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tagIncest/TabooJosh, Greta, Ted and Carla Ch. 02

A totally fictional story, continued from Ch. 01. As always reading the first one would help, but I always try to give some references I think are important. All characters portrayed are over the age of 18. Proofed, and edited with software only, I know my grammar, and punctuations are not at a professional writers level.
Comments on my stories are always appreciated.
Well Spring Break was in just a few weeks, and Ted had accepted our invite to spend some of it here. I just hoped that his motive was not advanced sex lessons from Greta. I think it's more just getting out of the dorm, and into a nice house with a pool, and hang with someone younger than my parents.
I was looking forward to seeing him, it took us so many years to get closer as brothers, and I love him. I am not sure how Greta felt, her emotions did not show when I told her he was coming, but she sure had a bad case of the, (I can't stop fucking Ted,) on his last visit. I now know better than to encourage it, I just wanted her to help get him out of his shell sexually before he went off to college, and they got carried away, but hey, we have an open relationship. We do not consider ourselves married, or each others property, even though at this point we qualify for a common law marriage, meaning our relationship has passed the 7 year mark. I think we both are having a little itch we would like to get scratched.
I planned on taking a little time off to spend with Ted. Greta's case load has been heavy lately so, between that, and me taking time off, it might take care of them being alone together so much.
I figured it would not be anywhere near the amount of time he was here last fall, more like 4 days vs the nearly 14 days back then. He would have his car, and may even spend some time with his friends. I just wanted to be able to show him a good time. The last email we exchanged, I got the nerve to ask him if he made any female friends yet, and did not get an answer, so I took it as a probably not.
I suggested to Greta that maybe she could have Carla back over, but she said, she may be afraid of Ted getting too clingy to her again, although I think he got over that when he fell for Greta. Greta suggested talking to her sister Astrid, she is just getting over a bad break up right before Christmas, and she thinks it would do her good to at least have casual sex with someone. Ted would fit that bill, they are closer to the same age. I don't know if she mentioned his large package, but I would be surprised if she didn't, they're sisters.
I surely would not mind spending some time with Astrid, she is a younger version of Greta, with the same heritage. Being of Scandinavian descent, neither one of her parents have hang ups about nudity. I don't think they qualify as exhibitionist, it was just the way they were raised. But Greta and Ingrid seem to really get off showing their naked bodies. Greta had told me that growing up at their house, the whole family swimming in their private pool area, unclothed, was not uncommon. Even when her body went through its developmental phase, she said she had never seen her dad, or even her horny older brother with an erection. She said she didn't even know why men got them till she caused one wrestling with her brother one day at the pool. A lot of European countries are so much further advanced that way, they just don't equate nudity with sexuality. Some European countries still have unisex restrooms, that would never go in the up-tight puritan U.S..
I have seen her mom naked at their pool, the whole family was there, with the exception of Ingrid, they are private nudist I guess, just among family, and close friends, I guess living with one, made me qualify as family. It was an adjustment for me, losing my trunks. It's easy to see where the girls got their beauty from, their mom takes the meaning of the term MILF, to a new level. I had the pleasure seeing her as she was bending over to check the pool temperature, looking back makes me wonder if she was aware of what she was doing right in front of me. That memory of her mom's ass, and trimmed pussy as she was bent over, served as jerk off material for me for quite a while.
I guess that is why I sometimes get aroused around her mom, I know what she looks like underneath. I have yet to see Astrid au naturel, the only time I was there with her, she was with a new boyfriend and we all wore suits. I have to say, she looks good in a bikini. Ingrid is younger than Greta at 23, she is shorter in stature, with a tiny waist, making her larger breast, and ass stand out even more. I want to make it clear when I say larger, I mean in a good way. There is a big difference between a big ass, and a fat ass, and hers is not the least bit fat. We get along well too, our taste are more alike than Greta and I's, we always seem to end up sitting together at family functions, and in our own little world. I always thought she had some feelings for me when I was dating Greta, but it was probably just wishful thinking on my part.
