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I met Jo soon after graduating from college several years ago. I've always had a fetish for Asian women who are petite and soft-spoken. There is something about their complexion and small framed bodies that I find irresistible along with my preference for women with small breasts. From the first time I set my eyes on Jo, I was immediately attracted to her dark hair and eyes, tight little ass, and her small breasts that looked like buds trying to bloom underneath her tight tank top. We met through mutual friends at a party and were both dating other people at the time.
My girlfriend back then, Jenn, was a tall blonde with lovely 36c breasts that went against the preferences I just mentioned, but she was gorgeous with a voracious sexual appetite. I'm not the most handsome guy in the world so I felt lucky that someone as beautiful as she would even go out with me, let alone have sex with me. I really liked her a lot but we weren't in love. We had a great time together but I think we both knew in our hearts it wasn't a forever kind of relationship.
Jo was dating a Hispanic man, Carlos, who was several years older than her. He wasn't handsome or charming and I could never understand what she saw in him. Apparently, he was her boss at work when they began dating. He seemed controlling and she did everything he told her. He told her what to wear, what to order at a restaurant, got him drinks when he asked. All this came out subtly in observations and conversations we had as couples during the party and afterward when we became friends and started going out on double dates.
While I enjoyed being with Jenn, I made a connection with Jo from the very start. When we double dated, I always seemed to converse with her rather than my date which made Jenn jealous at times. She even tried to pay me back by flirting a little with Carlos but it never bothered me which, I think, infuriated her even more. We even had a couple of fights about it. I wasn't trying to make her jealous but there was something building between Jo and myself that I couldn't control.
After a while, Carlos even noticed and got jealous which put an end to our double dating. That didn't stop Jo and I from continuing our platonic relationship though. She didn't want to text me because he checked her phone but she would call me on her home phone or we would meet for coffee whenever she needed to talk to someone. She was growing continually frustrated with Carlos's controlling behavior but didn't know what to do seeing she was such a mild-mannered person. The connection between us continued to grow as she would talk to me about the problems she was having in their relationship. I was trying desperately to be the supportive friend but the more we talked the closer we became.
One time when I met Jo for coffee, she alluded to Carlos having her do some things sexually she wasn't comfortable doing. She said it in a roundabout way and never went into details. This was a private matter and it was difficult enough for a shy woman to even allude to something like this so I never pressed her for details although I was extremely curious. I had more than a full-blown crush on her by now; she had been the subject of many masturbatory fantasies of mine by then and my mind went into overdrive imagining what she might be doing with Carlos. Was it something as minuscule as swallowing his cum after a blow job? Maybe she didn't like doing anal but I got the impression it was something even kinkier.
My relationship with Jenn came to a crashing end when a friend of hers saw me having lunch with Jo. Naturally, it didn't take long for word to get back to my girlfriend and we had a huge blowout. Yes, I was sneaking around behind her back but it wasn't like I was dating Jo and it wasn't a sexual relationship. I didn't tell Jenn we were meeting as friends because I was afraid she would get mad and I was proven correct in my fear. To be honest, I was kind of relieved our relationship ended, we didn't love each other and it was only a matter of time before we broke up. However, no one likes getting dumped; it was a shot to my ego and I was somewhat depressed for a while.
Naturally, I turned to Jo for a shoulder to cry on and she was there to support me now that I needed a friend. To make matters worse, Jenn contacted Carlos and told him that Jo and I were dating behind his back which wasn't exactly accurate but his jealous mind believed every word. He was making life more difficult for Jo and became even more controlling. We stopped meeting as friends to make her life easier. Not only did I lose my girlfriend but I lost my platonic best friend too.
Within a few weeks that stretched into months, Jo tried to break things off with Carlos but he was persistent in not letting her end their relationship. She saw him every day at work which made it more difficult and he was psychologically in control of her but she knew she couldn't go on living her life with him in it. They broke up, got back together, broke up, saw each other for a little while and the cycle kept repeating until one day she quit her job and finally ended their relationship even though Carlos claims he dumped Jo. She didn't care what he thought or what he told their mutual friends, she was finally free from him.
