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tagIncest/TabooJosh Trains Valerie

(But, who's really training who?)
All participants in this story are at least eighteen years of age. This is a fictional tale and, although the characters are not physically related, the taboo of incest is present throughout the work. There are also elements of domination in this story. If you are offended by such things and read further, you do so at your own peril.
Thanks to Crimson_87 for being my muse
Valerie was beside herself.
'Fuck! Two C's, and a D. Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!'
The only saving grace was a B+ in Chemistry and a solid A in German. Valerie stuffed the report card in her backpack and headed to the parking lot. It was the end of the fall semester, and Valerie was headed home to spend the holidays with mommy and daddy.
Valerie had never been a good student. First, she was a military brat and got moved around a lot to different schools. Her mother was an Air Force Officer, herself a military brat, and the entire family was stationed in Germany when Valerie was just nine. Fifth grade was a wash, because of the language barrier and she ended up repeating. Then, in seventh grade, she discovered boys and was so distracted that she failed almost everything and got held back another year. Mom was furious. Now here she was, an eighteen year-old junior in high school, and not just any high school.
After the seventh-grade disaster, her mother had sent her to an all-girls boarding school, back in the US. Her father also returned to the States to keep an eye on her. Mom would visit for a week every couple of months, and at holidays.
She hated her mother but feared her as well. Mom had a knack for making her life miserable and had been threatening her with a military academy next, should she fail to become a model student.
Life at the boarding school affected her sexually as well. Encounters with boys were a rarity. She signed up for Glee Club, Drama, Band, Cheerleading… anything that would allow an opportunity to visit a nearby boy's school for collaborative 'extracurricular activities'.
Girls, on the other hand, were everywhere, and it didn't take long for Valerie to experiment. Being with girls was a useful distraction, a way to relieve sexual tension, but Valerie was definitely into boys.
"Hi sweety."
"Hi daddy," Valerie said as she kissed her father on the cheek and put on her seat belt.
The drive home was filled with small talk and Valerie lead most of the conversation. She needed to. She had to steer it away from talk of school, at least the classes, and onto safer topics. She asked her father about work, and mom, seeming as interested as she could.
Her father was also former military. A software engineer, he and her mother had met when they were both junior officers, after the death of her father in an airplane crash when she was just a toddler. She never really knew her real father, or at least she didn't remember him. Josh had always been daddy to her, if not by birth, then by love.
Her dad had found lucrative employment opportunities outside the Air Force and worked as a well-paid consultant on government contracts that required a knowledge of the military requirements.
Valerie acted interested as her father talked about his latest contract.
'Over-achievers, the both of them,' Valerie thought to herself, as her father droned on. 'How did I end up with such over achievers as parents?'
"So, what do you think?" Dad asked Valerie.
"Uhhhh… I'm not sure. Tell me again?" Valerie rejoined the conversation, not knowing what she was being asked.
"Well, it's not a hard question. Should we stop somewhere for Chinese or just get a bucket of chicken for dinner?"
"Oh, sorry. Chinese would be great," Valerie sheepishly replied.
After dinner, they headed home. Valerie took off her backpack and left it on the floor near the front door. She headed up to her room and flopped down on her bed. She looked over at her closet door and a warm glow overcame her. She got up and went over and to the closet and opened it.
Valerie hadn't brought much with her from the school, just a few toiletries. She didn't have to. She wore only uniforms at the school. No makeup, no nail polish, nothing. All of her real clothes and accoutrement were here. She smiled as she perused her civilian clothing. If it wasn't so late, Valerie would be dressing and heading out to the mall, a movie, bowling… anywhere she might be able to run into some guys. 'Tomorrow,' she promised herself.
"Valerie, can I come in." Her dad knocked at the door.
"Of course. What's up?"
"Well sunshine, there's a showing of The Grinch on TV tonight. You used to love watching that together when you were younger. Are you interested?"
"Sure daddy. I just want to take a quick shower and change, then I'll be down."
"Ok sweetie. I'll cook up some popcorn," and, with that, her dad retreated down the hall.
