John’s nurse gives him some love and tender care

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By Britney I work the 11:pm -7:am shift at St. Margerette’s Hospital as a staff nurse, I’ve been working as a nurse here for three years after graduating nursing school at St. Elizabeths school of nursing. My nurse uniform consists of a full button-down white nursing dress with mandatory white pantyhose or white tights and white nurse mates’ shoes, and my white nurse hat that clips onto the top of my ponytail.

With all our patient charting finished and the patient’s meds. distributed out, our head nurse took her break and left me with two younger nurses and my friend Donna incharge. “Hey Britney ! Did you check-out that hunk in room 102”!
Asked Donna. “I think he’s a construction worker and his name is John and it looks like he sprained his foot and their planning on releasing him tomorrow, and he’s lucky to have the whole room to himself with no roommate”!!!

“Yeah ! He’s a very big guy for sure”!!! Britney said.

“Britney !! you have to go and check on him right now !! Donna insisted me to go check him out.

“Why should I !! The monitors are all normal”!! I told Donna.

“Trust me Britney !! It’s worth the walk down the hall”!!! Donna pleaded with me.

Unwillingly I walked to room 102, and quietly entered the room. In the dim night-light, I could see that the patient John had let his hospital gown slide up his thighs, and hanging out was the biggest and thickest cock that I had ever seen.

“Holy fuck !! That thing is huge !! This must be what Donna was talking about”!! I said to myself.

Donna was waiting for me to return from John’s room, and she had a smirk on her face.

“Isn’t that thing huge !! I wonder what it would look like when it’s fully erect”!!! Donna said.

“You’ll never know Donna !! but it will be a sight to see ! For Christ sakes !! It’s thick as my wrist and it must be at least eleven inches long to bust out of his gown that way”!!! I curiously said to Donna.

“Hey Britney !! I have a naughty Idea ! but you can’t tell anyone !! ? Promise me”!?? Donna asked me with excitement in her voice.

“Sure !! But what are you talking about”!! I said to Donna.

“Follow me ! And be very quiet”!!! Donna said with excitement in her voice.

Donna and I entered John’s room 102 and Donna leaned over John’s bed with her mouth open just about an inch from his cock, “Watch this Britney”!!

Donna began very gently blowing her warm breaths onto his cockhead. It seemed to do the trick, since his cock twitched, then it began to grow. John’s breathing was still steady, and he seemed to be in a deep sleep.

“I’ve never seen anything like that before !! We’d better get our ass’s out of here before he wakes up !! Can you imagine what that big thing would feel like in our pussy’s”!?? I excitedly said to Donna.

“I sure have Britney and I can feel my pantyhose getting wet already”!! Donna happily said.

When the two of us got back to the nurse’s station, I excused myself and left Donna alone. I just couldn’t get that monster cock out of my mind as I slid my hand under my white stiff uniform dress.

When I touched my pussy through both of my white lace panties and white pantyhose, I felt waves of excitement pulsing through my pussy. I really wanted to see that monster cock again. I heard Donna’s footsteps, so I quickly picked up a chart and pretended that I’ve been looking at it, then I said to Donna,

“Cover for me ! Will you Donna I’ve got some things I need to do”!!!

The thought of that monster cock was drawing me back to room 102, when I went into the patients’ room, I waited very quietly to be sure he was asleep. His cock which is now limp, was lying fully exposed on his thigh.

Just like my friend nurse Donna did. I started to breathe on the tip of his cockhead, and I got the same exciting results as before, but this time I was shocked to realize that John wasn’t sleeping.

“Go ahead and touch it nurse Britney”!!! Patient John said to me.

Surprised and startled by John being awake. I did what he asked and wrapped my fingers around his thick cock, and gave it a gentle squeeze.

“That feels great nurse Britney !! Why don’t you try moving your hand up and down”!! John said to me.

“I can’t !! if I ever got caught jacking off a patient ! I would lose my job”!!! I told my patient Johnny.

“You listen to me now !! nurse Britney !! if anyone found out what you have already done to me !! You’ll be fired at the end of your shift !! But if you do as I want and say !! you won’t have to worry about losing your job”!!! My patient John sarcastically said to me.

“Oh my god !! Your blackmailing me John”!!!!! I nervously told him.

“Call it what you wish nurse Britney !! but those are my terms”!! John said to me in a sinister voice.

“OK !! OK !! I’ll do what you want John”!!! I softly said to him.

Then without any warning, I felt John’s hand slide up and under my nurse uniform dress and into my white hosiery encased thighs, and up to the crotch area of my white pantyhose, and started caressing my bare pussy through both of my white lace panties and white pantyhose.

The feel of John’s hand and fingers rubbing through both of my white lace panties and my white pantyhose and into my very wet pussy made me gasp out, “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As I felt his hand and fingers rubbing and pushing through my white pantyhose, I tightened my grip on his very thick cock and began slowly moving my soft hand up and down. From hearing John’s contented sigh and his increased activity of his hands and fingers poking and feeling up my nylon covered wet pussy, I knew I had passed the point of no return, and he knew it to after touching and feeling both of my dripping wet, white lace panties and pantyhose.

John took his hand and grabbed my wet, white lace panties and gave a quick tug and ripped them off me as I yelped out, “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh !!!!!!!!!!! Johnny”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Then my patient John put his two fingers on my wet crotch area of my white pantyhose and ripped a hole in them. Then he put his fingers on my wet pussy lips and rubbed them back and forth as I moaned softly, “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Then John told me, “Now kiss and suck my dick !! nurse Britney”!!!!!!!!

