Jimmy and Anna Ch. 03

tagIncest/TabooJimmy and Anna Ch. 03

Damn it!
Usually, I was able to stop negative thoughts dead in their tracks, but not today.
The news that Sahiti was coming to supper had set me off!
First of all, Jimmy didn't ask me about having someone over! What if I didn't want someone visiting? What if I had a migraine? What if I needed quiet to study?
Secondly, what is he doing asking a female to our place! I know she asked him to her place first, and having Sahita at our place, was better than having Jimmy at her place, but why was he chatting women up, to begin with?
I know I told him how to greet women with smiles, but there was smiling, and then there was chatting females up with a smile! Did Sahita think Jimmy was hitting on her?
I should have nipped all the chatting in the bud when Jimmy told me some of the ladies were chatting back. Perhaps I never should have let Jimmy go down to the laundry room. It was ninety percent female! But I liked that he waited for the laundry to finish because I didn't like it. Sometimes there were creepy guys there!
Jimmy told me he didn't want me to see other guys, and he didn't want to see other women. That was good, but other women might want to see Jimmy, which was bad. He was easy on the eyes, especially if you were Indian because he looked Indian. He was Indian! I should have recommended he wear a wedding band earlier, but it was too late now. He'd already told Sahiti I was his sister, so I couldn't say he was my boyfriend.
Sigh! Things were going along so well with Jimmy and me! I LOVED having him with me. My life was so much easier since he arrived, and I couldn't imagine clicking with any guy more than I did with Jimmy. We were a perfect couple.
And who was this Sahiti person? I wracked my brain trying to think of all the Indian girls I'd seen in the laundry room, but there were lots, and I didn't pay attention to their looks. I would likely notice one with a little girl, but maybe the little girl wasn't there before.
And there were traditional Indian girls and American Indian girls. I wasn't worried about the traditional Indian girls hitting on Jimmy. But what if Sahiti was an American Indian girl with a killer body, gorgeous face, and no qualms about jumping into bed with him?
Get a grip, Anna!
See what I mean? The impending dinner was messing with my head!
Thank God Jimmy did the cooking! I would have been extremely pissed if I had to prepare a meal for an unexpected female guest who might be trying to get her claws into him!
Knock! Knock!
I flinched. It was Sahiti and Jasmine!
"Jimmy. Can you get the door? I think Sahiti and Jasmine are here," I said as calmly as possible.
"Sure, no problem," he said calmly. Jimmy didn't seem nervous at all! Why not! He should be! I was!
He opened the door.
It was her. I'd seen Sahita many times in the laundry room, but not her daughter, and her name never came up.
Anxiety whooshed out of me like a punctured pi├▒ata. I remembered to breathe and started to observe. Sahiti was pleasant looking in a wholesome way, not a slutty looking man-eater. She was only a little bit taller than me and wasn't wearing any makeup, no lipstick, no blush, no eyeliner, nothing. Her hair was jet black like Jimmy's with a lustrous shine and styled but nothing fancy. She had on jeans and a sleeveless blouse but nothing tight or revealing. She had a welcoming smile, but her eyes looked tired, like she'd had a long day. Jasmine looked cute as a button in what was obviously a dress-up to impress dress.
I felt relieved and offered my hand. "Hi! I'm Anna, Jimmy's sister."
I smirked inside as Sahiti and Jasmine's eyes darted back and forth between Jimmy and me, noticing the contrast between my pale skin and red hair and Jimmy's dark skin and jet black hair. It was a common reaction.
Jasmine piped in with the innocence of youth. "You don't look like brother and sister."
"Jasmine!" Sahiti exclaimed in embarrassment.
"It's okay. The family joke is that Jimmy's dad is the mailman because we look so different, but we genuinely are brother and sister! I remember mom being quite pregnant and bringing Jimmy home from the hospital. I was quite excited to have a little brother! Come sit down! Jimmy is just finishing supper."
"I'm sorry we're late. I couldn't get away from work." Sahita said.
I looked at the clock. I'd been so stressed out about Sahiti arriving that I hadn't noticed they were thirty minutes late. "No problem. Where do you work?"
"I'm a hairdresser at Mastercut Hair Styling. Most of my cuts are appointments, but management encourages walk-ins, which pushes the schedule off, which means I can't always leave on time to catch the four o'clock bus. That makes me late picking up Jasmine from school. Today was one of those days," she sighed.