During that time, I was going on dates with other women and having sex with some of them but none of them was my type. Then one day, I was out for happy hour on a Friday and I ran into Jo with some of her friends. I didn't know she broke things off with Carlos so I was reluctant to talk to her because I didn't want to make her life difficult if he came into the bar and saw us together. We exchanged glances from across the room and we waved to each other. She immediately came over to me and we began to converse. We hadn't seen each other in a few months and we were catching up like we hadn't seen each other in years.
Jo caught me by surprise when she asked, "Kevin, you know Carlos and I broke up don't you?"
I got the biggest smile on my face that I can ever remember having, then caught myself and replied, "Oh, I'm sorry to hear that."
She grinned, knowing I was completely lying, and said, "Yeah, it was a long, painful breakup but I'm finally done with him. I should have done it sooner."
"Yeah, he was a total jerk towards you. You'll be much better off without him. Are you seeing anyone else?"
"No Kevin, I think I'll wait until the right guy comes along, you know, someone who will listen to me, laugh with me and comfort me when I'm feeling down."
I can be shy and a little thick-headed around women sometimes and I was thinking, "Gee, that sounds like me," but I was too dumb to say that, instead, I replied, "You're a lovely woman Jo. I hope you find Mr. Right."
She looked at me like I was a dumb ass, rolled her eyes, and said, "Maybe I already have," and continued to stare at me.
At first, I was disappointed that she may have found someone else before I could put a move on her, but then I realized she was talking about me. I really was a dumb ass.
When the light bulb finally lit up in my brain, I was all smiles and replied, "Well, you don't have to look any further Jo."
"I know Kevin. I know. I'm glad we ran into each other."
From that point on, we were inseparable. We began dating and if we didn't see each other every night, we talked on the phone or texted. Somehow seeing her or simply hearing her voice, made my day all worthwhile.
Sex with Jo was the best I've ever had. I still remember the first time I saw her naked; like it was yesterday. We were making out on my sofa after having dinner and drinks at our favorite restaurant. I looked deep into her dark eyes and pulled her top over her head. She lifted her arms to let me take it off her. Her slender torso and bra came into my view which only drove my desire to get her naked even more. I undressed her with my eyes probably a hundred times and I was now undressing her like I was opening a Christmas present.
From there, I unzipped her skirt and awkwardly tugged at it until I pulled it down her legs. She looked breathtaking in her bra and panties. Her dark hair contrasted with her light pink bra and matching bikini panties. I took her by the hand and led her into my bedroom where she reached behind her back and undid her bra, then held the cups in place before slowly peeling it away to reveal the most beautiful 32a breasts imaginable. I love small breasts and hers were perfect, so tiny but her nipples were dark and hard. She was self-conscious of her small breasts, thinking men wouldn't be attracted to her because most men like big breasts. However, I was different and thought they were exquisite. I immediately began to fondle them and play with her nipples before taking almost her entire breast into my mouth to suck on it, then moving on to the other.
By this time we were both getting hot and I began to hurriedly strip out of my clothes so I could get back to touching Jo. I had a full-blown hard on when I approached her and peeled down her panties to reveal a fully shaven pussy. I picked her up and laid her gently down on the bed and began to kiss and lick her body from her lips down to her toes and back up her legs to her pussy. I couldn't wait to taste her. My tongue played with her outer lips before I moved to tongue fuck her. I licked her pussy all over before moving on to her clit. She was so hot, I was able to lick her to a couple of orgasms in a short period of time.
When she returned the favor to blow me, I could tell she was an experienced cocksucker. I know she didn't date much before Carlos but she must have sucked his dick plenty of times to get this good at giving blow jobs. She had my eyes rolling into the back of my head in ecstasy from the way she expertly used her lips and tongue on my cock. I had to stop her before I came too soon. I had to have some of that pussy I had been dreaming about for so long.
