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By Dubya Jimmy’s weekend with the girl approaches. Jimmy is trying to save up his cum, but the women in his house aren’t making it easy.

Jimmy has a couple days to go before his weekend fuck fest with the 3 pussies next door. He was trying to save up his load like he had done for Lizzy the previous weekend. His mom Lisa and sister Brit weren’t making it easy on him. The three of them had been having threesomes as soon as his dad Frank left for work. They didn’t take any time off from fucking each other just because he was abstaining.

He is only human, after all, so he couldn’t stop from getting an erection every time he saw them going at it. Who wouldn’t watching a sexy, voluptuous brunette woman and a hot, slim blonde licking each other’s pussies? The fact that they were mother and daughter made it even hotter.

Jimmy just concentrated on doing his yard jobs, picking up a few extras with people going on vacation during the summer. One day after coming home from doing 3 yards, he saw that he had a text from Lizzy’s mom, Sandi.

S: Sean is leaving Friday afternoon. Can you come over Friday night and stay the weekend?

J: I can come over Friday for sure. I’ll have to make up some excuse for the whole weekend.

S: OK 🤞🤞🤞🤞

He knew it wouldn’t be a problem with his mom but his dad would have a lot of questions. Lisa wouldn’t be an issue because she knew what was going on. He went inside to talk to her about it. When he went in the house, he found her in her bedroom, along with another scene that wasn’t helping him stay abstinent. Lisa and Brit had been joined in their lesbian sex by Brit’s friend and lover, April.

April is on the shorter side and slightly chubby with tits as big as Lisa’s. She has light brown, shoulder length hair and blue eyes. Her ass is nice and round, just plump enough. Jimmy always had the urge to smack it, just to see if jiggle. Now here she was, getting her pussy eaten by his mother while his sister fucked her from behind with the strap-on. He was tempted to join the pile.

“Hi, Jimmy! Wanna come over here and stick your dick in my mouth,” April asked with a dreamy smile, caused, no doubt, by his mother’s tongue.

“He’s saving up his load for this weekend, April. He’s going to fuck all 3 pussies next door,” Brit answered for him.

“I would love to, April, Brit is right, I have a date with 3 ladies this weekend. I don’t want to show up drained from joining you 3 ladies. Can I take a rain check? I’ve really always wanted to fuck you.”

“Mmmm… I’d love that, Jimmy. You’re so damn cute! I’ll fuck whenever you want! Come over and kiss me at least!”

He moved over to her and she grabbed him by the back of his neck, pulling him in for a hot, French kiss. He took the opportunity to fondle her big tits, pinching her big, light brown nipples. She suddenly started kissing him harder and tensing up, grunting into his mouth. She was cumming from his mother’s cunnilingus. He was starting to wonder if Lisa was starting to prefer pussy over cock. Lisa was smacking her lips when she lifted her head from the shaved cunt she had just been licking. Her face looked like a glazed donut.

“Mom, I need to talk to you about this weekend. Sandi wants me to stay the whole weekend. What do I tell Dad?” He thought it was surreal asking his mother about staying the weekend at a neighbor’s house for an underage orgy while she had her face in the crotch of his sister’s lifelong best friend. Brit paused dildo fucking Lisa so she could answer.

“That won’t be a problem, honey. He’s going out of town tomorrow night and won’t be home until Monday or Tuesday, maybe longer. Something for work apparently.”


“Don’t break your dick fucking those little pussies and assholes, little brother, we need it back here in working condition. We miss you.”

“Yes, we do, honey.”

“I can’t wait to have it in me either. I want you in all my holes too, Jimmy. I’ll pee for you, too”, added April. “Those girls and their mom are lucky!”

Jimmy left the room and it occurred to him that he didn’t know April knew about their situation. He was cool with it, especially if it meant he got to fuck another pussy. He pulled out his phone to text Sandi.

J: Good to go for the whole weekend!

