Joey’s B’day Present from His Mom Ch. 02

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tagIncest/TabooJoey's B'day Present from His Mom Ch. 02

My shower cubicle is a regular size but we squeezed in together, the three of us. Tommy is the tallest at about six-two, I'm six even and Mom is an adorable five-five with D cup breasts over a flat tummy. She works out, does pilates and yoga and runs half marathons, all for fun! Tommy went in first and adjusted the water to a moderately warm setting. Mom joined him, pulling me in with her as we squashed up against the glass. The water hit Mom on her tits, running down between us as she lathered some soap into her upper body, making sure to include our chests and backs as she rotated between us. Her hands began disappearing down between us, grabbing at our cocks, soaping and washing us, our balls and backsides, her fingers getting everywhere. I had no idea if Tommy was getting hard, but I was, my cock now trapped between my belly and Mom's flat stomach.
She reached down and pushed my erection between her legs. I had to bend my knees a little to let it slide right through until the tip stroked over her asshole. I began to pump, slowly, just an inch each way. Mom responded by lifting her left leg up around my hip, holding the underside of my cock as it slid to and fro across her hot slit. The water washed her juice away but I could feel the slipperiness as she produced more and more.
Her fingertips pressed under the crown of my cock, her hips tilted and whoosh, I was inside her tight pussy.
"Tommy, you wanted some anal. Fill my ass with your cock, lift me up. Let me feel that lovely cock of yours in my ass, come on."
Tommy lifted Mom off the ground, her legs now around my hips, Tommy holding under her sweet pear-shaped ass. I held her back, my arms wrapped around her, holding her tight to my chest. Tommy positioned himself and grunted as Mom helped him in. I felt Tommy's cock slide in alongside mine, a definite pressure on the underside of my cock as he began to stroke. Mom hung between us, just letting us do our thing. Tommy fucked for all of us. I didn't need to move. The pressure was enough for me, the sensation exquisite as he drove into her tight ass.
"Oh, Boys. This is just the best thing. I don't know how many times I've come but I know for sure I'm about to come again. Just keep those cocks hard, keep on fucking, Tommy. I'm close, oh, fuck, yes, close, coming, coming, yess, yess, oh jeez, yess! Aaagghh! Ah! Fuck me!"
Tommy bucked and came. I could feel his cock pulsing through the wall of Mom's ass. He blasted a load deep inside her as he grunted, his head back, his neck straining as he pumped jet after jet of hot cum inside her. Mom kissed me, sucking on my lips, dragging my tongue into her mouth, sucking hard.
"Fuck me, Joey." she hissed around my tongue.
"Come inside me, Baby, cum for Mommy."
I couldn't resist her endearments nor her demands and obliged by letting Tommy support her while I fucked into her tight cunt, hard, fast, vigorously, with every ounce of effort available. Mom cried and clung to my shoulder, Tommy held tight to her ass, his deflating cock still inside her. I rammed my meat as hard and as deep as I could get it until I felt the explosion begin deep in my balls and lower back. I began grunting with the effort, dragging air into my hard-working lungs as I thrust my whole body hard up against my mother.
"Coming, Mommy, coming, just like you asked, coming for you, Mommy, coming, coming, coming, now, now, yes, fuck, Oh fuck, yess, yess, fuck meeeee!."
I blasted jets of hot cum deep inside her steaming hot cunt. Her pussy lips clutched at the base of my cock. I jerked, she cried, I moaned, she shook, I pumped a bit more, she vibrated and wailed as she came again. Tommy couldn't hold her any longer. His cock slipped out, as did mine a few seconds later. He lowered her to the floor, still squeezed between us. We washed, rinsed, shook water from our eyes until Tommy reached behind him and turned the water off.
"I need to sit, or lie down. My legs are trembling." said Tommy.
"I need to lie down. My pussy is trembling." Mom laughed.
"I need another beer." I said. "Anyone else?"
"Yeah, get me one, Bro. Mom, you want anything?"
"Yeah, why not. Let's put this night to bed with a toast."
I went to the kitchen and fetched three cold one's from the fridge. I popped two and handed one to Mom. We all clicked the tins together. Mom grinned and looked at us both.