Jo laid back on the bed and spread her legs and I took a moment to simply gaze at the beautiful, naked woman before me. I then took my position between her legs and presented my cock to her pussy. I took one more look at her before sliding it into her. We both moaned in pleasure and we began to kiss deeply as I slowly made love to her. I took my time because I wanted the moment to last as long as possible. She grabbed my ass and began to pull me into her, then wrapped her legs around my back which helped her to thrust her hips up to meet mine. As our passion grew, we began to fuck faster and my thrusts became more forceful. There is nothing better than having sex with a woman you love. When I came, it was one of the largest loads I have had. I filled her pussy with my cum and it was one of the most satisfying orgasms ever.
We had sex one more time that night and again the next morning. You know how it is when you first begin a relationship, you have sex all the time. We enjoyed each other's company and we enjoyed the sex even more. Things couldn't have been going better for either of us.
A few short months after we started dating, we were living together and a year and a half later we were married. There was a brief time when we were living together that we broke up for about a week or so. I think we were both getting scared that our relationship was moving too fast but that week made us realize how much we loved each other and that's when I proposed to her. Makeup sex can be better than regular sex, it was like starting our relationship over from the beginning again.
We've been together about seven years now between dating, living together, and being married. During that time, I always wondered what Carlos did with Jo sexually that she never wanted to discuss. For some reason, I enjoyed hearing her tell stories of some of their sexual encounters. I don't understand it, but the thought of Carlos or other men fucking Jo turned me on. She wasn't comfortable talking about it at first, but when she realized I got excited about hearing of her sexual experiences, she began to play along.
Jo told me about when she was an 18-year-old senior in high school and gave a guy her first blow job while parked in a lover's lane. He had been trying for weeks to get her to have sex with him but her conservative, Asian-influenced upbringing made it difficult for her to overcome her upbringing of how a lady was supposed to save herself for marriage. Her girlfriends talked her into at least trying to suck a dick to start. She agreed, mostly out of peer pressure and her own curiosity. All of her friends were having sex and she felt left out.
When she was making out with her boyfriend, he had her top off and his hand up her skirt. She was fondling him through his pants while he fingered her pussy. She had given him hand jobs before but like any 18-year-old boy, he was trying for more. She was extremely nervous but when he requested a blow job, he was pleasantly surprised by Jo's affirmative response because she had turned him down so many times before. He proudly sat up straight, exposed himself while staring at her, waiting for her to start. She had his dick grasped firmly in her hand; staring at it, gathering up the courage to deliver on her promise.
She stared at his dick so long, he finally said, "Well, are you going to suck it?"
Jo swallowed hard, took a deep breath, opened her mouth and let the boy's dick slide into her mouth. She wasn't sure how she liked the taste at first but quickly decided it wasn't that bad at all. She could only get the head into her mouth at first and began to bob up and down while using her tongue like her friends told her too. She got a little more of his dick into her mouth and even scraped it with her teeth out of inexperience a couple of times. She finally did it, she was sucking her first dick.
Her 18-year-old boyfriend grabbed hold of her head and tried to force more of his dick into her mouth but she gagged a couple of times and told him to stop shoving or she'd stop. She took more of his dick each time her head bobbed but still couldn't get it all in her throat. Being an excited, inexperienced teenage boy, he didn't last too long. When he started grunting faster, Jo was momentarily afraid that he was going to cum in her mouth and tried to lift her head but he held her head down, preventing her from escaping what was to follow. He lunged upwards and released the first wad of cum into Jo's mouth. Before she could decide if she liked the taste or not, he released the second wad which was followed by several more.
She then determined it didn't taste that bad and continued swallowing as much of his cum as she could while lapping at his shooting cock. She couldn't keep up with the large amount of cum his dick was spewing and some dripped out of the corners of her mouth and down her chin. When he was finally done, Jo licked the cum that was dripping down his dick and licked him clean.
When she lifted her head, he proclaimed, "That was awesome. Are you sure this is the first time you sucked a dick?"
