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By Dubya Jimmy, his sister, and his mother get together. He’s still trying to get together with Lizzy though…

Jimmy awoke the day after fucking his mother for the first time, and fucking his sister again, with a sore dick and a big smile. He headed downstairs to get some breakfast. He heard his dad getting ready for work, but his sister Britney and his mom were apparently still in bed. His dad was talking his mom as he walked out the bedroom door. “Don’t forget, I’m working late tonight. Love you too, sweetheart. Bye.” Then he saw Jimmy and said, “Morning, son! Any yard jobs today? Don’t forget about ours!”

“Just a quick one, Dad. It’ll only take maybe an hour. I won’t forget about ours. I think it’s good for another day or two, anyway. I’ll see if I can scare up another yard to do while I’m at it.”

“Good man! You’ll be the king of yardwork before long!”

Jimmy was always amused at how corny his dad was. Jimmy wondered what his dad would think if he knew that Jimmy had fucked his wife four times the previous day.

Jimmy poured himself some cereal and ate it. Soon Brit joined him at the table with her own bowl.

“How’s my favorite sister and motherfucker this morning, little brother? What do you think today will bring?”

“I’m sure we’ll find out when Mom gets up. My dick is kinda sore. Does that ever happen to your pussy?”

“Yeah. Occasionally. It’s worth it though,” she answered with a wink. They were finishing up eating when their mother entered the kitchen in her bathrobe. She looked out the window then turned to her children.

“Dad is gone, right?”

They both said yes. Then Lisa opened her robe, exposing her voluptuous, nude body.

“Are we doing this?”

“Oh yeah,” answered Brit. “Definitely,” answered Jimmy. She beckoned them to follow her to her room. She spread out on the bed, and held her arms out to her children. Jimmy took her left side, Brit her right. She cradled their heads against her ample bosom. Kissing each on the head, she said, “Brit, my love, I think it’s beautiful what you did for Jimmy. My brothers took my virginity and showed me how to be a good lover. It’s so sweet that you did it for him. Incest is so erotic, so beautiful when it’s done with love. Now you can show your mother how to please another woman. I’ve never been with another female before.”

“I love my brother so I was happy to take his virginity. And yeah, I love the erotic kinkiness of incest too. I’m happy and proud to be your first bi experience too, Mom. I love you.”

Lisa was overcome with emotion at hearing that. Her pussy was already wet at the prospect of an incestuous threesome with her children, but now it was absolutely on fire that it was happening. She kissed Brit tenderly at first, then more passionately. She pushed Jimmy’s head to her tit. He got the message and started sucking the large, brown nipple that capped her huge left tit. Brit broke their kiss and started sucking the right one. Lisa was in incestuous ecstasy! She moaned and writhed around on the bed, encouraging her children to suckle at her tits like they did as babies. She was never suckled on both tits at the same time before though, not even her brothers had done that. This was too much and she started cumming as her children suckled her simultaneously.

Brit reached down to touch her mother’s hairy cunt, tracing a finger up and down its folds, finding the prominent clit, and circling it. This was driving Lisa crazy!

“Brit, sweetie, lick Mommy’s pussy! Please! Please eat me! Jimmy, feed me your cock!”

Brit kissed her way down her mother’s soft tummy, seeing the stretchmarks two pregnancies had caused. They were fairly faint. Being a mother had made her sexier, Brit thought, a mother goddess expressing her love to her children. She tongued her mother’s navel and marveled at the treasure trail of dark hair that led from it down to her thick thatch of pubic hair. She inserted her middle finger into the folds of her mother’s cunt, feeling how wet she was. She pulled it out and tasted her mother’s cunt juice.

Jimmy was watching what Brit was doing as Lisa sucked his boy cock. He had always thought it was funny how much more like their dad that they both looked than their mother. Her being so olive-skinned and brunette with dark eyes, them with their fair hair and light eyes. Those differences were really evident now, especially with Brit’s blonde hair between their mother’s legs, licking her cunt.

What a hot sight it was! Jimmy loved what Lisa was doing to his cock, but he felt the need to fuck his sister right then. He pulled his cock out of Lisa’s mouth, kissed her, then moved behind Brit. He put the tip of his cock at the opening of her shaved pussy, moving it up and down, teasing her clit. She moaned into her mother’s hairy twat. Jimmy eased his dick into her slowly.

When Brit had made her way to her mother’s pussy, she stopped for a moment and admire the place where she had come from. It was beautiful! So different from hers, so different from any other pussy she had licked, and she had licked several. None of those pussies belonged to a sexy mature woman; they all belonged to girls her age. They had all been bald when they started licking each other because they were too young to grow hair there; now they were all bald because they shaved them. Brit thought she might grow hers in.