"Cheers, Boys. Here's to the start of a long and happy relationship just as often and as dirty as you like. Daddy will be over the moon. He's wanted to do this ever since he saw your cock, Joey, when you were swimming earlier this year. He told me all about it and joked about how much I'd enjoy it. I told him I'd wait until you were eighteen and he said, Okay, just make sure I'm included. Well, he's drunk so he'll have to wait but if you guys are okay with it, he'll be joining in next time."
I looked at Tommy who sat on the end of the bed grinning. I guess he was picturing us all getting it on in Mom and Dad's bed, the four of us. He looked at me and laughed. Then he turned to Mom and said,
"If he's cool with it then I guess I am too. How about you, Joey? You up for it with Pops included?"
I sipped at my beer and thought about it. Fucking Mom was one thing. Even having Tommy with us had been a situation outside my imagination and stretched my level of comfort somewhat. Having Dad in there too might just be beyond my limits, since this was day one of my sexual experience and it had all happened so fast already! I'd gone from zero to spit-roasting and sandwiching my Mom in the space of an hour.
"As long as he doesn't touch me with his dick I guess I'm okay with it. He's not into that, is he?"
"No, Honey. He's strictly straight and will simply fill the third hole while you guys fill the other two. It'll be fun, you'll see. God, I need some sleep. So where do you guys want to sleep tonight? Tommy has the biggest bed. We can all crash in there if you like."
We finished our beers and walked the short distance down the corridor to Tommy's room. He pulled back the covers and we all crashed into bed, Mom in the middle, her boys either side as we cuddled up close, legs entwined, arms across her chest, cupping her breasts while her hands rested gently on our cocks, still, no friction, no arousal. Just relaxed, replete, fucked and sleepy.
The sun was up when I felt Mom slide out of bed. She left the room, naked, closing the door quietly behind her. I was alone, naked and in bed with my brother. That felt distinctly odd. I climbed out and went to my room. Nine fifteen already! I think we went to bed around two-thirty so I felt remarkably good. I sat and peed, washed my dick and slipped on my jeans shorts. Sunday we dossed about the house and did very little. I started on clearing the debris from the party. Everything went into three recycling bins in the kitchen. I began collecting the stuff that needed washing when Mom walked in wearing her robe, the same one as last night. She had tied it in front, covering herself a tad more modestly than last night.
"Hi, Honey. You sleep okay?" she asked.
"Like a baby. I feel good, how about you?"
"Yeah, not too bad considering what we all got up to last night. My pussy aches, but not as much as my ass!"
We laughed.
"What's so funny, Guys?" asked Dad as he walked into the kitchen.
"I was just telling Joey how I am aching for more of the same but this time you will be included. The three of you might just be enough for this little Southern lady."
"So, your Mom popped your cherry, eh, Joey? How did that feel?"
I began washing cutlery and plates, unsure of a response. I looked at Dad and he grinned at me while he put the coffee maker on to brew. Mom collected more washing up and piled it on the drainer next to me. She squeezed my ass and kissed my neck as she turned to greet Tommy.
"Good morning, Sweetie! How are you this fine morning? I was just telling your Dad and Joey that we have an appointment at six o'clock, all of us, for act two in the Greenwood family saga. Lunch at two, siesta at three until five, Sunday beers at five thirty and we will assemble in the living room for a repeat performance of last night only this time, Daddy will be joining us! How's that sound?"
We all agreed it sounded great. I got on with washing the dishes, Dad poured coffee for us all, Tommy sat and grinned, as he often did while Mom sat at the table and examined her men, her lovers, her fuck buddies. She had the broadest grin as she sipped at her coffee, her mind working overtime with the possibilities to come at six o'clock.
Six o'clock and we all sat in the lounge, well fed, rested and ready for whatever Mom had planned for the evening. The patio doors were open, the pool outside welcoming but so far, Mom had said nothing. She sipped at the green bottle and looked at her watch.
"There is no right or wrong way to do this the first time. How about you three give me an oily massage? I'll lay on the dining table and you three get busy with your hands and we'll take it from there. So, let's get naked and get this party started! How's that sound?"
Mom stood up, slipped off her house shoes, untied the robe and let it slip from her shoulders. She unrolled a yoga mat onto the table and covered it with a brightly colored beach towel. She had the bottle of oil ready on the small table close by. She climbed up in time to the mood music, swaying her hips and showing us her pussy and ass as she lowered herself onto the towel.