Now I knew what Sahiti did for a living and knew why she looked tired. I remembered how tiring my days were with school and work and taking the slow bus and doing everything myself before Jimmy came. And I didn't even have a child to take care of.
I noticed Jasmine regularly looking into the kitchen where Jimmy was finishing supper, and then she commented, "Mommy does all the cooking in our house."
"Jasmine!" Sahiti exclaimed.
I smiled and explained to Jasmine. "I used to do the cooking, but then Jimmy got so good that he volunteered to do it. He's quite good! I think you'll enjoy supper. He made one of his favorite dishes for you."
"If Jimmy cooks, what do you do?" Jasmine asked.
"Jasmine! That's not polite!" Sahiti exclaimed.
Anna laughed. "That's okay. I don't mind. I do the cleaning, and I work and go to school and do the laundry."
Jasmine nodded her head, digesting the information. "If you do the laundry, how come Jimmy is in the laundry room?"
Sahita half frowned and half smiled with her palms out in silent apology and surrender. Apparently, Jasmines's curiosity was a force of nature, not to be quelled!
"I get the laundry ready and sort it for Jimmy and put it away when he comes back, but I don't like being down there alone, so Jimmy goes."
"Mommy doesn't like it either, but daddy is gone, so she takes me. Daddy never helped anyway. Mommy likes to go down when Jimmy is there because it makes her feel safer. She likes to talk to Jimmy. I like him too. Can I go see what Jimmy is doing?"
"Sure, that's fine. Maybe you can help Jimmy with supper."
"I will!" She said excitedly and immediately scooted into the kitchen and started peppering Jimmy with questions. He pulled up a chair for her to stand on so she could see everything.
"Sorry about that!" Sahita said with a resigned sigh. "Jasmine's incorrigible! It doesn't matter how many times I reprimand her; she continues to blurt out what's on her mind. She has no filter! It's true what she said about Jimmy, though. Occasionally, some creepy guys show up in the laundry room, so it's nice when Jimmy's there. I don't worry when he's there, and Jasmine likes to talk to him. I just sit back and watch them chat away. He's quite good with her. He seems to like little kids. That's why I asked him for supper."
Hmmm. I didn't know Jimmy was good with little kids. There were no nieces or nephews at home, and he never did any babysitting.
It was none of my business, but I couldn't resist. "Jasmine mentioned her dad is gone?"
Sahiti didn't look upset at the question. "Yes, my parents are still in India. I had an arranged marriage, and my parents chose my husband. Unfortunately, they chose poorly. He was better with my parents than with me. We came over here so he could go to University, and I became pregnant with Jasmine. My husband was very traditional, and over time that started to grate on me because I saw relationships here where the wives worked and husbands helped with the kids and other things. We started to disagree. After he finished school, he unilaterally decided we were going back to India. I refused. We repeatedly argued until one day he smacked me, and that was the end of him! He's back in India, and I'm the disgraced daughter in law trying to raise Jasmine on my own. A lot of days, I'm exhausted, but I think my life and Jasmines are better here."
Sahiti smiled. "I was quite happy when Jimmy invited us for supper. I didn't need to cook! Yay! No one has fed me in a long time! Does Jimmy really cook for you all the time?"
I grinned. "Yup! I was a mediocre cook, and now I get fed tasty meals every day. It's great! He lets me use his car, so I don't need to take the bus anymore. Plus, I love his company. I didn't like my previous roommate very well, and she used to drag guys home all the time. I spent half my life hiding in my room."
"Must be nice," Sahiti said with a wistful smile.
"Anyone want any more?" Jimmy asked after supper and dessert had been served.
"I'm stuffed, Jimmy. That was good." Anna said.
Jimmy shook his head. "I wasn't asking you! You've already had two servings of the main course and dessert!" People made fun of him for eating a lot, but Anna ate almost as much as he did.
"Sahiti? Jasmine?"
Sahiti patted her stomach. "I'm fine, Jimmy. That was delicious. Thank you!"
Jasmine shook her head, no. She was still working on the apple cobbler he made.
"I'm going to do the dishes," Anna said.
"I'll help you." Sahiti volunteered.
"Want to watch some cartoons, Jasmine?" Jimmy asked.
Jasmine lit up. "Sure!"