Jo assured him it was, indeed, her first time as she wiped his cum from her face. She was proud of herself that not only did she give her first blow job but she swallowed his cum and she apparently did a good job too. Starting from the first time, she always swallowed her lover's cum unless they wanted to coat her face with it.
I was so turned on after hearing that story and Jo knew it. It also relieved her of her fear that I would get jealous hearing of some of her past sexual experiences. She treated me to a great blow job too. All I could think about was how that young man felt with my future wife's lips wrapped around his dick. I shot a huge load of cum into her mouth which she lapped up with pleasure.
From that day on, Jo wasn't reluctant to tell me about some of her past experiences such as when she lost her virginity in the backseat of a car later that summer before going away to college or about some of her past boyfriends. However, she wouldn't say anything about her relationship with Carlos. Whenever I brought up his name, she shut right down and even became a mood killer at times, so I didn't bring it up too often after that. Oh, she would tell me about the times they had straight sex but would never reveal the secret sex they had.
The more she didn't want to talk about Carlos, the more curious I got. What was she hiding? What was her secret? I wanted to respect her privacy, I had some secrets in my life that I never told anyone but she had told me about other past lovers, so what was the big deal with him? I tried to reassure her that I would be okay with anything she told me but she was tight-lipped about Carlos.
One time, after I hadn't asked her about Carlos for several months, I brought him up again. I don't even know why; it just came up. Jo got really pissed off at me and began yelling at me. She was angrier than I've ever seen her.
She screamed at me, "You want to know what I did with Carlos. Well, I'll tell you then."
I was really conflicted. After all these years, she was finally going to tell me but she was fucking pissed off. I wasn't sure I was ready for this but I had opened Pandora's box.
She told me they started out watching porn together, especially of when a woman would suck off a couple of guys. It would turn them both on and he would tell her how sexy it was to see a woman blow two or more guys. It secretly became one of Jo's fantasies after seeing several of these movies over the course of several weeks.
Jo was in tears when she then told me things progressed from there, "He used to like watching me give blow jobs?"
I looked at her inquisitively and asked, "Like in a mirror?"
Jo rolled her eyes like I asked a dumb question and replied, "I used to suck his friends dicks for them. He'd invite them over and I'd blow them at his insistence. He had such control over me, I couldn't find the courage to tell him no."
I was speechless. I didn't know what to say. I was ashamed that I got my wife so angry and upset but the other part of me was picturing her on her knees sucking off other guys.
I was holding her, trying to comfort her, assuring her I didn't think less of her because of what she confessed to me. To be honest, it turned me on to think my shy wife did something like that. It was so wild and kinky, it got my imagination going but I didn't say too much other than to tell her I loved her and nothing from her past could ever change how I felt about her.
Once she felt reassured I wasn't angry or disappointed in her, she went on, "I might as well tell you everything and get it out in the open."
I thought, "There's more," but I replied, "What's that dear?"
"One time he took me to an adult bookstore."
I looked at her inquisitively and asked, "And what happened there?"
Jo could barely look at me when she continued, "He, uh, he took me into the back where there were some booths where guys watch movies. He took me into a booth that had a hole between the booths."
I had heard about glory holes before but never been to one. She then went on to tell me how he put on a porn movie and they started making out. She didn't realize someone was watching them through the hole in the wall. When he stripped her clothes off, she thought they were going to fuck in the booth but then he told her he wanted her to suck a stranger's dick through the glory hole. She resisted at first but Carlos had such control over her that she soon found herself on her knees poking her finger through the hole to let the person on the other side know she was ready to blow him. She was then greeted by a black dick and began to stroke it.
She looked up at Carlos who told her, "Go ahead baby, suck it."
She opened her mouth and began to blow the cock in her face until he came in her mouth. She sucked several cocks that evening in addition to fucking Carlos while she was certain someone was watching through the hole. When they were done, she got dressed and when Carlos opened the door to the small booth several men were waiting outside. She suddenly felt embarrassed by the way they were looking at her. She knew some were disappointed that she was leaving but she also wondered if she had sucked any of their dicks.

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