Jessica’s Horror Story Part 5: One Year Later

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By Ap0wers The conclusion to a young girls story of being turned into a rapetoy for men

*Important Note*
The following story is 100% fiction with zero real world relevance, non-consensual sex/sexual assault or underage sex of any kind is wrong and should never be accepted.

M+/g, nc, group sex, bondage, dp, triple pen, throat fuck, snuff

Previously on Jessica’s horror story:
Jessica’s 4 day ordeal had started with 104 man gang rape, then brutalised by a stag party, used as a BDSM sex slave and model, and culminated in an orgy with the “hotel” workers where she was being held captive. We now pick up the story a year later.
One year on from that first day of getting brutally gang raped in the gymnasium she had had dreams of being an Olympian Jessica’s life had become a living nightmare. Her daily life had consisted of being woken up by one of the workers (it was always Nikolai initially but after some time he relinquished the duties to the others) she would be taken to the shower room where she would be roughly washed inside and out, before being taken back to her room to be put in a costume for the day and taken to “kitchen” to eat her breakfast (always laced with cum). What would happen next largely depended on her previous days. If she was deemed “fully fit” then she was typically subjected to gang rape, usually about 20-30 people in a day. Sometimes they were parties/orgies of men that were all together, other times it would just be client after client coming and having their turn with her. They were all tested for STD’s before coming and if they tested positive to something they had to wear a condom, the hotel wanted to make sure they were spreading the joy of raping a little girl not STD’s!

When she wasn’t “fully fit” they would either provide her to just one client or to a BDSM expert to use her for sexual depravity. They took online requests from people all around the world on how best to use her, some of the ideas men had even disturbed Nikolai! Their goal was always to push her to her limits, but to avoid her death for as long as possible. It got close some times though.

There was one occasion that a man had paid for use of her with a buddy and they were more interested in their breathplay fetish than just fucking her. They used multiple styles of breathplay: initially they started with her tied to a chair naked with pegs pinned all over her, a dildo on her pussy and a vibrating butt plug in her ass. They then placed a plastic bag over her head and tied it off cutting off her air supply. They did this several time, sending her to multiple orgasms as she gasped for air.

Then they fulfilled a fantasy one of the men had by tying her up and putting her in a vacuum bag removing all the air. Time after time they took her to the brink of passing out.

They dunked her head in water, throat fucked her deeply while pinching her nose, and they wrapped her face in shrink wrapped and using a heat gun shrunk it down tightly onto her face.

But the moment it almost all ended was when they wrapped her neck in a noose and pulled her off the ground choking her. They did it several times but finally one moment they went to far and she passed out completely, and stopped breathing. Thankfully the Doctor was on hand to whole time (jerking off mostly) and managed to revive her, Jessica wished he hadn’t. After giving the thumbs up for a final go from the two men they fucked her and finished by having her choke down their cum. Watching on Nikolai was glad they had paid a deposit of $200k on her in case of “accidental death”.

The video of her breathplay torture and close death became the most popular video available, and even got leaked out onto the mainstream internet. Millions of people used the images of her having the life sucked out of her to cum hard.

She was given a bit more of a reprieve than usual after that, even a full day (mostly) off.

Another particularly torturous day came when unexpectedly at the hands of a 15 women had gang raped her. They used huge strap on dildos, they fisted her, stretched her in a way that not even any of the men she’d experienced had done to her. It was as if they hated her, or maybe they hated little girls in general and just wanted to take it all out on her. Regardless of the reasons they were absolutely brutal and vicious with her, they slapped and spanked her raw, they made her eat out their pussies constantly to the point her jaw was in agony, they got all manner of sizes and styles of dildos/toys to use on her and stretched everything about her to the absolute limit.

The women couldn’t be satisfied no matter what they did to her and even had to be told their time was up. They finished her all with all of them pissing on her leaving her a complete mess and a broken body. Again, this required more recovery time than usual, so much so in fact that the doctor declared her unfit for gang rape for at least a week. Even after that week the doctor had come to the conclusion that the women had done irreparable damage on both of her holes.

