid him as long as possible, in the foolish hope that all would be forgotten. When I heard him come home and go into his room right next to mine, my heart started beating furiously, and the whole image of the morning's disaster flashed again in my head. All I could do to remedy the feeling was to go to sleep.
That night I had the most vivid and powerful dream I've ever had. I dreamed I was lying on my bed, but it was pitch black. I had no clothes on, and couldn't move my body at all. I wasn't paralyzed or restrained, I just couldn't move. Slowly, and with great pleasure, I began to feel my pussy getting really hot, almost burning hot. My breasts too, they started swelling with pleasure as the sensation of intense heat welled up in them. Still, I couldn't move, although I don't remember even wanting to. Soon my whole body was on fire, and my cunt was sopping wet. I'm not sure how long this went on, but the feeling was incredible. Suddenly, I had an image of my pussy, gleaming and quivering, and a huge cock was poised at the entrance, just touching my swollen lips. The sight was heavenly. I began to moan, still unable to move, but wanting the cock to push itself in. I tried to move my pussy down to force the cock in, but I still couldn't move.
Finally, before I went crazy with passion and longing, the cock began to slowly part my lips. I gasped, and the image and feeling made me cum right there. I moaned loudly, and the cock moved further in, spreading my lips wide. It was a beautiful cock, about 8 inches and very thick. The head was large and round, and was stretching my virgin pussy like it had never been before. I was loving it beyond words. Soon the cock was pushing deep into my pussy, and I was feeling at last the sensation of being fucked. The feeling was much better than I had hoped. As it slid in and out, my juices glistened on its shaft, and I heard the wet slapping noises of the cock's large balls slamming into my crotch. I was being fucked good now, the cock blows harder and faster. My moans were growing louder now, to match my growing euphoria.
As my pleasure grew the light on that cock fucking my pussy began to grow and spread into the room. Soon I could see the stomach and bed, and then the chest. Whoever that cock was attached to had a really nice body. It was so strong and muscular. My body was still immobile, but that didn't matter. I didn't have to move. It was amazing. Soon I began to feel as if I was going to explode with the most powerful orgasm I've ever had. Electricity began to gather in my pussy, and the cock slamming in and out seemed to be powered by it. The light in the room was also powered by it, and the whole room seemed to glow with intense light. I began to cum.
My pussy quaked and rocked, and the cock began to spasm, shooting hot cum deep into my pussy. I screamed with pleasure, and my pussy exploded again. The growing light was almost to the man's head now. I looked and strained my eyes to see who it was. Just then my cunt seemed to melt with heat and cum, and I came again, so powerfully I thought I would faint. Just as I came, the image of the face became clear. It was my brother! My brother was fucking my virgin pussy with his huge beautiful cock! He was looking at me with love and ecstasy. His cock blew another huge load of hot cum into my pussy, and I heard cum squirt out from my pussy, drenching my thighs. I cried out loud as the last of my orgasms let loose. It was then that I woke up, moaning loudly.
It was dawn and my covers were completely thrown off of me. I was naked; I had somehow taken off my panties and t-shirt during the night. My pussy was soaking wet, and still convulsing from the many orgasms I had just had. I reached down, and found the amazing amount of wetness down there. Oh my God! Had I just had a dream that my brother was fucking me? I couldn't believe it! It was so good! His cock was beautiful, and had fucked my virgin pussy so good! But that was wrong! How could I have that dream? Fucking your own brother was perverted, right? That's incest! But the dream and the orgasms felt so good, and it seemed right. It seemed perfect in fact, that it happened. That it was good, and that I was right to feel that way. I could not deny the wonderful feeling of being fucked, and the intense orgasms were the best I had ever had. What was I going to do?!?
So I did what I could do. I laid there, stroking my spent pussy, closing my eyes, thinking of Eric's huge cock fucking me so good, thinking of my brother's huge cock slamming my hot virgin cunt so good. I loved the idea. He was hot, and he was close to me. He had seen me masturbating just the day before, and he hadn't made fun of me. Maybe he liked looking at my hot young body there on my bed, in the throes of a paralyzing orgasm? Maybe he might want to fuck me? "Why not?" I said aloud.
"Yeah, why not?"
I got up, my knees weak from my dream and the virtual sex I had that morning, and took a shower. As I washed my hard, young body of the cum and sweat, I thought more and more favorably of the idea of fucking Eric. Even if it never happened, it was sexy to think about. It made me horny as hell, and I began to plot out possible scenarios in which to seduce him. But I would have to be careful. Him busting me masturbating was one thing; actively seducing him was another. He might get really weirded out by me coming on to him. He might even tell my parents, suggesting I needed some psychiatric help. I would have to be careful. But then again, he might be excited by the idea. That thought made my loins hot, and new wetness sprang forth from my pussy. What if he wanted to fuck me; to fuck his sister! I loved saying it!
"I want to fuck my hot brother and his big, juicy cock."
I fell in love with the idea. I became obsessed with it. But I needed time to plan my attack. That morning I got dressed in some of my sexier clothing. I wore a pair of sexy satin bra and panties, and donned a tight little mini-skirt and T-shirt. The skirt showed off my long legs beautifully, and the t-shirt allowed ample view of my ample tits. The bra didn't hide my perky nipples at all, and little was left to the imagination. I just felt so sexy!
