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Author's Foreword: This is Part Two of a longer story. If you haven't read Part One yet, please go back and do so, otherwise you may be confused as to who people are and what has happened so far. Note that this is a long story. Part One came out to be 5 pages long, Part Two I'm estimating to be 25 to 27 pages long. At this point, I have no idea how long Part Three will turn out to be.
Warning: If you are looking for nonstop sexual action, you should move on and try someone else. The sex in this one does start fairly quickly but that is because things built up to it slowly in the previous part. Once the initial sex happens, it will slowly build up again and will get hot but you will have to be patient. There is a lot of plot development in this part that will slow the sexual activity at times. But, there will still be plenty of hot sex.
Like the other stories I've written to this point, this is set in England in the past. This story takes place in the early Victorian era. I like historic settings as it is more believable for men and women eighteen to twenty to be sexually ignorant and even married women to be unaware of the rich opportunities available to the willing participant.
Warning, this part and future partswill be filled with explicit incestuous activity between adult participants, all over 18 years of age, who share a forbidden love. If fictional incest offends you, please don't read this story. It is my intention to try and make this story romantic, I like romance in my sexual stories, where people care about each other rather than people who just use others to get off.
Please be aware that although I'm setting this story in England, I am American and write in American idiom, although I do try and keep modern word usage out of my stories as much as I can. For example I try and remember to not use 'okay', as it wasn't in usage at the time. Anyway, please forgive that the the idiom isn't British.
The chapter headings in this part refer to days of elapsed time, it is not days from the start of the story but from the day our hero first had sex with his mother and aunt. It is a count up to when his mother and aunt will know if they are pregnant or not.
In Part One, Jonathan mentions that his father and uncle have courtesy titles as the younger sons of an English nobleman. They are referred to as Lord Henry Fletcher and Lord Charles Fletcher. In formal settings, their wives are Lady Henry Fletcher and Lady Charles Fletcher, which seems strange to me but is apparently how it works.
Chapter Eleven: Day Two – Master of All I Survey?
I woke up in the morning confused. I was on my side, pressed up against a warm body, with another warm body pressed up against my back. My arm was around the body in front and my hand was cupped around what had to be a woman's warm naked breast. And, if I wasn't mistaken, there were two more naked breasts pressing into my back. I had never woken up like this before in my life, was I still asleep and dreaming?
And then the events of the previous two days came flooding into my head and I realized that unless they had shifted places during the night, I was pressed up against my mother's naked back, holding her breast in my hand and it was my aunt, my mother's identical twin sister, pressing her naked body against my back. Or, if I had shifted, maybe the other way around.
I opened my eyes and saw my mother's red hair directly in front of me, shimmering in the early morning light coming in through the windows. I also became aware that my cock was hard and pressing against my mother's buttocks. I lay still for a moment relishing my intimate contact with my mother's body and then I couldn't help myself, I gave Mamma breast a squeeze, feeling her hard nipple pressing against my palm and I thrust my hips, rubbing my cock against Mamma's derriere.
Mamma, still apparently asleep, murmured incoherently something that sounded like it included my father's name and her hand reached down and found my cock, lifted her upper leg and guided my cock between her legs to her vagina. I thrust forward, finding her vagina slippery and wet, apparently she was also aroused this morning. I pushed forward into her as far as I was able to from this position and stopped to savor the moment.
The feeling of my cock in Mamma's pussy was exquisite and the thought of how naughty what I was doing made it even more wonderful. I stayed still, not wanting to cum in my mother until she was awake and knew that it was her son making love to her. I was surprised that she thought I was my father as it had been many years since they had last shared a bed, but I guess as he was the only male who had ever made love to her before last night, her sleeping mind assumed that I was he.
I squeezed the breast in my hand, not hard enough to hurt, I hoped, but enough to get Mamma's attention. "Mamma, wake up. Your son wants to make love to his naughty Mamma. You want me to make you pregnant don't you?"
And unable to help myself, my hips pulled back and gave a thrust, beginning the delightful friction it had first experienced the night before.