This was only a couple of weeks before her one year anniversary, something that Nikolai had wanted to savour and mark in a special way. He approached the doctor after the examination to get an idea of where to go next.

“So doc, what’s the verdict? Is our fucktoy going to recover?”
”Honestly, not this time. Those women really did a fucking number on her, as hot as it was to witness. Her holes are gaping now, I mean her pussy has been stretched closer to a girl who’s given birth and he ass doesn’t seem to close anymore. The internal damage as well was immense, that’s been the main reason she’s needed this recovery time”
”Bottom line it for me Doc, where to for Jessica?”
”Honestly? One more gang rape might just finish her off entirely. Retire her now and she’ll live.”
”Hmmmm, thanks doc. Something for me to think about.”

Nikolai wandered off to think about those prospects, he had been in charge of her “well-being” so he felt a little bad that he’d let those women go so hard on her. Not bad for Jessica, it bad for the multiple clients that were going to be disappointed as well as the silent investor who had helped set this up. He was the one he wanted to discuss this next step with.

Nikolai fired up his laptop and connect to a FaceTime with the other side blanked and voice affected.

“I’m afraid the news isn’t good, that women group has destroyed our girl.”
Voice garbled and masked ”Don’t worry too much, we knew going into this that wasn’t a forever deal. Those breathplay guys almost offed her and we’ve held the $50k deposit on her from those sluts. What were the doctors exact words?”
”Basically one more gang rape will finish her off, retire her now and she lives.”
”Pretty straight from the doc. So what are your thoughts?”
”Personally she’s given so much joy to so many men both in person and online, I think she’s bigger than us. Given we’re coming up to her anniversary I think we put it to the public. We put a poll on the website with options.
Option 1: we retire her and dump her at some random town.
Option 2: we sell her to a slaver or an individual, they can do whatever the fuck they want
Option 3: one last gang rape, end it all the way it began. And everyone that has graced her presence is invited back for a nominal fee of $20
What do you think?”
”Haha well I think I know what I’ll choose! By the way I’m going to make an appearance on her last day, whatever the result. I want her to know me as the person who orchestrated this whole thing.”
”Fantastic! Can’t wait to meet you!”

So Nikolai sent word out to all the previous clients about the poll. Like the investor Nikolai had a feeling he knew which way the public would vote, but hey maybe they were wrong.

The poll closed 3 days out from her anniversary. Jessica had no idea there was something different happening behind the scene, they were giving her a lot more time to recover but she just thought maybe they actually wanted her to get better. She was made to do humiliating things, dress up in costumes, used in some lighter bondage play, sucking off multiple men and cum showers. Physically though they took it very easy on her body to allow as much of a recovery as possible.

Nikolai looked the results and smiled. He was hardly surprised but it definitely seemed right.

The day came, her one year anniversary of going from innocent gymnast to used up fucktoy. Jessica had no idea of the day until Nikolai walked in that morning brightly, just like the first day she’d woken up in this nightmare hotel. “Wake up Jessica, todays a big day!” She groaned, that never was a good sign. “Do you know what today is? It’s one year since that glorious day at the gymnasium!” She stared at him shocked, “one year?” she thought, “god it felt like a lifetime”.
“Today is going to be special, I can guarantee you of that.”

He got her up and went through the usual ritual, her costume was a gymnastics uniform much like what she wore on her first day. Looking at her now he could see the wear and tear on her without even seeing her broken holes. She was skinnier that when she first arrived, her face looked worn and there were signs of physical damage that had healed. Her legs and arms showed signs of bondage from rope, cuffs, zip ties, clamps, pegs etc. She also had a tattoo on her ass cheeks, one saying anal whore and the other saying rape toy. She sat at the table, usually she was given a choice of what she wanted for breakfast but Nikolai pulled out a bowl of coacoa-pops and put it in front of her. He then put on the table a 1 gallon jug of a pale liquid that Jessica knew wasn’t milk.

