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By Dubya Jimmy’s second day with the horny mom and her 2 daughters next door. Some history is shared, along with more fucking…

Jimmy awoke to the most wonderful feeling. He opened his eyes and looked down to his crotch where that wonderful sensation was coming from and saw his sexy, ginger neighbor Sandi sucking his cock. She saw that he was awake and smiled at him while poking the tip of her tongue into the piss slit of his cock. He smiled back at her and said, “Swing that sexy ass around here and let me lick that sweet pussy!”

Without letting up on the expert level blow job that she was giving him, she swung around so that they could 69. Her pouty-lipped, light pink pussy was already wet. Jimmy wondered if she walked around this wet all the time. His tongue parted the flaps and folds of that sopping wet twat, his nose in her surprisingly pink asshole. They mutually pleasured each other orally for a while before Sandi lifted off his face to swing around and ride his rigid cock. She guided the member to her vaginal opening, then sank down the 6″ of his boy cock. Once she was impaled on him, started grinding instead of bouncing up and down. She leaned forward to kiss him sensuously. She tasted her cunt juice on his lips and licked it off.

“Good morning, lover,” she purred. Hearing that made him feel like he was… he wasn’t sure how it made him feel, other than damn good! He was living every teenage boy’s dream! He had gone from being a virgin to fucking 5 different pussies in just a few short weeks! Some teenage guys might not dream about fucking their mother or sister, but most of those teenage guys probably didn’t have a mother or sister that were as beautiful and sexy as his were. Some of those guys might not dream about fucking little girls, but he bet most of them would. But he knew all of teenage guys, if straight, would fuck a sexy neighbor woman like Sandi!

“Good morning, beautiful! No girls this morning?”

“When I checked on them they were sound asleep, probably worn out from all the orgasms they had, “she said with a sly smile and chuckle. “They were in the same bed, sleeping head to toe. They probably fell asleep after a good 69. I love knowing that they’re playing their “naked games “. And I’m so glad you fucked Lizzy. Sean and I were going to start introducing them to sex soon but they obviously got a headstart on their own. Does it surprise you to hear that? That we were going to introduce them to sex?”

“Well, yeah, but I’m learning lots of new things lately so I shouldn’t be surprised. I’m actually surprised that it sounds perfectly normal to me now.” ”

Well, I was raised in an incestuous family, and I introduced Sean to it before we were married. It was a deal breaker for me. I wouldn’t marry him if he didn’t agree to raising our family incestuously. My family does have some rules though. No one over 18 can have actual sex with anyone under 10, and if a child is under 10 they can’t have sex with anyone more than twice their age. We can be sexual, teaching them how and letting them watch, just not physically do it with them.”

Sandi paused for a moment, enjoying the sensation of her clit rubbing against Jimmy’s pubic mound as she continued to grind her pussy on his cock. The conversation was helping them both keep from climaxing.

“I have an older brother and younger sister. My brother is 5 years older than me. He was 10 when he took my virginity at 5. My mother took his first. We’re all bisexual too, so our father fucked him then too. My sister is a year younger than me, so six years younger than our brother. She was 6 and he was 12 when he took hers. She and I had been playing with each other before that though. We watched our parents fucking all the time, with each other and others too. Not many taboos in my family.”

“Sean’s family is pretty straight laced. No incest in his family that he knows of. He was obviously willing to join my incestuous family. We had hoped to have a boy first so we would have a big brother to deflower his little sisters at a young age, but we had 2 girls right in a row. I was over the moon happy to know that you had fucked Lizzy! You’re not family but you’re someone we know, like, and trust. You were the perfect person outside the family to break our girls in. When I told Sean that you had fucked Lizzy, we discussed it and decided that you should deflower Sadie too. Plus I’ve always thought you were pretty damn cute and wanted to fuck you myself. Now here we are!

She laughed and bent to kiss him again. Their tongues tangoed together for a minute before she resumed letting Jimmy in on her family’s secrets. She was still grinding her pussy on his cock as she talked.

“What about Joey,” asked Jimmy.