Brit found the musky, mature scent of Lisa’s pussy intoxicating too. She inhaled it deeply, then exhaled her hot breath on the lips of her mother’s beautiful cunt. Lisa moaned. Brit couldn’t wait anymore and started licking and sucking that hairy pussy. Suddenly she felt Jimmy’s cock teasing her own pussy. She moaned. She had been in this position with other people before, but this was special. Eating her own mother’s pussy as her own brother fucked her. Her incestuous fantasy was now a reality. If only she could get her dad to fuck her!

“Jimmy, please come back up here so I can taste your sister’s pussy on your dick!”

Jimmy pulled his cock out of Brit’s twat, then moved back up to Lisa’s mouth. Lisa licked the cunt juice off it, savoring the taste. “Mmmm… delicious!”

Jimmy was so turned on by her licking Brit’s juice off his member, by watching Brit licking their mother, he felt the beginning of his first climax of the day. He told Lisa that he was going to cum.

“Do it, baby! Cum on Mommy’s tits!”

He stroked his throbbing cock until he blew a big load of creamy cum all over her huge tits. Lisa then grabbed Britney’s head and held it in place as she climaxed herself, spraying the girl’s face with her cunt juice, screaming in sexual release and ecstasy. Brit crawled up her mother’s body to clean Jimmy’s spunk off her tits. She then kissed Lisa deeply. Lisa could taste her son’s cum on her tongue. Lisa then licked her own juice off Brit’s face.

“I love my children,” Lisa exclaimed but the tone was more one of lust than one of motherly love. “Britney, I need to do you now. Jimmy, sweetie, can you just watch for now?”

“Sure, Mom!”

Lisa had Brit lie down next to her, face to face. She kissed her daughter gently at first, then built up the passion. Her hands roamed up and down the girl’s body, squeezing her firm tits and taut ass, finding the wetness between her legs. She moved down to suck and nibble Brit’s perfect tits.

“Damn, your tits are so firm, baby! So perfect! Look at them! I wish mine were this beautiful!”

“What are you talking about, Mom? Your tits are gorgeous! Everybody wants to see them and touch them! Right, Jimmy?”

“Hell yeah, they do! All my friends say that!”

“Mine too! Even the girls!”

“Wow! Really? These saggy, old things?”

“Saggy? Shut up and get back to sucking, lady,” Brit said with a lascivious grin. Lisa did as she commanded. From one tit to the other, sucking, licking, biting, pinching, pulling, twisting. Brit was going crazy! She pushed on Lisa’s head, guiding her down to her bald pussy.

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“Eat me, Mom! Lick your little girl’s pussy! God! Please!”

Lisa kissed her way down Brit’s belly like Brit had done to her. She got down to her target, her little girl’s pussy. She also took a moment to admire it like Brit had done. So pink and delicate, hairless, so different than her meaty, furry cunt. The clit was surprisingly prominent though. Lisa stuck out her tongue and flicked it on that pink button. Brit jerked at the light touch. Then Lisa took it into her mouth and sucked it like a small cock. She licked the folds of her daughter’s pussy lips, sucked those into her mouth. Licked. Sucked. Nibbled. She stuck one, then two fingers up the tight tunnel of Brit’s cunt.

Lisa lifted Britney’s legs and pushed them back, attacking the pucker of her asshole. She licked it, poked her tongue in it, then her middle finger. She left that finger in there and stuck her index finger back in Brit’s pussy as she clamped her lips down on her clit. She loved this! She loved eating pussy! She didn’t know why she had never done it before! But here she was, eating her first pussy, and that pussy was her daughter’s!

Brit felt her climax building. The sensation of a finger up her ass and one in her pussy while her clit was being sucked, sucked by her mother, was all too much! She started loudly grunting and moaning!

“I’m gonna cum, Momma! I’m gonna… cum! I’m cumming! OH MY GOD! I’M FUCKING CUMMING!”

She squirted all over her mother’s face, then she licked it off like her mother had done. While this scene was unfolding, Jimmy had been sitting back and stroking his cock. If he hadn’t already cum once, he would’ve done so watching this incestuous, Sapphic spectacle. He was able to hold back though, as he didn’t want to waste his load on his hand.

“Jimmy, come fuck your sister, baby! I want see it happening!”

Jimmy crawled between his sister’s legs and Lisa guided his cock to her cunt. “Do it, baby! Fuck your sister! Mommy wants to see her babies fucking each other,” she hoarsely said into his ear. Jimmy started pumping Brit’s pussy. Lisa roamed her hands over their bodies as they coupled, reaching down to where they were joined, cock in pussy. She told Jimmy to put Brit’s legs up so that her ankles were up on his shoulders. Doing that allowed Lisa a better view of her son’s cock in her daughter’s pussy when she got behind them.