Easter was here, and we were all going to Greta's parents, and her sister Astrid for dinner. With the plan for her sister to come back to our place for a stay afterwards. She strangely does not drive much, since rideshare has come into popularity she hardly does at all. She had a bad experience with a thug attempting to hijack her car a couple of years back, and it just left a scar psychologically. She feels safer with rideshare, they have had little problems with their drivers. I will be more than happy to drive her where she wants to go of course. Ted will not get in until late Thursday after Easter, he has a job in a restaurant at school, and Easter is busy. He is not heading home until Tuesday, and my mom and dad insisted that he stay with them a day or two before arriving here. They are suffering from empty nest syndrome.
We had a nice visit with Greta's parents on Easter. As usual, Astrid and I, spent some time together, and actually made some plans to do some things we want to do that Greta is not in to. She wants to go to the Dali museum that is not too far from us, and Greta, though interested in art, Dali is not in her taste, I took her there once, and she said some of his works looked like a third-graders work. Like I said before, her and I's taste are not the same.
We got home late Sunday night, and Astrid and I stayed up later than Greta, she had an early court date, and some clients to meet later in the day. Astrid and I had a drink, and just sat by the pool a while, and talked.
I got up early the next morning with Greta, and yes mostly because I know Astrid is an early riser, and I wanted to see how she dresses for breakfast. I would be more than happy to lend her one of my tee shirts, Greta just loves wearing them, sometimes with panties, sometimes commando. Greta was already up, and dressed for court. Astrid was at the stove, in a bikini cover-up, and flipping some pancakes. I like the tee shirt look, but this cover up was just as, if not shorter, and I could not take my eyes off of the little bit of big bare ass I was getting treated to. I was hoping for no panties, but guessed that she had a micro bikini on. I just had to see all of her this trip.
Greta called me on it right away, she knows I have a thing for her, I have never tried to hide it. "You're all dressed up for work Josh, be careful not to spill anything on yourself while trying to get a look at my sisters big butt sticking out of her bikini bottoms."
"Bikini bottoms? Gee sis, I planned on jumping in the pool after breakfast, and you guys are off to work, was I expected to wear a bikini at your pool, even when you guys are off at work? I figured this cover up was long enough to cover my coochie until then?"
Greta, "As long as you don't raise your arms too high, Josh has a bead on your butt. He is an ass man, curious to, and just waiting to see what he can of that big ass of yours, he has only seen mine, and our mom's completely uncovered."
I had to jump in, "Give me a break Greta, if Ingrid was in a business suit, and your ass was out, I would have a bead on your ass. As far as your sexy mom goes, well, nevermind. Who are you to judge anyway, you teased my brother wearing tee's, and a thong, or even nothing at all under them the whole time he was here last fall."
Astrid, "This is fun, listening to you guys bicker, better than having mom all over me at home."
Greta and I, went off to work, I had a big meeting on a deal that would pay my share of the household expenses for the year. I needed to forget about Astrid at the pool in the buff, and get the deal made.
My meeting that day went well, I think the deal is going to go through, I just have to wait until next week to see if it gets approved by our board. This not only freed me up for an early day, and to maybe beat Greta home. It also frees up my week to some extent, so I can spend time with both our siblings.
I got home just after 3, and I shut off the Porsche, and coasted in the drive to try to sneak up on Astrid, yes I am a bad boy. I was hard thinking about her all the way home. Then I headed in the house, and slowly down the hall to get a peek at the pool deck. It was disappointing seeing a towel on the lounger, but no Astrid in view. So I just kept walking into the great room to get a better angle, to see if she was even out there.
Once I got well into the room, it was my pleasure to see a naked angel taking a dive off the board, it was like she was in slow motion, seeing her breast suspended below her chest, and her wonderful ass as it arced in mid air, then disappeared into the water, it was just heavenly. I was not disappointed in the least. Now I could see why Greta kept making my little brother Ted, that is usually hard around her, dive for her in the buff.
Ted, and Astrid, would make a beautiful couple, but she is all mine to hang with, at least till he gets here. I just headed to my room to get my suit on to join her. I might have taken time to jerk off just from watching her dive, but I wanted to get out there before she knew I was home, still sunning naked.