"Jonathan? Oh my darling that feels so good. Yes, love your naughty Mamma. Put your babies into me, I want them so much."
And I began thrusting in and out, loving the feeling of my mother's hot, wet, and snug vagina. And loving that what I was doing was so forbidden. I felt my aunt stir behind me and then she raised herself up on an elbow and looked over my side to see what I was doing.
"Good morning my dear nephew. Are you and my sister being naughty again?"
"Yes, my dear and naughty aunt, I'm loving my mother, your twin and now our shared lover."
"Good. Make her cum and fill her with your seed. I want to taste the two of you again from her pussy. I loved doing it last night."
While we were talking I was continuing to assault my mother's pussy with my cock and her breast with my hand.
"Oh my darling Olivia, my son's cock feels so good in me this morning. I love being wakened this way. I want to wake up this way every day. I'm getting close to cumming, are you Jonathan?"
"Yes Mamma, go ahead and cum, I'll be right behind you."
"Ooooohhh yes! So good! Cumming!"
And I felt Mamma's pussy seize my cock and then massage it as she spasmed with her orgasm. I relaxed and let my own cum happen, loving the feeling of releasing burst after burst of my seed into Mamma's body.
But then, as my cock deflated, it became urgent that I release something else and offering an apology, I got up from the bed and hurried into my new dressing room and used the chamber pot to relieve the pressure in my bladder.
When I returned to the bed, I found Aunt Olivia lying on top of Mamma, her head between Mamma's legs and her legs at Mamma head. Moving beside the bed, I could see that they were both licking each other's pussies. Aunt Olivia's unbound hair was obscuring a good view of what she was doing but Mamma's hair was under her so I had a good view of her licking her sister's pussy. I sat on the edge of the bed and watched them bring each other to orgasm.
Finishing, Aunt Olivia reversed herself on Mamma and kissed her tenderly on the mouth. "I love you dear sister."
And Mamma replied "and I love you too." giving her sister another tender kiss. And then they both turned their heads to look at me and said as one in that way that only identical twins can do "And we love you too, more than we can ever find the words to say."
I leaned down and kissed first one then the other tenderly on the mouth and told them that I loved them also. "But shouldn't we get back to our own rooms before one of the servants finds us together?"
"It's alright dear. It has always been policy here, that the servants stay off this floor at night and don't come in the morning until summoned. And they were expecting you to sleep in this room last night before being officially moved in today. But you're right, the morning is progressing and we need to go make it look like our beds were slept in. and then begin getting ready for the day. You'll find you have enough water to wash yourself in the dressing room. We always have water left in our suites during dinner in the evening so we can wash up in the morning before ringing for servants. You'll also find a robe in one of the armoires, when we moved out your father's clothes, I left a robe for you to use. You can use that to get back to your room after washing so you can get dressed. Once you are out of the way, the servants will move all your clothes and other items from your room to this suite so they will be here from now on."
"Then I'll see you at breakfast."
"Don't wait for us dear, we may be lazy and go back to sleep."
"Very well, Mamma. I will see both of you later."
I went back to the dressing room and indeed found water in a large ewer beside a bowl on a stand near the privacy screen, along with soap and face clothes and towels. I quickly gave myself a thorough wash, found the robe, and using the door from the dressing room into the hall, let myself out of my new suite of rooms. I proceeded to the stairs and made my way up to the floor my current bedroom was on and let myself into my room and finished getting myself ready to start the day.
Descending to the ground floor, I went to the dining room, finding breakfast set out on the sideboard. Not sure how soon Mamma and Aunt Olivia would be down, I went ahead and filled a plate and broke my fast. I ate slowly, expecting my lovers to join me at any moment, but it wasn't until I'd finished and had gotten up, preparing to leave when, that they finally made an appearance.
As yesterday, they were dressed in Regency day wear, so much more flattering than today's fashions but still gowns that didn't leave a lot of skin showing. Still the gowns clung to their figures and the shape of their nipples was visible against their bodices.