Knowing that my patient John has now complete control over me, I did as he told me and wrapped my luscious red lips around the cockhead of his cock, it was a huge mouthful for me.

I could only get about three inches of his cockhead into my mouth, “Oh yes !! Your little mouth feels so fucking good !!!! I think I’m ready for you now nurse Britney”!!!!! John moaned out.

“You’re ready for what John”!!!!! I nervously asked him.

“You’ll see nurse Britney !! Just stand over there facing the foot of the empty bed and I’ll show you, just bend over the foot of the bed and rest your elbows on the clean sheet.

Now hike up your white uniform dress”!!!

The sight of my hiked up white uniform dress and my white pantyhose encased ass was almost more than John could stand, with my elbows resting on the low bed and with my white pantyhose encased ass sticking up in the air.

He got out of his bed and walked over to the bed I was on, and he touched one of the bed controls, I then heard the motor buzz and before I knew what he was doing. The end of the bed that I’m bent over on, lifted up my ass and stopped. Giving Johnny very easy access to my pussy and ass.

“Oh my god !!! He intends to fuck me right here and now !! I thought to myself.

Before I could react, he came up behind me as felt his very stiff cock rubbing against the back of my white nylon encased thighs.

I wiggled my sexy, tight, white pantyhose encased ass until the tip of his cockhead slipped through the ripped hole in my pantyhose and into my pussy.

Oh my god !! it was so fucking huge, but I was able to stretch my pussy over his throbbing cockhead as it slid deep into my wet and overstretched pussy as I squealed out, “OHHHHHHHHH !!!!! FUCK”!!!!!!

John quickly thrusted his huge dick into me as I felt his entire thick 11-inch cock fill up and stretch my pussy and womb as I’m panting and yelping out heavily, “OH GOD ! OH GOD ! OH GOD ! OH GODDD”!!!!!

With every thrust he pounds me with, his dick seems to go deeper, then he wrapped his arms around me and grabs both of my large 32-dd tits and starts squeezing them hard through my red lacey brassier, and with every hard thrusting push he’s giving me, his cock is going even deeper into my womb and cervix. While I’m squealing out loudly, “OHH GOD !! YOUR SO FUCKING HUGE !!! OHH GODD”!!!!



Oh god !! I came like an open fire hydrant, I’ve never anything felt like this before as I took my hand and began caressing my wet and squirting pussy, while his cock is still buried deep inside me, and I know I’ll never have another moment like this again.

When I felt John pull out his thick 10-inch cock out of my wet and fully gaped and stretched pussy, I had a moment of panic. What if he tries to shove that hunk of meat in my ass.

I pleaded and begged John not to fuck my ass with that thing !! It was bad enough that he just fucked and gaped my tiny pussy, but he quickly gave me a two hard open hand slaps on my white pantyhose encased ass cheeks as I shrieked, “OWWE !!!! OHHH !!! THAT HURTS”!!!!!

Then he grabbed both of my white nylon encased hips and held them tight, while he took out a tube of k-y jelly that he took from his table and squirted a huge amount into my ass entrance, and he rubbed some on his massive cock.

Then John pressed his cockhead against my asshole and slowly began working and forcing its way inside my ass, then with ease it popped my virgin anal, pink, cherry bud, and slid it all the way deep into my bowels, as I gave out a tiny yelp sound, “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh !!!!!!!!!!! Ohhhhhhhh !!!!! please go slowly”!!!!!!!

I felt like I was being fucked by a telephone pole, but I was surprised how good it felt, as he continued fucking and screwing my white pantyhose covered ass.I had another strong orgasmic squirting orgasm, soaking my pantyhose and the empty bed that I’m on.

John then says to me, “Did you have enough of my 10-inch cock !! nurse Britney”!!!

“Oh god yes !!!! It was so fucking unbelievable”!!! I happily said.

“Good !!! Now get on your fucking knees in front of me and finish that blowjob” John commanded me.

I had no choice and did what he asked. I took his cock in my mouth and sucked his cockhead as I twirled my tongue all around his cockhead, while my head is bobbing back and forth. Then just before he was about to blow his load, he pulled his dick out of my mouth, and he quickly started jacking off in front of my face and tits.

Then his cock exploded with hot streams of sperm and squirted all over my face and tits. I rubbed and massaged all his sperm all over my big 32-dd tits and moaning out, “Ohhhh !!! yes !! give mommy all your baby making sauce”!!! “Ohh !!! baby !!! it’s so !! so !! sticky !! and hot !!! my love”!!!!

Finally he finished shooting his cum all over my face and tits and says, “Thanks for the tender loving care you gave me nurse Britney !! I think I better get back in bed now and don’t tell anyone about our little fuck session”!!!! My patient John told me. While I’m pulling my dress back down and picking up my torn lace panties, I’m now cleaning up my hosiery from my squirting orgasm !! I went into the bathroom and wiped all his cum off my face and tits.

Both my ass and pussy are still fully gaped while I limped to the nurse’s station, then just as I sat down on the chair in pain on my fully gaped ass, my friend, nurse Donna asked, “Did you finish what you needed to do”??

“Yes !! I did Donna and thanks”!!!


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By Britney #Abuse #Exhibitionist #Pregnancy #Virgin