S: Yay! ❤😋🍆🍑

J: 😁😁😁😁

He decided to go ride his bike to get away from all the temptation in the house. He peeked into his parents bedroom to see what was going on. He saw Lisa standing up with Brit’s face buried in her pussy while April’s face was buried in her ass. Jimmy just shook his head, trying to ignore the tent in his shorts. He went out to the garage to grab his bike. He saw Lizzy out in her yard.

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He headed over to chat with her. She ran over when she saw him.

“Hi, Jimmy!”

“Hey, beautiful! How’s my girl?”

“Good! I can’t wait for this weekend! Are you going to fuck Sadie too? Mommy hasn’t told yet. She wants to keep it a surprise.”

“That’s the plan. I’m gonna fuck your mom too. Does your dad know?” He was suddenly worried that Sean might have found out.

“No. Just me and Mommy. It’s naughty that you’re going to fuck Mommy but I can’t wait to watch it.”

“Same here! Hey! What did your mom do when you showed her your pussy full of cum? Did she lick it?”

“Nah. She said I’m a little too young. She took pictures of it. I started licking it off my fingers like I did the first time you fucked me. She took video of me doing that until it was all gone. Then she played with her pussy until she had a good cum. She yelled! I rubbed myself and made myself cum too. I never did that before. Sadie always made me cum, then you. I didn’t know I could do it myself. I do it all the time now. I showed Sadie too!”

“Oh sweetie! You’re not helping me save up my load! My dick is leaking like a faucet!”

“Wanna eat my pussy?”

“Yes,” Jimmy exclaimed as he helped her over the fence. He rushed her into the shed, put her up on the workbench, pulled her shorts off, and buried his face in her 8 y.o. cunt. It didn’t take long for her to cum. She jumped off the bench and walked to the entrance. She turned back to Jimmy, squatted, and pissed.

“Damn it, Lizzy! You’re killing me,” he groaned. She giggled and ran back to the fence. He helped her back over. “See ya in a couple days,” she said as she waved and ran into her house. He couldn’t go out riding his bike with the raging hard-on he had, so he went back in the shed and cleaned his lawn gear, sharpened blades, did whatever it took to distract the little brain in his cock. Eventually it worked. He hoped that there was no lesbian orgy going on when he went back in the house.

All was quiet when he went to his room. Brit and April were gone. He could hear his mother softly snoring in her bedroom. He went and showered, then snoozed himself. He wished he could sleep till Friday evening. When he woke up he could smell something delicious cooking in the kitchen and he heard his dad struggling with his luggage.

“Just in time, son. Give the old man a hand, would ya?”

“Sure, Dad. You’re gonna be gone a few days, huh?”

“Maybe a week. And over a weekend at that. We’re having a hard enough time at our own facility, now the one on the other side of the state has an emergency, and I’ve been picked to save their asses,” he said with a smirk that wasn’t very humorous.

“We’ll hold the fort down here, Dad. You be careful out there.”

“You’re a good son, Jim. I know you’ve been working your ass off. You be careful.” He patted Jimmy on the shoulder as they loaded the luggage in his car.

Jimmy smiled at him, then hugged him. They went in for dinner before Frank left. Brit came home to see him off. It was nice to have them all together for dinner again. He left right after dinner. Jimmy went to his room to watch horror movies until he fell asleep. Lisa and Brit had sex.

Friday finally came. Lisa and Brit were in the kitchen, both dressed for a change. They teased him about the weekend’s events and Lisa gave him a pill bottle. It contained 4 blue tablets. “They’re your dad’s. Use them if you need them.” He thanked her, put the bottle in his room, then headed out to one of his jobs. It occurred to him that between all the lawn work and fucking he had been doing, he hadn’t seen any of his friends in a few weeks. Oh well. The money and pussy made up for that.

After finishing up his work for the day, he went home and showered. He was having a difficult time not getting an erection thinking about what was going to happen that night, and the rest of the weekend. He finished getting ready, grabbed the pill bottle, then headed downstairs. Lisa and Brit kissed him and sent him off like a conquering hero. He was going to his neighbor’s house to fuck his wife and daughters, not save someone, he thought. But he wasn’t going to turn around. Nope. He wanted this to happen as much as those girls did. The door opened before he even knocked…

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