“Happy anniversary Jessica, here’s your present! Make sure you drink all of it up!”

He started pouring the gallon jug of cum onto her cereal, Jessica had no idea how she was going to consume so much of the awful liquid. A gallon was just cruel, but Nikolai also knew this was the last of what they had, no sense in it going to waste after her farewell today. Somehow, bit by bit, Jessica consumed the semen. She had to pour it into a glass to keep chugging it down, by the end she felt sick and bloated. Nikolai was satisfied and impressed she managed to keep it down, a testament to how much she’d been able to endure during her hellish time here.

He led her to the usual room, there was a tv set up with a dirty recliner chair set up.

“Before we get into the day we thought we’d show you a little highlights compilation of your year. Show you just how far you’ve come and how far we pushed you. Just know Millions of men have jerked off to this and will continue jerking for years to come. You’re an internet star!”

He started up the video, it started with her gymnasium gang rape, she was reminded how brutal they were with her even on her first day. They showed her taking gallons of cum, being put into crazy bondage scenarios, the breathplay that almost killed her, and the gang rape by those vicious women only a couple of weeks earlier. She was shocked at how much they had tortured her and got pleasure out of it, it was like having an out of body experience. She’d cried all her tears away months ago, she was just dead inside, and broken on the outside.

When it concluded Nikolai picked her up, he then sat on the recliner and pulled her so she was sitting was his lap. He started rubbing her pussy, even through her gymnastics tights he could feel how loose her pussy had become. “So Jessica, as you know today is the anniversary of us taking you to be our fucktoy. After that session you had with those wonderful women we have been told by the doctor that you’re at the end of your career. We got told that one more gang rape will be the end of you, and so we’ve been face with a difficult decision on what to do with you. We decided to put it to your fans on how you finish with us. Option 1: we dump you somewhere to be taken home. Option 2: we sell you to a private buyer who takes you as his own personal fucktoy. Or Option 3: we gang rape you until you expire. And the results are in!”

He said all of that while rubbing her, feeling her pussy start to get wet. Hearing the options her mind started to slightly hope that maybe just maybe they’ll pay her this one kindness and let her go. She also thought to herself that there could be someone out there willing to pay for her to be a personal toy.

“Are you ready for the results? Drumroll! The results are: ONE LAST GANG RAPE!” The glee and cruelty in his voice was obvious, despite how it sounded there was part of him that felt a little sorry for her. Jessica’s heart sunk, the time she part feared but also kind of wanted was coming. She was going to die a fucktoy. “Now Jessica, as this is the last time we have opened the doors to all that have been a part of your journey here for a mere $20. They are all here to send you on to your next life in style!”

As he said those words all the doors opened and people (mainly men) started streaming in, all of them with that hungry look on their faces that she was all too familiar with. “But before we let them all have their turn, there is one person yet to use you that has been the mastermind and financier of this whole set up. He’s actually known about you for a little while but wasn’t allowed to have contact with you.” Nikolai stood her up and led her to the bed, there was a man standing just in front of the bed. He was about 45 years old, average hight, nothing about him stood out to her. He walked up to her, took her by the hand and sat her on the bed next to him. He then slipped his hand down her tights and started fingering her, “hello Jessica, this has been a long time coming in fact it’s been coming your entire life. My name is Gary, I’m your daddy. Why haven’t you met me all this time? Well apart from not really wanting have any involvement or responsibility in your life, your mum and I weren’t exactly lovers. She worked for me and one night when she was working late I raped her, repeatedly. That was how you came to be, and that’s why this is the ultimate way for you to go. You were created by rape and you’ll die by rape. When Nikolai and I started talking he had no idea he was talking to me about my daughter, year by year I’d watched you from afar and when we started talking and he revealed what he wanted to do I knew I had to make it happen!”

