Jessica’s Horror Story Day 4

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By Ap0wers Day 4 of Jessica’s decent into become a rapetoy for men’s pleasure

*Important Note*
The following story is 100% fiction with zero real world relevance, non-consensual sex/sexual assault or underage sex of any kind is wrong and should never be accepted..

M+/g, nc, group sex, bondage, dp, triple pen, throat fuck

Previously on Jessica’s horror story:
Jessica’s been gang raped by 104 men, kidnapped and taken to a factory set up for a 50 man bachelor party who used, and abused her for 12 hours. Her 3rd day saw her cruelly used for a strip show and bondage fun as a way for her to recover, but the workers have been desperate for their chance, and now they’ll be getting it….
Jessica lay in her bed waking up on day 4 after becoming a rape toy. She’d been used, abused, humiliated, and fucked in a way that no other girl in the world had experience. At 11 years old she’d been treated as a gangbang slut, without even knowing these experiences were possible.

Her body ached, though not as much as the day before. The “day off” had allowed her body an opportunity at healing, despite them still using her in unusual other ways. What she’d been through it was like she could barely remember who she was before all of this, it’s like her life ended in the gymnasium and then restarted again getting gang raped. The Jessica that existed with all the hopes of going to the Olympics had been murdered by over a hundred cocks, this Jessica was a rape toy and nothing else.

The lights came on, she shut her eyes knowing that Nikolai, the man she’d trusted as her coach, would be walking in with a big smile ready to lead her to her next awful experience. Sure enough the door opens and in he walks.
“Lights on and wake up, Jessica! Big day for you today!”
She didn’t open them or even move, she didn’t have the desire to indulge his mood. This did not make Nikolai happy, he ripped the bed covers off her and yelled, “get the fuck up slut!”

Immediately she knew she was in trouble so she opened her eyes, looked at him and saw he wasn’t messing around so got herself out of bed. She was wearing the satin sexy PJ’s they’d given her the day before, it revealed a number of the marks left over from her previous days. Nikolai could tell she was broken, her mind had checked out from the pain and torment, and he was so happy about it. While he enjoyed her resisting in the beginning he wanted her to be a fuck doll for men to use and they liked, compliance meant they would be able to do that easier.

He led her out of the room to do the usual morning routine, much like the day before he still flushed her but not as much. Today was a slightly different day, she was the property of the workers who had earned their opportunity to use her. He’d asked them how they wanted to him to prepare her and they told him to bring her to the costume and make up room naked. He was very excited to see how they would be using her. After bathing her and drying her down he took her to the room they’d set up for any hair, make up, and costume related things. One of the workers was ready and waiting for her.

“Alright Jessica, let’s get you looking good and pretty for everyone. Big day ahead for you! Firstly, you can go ahead and get dressed, your clothes are just there on the chair.”

She walked over to the chair and noticed they was a uniform of some kind, on top were a set of red panties that appeared to be frilly satin. As she put the clothes on she realised it was a Girl Scout uniform complete with a sash with merit badges. Once fully dressed the man called her over to sit down at a chair. “Right we need to make sure you’re looking good for everyone so let’s do something about your hair!” He began by combing, and then started styling her hair into braided pigtails. Both Jessica and Nikolai actually thought to themselves that he was surprisingly quite good at it.

The man seemed to read their minds, “wondering how I know to do it?” Nikolai answered, “yes actually! You’re really good!”
”I’ve got two nieces, my sister in law taught me. Ah the things I want to do to those girls, maybe one day I’ll bring them here, but for now I’ll be taking out my pent up frustration on you my dear!”

Jessica shivered at that last comment, the fact he was so casual about the way he spoke about his nieces and what he wanted to do, but that he would be using her as his outlet. It scared her so much of what was in store. Finally though they were done, they got her in some knee high white socks and schoolgirl sandals to complete the look, and led her out towards the studio they were in the other day. Nikolai sat her at the table in the “kitchen” and turned to her, “now sweetie what would you like for breakfast? You can have toast, or cereal?” Jessica knew whatever she answered it would likely come with substance she’d easily recognise as cum, she didn’t want to answer but knew it might lead to punishment. “I’ll have cereal please.”

Sure enough a bowl of cereal was produced in front of her, instead of milk though Nikolai poured a small jug of cum onto it. She closes her eyes and shivered, but knew she had no choice but to eat it, she was so hungry and it was now to a point that even this looked appetising. She finished the bowl, gulping down the loads of men’s cum. “Good girl Jessica, it’s important you start your day with a strong protein rich breakfast!” They got her up and led her to a different part of the studio that they hadn’t shown her before, when they turned on the lights it was revealed to be a girls bedroom. There was a bed with metal poles at each end in the middle and the decor was very much a pink theme. There were stuffed toys on the bed, while the walls had posters of teen pop stars that girls were obsessed with. They’d even recreated her trophy wall as well, it reminded her of her room before being taken by Nikolai to this hell.