“We’ll start letting him watch after we get him used to the idea. He can play with his sisters after that. Now, Sean has a particular kink that you can help with too. He’s what they call a “cuck”. That means he’s aroused by his wife fucking other people whether he watches or not. It’s not exactly an open relationship we have like some people do. I don’t just go out and fuck other people then tell him about it afterwards. I tell him beforehand who I’d like to fuck and he has to approve. Or he will suggest someone he’d like to see me fuck and I have to approve. He really likes to see me gangbanged. That night you watched the kids, the night you first fucked Lizzy, I got fucked by 6 black guys with huge cocks. I got it in every hole. My ass and pussy were probably just as sore and red as Lizzy’s after you fucked her.”

“Anyway, after Sean and I agreed that you would fuck Sadie for her first time, I told him that I wanted you too. He approved of that pretty quickly and said that he’d like to watch when we do it again. And we will be doing this again, lover! Whenever you want! He took Joey on this camping trip so they could give us our space to have all this fun. Now I need to ask you about something. The way you ate my pussy, I know you didn’t learn that on your own just from eating Lizzy’s a few times. Someone taught you how to do that. Can you tell me who it was? I doubt you have a girlfriend at your age that is experienced enough to teach you that level of cunnilingus. Not unless she comes from a family like mine. You eat pussy like a master, Jimmy. Do you come from an incestuous family too?”

Jimmy figured that she had told him her secrets, at least the biggest ones (he still needed to ask her about the animal porn), so fair was fair. So he opened up to her too.

“No, not raised in one but there is incest going on now. My sister Britney saw Lizzy sucking my dick that first time, and she confronted me about it. I told her about how I saw Lizzy peeing in the yard and that she had seen me watching. Then Lizzy asked me if I wanted to watch it up close. And how Lizzy started sucking my dick when I was jacking off in front of her. Brit got turned on hearing about the peeing and let me watch her pee. Then I came in her mouth.”

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“Brit decided to take my virginity. She said that she’s a kinky slut that loves the idea of incest. Plus she wanted me to be a good lover for Lizzy. Brit and her friend started eating each other’s pussies when they were Lizzy’s age. Then she got fucked by a guy when she was 10, he was 18. She likes underage sex too. So she fucked me for my first time and taught me how to eat pussy. I practiced on her quite a bit and then… well, someone else decided that they wanted to fuck them and eat them too.”

“Who? Brit’s friend with the huge tits? I wouldn’t mind playing with those, or your sister, myself!”

Jimmy laughed and gave her a playful swat on the ass. He continued, “No, it was my mom.”

“Your mom! Wow! That’s fucking hot! I wouldn’t mind playing with her huge tits either!”

“I think that feeling is mutual. She and Brit both said something about playing with your sexy, ginger ass. I got you first though!”

“Yes, you did, my sweet boy.” She kissed him again, more passionately than sensuously this time. She then asked, “What about your dad? Has he gotten involved?”

“No. Not yet, anyway. We all want to get him involved but we’re afraid of his reaction to his family fucking each other. Anyway, Mom knew I had developed a pee fetish and used it to see if I wanted to fuck her. Of course I did! If you want to get with her, you’d better like hairy pussy and ass! It’s dark and thick. I think it’s sexy as hell! Brit shaves hers, by the way.”

“So after I fucked Mom, I told her about Brit and me, and about Lizzy. Turned out that she had been fucking her brothers since she was a little girl and had wanted to have a son to fuck. Well, she got one. I told her that Brit wanted to get with her. Mom had never been with another female but she wanted to get with Brit after hearing that. She wanted me to fuck Lizzy too. She said she loved getting fucked by her brothers at that age, and that if Lizzy wanted, I should go for it.”

“So the three of us started fucking after Dad left for work. Our morning threesome! I got to see Mom have her first bi experience. It was beautiful. She went out and bought a strap-on, she was so into being with Brit. She even fucked me with it!”

“When Lizzy told me about the babysitting and wanting me to fuck her that night, I decided to rest my dick a few days and build up a good load of cum for her. They replaced me in the threesome with April! I watched that for a while but I got close to cumming when April told me that she wanted to fuck me too.”