"One for my feet, one for my ass and one for my shoulders. Get started boys."
Dad was the first to get naked. He poured the oil on her backside, claiming her ass as his space to play. Tommy shucked off his shorts and joined in, oiling her shoulders and going to work on her muscular arms and back. I dropped my shorts and rather lamely applied oil to her calves and feet. I did my best to use the proper massage techniques I'd seen on TV.
"Mmmmmhhh. That feels so good, Boys. Daddy, stop fingering my crack, slow down. Tommy, you are perfect on my shoulders. Joey, just keep doing what you're doing on my legs. It's wonderful."
Spurred on my her words, I applied more pressure, moving around the other side of the table. I began to move up her alaf to her knee and beyond, kneading her thigh muscles and finally the globe of her ass. Dad took the hint and took over her right side, moving from her ass to her thigh and down her leg, half a lower body each. Our heads were close as we worked on Mom. Dad looked at me and grinned, just like Tommy.
"She's hot, eh? Have you ever seen a hotter Mom than yours? She is so sexy. The other Mom's hate her, ever since she got her figure back three months after you were born. She's stayed in great shape ever since and looks about thirty, don't you think?"
Twenty-four." said Tommy.
"Twenty-three." I said.
"Thank you, Boys. I'm ready to turn and we can really get this party going. I want at least three orgasms before any of you even think about fucking me. You ready?"
Mom rolled over, scootched to the middle of the towel and lay back. Her feet sat about a foot apart, her breasts lay flat, firm, relaxed, her nipples erect. She rolled them between her fingers and said,
"You first, Daddy. Make me come with your fingers. You boys can massage my breasts as much as you like."
Dad got busy with his left hand between her legs, her feet splayed wider apart, her knees bent slightly as his slippery fingers stroked and separated her pussy lips. Her juice and the oil squelched as he slipped his fingers inside and began pumping into her pussy. I had Mom's right breast to play with While Tommy worked on her left one. Mom rolled her head to the right and opened her mouth. I didn't need telling. I moved close to the top of the table and lifted my semi-erect cock up to her waiting mouth. She sucked the crown into her mouth and began licking, pulling gently with her teeth and fondling my ball sack with her long fingernails. I stood still letting her do the work with her mouth. Mom reached across the table and took Tommy's cock in her left hand, pulling gently, stroking it until we were both hard. Dad worked away with his hand now buried inside Mom's wet pussy. Splashes of her juices showered out as he pumped her, she moaned, the sound making my cock twitch.
Her first orgasm ripped through her. Dad was evidently well practiced in making Mom come and she came in spectacular fashion, her hips bucked, her legs thrashed, kicking her heels in the air, her breasts heaved, flushed red and her head rocked from side to side. All the while, she moaned, cried and shouted, swearing like a docker about how fucking great that felt.
"Your turn, Tommy. Get three fingers in there and curl the middle one up against the hard rubbery surface inside her pussy. Rub hard, keep that finger bent. If you suck her clit at the same time she'll come in about a minute. Try it."
Tommy obliged, doing as instructed. Mom moaned as soon as his mouth made contact with her clit. He licked and laved and sucked and flicked and prodded with his tongue, sucked her outer lips and slurped on her inner lips. His arm pistoned up close to his chest, his hand just under his chin as his three fingers pumped with some force into her tight pussy. Dad was right; one minute later she howled and cried and screamed and shook and vibrated and swore and shuddered and came as if she'd been hit by a lightening bolt. Tommy stopped, moved away and we waited for Mom to stop vibrating and catch her breath. Barely audible, she said,
"Joey, your turn. Just like Tommy did and be quick. I'm still close."
I stood at the foot of the table and leaned into the task. Mom's pussy gaped open, spread before me, inviting me in. I wanted so much to stick my dick in there but we had been told, one each before any fucking. I curled my hand, spearing my fingers together. I applied the middle finger to her pussy lips and pushed. I pushed until all three fingers were as deep as they would go, my thumb and pinkie stopping further penetration. I dipped my head and repeated Tommy's earlier action, copying all his moves until Mom began her moaning again. I have no idea where the thought came from but since Mom was so obviously having such a great time and loving every second of it, it pulled my hand out a little, straightened my thumb and pinkie in line with my fingers and reapplied for entrance at the portals of lust. Much to my surprise, my hand slid right on in to the knuckles, a few more pushes and it slipped beyond the tight ring of her pussy, filling her cunt with my fist. I rocked my arm back and forth. Mom reached down, pushed my head aside and gripped my forearm. She pulled my arm, deeper, harder, until her pussy lips enveloped my wrist. She ground down with her bone onto my wrist, rocking her hips as she cried and gasped for breath.