As she was taking it all in slowly but surely the 20 workers showed up and with the familiar look in their eyes start she’d seen from other men. It was a hunger, a hunger to use and abuse her in ways she had probably never imagined. Nikolai turned to her and said, “well, have fun!” Turning to the men he dramatically said, “she’s all yours!”

No sooner had he said that one of the men came up behind her and slapped some handcuffs on her wrists binding them behind her back. The men crowded around her and started to grope her body all over, she could feel hands everywhere on her body. They were each taking in turns at kissing her hard on the lips, getting their tongues deep down her mouth. Fingers were slipping under her panties and rubbing against her pussy. Other hands and fingers were slipping under her panties behind her, groping and squeezing her buttocks while fingers began being inserted into her little ass.

Those men with fingers inside her were impressed that her holes we still quite tight despite the amount of cocks she’d endured over the previous days. Even so they were getting multiple digits inside both holes, Jessica could feel them rubbing, pushing and probing. Every extra digit was starting to stretch them further. Eventually one of the men led her to the bed (all while the men continued to grope and rub her), he then forced her onto her knees and using another pair of handcuffs he connected the cuffs to the bed. She’d been in a similar position before to know what was likely coming next, sure enough one of the men poked his cock into her face and sternly said “open wide slut”.

Jessica, as always, was powerless to their perverted desires and so she opened her mouth as wide as possible to take the man’s hard cock down her. He buried his cock deep into her mouth and wasn’t interested in wasting time, he grabbed the back of her skull and rammed it deep into her forcing it to slide down her through. He wasn’t pumping fast, but he was forcing it very deep and the way he was clasping the back of her head she knew he had full control over her and how his cock was entering her. He held it himself inside her for what seemed like an eternity until finally pulling his member out and stepping out of the next man’s way allowing her to breathe.

She sucked in big gasps of air for as long as she could but her reprieve was short lived, another one of the workers stepped in and did the exact same thing. Deep, hard, but not fast. One by one they stepped up doing this until one man lay himself down next to her and as others picked her up he positioned himself underneath her body. He felt him slide her panties to the side as the feeling of his tongue entering her hit her. It actually felt good to Jessica, even when she’d been previously turned on it was during very violent encounters or they almost forced it out of her. But this man was hitting some spots she didn’t even know about and couldn’t help but let out some moans as the other men continued to use her helpless mouth. The man licking her was loving everything about it, the taste, the smell of her, hearing her moaning. But he wasn’t just getting her wet for her benefit, he pulled himself of her and sat next to her. His huge cock erected and so he lifted her up, guided her petite body onto his cock and then left gravity take over, letting her slide down impaling herself on him.

This was the reason for him licking her out, he wanted her nice and wet to be able to fuck her properly. Once she was fully in he lifted her and forced her onto her feet in and crouched position, once in that position he was able to glide in and out of her like the whore she was. All of this was going on while she was still being to suck man after man! As they kept rotating getting sucked off, the other men started to take her Scout Uniform off her. They use scissors and knives to carefully cut her out of the clothes discarding everything except for the skirt and merit badge sash.

The man fucking her pussy was grunting like an animal possessed, he’d been desperate to fuck this little girl since they brought her in and he was loving every moment of it. He was also aware that every other guy wanted his turn on her holes, reluctantly he paused his thrusts and yelled out, “oi someone hand me the keys to our slurs cuffs!” Once handed them he undid the bindings holding her wrists together. Jessica was glad to finally have back control of her hands but her relief was short lived, the man that was fucking her picked her up and threw her on the bed like she was nothing. Another two men crawled onto the bed, one lay down while the other stayed on his knees. The man on his back pulled her roughly towards him and placed her on top of his body, and without any warning he pushed her pussy down hard onto his hard cock and began thrusting violently into her. His body slapping hard up against her pelvis making loud slapping sounds. The other man wasn’t to be denied, he positioned his cock on her ass hole and pushed in without much resistance. Her holes were once again getting opened up brutally, the men around cheered as their friends brutally pounded this little girls holes. One man then stepped up, “c’mon fellas, she’s got two perfectly good hands and a mouth! Why waste them!”

The man that spoke positioned himself at her mouth and thrusted in while she was crying in pain and exhaustion. Jessica then felt as the other men wrapped he young hands around their cocks and began jerking themselves. Jessica was serving 5 cocks at once like a veteran gang bang porn star. The men fucking her holes were in extreme lust, they pounded her with zero mercy. Then as the man anally raping her began slapping her ass and he felt her ass clutch his cock as he did so, he felt his balls start to swell up, with his final thrusts he made so he got balls deep as he sent his cum deep into her bowels. He’d been dreaming of this for works, and now he was living his dream!