“Wow! That’s a lot to take in! Your mom and sister are going to be fun to play with! We’re gonna have to make that happen, Jimmy! If April wants to bring those big tits and big ass around too, I wouldn’t mind that either. I like men and women, boys and girls of all ages, sizes, colors, whatever. I do like hairy pussy and ass as much as the hairless ones. Same with cock. I just love to fuck, Jimmy. I was literally born for it. We’re going to get our families together. You guys need to get your dad involved too. It’s only fair. I can help with that if necessary. Now what do you say we finish this fuck? All this talk has my pussy on fire! I’m sure you can feel all my cunt juice running down your balls! My bladder is filling up too! It’s gonna need to be emptied!”

Jimmy could feel his bladder filling too. He grabbed Sandi by the hips and started thrusting into her as she started bouncing on his cock instead of grinding on it. She soon had a squinting orgasm, then he flooded her with his jizz.

“Don’t worry, Jimmy, there’s still plenty of pee up in there! Let’s go get in the shower!”

She led him by the hand to the big shower stall, and told him, “You go first! I want you to piss all over me!”

She sat on the bench in the shower and leaned back against the wall, spreading her legs. Jimmy loved looking at her pussy. It was like a work of art, he thought. Sandi snapped him out of his reverie when she said, “Do it, baby! Piss all over me! Treat me like the slut that I am!”

He aimed at her tits and let his piss start to flow. He went back and forth from her tits to her pussy, back up to her tits, in her mouth. She had her tongue out to catch it. She rubbed his hot urine into her skin as he kept pissing. He felt like he had 2 gallons saved up in his bladder. When he was done, he just squatted down in front of her and told her to go ahead and go.

He opened his mouth and let her piss directly into it. He swallowed every drop that went into his mouth but loved the feeling of what ran out dripping down his chin and onto his cock.

They heard a commotion coming from the bedroom, then the girls came running in the bathroom, both shouting about how they had started without them.

“We both have to go too, Jimmy,” said Lizzy with a grin. He laid on the floor of the shower stall. Lizzy straddled his hips while Sadie straddled his chest. Lizzy counted down, “3,2,1” then they let loose their little girl piss in unison. They obviously had this planned.

Sadie soaked his chest and face, while Lizzy soaked his cock and balls. When she was finished, Sadie sat on his face so he could lick her clean. Then he felt Lizzy take his cock in her mouth. It had gone mostly flaccid but the 8 year old sucked it back to full hardness. When it was hard again, she lowered her bald, little girl pussy onto it. Sadie came on his face, then climbed off to join her mother on the bench. Sandi was rubbing her clit as she watched her daughters having this pissy threesome with Jimmy. She showed Sadie how to do it too.

Now that Sadie had finished, Jimmy was free to concentrate on fucking the little redhead that had changed his life. He held her by the hips like he had just done with her mother, but he let Lizzy set the pace. She was doing a great job of it too. She was picking up speed as she got closer to cumming. Her tight, little pussy fit his cock and felt so good to him. He was getting close too. She surprised the hell out of him and made him blast his jizz in her when she learned forward and pinched both his nipples. She came then too. She slumped onto his chest with his cock still in the grip of her little cunt.

Jimmy kissed her on the top of her head. She looked up with a grin, then kissed him on the mouth, slipping her tongue in his mouth. He slipped his into hers. He heard Sandi gasping in orgasm as he passionately kissed her daughter. Suddenly, everything was quiet, except for all the heavy breathing. Jimmy and Lizzy got up, and he turned on the multiple showerheads. After they had all rinsed off the piss from their golden shower fun, the girls told their mother that they were hungry.

“Breakfast is a great idea! How about pancakes?”

“Yeah,” they cheered.

“How about you, Jimmy? You okay with pancakes?”

“Pancakes and a blue pill, I think! I’m gonna need all the nutrition and chemical help I can get!”

Sandi laughed and kissed him. They all adjourned to the kitchen…

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