Jessica was horrified by what she heard, not only that this man in front of her was her father, a man she had asked her mum about for years, but that he had been the mastermind of her horror show and that her birth was from her mum getting raped by him. There he was, this monster from her mother life, molesting her in front of hundreds, and maybe thousands of other men. “I’ve wanted to fuck you for ages, I thought about joining one of the groups anonymously, but I wanted to meet you right at the end. So that one of your last thoughts would be the knowledge that your father is a pedo monster, that wanked off to hours of his daughters torture. I get first ride on you now, the Nikolai get his go, and from there your orgy begins! Oh speaking of your mum we sent the footage of your gang rapes to her, she killed herself. So hey you’ll be reunited with her soon!”

It all became overwhelming for Jessica, for the first time in months she started crying again. Hearing her mum was dead was the final devastating blow to her. Gary saw the tears coming and it just turned him on more, he’d wanted this for so long but he was worried he’d get tied to her if he was spotted. But now she was coming to her end he knew he needed to have a go on her, the cameras were about to start rolling so he put a balaclava on his head so he wasn’t easily recognised.

He picked her up by lifting with both hands under her armpits and tossed her onto the bed that she had already endured hours of torturous rape and abuse, she landed heavily on her back and almost immediately he was on top of her passionately kissing his daughter with his tongue deep down her throat. His hands were groping her under her gymnastics tights, his fingers feeling their way into her holes. She felt sick at the idea that this was the man who’d help her come into this world, even if he was a rapist he was still her father. He started moving down her chest and before too long his face was buried in her pussy. He could see the damage that had been done, but even despite the damage there was a tightness to her due to her petite body. He lapped his tongue into her, despite herself Jessica was getting turned on. He pulled his wet face out of her and said, “pass the scissors, it’s time I fucked this slut!” Nikolai handed him the scissors and he cut away the bottom of her tights in the same way Nikolai did 1 year ago. He mounted her and as he thrusted his go he grunted to her, “call me daddy bitch! Tell daddy to fuck you!” He quickly felt that she was indeed quite loose for a 13yo down there but he was loving knowing the fact that he had the first fuck of her last orgy. “C’mon slut, moan for daddy! Tell me you’ve always wanted daddy’s cock!”

Jessica felt so dirty but she knew she had no choice, “oh daddy, fuck me! Fuck me hard I’ve always wanted your cock in me!” Gary loved hearing her say it, it just only made him want to fuck her harder. He pounded his body hard into her, fucking her like the cheap $20 slut she was now. “Ah yeah, are you ready for daddies cum!!!!! I’m gonna fill you up you little cunt!!!!” And with that final disgusting comment he let loose the torrent of cum he’s always wanted for her. He collapsed on top of her, savouring the moment before he whispered, “so proud” in her ear.

As Gary climbed off her Nikolai immediately took his place, this time flipping her over so she was on all fours in doggy style. He rubbed his hard cock up against her sloppy pussy, Gary’s cum dribbling out of it. Then using that as lube he slammed his cock in her ass, grabbing both her hips violently her wasted no time in anal raping her brutally, his body slapping against buttocks hard. Gary wasn’t done seeing Nikolai have his fun with her, he moved around and shoved his cock hard into her mouth getting him to suck the last drops out of his cock. He had a hard fistful of her hair as her her mouth bobbed down from Nikolai’s thrusts. Nikolai was loving this moment, he’d helped create this fucktoy and now it was appropriate that the two men most responsible for her demise start her final gang rape. “Fuck yes, Jessica!!! This is your fucking party, this is your fucking execution, this is the start of you getting fucked to death!!!”

Screaming those words at her seemed to unleash a new level of brutality and violence, he was pounding her ass harder than he ever had this entire time. He was slapping and spanking her ass cheeks so hard her were turning red, he was channeling all the rage and sexual energy he had inside into every brutal thrust. His abuse was such a turn on for Gary that it got him hard again, grabbing the back of her head he started fucking his bastard daughter’s face getting balls deep on her and at times holding it in her making her choke. “That’s it, choke on daddy’s cock you little bitch!”