Valerie stripped and put on a robe and headed down the hall to the bathroom. She closed the door behind her and started the shower flowing. She stepped into the hot water and let it overtake her. Several minutes later, she stepped from the shower and toweled herself off. She wiped off the condensation from the mirror and to stock of herself.
At 5'4" and 108 lbs, Valerie was a well portioned beauty. She had chestnut colored hair (like her mother), and her eyes were an emerald green. She had perky, B cup, breasts and just a small baby fat mound over her belly. Valerie had a small tuft of chestnut hair that covered her mons. A bubble-shaped bottom and athletic shapely legs completed the nubile picture of sexiness.
She took out her hair dryer and brush and went to work. When she was done, her hair extended below her shoulders, soft curls caressing each breast. She looked at herself again and squinted then reached into a drawer and found her lip gloss. A quick application to highlight her naturally reddish lips, and a quick spray of strawberry cologne, and she was done.
Valerie put on her robe and reached for the door handle. The door was slightly ajar. Without any additional thought, she opened the door and headed back to her room.
When Valerie entered the living room, daddy was already there on the sofa, a tub of hot, buttered popcorn close by. He was on his phone.
"Josh, I'm sorry…"
Valerie could make out the harsh tones of her mother as she sat down next to her father.
"Alright. I know. The needs of the Air Force come first. I know the drill," Josh replied. As they continued to talk, Josh thought about how many times he had heard this during his career, and in the years since. This was a common theme that commanders used on young troops, to remind them of the importance of their sacrifices of their time to themselves. Over the past few years, as his wife gained higher rank, and more responsibility, this had frequently been her mantra when giving him bad news about her deployments.
"Is Valerie there?"
"Yeah, she just walked in. Do you want to talk to her?"
"No, I have to get back. Tell her I'll talk to her on Thanksgiving."
"Sure. Oh, by the way, the Howell's invited us for Thanksgiving so we'll probably be there when you call."
"I love you."
"Love you too. Goodnight."
Josh hung up the phone.
"Is everything okay," Valerie asked.
"Yeah, everything's fine. Your mom won't make it for Thanksgiving though, and she will probably only be here for a day or two at Christmas."
Valerie feigned disappointment.
Josh turned on the TV and Valerie reached up and pulled a blanket, draped over the sofa, down over them and they settled in to watch the movie.
As the movie started, Josh leaned over and put his arm around Valerie and drew her closer to him. She had enjoyed cuddling with dad, while watching TV as a little girl, and it just seemed natural to continue the tradition. As the movie proceeded, Valerie settled comfortably into daddy's arms. She enjoyed the feeling of his arm around her; his hand on her shoulder, the warmth and smell of his body as she nuzzled into his embrace. Daddy put his nose into her hair and drew a deep breath of her scent. Then he softly kissed her forehead and Valerie looked up at him and smiled.
As the movie went on, and the people of Whoville convinced the Grinch to give back Christmas, Valerie barely took notice of daddy's fingers toying with her hair, trailing along her neck. Valerie just knew that, for the first time in a long time, she felt loved.
As the movie came to a close, Valerie yawned, and got up from the sofa. She said goodnight and went to kiss daddy on the cheek but, as she did, he turned his face to meet her lips with his. After the awkward kiss, she headed off to bed.
Josh, turned off the TV, folded the blanket, and returned it to the top of the sofa. He emptied the popcorn bowel of the Old Maids and placed it in the sink. He climbed the stairs but before going to his own room, he went down the hall, as he had done hundreds of times before, and stopped by Valerie's room. He opened the door slowly and the light crept up from the floor and came to rest on her form. She was laying on the bed, her silk pajamas shining in the light. Josh quietly walked to her side and knelt on one knee and slowly dragged the covers up over his little girl. Valerie stirred quietly and turned toward him, her lips glistening in the light. Josh leaned in and gently kissed her full on the lips. Then he turned and headed for the door.
"Nite daddy," he heard his little girl whisper.
"Goodnight princess," he replied.
Over the next few days, Valerie noticed her father had become very clingy. He'd almost whine whenever she'd get dressed up and ask for the keys to mom's car.
"Now where are you off to?"
"Dad, Christmas presents aren't going to shop for themselves," Valerie would quip.