Anna chatted with Sahiti as they did the dishes, and each of them occasionally turned as Jimmy and Jasmine laughed at the cartoons.
Her brother was like a little kid and seemed totally comfortable with Jasmine, which pleased her even though she hadn't thought much about having kids, and certainly never thought about having them with Jimmy! She knew she wanted kids someday, though, and seeing Jimmy effortlessly bond with Jasmine gave her a warm fuzzy. Damn! Now she was thinking about having kids with Jimmy, which seemed so natural in one way but was terrifying when she thought about all the possible negative implications of having kids with her brother.
She couldn't sleep that night in bed. The dinner had been a success, and her anxiety about Sahiti was gone. She liked Sahiti. Sahiti had a tough life, raising Jasmine on her own and not making a lot of money. Sahiti told her they couldn't afford a two-bedroom, and Jasmine slept with her. They had no vehicle, no savings, and were just scraping by from haircut to haircut. And, she was estranged from her family back home. It reminded me of life before Jimmy came.
She wondered if there was some way to help. That was the last thought in her brain before she fell asleep.
It worked! If she focused on a problem before she went to sleep, ideas bubbled and brewed in her subconscious, and a solution appeared when she woke. It was like next-day delivery problem-solving!
She wondered how she could help Sahiti the night before, and two freshly minted ideas were now waiting in her inbox.
Sahiti shopped at the same grocery store that she and Jimmy did, and she knew how heavy the bags became on the long walk from the store to the apartment because she used to make the same trek. There was no reason Sahiti and Jasmine couldn't come with Jimmy and her when they went grocery shopping. It would save Sahita and Jasmine a long walk.
Sahiti took a bus from work to Jasmine's school and then another bus or a long walk from Jasmine's school to home. If she was late leaving work, the school sometimes charged a fee to watch Jasmine. There was no reason I couldn't pick Jasmine up on the way home after my college courses. That way, Sahiti could save a bus ride, and it wouldn't be a problem if she had to work a bit late. Jasmine would be safe at my place.
The first step was to offer Sahiti the grocery store ride. Then, after a while, offer to pick Jasmine up. Sahiti and Jasmine would need to get comfortable with her and Jimmy before Sahiti would trust them to pick Jasmine up.
The plan worked perfectly! There was no downside to Sahiti letting her and Jimmy drive her to the grocery store, so she eagerly accepted.
They naturally got to know each other better while shopping, so when she offered to pick Jasmine up after school, Sahiti said yes.
Sahiti was very grateful for their help, and there were fewer tired-looking eyes on Sahiti's face than there used to be. I loved it when my helpful ideas worked out!
The more I got to know Sahiti, the more I liked her. One thing led to another, and now I always ask Sahiti and Jasmine if they want to come along when I go shopping. Jimmy hates shopping. Now I have someone to go with who enjoys it!
"I like those," Jimmy said hesitantly.
"What?" She asked Jimmy as she started to dress after getting out of the shower.
"Those," he said and looked down at her panties.
She looked down. She'd only gotten as far as putting on a pair of panties, and Jimmy was looking at them, so she used her superhuman female intuition to deduce he was referring to her panties.
She was naked with her boobs staring him in the face, but he was focused on her sheer black panties. Hmmm! Interesting.
Jimmy was the tall, dark, and silent type in general. He was more talkative with her than most people but was still relatively quiet and often deferred to her which part of her liked but the part of her that wanted a healthy, equal, open relationship didn't like. That part wanted her partner to speak up if something was bothering him. That part wanted her partner to be aggressive with her sexually when he wanted her. That part wanted him to feel confident telling her when he liked something she did or wore.
Today was the first time Jimmy had commented on her underwear, which was good!
She smiled. "You like my panties?"
He still looked a bit embarrassed, but he hadn't fled the room! "Yes."
She moved closer to him and continued to smile. "What do you like about them, Jimmy?"
Her positive reaction put him at ease. "I like the way you can partially see through them."
"You like the sheer look?"
"They do feel nice. I like the way they feel on my skin. They feel sexy." She said and slowly ran her hand over the material.
She moved closer. "Would you like to feel them, Jimmy?"
He softly ran his hand over the material and seemed to enjoy the sensation. "It feels nice, doesn't it?"
He continued to caress the material and didn't answer. His fingers felt good on her body, and the look of rapt attention on Jimmy's face was exactly the way she wanted him to look at her!
A telltale warmth was forming between her legs.