"Good morning Mamma, Aunt Olivia. Did you sleep well?"
"Wonderfully, thank you Jonathan. It was one of the best nights I've ever had."
Aunt Olivia added "My night was very good also. I'm hoping for more great nights to come."
Mamma "Give us a kiss dear and we'll see you later in the day. Would you like it if we took a picnic down to the summer pavilion for our midday meal?"
"That sounds wonderful Mamma. Come and get me in the library when it is time." and I went and gave each a kiss on the check they presented to me, understanding that I couldn't kiss them on the lips the way I would like to when there might be servants about.
I made my way to the library, where I spent several minutes gazing at the portrait of my mother and her sister, astonished at how much had changed between us since they had come in and found me absorbed in staring at it two day ago. I had now been privileged to see the bodies that I had admired for so long in the portrait, entirely naked and had been able to touch them and make love to them and would get to do so again.
And even more astonishing was that I had been given a portrait of the two of them naked and very pregnant that I could look at any time I was alone in my new suite of rooms. Plus, if Mamma and Aunt Olivia got their wishes for me to make them pregnant, I would get to see them like that in real life in a few months time.
Not only that, but their plans included our becoming the lovers of my sister and my two cousins. I tried to imagine Mamma kissing my sister the way she had kissed her own twin last night and found the thought very arousing, as was the thought of my kissing my twin and my cousins that way, but I had considerable doubts of it ever happening.
But, I decided to put speculation aside and try and get some work done. Some mail had come in since I'd last dealt with it and I took care of that, writing replies where necessary. There were a couple of bills that had been submitted for payment and I wrote out bank drafts to cover those and then recorded the information in the estate account books. There was enough to keep me busy for about two hours.
As Mamma and Aunt Olivia hadn't come for me yet, I got the novel I was currently reading from the shelf and resumed reading from where I'd left off, losing myself in the adventures of Ivanhoe.
Chapter Twelve: A Delightful Afternoon by the Lake
About an hour later, the door to the library opened and Mamma and Aunt Olivia entered. I put my novel down and stood to greet them. They appeared to be dressed to venture outdoors, wearing pelisses over their dresses and shoes suitable for the outdoors rather than the soft shoes women typically wore indoors.
"Are you ready for our excursion dear? We just finished supervising your move from your old room to the master's suite and our picnic should be ready for us to pick up in the kitchen on the way out."
"I'm all yours Mamma. And Aunt Olivia's of course." bowing to them both before going to them and giving them my arms and leading them through the corridors to the kitchen, where we did find that there was a basket packed and ready for us of food and another holding ice and two bottles of champagne, the latter already dripping as the ice melted in the warm summer air. Mamma thanked cook and I collected our midday meal and we exited the manor from the kitchen, Mamma and Aunt Olivia leading the way through the gardens toward the summer pavilion.
The summer pavilion was set out of sight of the Manor at the end of the long narrow winding lake that was part of the estate park. It was at the end of the lake where the river entered, coming down a cascade into the lake. About half of the Pavilion was built out over the lake, the other half being on shore. There was one large room taking up most of the ground floor, with a small windowless room with a door providing for bodily functions that was part of what was over the lake. There was a ladder that adventurous occupants could climb to what I had always called the crow's nest, a small covered space with leaded windows that could be opened that added light to the floor below, with 360 degree views of the surrounding lake and park from a higher vantage point than the windows of the room below.
The main room was furnished with comfortable upholstered chairs, chaise lounges and small tables that could be moved around easily as needed and an area with a dining table and chairs. The floor was covered by large oriental carpets with thick soft pile, nice to walk on or even lie on. Most of the wall space was open to the outside with waist to ceiling glassless windows. The lower roof (the upper section having it's own smaller roof) extended out far enough beyond the wall and openings that it kept the fairly frequent summer rain out, in fall when the weather started to get bad, the groundskeepers put shutters up until spring to keep the winter weather out.
Going inside, Mamma led the way to a table and took the food basket from me, setting it down. "Put the wine basket outside the window over there dear on the hook so that it drips into the lake but bring one of the bottles back with you."