Once out the door, Valerie would be gone for hours, window shopping, eating fast food, stopping to work out at the gym, flirting with boys, anything to be able to enjoy her freedom from the rigid life of school. This was winter vacation, and she was going to enjoy every last minute.
Finally, she'd return home to a miffed father and they'd have a small tiff before she'd retreat to her room for the evening.
On Thursday afternoon, daddy and Valerie headed to the Howell's for dinner. Shortly after arriving, Valerie's mom called to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving. She was on the speaker phone, so Valerie did not have an opportunity for them to speak directly, and that was just fine with Valerie.
Valerie kept quiet and to herself for most of dinner. She answered Mrs. Howell's attempts to engage her in small talk with short, but cordial, responses. She let her dad do the heavy lifting.
Mr. Howell was daddy's boss, a 'GS-15' project manager for the 'xRaD' (whatever that was). Her father entered the Air Force with an undergraduate degree in software engineering. He was quickly found to have a knack for designing (and breaking into) software security systems, and that prompted the Air Force to send him to get a PhD from MIT. He paid them back, serving eight years, but found he could make much more money on the outside.
Valerie knew her father did a lot of classified software consulting work, but never knew the details of what he did. She listened intently to the conversation as her dad and Mr. Howell discussed the project, mostly with Mrs. Howell.
Tom Howell had the responsibility for a software system development worth several hundred million dollars. This system was being designed by a mega-software development company. Her dad was a hired gun, brought in by Tom to find and exploit security design flaws. These were not just internet-based systems, these were mission critical systems on strongly encrypted private government networks with no public interfaces (until Josh found some).
Tom Howell turned to Valerie.
"Your father's the best damn code breaker I've ever seen."
Valerie looked at her father with pride.
"That's my dad," she beamed.
On Friday, the two had leftovers, sent home by the Howells, for dinner.
"Listen Val, I was thinking I'd take the cover off the hot tub tonight. What do ya say? Join the old man for a look back in time?"
"Dad, it's like 30 degrees out there."
"I know kitten, but you know, once you're in the hot tub, you're not cold. Besides, it's clear as a bell, not a cloud in the sky. We'll be able to look back in time maybe a billion years."
Valerie's dad was the ultimate geek. As a child, he used to take her out on clear nights to 'look back into time,' as he called it. He taught her that most of the stars they were seeing were actually galaxies and that they were so far away that the light from them took millions, sometimes hundreds of millions of years to reach us. 'When the light your seeing left that galaxy, man didn't even exist on this planet. Those galaxies aren't even there anymore, they're moving away from each other and they're a hundred million years away from where they used to be.'
"Okay dad," Valerie humored her father, "I'll go put on my suit."
As she dressed in her bikini, Valerie reminded herself that she actually likes being in the hot tub in winter. Her dad had lived in Sweden for a couple of years when he was a young man, and had become used to the Swedish tradition of leaving the sauna and running nude out into the snow to make snow angels, before running back to the warmth of the sauna. A couple of years ago, he had convinced her to try the same thing in the hot tub and then rolled in the snow laughing at her while she scrambled back to the warm water bath.
They spent the next two hours, looking at the stars together, daddy's arm around her, holding her close, while he had her recite the names of the various constellations.
Once they were back inside the warmth of the house, Josh wrapped his bikini clad daughter in a warm towel, drying her off.
"You know, you look just like her… your mother. God she was so sexy, back when I first met her, just like you are now."
"Thanks dad… I think?" Valerie replied.
Josh rubbed Valerie's skin through the towel. Then he let the towel drop to the floor and hugged his little girl. He pulled her close and she embraced him as well. He let his hands rove slowly over her skin, down her back, and then he cupped her ass cheeks.
"Uh dad… what are you doing?"
"Valerie, I think we should talk," Josh said as he covered her lithe form with a robe. Then he took her by the hand and lead her to the living room where they sat down on the sofa.
"Listen Valerie. You're growing up. I mean, God, your eighteen already. I mean you're a woman for Christ sake."
Valerie just stared back not knowing what to say.
Josh reached out and took his daughter's hands in his.
"I just thought that as we are the two people who provide the social strength to this family, maybe we should get a little closer."