I went downstairs and waited for Eric to come down. When he did, he immediately looked me up and down, and my heart pounded audibly in my ears.
"Hey, you look pretty today. What's the occasion?"
I couldn't speak. He liked the way I looked!
"Oh nothing. Just threw this on." I lied.
"Well, let's get going. I have to meet Allie before class."
"OK." I said, suddenly remembering his beautiful girlfriend. How could he want me if she was around. She's drop dead gorgeous, popular, and not his sister. Oh well, I would try not to think about that. If I really wanted his cock, she wouldn't stand in my way.
On the way to school, I sat there uneasily in my seat, aware that the cock I had dreamed of was only a few feet away. I had an incredible urge to reach out and grab it, but of course that would be taking things a little too fast. My legs were stretched out nicely, and I kept looking at them, wanting to start caressing them. The same for my tits. My nipples were completely erect and showed wonderfully though my shirt. I wondered if my brother was checking me out like I was. I hoped so, and I shot a glance over to him. No, his eyes were on the road. That's OK. Maybe he needed a little more… persuasion. Or maybe he thought that staring at his sister was freaky.
That day in school, the boys went crazy. I was asked out twice by two boys, both of which I turned down of course. I had something better in mind. In between one of my classes, I saw Eric in the hallway with his girlfriend. They were standing very close to one another. I decided to hang back and watch. She was so beautiful. I suddenly believed that I had virtually no chance against her. I would try anyway to seduce my brother, but boy, was she pretty. He gave her a sweet kiss, and the sight of his lips pursing against hers made me instantly wet. Why couldn't her lips be mine!
That night, Eric came home early and went to his room without saying anything. We wondered what was wrong, so I went up to my room and put my ear to the wall. He sounded like he was pacing the floor, and he was muttering something I couldn't make out. He sounded upset all right. I wasn't sure, but it sounded like he said Allie several times. Maybe something bad happened with her after school.
Later on, well after midnight, as I was laying there in bed not sleeping, I could hear a new burst of muttering. What had happened? I jumped up to put on my robe and go ask him what was the matter, and right before I picked it off it's hook, I remembered my plan: to seduce Eric. I had on a pair of tiny white panties that I always sleep in, which are almost too small to wear anymore. The front barely covers my plump pussy mound and the back hugs my sweet round ass to perfection. I had on an old ratty t-shirt so I decided to put on a sexier shirt. I looked in my drawers and found a really tight micro cami, pure white. I used to wear it, but my tits had grown too big for it, like most of my other shirts. I put it on and saw that my tits completely filled it out, and that my nipples showed perfectly. The cami was short enough that my whole stomach showed and my titties bulged sexily out the sides and top. I stood in the mirror, weighing whether or not I was too risqué for display, but told myself the rewards could be a huge cock in my pussy, and I walked out into the hallway. I stood there at Eric's door, my heart racing and sweat springing forth all over my body. I was so nervous!
He was still talking to himself, still upset, so I knocked on the door and said, "Eric, are you alright?"
"Yeah, I'm fine."
"You don't sound fine. Do you want to talk?" I said, half hoping that he would, half hoping that he would say no. He paused for what seemed like an hour. And then I heard his footsteps moving toward the door. I froze, feeling too naked all of a sudden. What was I thinking! I'm half naked! I was in my panties and my tits are coming out of my shirt! I suddenly had the urge to run back to my room and throw on my robe, but I was frozen there. He reached the door and opened it. I stood there, gazing up in his face for his reaction. He looked startled, but his gaze was transfixed on my body. I watched as his eyes drifted from my tits and nipples poking firmly against my cami, down to my pussy, gazing directly at the tiny little patch of satin covering the plump folds of my cunt. When his eyes were on my tits, my nipples hardened noticeably, and when I saw him looking at my panties, fire and juices bloomed in my pussy. He stared for a long time, and I knew that this was a mistake.
"I'm sorry, I shouldn't have bothered you." I said. I turned to walk back to my room. He said nothing until I got to my door.
"No. I'm just upset about something." He said finally.
I turned back to him and saw that his eyes had been on my ass. I could feel that my asscheeks were poking cutely out of my panties; that I had a small wedgie. My heart leapt. He had been staring at my ass!
"If you want to talk about it, I'm here for you." I said.
"Yeah, that would be nice. Come on in." he replied.
At first I couldn't believe it. He gestured for me to follow him in his room, and then I knew I had heard him correctly. I went into his room and shut the door. He was sitting on his bed and I sat across from him in his chair. I saw him sneak peaks at my tits and ass, and I felt a wave of confidence and pleasure. There was a full-length mirror on his closet door and I could see myself in it. I looked very sexy. How could he not stare?
I said, "What's wrong? You've been upset all night?"
"Allie and I had a fight. She's upset at me because…" he trailed off.
"Well, you know we've been going out almost a year now."
"Well, I'm a guy, and you know how guys are."
"Yeah." Knowing he was talking about how guys want sex almost all the time.
"Well, she keeps saying we are gonna have sex, but she always chickens out, right when I get all worked up. You know? That sucks." He said, clearly upset.
"Yeah, that sucks." Knowing full well how much it sucks to want to have sex but not getting any.
"How do you know?" He said.
"Well, I'm not a little girl anymore Eric. I know what boys want, and I also know what girls want." I said boldly.

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