The man in her pussy wasn’t to be outdone, he felt Jessica shiver, shake, and twitch as the man came in her ass. He wanted her to feel his fun inside her at the same time, he let loose his final thrusts and shot his load deep in her pussy. “FUCK YEAH JESSICA, TAKE OUR CUM YOU LITTLE WHORE!!!” Jessica was shaking in shock, the feeling of these men taking so much of their pent up sexual desires out on her was overwhelming for her. The man in her ass finally withdrew, as she did she could feel the cold air inside her gaping ass. The man in her pussy then also pulled out, his cum dribbling out her young ruined hole. It was no more than 5 seconds before one of the other men then stepped up to fuck her, this time she was on all fours doggy style while her mouth and hands continued to be used.

The group of 20 men gang raped her for 4 hours without rest, they came in her pussy and ass, forced her to clean their cocks after taking their cum. Some of the men took multiple shots in her, it was relentless. The last person to cum in her was the doctor. “Ok guys I think that’s enough for now, our little Girl Scout needs a rest! And I don’t know about you guys but I’m starving!”

They filed out one by one leaving her lying there an exhausted mess. The only one left in the room with her was Nikolai, he looked at her impressed with the job they’d done o her. By the end of it all they’d got her completely naked, she’d cum so many men cum in her her ass and pussy were sloppy messes. There were stains of cum everywhere, she’d been forced to lie and roll around in their juices the whole time so she was a sticky mess of cum and sweat. Jessica lay there motionless, in the midst of everything that had just happened and what she’d just been through he was overcome with lust himself.

”Well done Jessica, you serviced the workers well. It’s my turn now, because remember no matter how many men you take, I will always be your first. And you forever belong to me!” Jessica lay there stunned but was hearing what Nikolai was saying, he stripped down and positioned his cock hard cock on her sloppy pussy. Pulling her legs up to him he began thrusting into her, there was so much cum in there it made it so easy to fuck her hard, her pussy was making sweat sounds as he pounded her. He then got himself into a funny crouching position and began to fuck her Jack hammer style, his goal was to get himself as far out of her without exiting her and then pounding her as deep as possible so she felt every bit of him. “Fuck yes you little slut, you’re fucking mine always remember that!” Jessica just took her punishment, she didn’t have any energy to fight and even if she did she knew it would be for nothing. Nikolai decided to continue his treatment of her being a whore by flipping her over, he then pressed his cock into her ass spreading her cheeks. He loved to see the sweat and cum stains glisten on her ass cheeks, he pulled her up so she was on all fours, how Jessica was able to stay up was beyond him, but he didn’t care.

“Ready for another ass fucking my little slut?” Of course he couldn’t care less whether she was ready, he started pounding her hard grasping her small sticky ass cheeks and slapping his body hard up against her. Jessica was beyond exhausted but just took his ass fucking punishment like the whore she was now, she felt Nikolai slip his hand down so he was now rubbing and fingering her sloppy pussy. Maybe it was the primal instincts of her body taking over, maybe it was the pungent smell of male sex pheromones in the air, whatever it was but this was turning her on getting her juices flowing. She was gasping and moaning, unable to control her body’s reaction, and suddenly without realising she began to rock her body back into Nikolai. Nikolai loved seeing her turning herself into an anal whore, he had broken her. He now had most of his fingers thrusting in her pussy while he fucked her ass (though she was doing most of the movements now).

Jessica could feel her orgasm building, as could Nikolai, he pulled his fingers out of her pussy and stuck them in her mouth. Instinctively she sucked on them consuming the combination of men’s cum and her pussy juices, while Nikolai used his other hand to continue turning on her pussy. Finally the explosion of ecstasy came from Jessica, “ahhhhhhhhhhh, oh my goddddddd!” Hearing this sent Nikolai over the edge, “YOU FUCKING ANAL WHORE, TAKE MY CUM WHILE YOU’RE CUMMING!!!!!” Nikolai’s cum shot deep into her already drenched insides, he collapsed on top of her as she twitched from the massive orgasm she had while Nikolai’s cock slowly softened before he finally removed it. Jessica lay there panting, not knowing exactly what to think, her mind had just been overloaded. Nikolai came around and lay next to her with his cock in front of her face, “you know what to do honey” and she did, the innocent gymnast was dead. She knew what her holes were for and she knew what her mouth was for, she sucked the cock of her kidnapper, her rapist, and the man who just gave her an overwhelming orgasm. She was no longer disgusted by the taste of cum and her ass, she was used to it, she even felt the primal part of her was enjoying it.