Both of them could feel their orgasm coming and in an almost perfect moment of symmetry they both let loose their waves of cum into her at both ends. Gary shooting another load into her her mouth and throat, Nikolai sending it deep into her ass. “Fuck yeah cunt, take our cum in your ass and mouth!!! Choke on it bitch!!!!” Nikolai roared. All the men around were jerking themselves, some had already cum. They were given instructions to bust their loads into jugs that were placed everywhere, the staff wanted less clean up but there were plans for that cum as well (if she made it that far).

Nikolai and Gary pulled themselves out of her leaving cum dribbling from her ass and mouth. Any thoughts of a reprieve for Jessica were dispensed off immediately as the workers, including the doctor and Nikolai’s “comrades” stepped up. 25 of them in total, what took place was a coordinated attack on her holes. No sooner had they stepped up she was already getting triple penetrated by these vicious animals who had helped in making her life hell this whole time. The Doctor and two of the comrades were first up, the doctor taking her ass and one each of the comrades in her pussy and taking her mouth. The group of 25 were brutally fucking the little girls holes, never giving her a respite. There wasn’t any taking turns to make it last longer, each person would step up, fuck her hard and fast sending their cum deep into her making her a sloppy mess of cum and sweat in no time at all. Once the final member of the group finished in her, choosing to cum in her ass, she was lying on the bed panting with cum dribbling from both holes and coughing from the residual cum that was in her throat and mouth.

By this stage more men (and some women) had turned up to take their turn on Jessica. The floor was packed full, while there were people up on stairs and gantries watching and waiting for their chance. Everyone was aware that this was her last orgy and they wanted their chance, while a large portion were hoping they would be the one to finish her off. Once the hotel workers were off her she was picked up and taken into the first group men, a mattress on the ground set up for them. Like the workers they immediately began triple penetrating her, being totally brutal with her. There were much fewer limits on what was permitted, people choked her, slapped her face hard, brutally tortured her nipples, dragged her up by the hair. At almost all times most parts of her body of her body was being used on a cock; her hands, her feet, her hair, her legs! If there was a space for a cock, they would use it. While they made use of the mattress she wasn’t always fucked on there, they would drag her up and DP her with her hanging in the air while contorting her into all sorts of shapes for their pleasure.

People lined up for their chance on her, many of them had been jerking themselves furiously so much they were almost ready to pop immediately. There were times she was nothing more than a place to release their cum, some didn’t even feel the need to fuck her they were content with abusing her. The jugs around the place were starting to fill up with mens cum, after 6 hours of her being gang fucked and her still breathing they paused her being fucked to put her in the hands of BDSM artists. Using ropes, cuffs, zip ties, tape, and shrink wrap put her in all sorts of brutal positions, at times suspending her in mid air while they pounded her body with paddles, whips, canes, and hot wax. They didn’t give her holes a break either, they’d place her down on machines fucking her, dildos, and crazy sized toys. Her holes, already damaged beyond repair, we’re getting further stretched with horse cock dildo’s and oversized cocks.

Finally their time was up and it was back to the crowd, ready for the next round of fucking. Before getting started they attached a gag attached to a funnel and laid her down on a table, as the first man stepped up to start fucking her again they brought up all the jugs of cum. While men continued to fuck her ass or pussy they would pour the cum down the funnel for her to consume. Man after man would pump their cum into her brutalised holes while they forced her to swallow more and more cum. Every so often she would cough and gag, she’d even consider just letting it drown her but her instincts to live kept kicking in and she’d swallow the loads of semen. After half an hour of this they finally took it off her allowing her to breath only briefly as a man filled her mouth with their cock.

