John got even at dave’s wedding to britney

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By Britney My name is John and I have been after Britney for the last year, and I was lucky enough for getting a few dates with her. Her being catholic, she only allowed me to kiss her and play with her tits, no sucking my dick just an occasional hand job. Then three months ago our older friend Dave who by the way is 62 years old got Britney to go out with him on a steady basis until he got her an engagement ring and asked her to marry him.

Well, that pissed me off but Dave asked me to be his best man so that was great for me, now I could put my sinister plan into effect. The wedding party was meeting at the church, everyone arrived almost an hour early. But I was there earlier, helping set things up and I made sure that Britney’s dressing room was the one the sliding glass door in it. I was already in my tux when everyone arrived. In about 30 minutes I put my plan into motion.

I went in Dave’s dressing room supposedly to make sure that they were ready and took his cellphone as I was leaving. I put it in my pocket and went to the men’s room. The first thing I did was turn it on silent and disabled the buzzing feature, then I texted Britney.

“I want you ! Now can I come over”!?

Then I waited for her response.

Finally, she replied. “It’s bad luck for us to see each other before the wedding”!!

I texted back. “I don’t want to see you ! I just want YOU baby ! can I come over ! I won’t look… promise”

Finally after a small wait she texted back. “giggle ! Sounds like fun”!!

Oh my ! I almost fainted ! I sent my reply as I sprinted out the door.

“Lock the door. be alone with your back to the sliding glass door. I’ll be right there and no peeking”!

I found the glass sliding door meant to enter and with the curtain drawn, I slid it open enough to peek through the curtain.

There stood Britney, in her wedding gown glowing with lust and beauty. Her back was to me with the long wedding gown train pointed at me, I closed the door behind me. Then I slowly walked up behind her and bent over and picked up the back of her wedding gown and crawled underneath it.

I held the edge of it up to let the light in so I could see her sexy figure covered in her bridal undergarments.

Britney was planning on being a naughty girl later on that night, she was wearing a white crotchless and cupless bodystocking with white frilly lace panties worn over it. I reached up and ran my finger under and over her frilly lace panties, between her pussy and ass cheeks as she trembled in response to my touching her.

Then I slowly moved her frilly lace panties to the side exposing her bare virgin pussy through the opening of her white bodystocking. I had to use both hands now, so I dropped the hem of her gown and I was plunged into darkness.

I could still see a little as light seeped through the material of her gown. I leaned forward and inhaled her French perfumed scented pussy. Then I buried my face in between her ass cheeks and licked her bare, tight, virgin pussy once, long and deep, just like licking my own lollypop.

From underneath her gown I heard her moan out, “Ohhhhhhhhhhhh !!!!!!!!!!! yeah !!!!!!!!!”

The angle was awkward with Britney standing upright on her white 4-inch stilettos, so I ran my hand up her bareback inside her gown and pushed her to bend over, she did it quickly with a moan, “Ohhhh”!!!!

Now with better access, I began licking her like there was no tomorrow, while she has no fucking idea that I’m John underneath her and not her soon to be husband, that old fuck Dave.

While I slid my finger into her dripping pussy. I thrusted it in and out that I can feel her white nylon covered leg muscles lock up as her body shook. Britney tried to stay quiet, but her deep throaty gasp indicated the power of her orgasm as she moaned , “Uungh !! Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

When she stopped shaking, I gave her pussy one more lick and then I moved back a little and stood up.
Her wedding gown train came with me so I draped it over her back ensuring that she couldn’t easily look back to see who was fucking her.

Now I can see Britney leaning on her elbows on the table next to the wall, with her virgin bare, wet pussy, fully exposed through her white crotchless bodystocking, waiting for me to nail her.

The sound of my zipper was loud in the quiet room while my 10-inch uncut dick surged out of the opening out my briefs.

I stepped forward looking to make sure her head was still down, and slowly slid my big uncut cock into her dripping wet and ready to be fucked pussy. Her moans turned to low shrieks of pain as I popped and tore her hymen cherry. I slid it all the way in until I felt my cock bottom out and I held it still as Britney bucked and squirmed, then she squealed and yelped out, “Ohh my god !!! Oh my god”!!!

“Ohhhhhhh my god Dave !!!! I never knew you were so fucking huge !!!!! Ohhhhhh !!!!!! Ohhhhhhhhh”!!!!!!

As Britney slowly picked up her head from the table, I pulled out until only the tip of my uncut cock was still inside her, and that’s when I went to town on her.

I grabbed onto Britney’s white bodystocking covered hips and screwed her at a moderate and even pace, sliding deep into her and pulling my dick out all the way before plunging it back all the way in again while her big tits are swinging and swaying through the top of her white bodystocking as she keeps yelping out, “Ohhhhhh !!!!! Ohhhhhhh !!!!! Ohhhhhh !!!! Ohhhhhh !!!!!! D…Dave !!!!!! Dave”!!!!!!

Over and over, I fucked that tight beautiful virgin pussy of hers that I’ve been dreaming about for the past six months, as she began to buck and squirm like a young horse.

I felt my dick twitching while I increased the pace of my doggy pounding fuck until I couldn’t hold back anymore, as I plunged as deeply as could, deeply into her, while I exploded deep into her fertile womb.

Sending all of my baby making seed deep inside of her virgin womb, I continued to cum in large spurts until my balls emptied out deep into her pussy.

Now that I was finished impregnating my Britney with my seed came the tricky part, I pulled my dick out of her pussy and watched with great satisfaction, all of my sperm mixed with her hymen blood run down both of her white nylon bodystocking covered legs. I saw the damage that I did and can’t wait to see the look on Dave’s face tonight when he sees Britney’s virginity has been stolen from him and what she’s gonna say to him thinking that it was him that took her virginity.

When she began to straighten up, I put one hand on her back and gently held her down with the other hand. I slid her white ruffled lace panty over her sperm and blood filled pussy, covering her already plundered pussy. Then I zipped up my dick and slipped out the sliding glass door pausing to take one finale look at her glorious white bodystocking covered ass and her well fucked and seeded bloody pussy before sliding it shut and disappearing into the building.

Once I got back to my room, I took out wet wipes that I brought and wiped off all of Britney’s delicious pussy juices from my face and also my dick with her hymen blood still on it.

I resumed my efforts to make sure Dave’s wedding to Britney went on without a hitch pausing only to replace his cellphone before he noticed it was missing.

The wedding went on without a hitch and the last time I saw the both of them was four months later and Britney’s tummy was swelled out as I walked up to her and gave her a hug and congratulated her and Dave. Both of Dave and Britney’s faces didn’t look to happy, as I went home laughing that my baby is in Britney and poor Dave doesn’t have a clue and soon, he will be seeing my face in his child as he grows up.


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By Britney #Cheating #Exhibitionist #Pregnancy #Virgin