Once Nikolai was satisfied Jessica had sucked his cock clean he withdrew from her. Jessica was still panting and absolutely exhausted from her massive orgasm, she starred off into the distance as she regathered herself. She had finally started to comprehend what had just happened, had she started to enjoy being sexually assaulted? She orgasmed so hard at Nikolai’s anal assault, what did that mean about her? She could feel how sloppy and messy both her holes were, she felt every bit the whore that Nikolai had turned her into.

Once Nikolai had gathered himself he grabbed Jessica and led her out of the studio. He brought her into the main factory floor where her other assaults had taken place, she realised her day was far from over. He lay her down on a table and used belts to secure her down, not that he needed to, it was just about making sure she was used like a slut. The workers had requested her be immobilised on the table naked for the next round of fun. He then also taped a hitachi wand onto her messy wet pussy and turned it onto full power. She twitched as it continued to stimulate her sensitive pussy.

The 20 men walked in rested and full up on food and beer, in fact most were quite drunk and feeling lustful for the next session. Her head hung over the edge, she was still in a daze from her orgasm and earlier gang rape. One of the men approached her with a mouth spreader gag and placed it on her. In this position Jessica had a bad feeling she knew what was coming. The men began pumping their cocks to get the hard then one of the men placed his huge cock at her open mouth and grabbing the other side of her head he began thrusting violently into her mouth and deep into her throat. He was using her face like a pussy, Jessica was struggling to breathe though every so often she would get a tiny reprieve to allow some breath in. The workers were given very strict instructions that she would be ok to continue her prostitution journey after they were done. But she wasn’t to know that and then we’re times she panicked and her face turned red. The man didn’t use her for long, he pulled out after maybe 2min and was replaced by another man immediately. This would be her next punishment, she was going to endure these men running a train on her pretty face and throat. Each man would step up and face fuck her brutally for 2minutes before rotating. This meant it was going to last an eternity for Jessica. Every time they stepped up they’d get balls deep on her face and their smelly putrid balls would slap against her pretty face. She chocked, she gagged, saliva was dribbling out of her mouth as well as precum, a couple of times the men even squeezed her throat so it was feel tighter around their cocks. All the while the hitachi wand continued it’s pulsing against her pussy, every so often her body would betray her and she’d twitch while having an orgasm.

After what seemed like forever for Jessica one of the men using her face started grunted and pulled out shooting a load of cum on her face. “FUCK YEAH, TAKE MY CUM ON YOUR PRETTY LITTLE FACE!!!” It hit her chin, cheek, and dribbled down to her nose, some went in her mouth as well. She would have obediently swallowed but the spreaders were still in place. This would be their final humiliation of her, one by one they used her face and then shot their loads on her face and body. By the end of it her face was almost unrecognisable due to the countless loads on her, a few had also chosen to cum on her body, her developing breast also sticky with cum.

They then undid the bindings and took the spreaders off her face, then they placed her down on the cold floor of the factory. Jessica starred at them blankly waiting for whatever humiliation they had in store next. The doctor spoke, “Go on bitch! You’ve got all that valuable cum on your face, you’d better swallow it all, it’s good sustenance!” Ever the obedient fucktoy she used her fingers to drag every bit of cum off her face that wasn’t dried and scooped it into her mouth, she did as she was told and swallowed. “Now finger yourself, get those fingers deep into your pussy!” Yet again she followed the instructions of her tormentors, she began by poking two fingers but then moved up to 3. She was shocked at how it felt in there, she could feel the walls of her pussy coated in men’s cum and could also feel all the juices she’s excreted. “Moan like a slut!” “Get yourself off!” “Harder, fuck yourself harder” then men yelled these obscene comments at her to further degrade her. She came to a climax, though it didn’t feel particularly strong, her body was exhausted from her day of abuse. “Now stuck your fingers, taste your pussy juices and our cum!” Yet again she did as she was told, she sucked on her sloppy sticky fingers, tasting herself in the process. The men just starred at her with satisfied looks on their faces. They’d wanted to turn her into their whore for the day and they succeeded. They turned and left giving each other high fives for what they’d achieved.

Jessica was again left with only Nikolai in the room. “Wow they really did a number of you Jessica!” Jessica looked at him, blank faced and utterly broken. “4 days you’ve been our fucktoy, 4 days you’ve been put through more than any other girl on the planet. But you’re still here, and your still ours to use as we please. It’s not going to get any easier for you, we’ve already got 4 bookings for you coming up. Ones for a small group of buys that a BDSM professionals who are keen to to test your flexibility. Another one is an all lesbian group who will being using some of the biggest stapon dildos I’ve ever seen. I won’t spoil the rest but suffice to say you’re going to be a busy girl!”
As Nikolai dragged Jessica to the doctors office for her check out it became clear to her, she would probably die here during one of these hideous sex parties. No one had any care for her, she briefly wondered what her mother was doing to try to find her, but in her heart she knew it was likely pointless. This was her life and her death now.

Jessica will return for her grand finale in the next part….

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