Her holes continued to get battered and as more men piled on some men just decided as her holes were gaping so much, make them tighter by filling with multiple cocks. Her ass was the first to experience this, seeing her little body take DAP was so hot that it got a cheer from the crowd. She was filled by 5 cocks, 2 in her ass, one in the pussy, and 2 stuffing her mouth. She was starting the blank out, she was 10 hours in and her body was starting to give up. The next group decided to attempt what they all thought would be impossible, stuffing two in her ass and two in her pussy, unbelievably they achieved it (after much manipulation and manoeuvring). Noticing that she was starting to give out the doctor pulled out an adrenaline injection, the effect was immediate and she was awake again.

Man after man continued to use her, now that men had achieved DAP and DP of her pussy it began a challenge of doing something different. Men got 3 cocks in to her ass, others 3 into her pussy (though not at the same time), when the women stepped up they double fisted her, almost choked her on her eating their pussies out. She’d clocked up 1000+ people taking their turn on her by hour 15 before her body finally gave out. As 4 men entered both her ass and pussy and they poured cum into the funnel gag again, the energy gave out on her. She had no more ability to consume the litres of cum being pour down her, and her body was well and truly broken. Her final heartbeat came as the 4 men simultaneously let loose their barrage of cum into her holes.

As they got off her the men noticed her eyes had no life and no movement in them. As they removed the funnel gag off her the remaining cum dribbled out the side of her lifeless mouth. The doctor stepped up and felt for a pulse while feeling for breath, already he could see her lips turning blue and knew she was done. “Ladies and Gentleman, Jessica has departed!” It was met with mixed reactions, there was disappointment from those that hadn’t had a go that day, there were a few that actually felt bad for her, and there were some that it made them jerk furiously for their final load.

They carried her lifeless body to the middle of the room back onto the bed that it all started on. There was a plastic sheet lying across it waiting for her. Nikolai stepped onto a podium to address the crowd, “well that’s the end of Jessica, we’ve given one hell of a farewell. I don’t know that there will be anyone else like her or anyone else that endures a year life she’s had. As you can see she’s still out here, we’re going to pour the rest of the our jugs of cum built up onto her. Anyone wanting to bust a load onto her you’re more than welcome!” With that all the men stepped up with the jugs, 6 of them in total, each of them pouring it over her completely covering her lifeless body in cum. Her body was lying in a literal pool of semen. For the next hour men stepped up to pay their respects to Jessica by dropping loads onto her, her eyes and mouth hadn’t been closed so they got covered as cum dried creating layers of cum on her dead body.

Finally, everyone was done and 6 men, including Nikolai, Gary, and Doctor, stepped up to wrap her body in the sheet using tape to seal her up.

Once covered the people began filing out, laughing and talking to each other discussing what was the highlight of the day. Meanwhile the workers started the clean up and a group carried her body to the van they’d transported her in that first day, they could feel the cum sloshing in the plastic.

The next day back in the town she was from there was a construction site on the patch of land where the gymnasium sat. It was a new gymnasium to take its place, as the workers arrived they saw in the middle where the gymnastics door would be a plastic clump of something. They had no idea, so they undid the tape to unfurl it and could not believe what they found. There in the middle of the plastic lay the broken, abuse, inhumane lay raped body of Jessica in a sticky mess of cum.

An autopsy would reveal gallons of cum inside her stomach and lungs, the coroner officially declared her cause of death to be drowning in semen. The brutality of damage to her ass and pussy declared “unimaginable”.

Nikolai watched on TV at the reporters all telling the world that after a year of wondering what had happened to her, she was found dead in ways that traumatised dozens of people involved in the investigation. He smiled, while being sent a message by the married man of the twin girls from Jessica’s second gang rape, “Fuck Nik, what an exit for Jessica! Check out these two, I reckon I’m done fucking around with their mum pretending to be a great husband. Let’s get planning on them replacing Jessica as the rape hotels fucktoys!”

He looked down at the photo of the girls and his cock immediately went hard. He couldn’t wait to meet them!

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