"Fuck, me, we never did that before. Go on Joey, push. She's coming like a fuckin express train, look at her go!"
Mom exploded, the table shook, we held on to her to stop her shaking herself onto the floor. She jerked and jagged, spasms of ecstasy rocking through her body for about ten seconds. She gasped for air, Tommy and Dad squeezed her breasts. Mom held on to my arm, gripping my wrist in a frenzied vice, her fingernails hurting as they dug into my skin.
"Fucking hell, Joey. That was the most intense orgasm I have ever had. Sorry, Daddy, but now you have a new way to finger fuck me. Take it out real slow, Joey, then put your cock in there and come as fast as you like. You deserve it."
I waited until her pussy stopped gripping at my wrist. Mom lay back and took Tommy's cock in her mouth. I slid my hand out, soaking with her cum juice and oil. I grabbed two chairs and put them either side of the end of the table, for her feet. I stood and pulled her towards me, holding her knees apart. My cock slid straight in her pussy, no waiting, no aiming, it just found its way in there as if by remote control.
"I thought you wanted all three holes filled at once, Mom." said Tommy.
She let go his dick and replied,
"Yes, Joey, wait a moment, let your father lie under me. Gary, get you ass up here on the table. That's it. Hold it straight while I, oh god that feels so good. I am so slippery! Okay, now Joey, get up here and fuck me. Tommy, let me have thammm uhhhmmmh, wuuuumm, aaagghh"
I watched as Tommy's cock slid deep into her throat. Her head back, her neck arched, she took almost the whole length inside. Tommy stood and slowly fucked her throat. Mom Held his hips, guiding his pace, limiting the depth dictating the speed. Tommy kept pumping, as did I into her tight cunt. The sight of Mom deep-throating Tommy was more than I could bear. My orgasm overtook me, sooner than I would have wanted but I knew I was good for another in not too many minutes. Tommy's cock was now going fully into Mom's mouth at the end of each stroke, Tommy paused as Mom's tongue slipped out and touched his ball sack. Tommy groaned. I groaned.
"I'm coming, Mom. Can't wait, sorrreeeeeee, fuck, fuck, fuck. Aaarrgghhh!"
I blasted my cum deep inside her, jet after hot jet filled her cunt to overflowing. Tommy reacted to me coming by increasing his tempo a little.
"Mom, I'm coming. Tell me if you can take it in your throat, tell me and I'll pull out."
Mom pulled on his hips, forcing him in as deep as he could go. Three or four more thrusts and he stopped, his cock buried deep in her throat and came, jetting his hot cum directly down her throat. Mum groaned as she came on top of Dad, under me and with Tommy buried in her face. She shook and vibrated and moaned in her throat until seconds later, Dad grunted and called out.
"Fucking coming. Keep shaking that ass, Woman, just a little more, yes, yes, yes, coming, holy fucking hell, that is just fucking hell, fuck, fuck, fuck."
Dad's voice trailed off as he finished jerking into her tight ass, filling her with his cream. I pulled out and watched as his cock finished twitching. Mom rocked her hips, his cock slipped out followed by a squirt of his semen on to the towel. Tommy slid his cock out of her throat and sat on the chair next to him. Mom lay, spread, open, full of cum, drained of desire, for the moment after five or six climactic orgasms. She needed a rest! I needed more beer, so did Tommy and Dad. We left Mom to recover as we went to the fridge. Dad went to wash his cock. Tommy and I sat back at the dining table, toasted each other and rested our free hands on Mom's legs, just above the knee.
"Somebody get me a white wine spritzer, will you?"
"Coming right up, Darling." said Dad.
He sat with us, surrounding Mom on three sides, we boys by her hips, Dad by her head. He helped her sit up and handed over the drink. The ice tinkled in the glass as she gulped down the chilled drink.
"I need another of those, Honey. And I need you two to be ready to go in about half an hour, when your father will be ready again!"
We all laughed as Dad returned with her refill.
"Cheers." we all said.

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