"Yes Mamma" I followed her gesture, knowing which hook she meant, one set in an eve outside one of the windows for just this purpose. I leaned out and up and hung the basket on the hook, then pulled one of the bottles out, bringing it back to the table Mamma had set the food on.
Mamma and Aunt Olivia were going around the room, drawing the drapes across the openings on all the land side of the pavilion. Finishing, they returned to where I was standing at the table.
"Give us a kiss, now dear. We've gone long enough without." and Mamma held her arms out to me.
I immediately moved to take her in my arms, and her went around my neck, her body pressed against mine and then we were kissing passionately, our tongues playing eagerly. After a minute, she pulled back, releasing me
"Now Olivia dear."
And I turned and took my aunt in my arms and kissed her just as passionately.
"That's enough for now dear. You'll get to kiss us more in a little while. But for now, please open the bottle and pour us some wine."
Aunt Olivia and I separated and I turned to see that Mamma had seated herself and was removing her shoes. My aunt sat down next to her and did the same as I began removing the wire holding the cork in the bottle of champagne. I was careful to point it across the room so if it got away from me it wouldn't hit anyone, but I managed to extract it slowly with only a little pop and no gush of foam. Mamma had set glasses out on the table and I carefully filled each, before handing one to Mamma and one to Aunt Olivia and then taking up the last myself.
"To the loves of my life and the future mothers of my children, I love you both dearly."
Both blushed at my toast but we clinked glasses and sipped from the tart yeasty bubbly wine in our glasses. Champagne was one of my favorite wines and I savored the flavor of this well aged brut.
Mamma set her glass down "Olivia, let me get you out of that pelisse so Jonathan can see what we've worn for him today."
Aunt Olivia set her glass down and moved to her sister, who helped her out of her outer covering, revealing that she was wearing another Regency gown, which, like the one she had worn last night, revealed quite a lot of her bosom as well as clinging to what was still covered. Mamma moved away from the table and draped the pelisse over the back of a chair and then returned "Now mine, dear sister."
And Aunt Olivia helped my mother out of her covering, taking it to join hers on the chair. Mamma was dressed in a similar gown to my aunts, a lot of her cleavage on display and her prominent nipples showing their presence against the material of the bodice.
"Do you like our dresses darling?" she asked as her sister moved back to stand beside her, both facing me.
"Very much. You both are so beautiful you take my breath away."
"Thank you darling. I'm so glad you think so."
"Would you like to see us kiss each other."
"Very much."
Mamma reached out and picked up her glass, took a mouthful of wine, set her glass down and kissed her twin, apparently feeding her the wine through the kiss. I loved watching my mother and her twin kissing. I found it very arousing but also interesting, they were so similar that it was almost like Mamma was kissing a mirror instead of another person.
They kissed for several minutes before rather reluctantly separating, their lips clinging together before giving up their attachment to the other.
"Would you like us to undress each other for you Jonathan? The air is warm enough for us to be comfortable naked."
"I'd love that Mamma but is it safe to do that?"
"Yes dear, the staff knows that when the pavilion is in use they are to stay away, that has always been the policy."
"Then please, I would love to see you undress each other."
Mamma turned her twin to face me and moved behind her. She apparently began undoing some fastenings in the back as Aunt Olivia's dress began to loosen over her bust and then at the high waist. Then Mamma slid the shoulders of the dress off her twins shoulders and slid it down her body, revealing her twin's entirely naked body. Aunt Olivia wasn't even wearing stockings and garters as they'd worn last night.
I stared, my glass of champagne completely forgotten in my hand. There were my aunt's beautiful white breasts with their dark nipples, her narrow waist and broad hips, her tuft of curly red hair at the top of her hairless slit and her long shapely legs.
"My god, you're so beautiful!"
My aunt blushed with pleasure and I watched fascinated as the flush tinted the skin of her breasts.
"Now me dear sister."
And Mamma and Aunt Olivia changed places, momentarily hiding my aunt's naked body from me.

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