I came through the door to the pool, and she was just laying there, one knee up in the air, reapplying lotion to her upper thigh, and groin area. She did not even try to cover up, she just said, "Hi Josh you are home early."
"Yes, I had both a good day, and an early day, rarely do I get both at once."
I went over to the lounger next to Astrid, and could not resist asking her if she needed any help with her lotion, just to be cute. I did not expect her to take me up on it, but then again, she was sunning naked at my place, with no swimwear in sight.
"Sure, I have my front done, but could use some help with the other side, if you are not afraid of Greta finding out that you rubbed my big naked ass, and then kicking yours."
"Yes, I am afraid of her kicking mine, but the chance to explore that wonderful naked ass of yours makes me willing to risk it. I knew Greta had a 4 pm meeting with a client, she said it would be close to 6 at least before she gets back. We were planning on going out for dinner."
"Well then get over here, and do me, old man, then I will do you if you want."
I was all for that, I let the old man comment slide, she is just as much of a tease as Greta is. I would be crazy not to take advantage of their competitiveness when it comes to men.
I grabbed the lotion, and started with her shoulders, I give a good neck, and shoulder massage, Greta has even felt thankful enough to blow me after a good shoulder rub before. I worked my way down Ingrid's back, and to her ass, that I just can't stop worshiping, and I was careful not to drool on it.
I was not going to hold back too much, this was my chance, and it was her idea. I really gave it a good rub all over, and found a way with the use of my thumbs to explore even some of it between her buttocks with them. After I had both of her buttocks well coated, I moved deeper into her butt crack area, she moved her legs to spread her cheeks more, and now I could see that not only is her ass special, her tiny pink butt hole was just as alluring. It was all I could do to keep from sticking my tongue in such an inviting anus.
I got an, "Oh, I like that, better get some more lotion down in there, don't be afraid to get to close to my butt hole. I am very sensitive there, and enjoy putting toys, and letting special guys, use it occasionally. Don't be afraid to spread those cheeks some more either, I don't want a sunburn in such a sensitive area like my labia, if you know what part that is on a woman. I did of course, and looked forward to coating it. I used my hands to spread her legs open even more, she did not protest.
I got really hard, seeing her legs spread open like that, and her sex on display. I proceeded to carefully penetrate her cute little butt hole with my finger. I tried to make it seem like it was coincidental, to coating that area, she squirmed around as I delicately pushed it in, almost to my knuckle.
I got away with that, so I moved on to her labia, I coated it well, getting inside the crack, and let two fingers slightly penetrate her moist hole. She must have have enjoyed it, because I got a little coo out of her as I did. Either she did not dry well after her dive, or my rubbing caused the wetness that I encountered. Her not protesting, made me want her even more, and I moved on to finish. I had her worked up, I did my job. Now it was her turn, I was anxious to see how far she would go on me.
She started with my shoulders, worked her way down to my trunks, and said, "Do you want to take them off, or if you are too much of a prude, I will work around them?"
Well actually, I wanted her to just pull them off, but I was not going to remove them, and let her know how anxious I was to join her nakedness.
She worked my abdomen, and like Greta had done to Ted, she let her fingers go under the waistband, her fingertips, just grazed the top of my shaft, and stopped with them on my balls, and she paused there a moment. I know she did it deliberately to get me hard, it did. Then she went to my feet, and then continued to move up past my knees, then straddled, and sit on my legs as she resumed.
There I was looking down at the breathtaking view of the naked younger sister of my girlfriend, as she rubbed lotion on my thighs. When she got to my upper thighs, her hands went up into the legs of my trunks this time, and she decided take a feel, my tent pole was already up. She let her fingers on one hand explore my balls, and the fingers on the other, hook around my penis, to give it a tug.
"The brat, with her fingers still wrapped around it said, "Oh My, did I cause you to get hard? I'm sorry." As she withdrew her hand, and just left me that way.
"Sure you are sorry, and now I am going to have to go back in the house, and take care of what you caused, it won't go away on its own."