"What do you mean 'get a little closer'?"
Josh leaned in and kissed Valerie on the lips. It was a soft, lingering kiss.
"Dad, uh, what are you doing? We can't…," Valerie stuttered.
Josh kissed her again, but Valerie broke it off and pushed him away.
"Dad, this is wrong. You're my dad."
"It's okay honey."
"NO, IT'S NOT," Valerie's tone changed
Josh thought about his next play. He'd hoped it wouldn't come to this.
"Listen Valerie. You've got a year and a half at the boarding school, if you pass. It'd be a shame if you were sent to the military school instead. I mean, yes, there'd be boys, but trust me, you won't get anywhere near them."
Valerie looked quizzically at her father.
"You see, I found your report card in your backpack. Now at some point, your mom's going to ask me about your grades, or worse, she'll want to see it when she comes home for Christmas. I'm sure she could have you at the military school by the end of Christmas break."
"What? That's not fair," Valerie whined. Then, in a resigned tone, she asked, "What do you want?"
"Well, you're not the only one your mother makes suffer. I can't remember the last time we had sex. Oh wait, I can, because it only happens when she comes home, and you know how often that is. This is partly your fault. If you had kept your marks up in school in Germany, she would not have sent you back here to the private school, and she would not have sent me here to baby sit you. And now, here you are, all grown up, all hot and sexy, and if I can't have her, I'm going to have you."
"Have me? Exactly how?"
"That, young lady, is not a question for you to ask. You'll discover that as our journey unfolds. For now, just know that I own you. You'll do as your told, without question, or your mother gets you're report card. It's your call."
Valerie stood. "I need to think about this. I'm going to bed."
"Fine, take some time. But, I need an answer soon."
Valerie headed to bed. She was shocked. Who was this monster and where was her daddy? She cried herself to sleep.
The next morning, Valerie found her father at the breakfast table. She said nothing to him as he finished, and she started.
"I have to go into the office today. Something went wrong with a test overnight. I'll be home by 5 pm. If you agree to my requests, you'll be dressed in your sexiest jammies when I arrive. When I open the door, you'll be on your knees in the living room, in the Bracelet position."
He rose from his chair and walked over to where she was sitting and laid a drawing he had printed from an internet site down on the table in front of her. The drawing depicted a woman kneeling with her legs spread wide. Her head was down, she was looking toward the floor, with her hands behind her back. A second drawing showed the back of the woman, her arms outstretched behind her, her hands palm to palm.
He kissed her on the head and whispered, "please understand, I'll never hurt you."
Then he turned and walked out the door.
Valerie looked down at the drawings and pushed them away in disgust. She put her dishes in the sink and headed back to her bedroom.
'What choice do I have?' She asked herself. 'What the fuck does he want to do to me?'
Valerie lay down on her bed and cried into her pillow again.
After about five minutes, Valerie rose to her feet. She headed to her closet and pulled out a suitcase and started filling it with clothes.
'Where the fuck do I go? Even if I tell mom, and she divorces this bastard, I'll just end up in the military school. I'm 18 but I've got no money, no friends.' "FUCK!" Valerie cried out.
Valerie put the suitcase back in the closet and picked out some clothes.
'Fuck this. If I have to do this, I'm going to spend my last day the way I want.'
After dressing, Valerie got in her mother's car and sped away. At the corner, she never even tried to stop and was soon pulled over by a police officer. When the officer arrived at her window, Valerie was in tears. Had this been a male police officer, she may have cried her way out of the ticket. Instead, the officer was a woman.
"Are you okay miss."
"Yes, my dad's just a bastard."
"Did he assault you?"
'Not yet,' went through Valerie's mind. "No, he's just an asshole."
"Aren't they all," the officer said, "but unfortunately that's no excuse to speed and run a stop sign. License and registration please," said the officer.
At a few minutes after five, Josh arrived home to find Valerie dressed and posed as demanded. Valerie was dressed in a short red silk halter that hung low on her perky breasts, exposing her cleavage, and leaving her midriff exposed. Josh took note of a navel piercing, something he and her mother were unaware of, and just some more leverage that was available to him, should he need it.

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