Lisa reached out and felt Jimmy’s cock pumping in and out of Brit’s pussy. She could see the fluids pouring out of the girl’s hole, running down to the other hole below it. Lisa couldn’t help herself, and she moved in to lick Brit’s asshole and suck Jimmy’s balls as he pounded away. Feeling their mother’s mouth on their intimate places drove them both over the edge. Jimmy flooded Brit’s cunt with his semen. He grunted and yelled as he came. Brit yelled out another climax, yelled herself hoarse.

Jimmy pulled out and Lisa immediately put his cock in her mouth to clean it off. Then she attacked Brit’s pussy, sucking Jimmy’s cum out of it. Both kids fell back on the bed, spent. Lisa propped herself up on her elbow, looking lovingly at her incestuous children.

“This was beautiful, my loves! I’m so glad this happened! Brit, baby, your pussy is… oh damn! I just loved making love to you! I’ve never thought about making love with another woman or girl. I’m so happy that you were my first. And Jimmy, Jimmy, I love you so much too! I love making love with you! I love fucking both my children!”

“We love you too, Mom! You’re so sexy and beautiful! I’m… I’m actually proud that I was your first woman. That sounds kinda weird to say, but it’s true. I’m sorry we never did it before!”

“You didn’t mind eating my hairy pussy? Do you think I should shave it? And my asshole too? What do you think, Jimmy?”

Jimmy and Brit looked at each other then back at her, both emphatically saying, “NO!”

“It’s so sexy, Mom! I haven’t had the chance to eat your asshole yet either, like Jimmy did! And you ate mine!”

“Well have a taste then,” Lisa said as she got on all fours. Brit went at her asshole like she had her pussy earlier. She jammed three fingers in her mother’s cunt as she ate that hairy asshole. Lisa came again, collapsing forward into a pillow.

“Never shave, Mom. Please.”

“Okay, sweetheart, I won’t.”

Then Brit looked at Jimmy and smiled.


“I have to pee!”

“So do I,” Lisa chimed in. The three of them went to the master bathroom, Jimmy lying on the tiled floor of the shower. It was even bigger than the one in the kids’ shared bathroom, so they all fit easily. Brit squatted over his cock, while Lisa squatted over his chest.

“Okay, Mom, are you ready,” asked Brit.


“Let’s do this then!”

They both let loose with their hot piss, soaking Jimmy head to toe. He opened his mouth to let his mother fill it. He swallowed it down. His cock was throbbing again. When the women were done pissing, Brit turned on the shower. They helped Jimmy up and he told his mother to turn around. Brit grabbed a bottle of body wash and poured some in her hand. She rubbed some on Jimmy’s cock, then stuck a soapy finger up her mother’s ass to get it slick. Jimmy slipped his cock in Lisa’s tight shitter again like he did after she pissed on him the day before. And like the day before, he had a toe-curling cum.

They washed each other up, then dried each other off. Jimmy looked at the clock and said, “I should go do my yard job.”

“Okay, sweetie,” said Lisa. He looked back in the room as he was walking out and saw her pulling a large dildo out of her nightstand drawer.

“Well, they’re obviously not done having fun,” he thought to himself. He went to his room and got dressed. He looked out his window and saw the kids next door splashing in their kiddie pool. He smiled to himself.

He walked out to the shed to grab his gear. Lizzy saw him and ran to the fence. She waved him over. When he got to her, she gave him his favorite show. He looked around to see if the coast was clear, then pulled out his cock, sticking it through the fence for the 8 year old to play with. She was fondling it when she said, “Mommy and Daddy are going out this weekend. I asked them if you could babysit. They said that they would ask you. Wouldn’t that be cool? We could play a lot. I’ll pee for you! I wanna see you pee too! I’ll suck you again too! Maybe you can lick me! I’d reeeeeaaaaally like that!”

She was grinning as she stroked his now hard cock. He then said to her, “That sounds great, Lizzy! I would love that too! Would you like to do more than that?”

“More? Like what?”

“Like fucking. Would like me to fuck you, Lizzy?”

She suddenly got a serious look on her face and said, “Yes! I want you to fuck me, Jimmy!”

Hearing this made him shoot another load, even though he had just fucked his mother and sister. This weekend he was going to fuck this sexy little girl!

Just as he finished cumming, Lizzy’s little sister Sadie came running over. He quickly stuffed his cock back in his shorts. To his horror, he saw a blob of his cum on Lizzy’s chest. He hoped Sadie didn’t see it.

“Hi, Jimmy! Did Lizzy tell you Mommy was going to ask you to babysit us this weekend?” He looked over the cute 7 year old. She was as cute as her sister, her hair more strawberry blonde than red like Lizzy. She might be fun to play with too, he thought.

“Yeah! I’d be happy to do that! Tell your mom I said so and just have her call or text me.”

“Okay,” they excitedly said in unison. It was going to be an interesting weekend…

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