"I'm pleased that you felt comfortable enough to comment on my clothing. I want you to feel comfortable giving me feedback when you like or don't like something. It's important that we're open with each other if our relationship is going to thrive."
"Communication is good." She smiled seductively. "Compliments are even better. I respond well to compliments. Tell me more about what you like about my panties Jimmy."
He softly caressed her butt through the sheer material. He was focused and didn't look up, but did answer. "Black looks good on you with your red hair and pale skin. These look very good on you."
He was now running his hands over the sides of her panties. The sensation of his fingers against her skin felt delicious, and moisture formed between her legs.
"What else do you like about my panties, little brother?"
"I can see the outline of your groomed hair through the thin material. I've always liked your dark red hair, and it looks sexy between your legs. The way you've trimmed the hair into a long narrow strip reminds me of an airplane landing strip. Sometimes, I imagine my cock descending for touchdown into your landing strip!"
My! My! What an imagination! She was getting aroused by his commentary and wanted to give Jimmy a better view, so she hopped onto the bathroom counter and spread her legs wide open. There was a small damp spot in the crotch of her panties.
Jimmy lightly ran his fingertip down the gusset of her panties, which sent a shiver of pleasure through her body. Then he dropped to his knees so that his head was level with her groin and moved so close that she felt his breath on her now hyper-sensitive pussy.
He was so close to Anna that he actually felt heat radiating from her groin and her intoxicating scent filled his nostrils. He slowly dragged his nose against the crotch of her panties and inhaled her scent. It smelt heavenly, and he had an overwhelming urge to taste his sister. He flattened his tongue and dragged it up and down the sheer material until the crotch became saturated with saliva and translucent. Anna started to squirm.
She was getting really horny! Pleasure jolted her groin when Jimmy 'nosed' her, and his kinky crotch licking supercharged her arousal level! In no time at all, the crotch of her panties was soaked with her arousal and his saliva. She was squirming all over the counter and placed her hands on Jimmy's head!
Unfortunately, she noticed the time. Damn! They would be late for school and work if they didn't leave soon, but she was feeling way too good to stop!
"Jimmy! You need you to finish me off! Lick harder!"
He pulled the gusset of her panties aside, inserted two long fingers into her, and started to lick harder and faster. It felt heavenly! He was fingering and licking her hard and fast, and an orgasm was quickly brewing!
"Umm! Ummm! Ummmmmm!" She moaned louder and louder as the pressure built between her legs.
Her orgasm struck. "Oh my God, Jimmy! That feels so good! Don't stop!" She moaned and squirmed under Jimmy's talented mouth and fingers until her contractions subsided.
Unfortunately, she didn't have time to enjoy her post-coital bliss or take care of Jimmy. She jumped off the counter to get ready for school. Her body was still flushed as she drove with Jimmy, and she was thinking about later. She grinned at him naughtily as he exited the car.
"I have several pairs of sheer black panties Jimmy and a pair of sheer white and lavender panties and nylons with garter belts. Perhaps you can tell me what you think of them tonight!"
"Well, kiddo, have you got it working yet?" his uncle Stan asked.
One day when he took the garbage out, an older man was leaving a combined washer-dryer unit by the apartment garbage bin. The unit looked in good shape, so he asked what was wrong with it. Apparently, it had started to leak, which was not a good thing in an apartment!
An idea popped into his head. "Does it run fine besides the leak? Does the dryer work okay?"
"Yup," the man said. "It's a top of the line unit with all the bells and whistles. It has settings for every type of thing you can think of. My wife loved it because it handled delicate clothes perfectly."
Hmmm! That struck a note. Anna was always complaining about the brutal washing machines in the basement. And, he had to admit, it was boring waiting in the laundry room for the clothes to wash and dry. It wasn't as bad as before because now that Sahiti and Anna were becoming good buddies, they went down together, and he rarely needed to go anymore. It was still a waste of time, though.
He prided himself on being able to fix anything. What if he could fix the washer-dryer unit? Then they wouldn't need to go down to the laundry room anymore, and they would have a quality unit, not a rough industrial style bruiser.
He pulled his vehicle up to the garbage bin and managed to stuff the unit in the back. He wanted to surprise Anna, so he took it to work. Stan let him work on stuff at the auto shop after work. He would stay a bit later each night until he fixed it. Anna thought he was working late on cars.

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