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Hello , I just wanted to say thank you to everyone for all the views, those that added my stories to their favourites, commented and started following me. if you are new to my series it is a continuation of an arc so this is the middle. If you have any questions or comments please do and I will do my best to offer insight. Thank you again and enjoy the releases as they become available.
After our session in the kitchen, Candy led me to the living room. She sat first and positioned me to lie down with my head on her lap. I laid there just enjoying the stroking of her fingers through my hair. She kept playing with my hair and kissing my forehead and I could the love and warmth radiating from her. I started to appreciate her in a way I never did before and felt truly lucky to have her in my life. I opened my eyes and looked into hers and we just looked at each other and smiled but not like anytime before. This time it was different, it was like we finally understood each other and connected on some new level. I reached up and pulled her towards me and we kissed in a very passionate and loving way. Her tongue and mine were just slowly caressing each other and without thinking knew how best to react.
She slide had hand down my chest and grazed my abs lightly with her finger tips. She pressed her hand down with a flat palm down my stomach until she reached my dick. It was still flaccid but she cupped her hand over it. Her hand felt hot. With the tips of her fingers she was rubbing my balls in a small circular motion and slowly moving her hand forward and backward. Blood began to run into my penis and I felt an erection beginning. Candy's fingers curled around the base of my shaft and she very slowly but with a firm grip moved her hand up towards the tip of my cock and back down to the base. I couldn't believe that I was getting this hard but I think I was really falling in love with Candy on a different level and my body was just responding to her touch.
She continued kissing me and her slow handjob was getting better with every passing second. I wasn't fully erect yet but she began to change position. She placed a pillow under my head and lowered her pussy onto my face. She was really wet and her scent was really strong. She lowered her head down to suck my dick in a glorious 69 position. Her breasts with her diamond hard nipples pressed hard against me and her hips were making thrusts towards my chest. I felt her put her palms against my thighs as she angled her head to get my cock in her mouth. Her mouth felt so hot. She was pulling and sucking on it like she had never really done before and she swirled her tongue around and then flicked her tongue over the tip. I put my finger into her wet hot crotch and I licked her clit using a little suction and pressure as well. Her lubrication was thick and I moved my fingers in and out of her while building my pace.
Candy gyrated her hips and stroked my cock a few times and then moved her vagina away from my face and down to my pelvis. She slapped my dick against her moist slit three times and then rubbed the head of my penis up and down the length of her vaginal lips. She sat on my cock and she let it penetrate her as deep as it could go. She began to rise up and down. All I could see was the back of her so I held her butt in my hands and squeezed it as she was slowly riding me. I was getting caught up and lost in the moment until Kristy bent over my face and wiggled her breasts. She did it so fast and low that it seemed like she was trying to slap my face with her breasts. She then hovered her nipples above my lips and I kissed them at first before sucking them as hard as I could. I realized by now that Kristy had liked things rough sexually so I sucked them hard enough to leave a mark on her flawless breasts.
Kristy moaned and then laughed as she pulled her tits away from my face and sat on my face. She pressed her pussy hard on my mouth and all I could do was try to fit her entire mons area into my mouth. She was so swollen that I couldn't do it but her clit was very pronounced now so I just used the tip of my tongue to make circles around it. Candy had now switched gears from a slow ride to now slamming her pelvis hard into mine. She was making loud moans as she rode my dick to an orgasm. Kristy turned around keeping her wet swollen pussy pressed on my face. She reached over to Candy and pulled her against her body. She grabbed Candy's bouncing boobs and fondled them as she sucked on Candy's ear lobe. I continued licking and sucking away on Kristy's clit and made light touches and passes on her anus and pressed my finger against it without going in.
Candy was now getting nearer to her climax, her thrusting became shorter and more forceful. She gyrated her hips with every rise and fall of her pelvis, Kristy then moved her hand down and put her index and middle finger on each side of her pussy and pressed it which apparently did something to Candy because she came like I never heard or felt before, her pussy tightened up so much it felt like it was being crushed in a vise. She was still bobbing up and down on my cock but now it was slower and less often and her legs trembled as she fell backwards. Kristy moved out of the way and allowed her to fall on me and I hugged her and held her tight as she did. Kristy moved down to my legs and quickly started to lick Candy's wetness off my cock. She put my balls in her mouth and stroked my cock a few times. She then ran her tongue from my perineum to the tip of my dick with a very slow and heavy drag.
Candy was coming down from her orgasm high so she lowered herself so that her pussy and my cock were touching. Kristy held my cock in her hand with a firm grip and slowly stroked it while her tongue brushed the tip of my dick and moved to Candy's slit in one movement. When she reached Candy's clit she returned to the tip of my dick and continued this flowing movement. Kristy pulled both Candy and myself off the couch and on the floor in the same position that we were in. I was directly on the floor, Candy was laying on top on me with her back facing me and Kristy was between our legs. She pulled Candy down a little more so that my dick was flat against Candy's vagina and then she positioned herself similar to Candy. The best way I can describe it is that Kristy and Candy were scissoring each other and my dick was in the middle of their pussies. Kristy was grinding harder than Candy, I could tell that she had a lot of sexual experience just from the gyration of her hips, I think I would be safe in saying this was not her first time in this situation.
Kristy and Candy were both so wet and their grinding and sliding up and down my shaft made my cock felt like a volcano about to erupt. Kristy quickened her pace and not only did that make me feel like cumming, it had the same effect on Candy. I think Kristy might have known that I was close because she pressed her pussy harder against my cock and did very short and powerful thrusts which made every bit of cum explode and cover their pussies. Candy and Kristy didn't stop scissoring each other as their wetness mixed in with my cum, they continued with their grinding until finally they both had their own orgasms. This time Candy fell over to my side and just lay there trying to catch her breath and Kristy dropped right where she was between my legs. Her legs were over mine and one was still tied up with Candy's but we were all just spent from such a new and exhausting experience. I decided to follow my orgasm high to sleep and as I was doing so I heard Kristy telling Candy,
"Let him sleep, he has a lot more to do when he wakes up."

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