"Oh, again, don't be a prude, go ahead, just take care of it right here, but don't get any of your jizz on me, and mess up my lotion."
"Oh yeah, and I am sure you won't look?"
"I did not say that, be honest, you will enjoy me watching, and you will enjoy even more seeing what I likely end up doing to myself as I do."
Again, it was a big move, but I called her on it.
"OK, if you really are not fucking with me, I am not ashamed to whip it out, and get busy."
She walked over, and leaned over, her breast draping down below her chest right in front of me, looked me in the eyes, and pulled off my trunks, saying, "I have not had any cock, nor have I even seen a real one to inspire me since before Christmas."
My cock popped up in anticipation of more contact from her, and stood out straight in front of me, and she said, "Oh My, I really did get it excited," then walked over wiggling her bare ass, to grab a towel to toss at me, for clean-up.
I never masturbated in front of anybody, but my brother and I, had sex with Greta, as the other watched. That was a bigger event than this, I figured.
I decided to use the lotion for lube, you don't want burned there, I planned on leaving it out afterwards. I really wanted her to watch, I even turned my lounger around, so we could see each other, since she mentioned she might join me. I rubbed lotion on my balls, before I started on the shaft, then slowly moved up it, but avoided its head. I knew if I stayed away from it, I could go pretty long.
It was a hot scene, it was not like fucking, or a blow job, but it was its own kind of hot. I worked my cock just like I would if she was not there watching, but she was, and was soon working her sex too. We had a good safe two hours before we even had to worry about Greta getting home, so I tried to stretch it out as long as I could. I felt almost light headed I was so excited, and have lusted for her so long.
Astrid was working on her breast, both hands getting her nipples hard, she had not moved below yet, but soon freed up one hand to work down there. She had her motives, and wanted to make sure to get me worked up. She pulled back her feet, now with her knees in the air, she spread her legs wide open, giving me a total view of her pussy, that looked just like a flower in full bloom, just glistening with moisture.
I edged as she did, for almost a half an hour, but then had to start hitting my knob, on some strokes, I just could not resist the hitting my pleasure spot. She had her fingers deep into her pink hole next, and then used some lotion to lube up her clit. She had at least three fingers going in and out of her vagina, as she strummed her clitoris with her other hand.
She did not try to be quiet, she was into it, and got herself off, way before I was ready for my shot, she was just gathering herself, but with her legs still spread, showing me her pink. Then said, "we don't have all day, if you are going to cum, do it soon so I can watch, I need a shower, I have had enough sun."
I started working for my shot then, made sure I had the towel handy, but I wanted to give her a show, like she just gave me. So instead of going straight to the towel with it, I shot it up in the air, I was naked, and figured I could just wipe it off where it landed. Most of it landed on my stomach and chest, but I had a nice cum rope hanging from my lip, and one on my chin."
I have to give her credit for not even laughing, she just said, "Wow, you got some air on that shot, it looked really hot. But you might want to tilt your shooter a few more degrees toward your feet next time you want to show off like that for a girl. I have had cum land in my eyes before, it's not pleasant," as she smiled, and walked into the house as I watched, she has her ass wiggle down pat.
Not even one full day, and she had me masturbating for her, she is much quicker than Greta, it took her a few days to get there with Ted, I am easy though.
I was really disappointed that things did not go further, maybe we both were. There was no doubt we wanted each other. We went to our rooms, and showered, for dinner, I had jerked off in the shower. This old man needed a short nap then, and took one.
Greta did not get home until late, we did not get out to go to dinner until after 7, so we had to go somewhere close. We took the Bimmer, and I drove while Greta and Astrid, talked over the seat. First, Greta grilled her, they like to fuck with each other just like Greta and I do. Greta's ass was sticking out, as she leaned over the seat back, to ask her, "Well, Josh got home early did you fuck my boyfriend yet?
"Did you blow him."
"Did you tease, and torture him?"
"Yes, I gave the old guy a boner!"
"Good Girl! He is almost as fun to torture as his little brother, the prize is a little smaller though. Keep it up though, maybe I will get a good fuck out of him this week."

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