Journey with maid

Hi friends, this is Suresh bringing out a true and real life incident for the pleasure of u all.

I am 40 years old and working for a public sector organization and currently living in Hyderabad due to posting. My wife Shweta is 35 and we have one kid of 12 years old. Recently while returning from our native place after attending a function, we brought a maid a girl of about 18 to help my wife in her household chores as the local maids are not good in the quality of work and also they are absent for number of days. The maid whose name is Vijaya is a thinly built and dark complexioned girl. But her breast-line is good with a decent 32 inch boobs. We were told that her parents were also from a well to do family in the olden days and as her father spoilt all the money on women and wine they have to do the household chores. She has two sisters one elder and the other younger. While the elder one was married off, the younger one is doing nothing and relaxing in the house only. Being from a small village, Vijaya was reluctant to come to Hyderabad initially but when my wife assured her that she can work for a couple of months and leave if the work does not suit her.

We have taken the Godavari Express from Rajahmundry Station at about 8.30 PM. We were surprised when she told us that it was her first train journey. Though my martial life is quite satisfactory, being a male, I look for other women without the knowledge of my wife. As we got confirmed berths, we have no problems in settling ourselves in our respective berths. Vijaya got the upper berth and while she has problems in reaching the berth, I had to help her by supporting her as I pushed her butt with both of my hands and intentionally I fondled her buttocks and pressed them hard and tried to put the hand between her legs. She felt shy but did not utter a word. As it is very cold during the night, my wife told me to give a bed-sheet to Vijaya. I have taken a bed sheet and as there is very little space on the upper berth, I had to spread the bed sheet to cover her totally. In that process on the pretext of adjusting the sheet, I ran both my hands on the entire body especially on her boobs. Two soft and round boobs were pressed hard by me. She felt very shy but did not say a word.

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After reaching Hyderabad, for the first few days, it went very well. Vijaya does her work cleanly and my wife was very happy. Then the problems started. I observed that Vijaya does not listen to my wife properly and used to work in her own way instead of following my wife’s instructions. Somehow I had a feeling that she started feeling jealous of my wife’s position in the house and she does not like to remain as a house-hold maid in our house. She used to stare at my body while coming out of the Bath room with a towel. She intentionally used to wait at the bath room on some pretext or other. She used to sleep on the floor in the drawing room. Whenever I wake in the middle or night for a glass of water I used to stare at her body. As Hyderabad water must have suited her, she has put on weight and her face started glowing and body shining. My wife does not sent Vijaya out alone to fetch even sundry provisions too as she was fearful that if she did not return or does something we have to take the responsibility for her acts in our village.

One day while I was leaving for the office my wife told me to get the washing powder as she has to wash some clothes urgently. I had no time to get the powder as there was inspection in our Dept and I had to leave early. I told my wife to send Vijaya with me so that I can get the washing powder and give it to Vijaya and she will return alone while I proceed to office directly. My wife reluctantly agreed. Now I had the opportunity of taking Vijaya on my Bike. She clung on to me while telling that she is scared to board the bike as she has never boarded a bike. I felt both her boobs had pressed against my back and her right hand pressing my crotch on the pretext of support. My junior was rising like a snake. At every pothole, she was pressing hard both her boobs to me. I fetched the washing powder and asked her to return to home while I proceeded to the office.

I was just looking for the right opportunity to fuck this young girl who is so willing. One day there was a sudden bomb-shell thrown by my wife. She said she can’t bear this maid any more and I should immediately drop her at my village. Despite my repeated suggestions she was not willing to continue her any more even for a day. She insisted that I should take her away on the same day. No confirmed reservation was available on either Godavari or Goutami expresses. Wait listed tickets were obtained for Goutami express. By the time chart was prepared only one berth could be confirmed. I felt great. I have been allotted the Upper Berth while Vijaya has berth at all. I told her to sit on the berth as she has no place even to sit elsewhere. At about 10’ O clock I rested on the berth while she was sitting at my feet. Opposite berth was occupied by an elderly man who has taken some sleeping pill before he relaxed telling that he won’t get sleep until he consumes that pill every day. The lower berths were occupied by kids of about 8 and 10 who slept jolly by 9.30 PM itself. After lying down on the berth, since I have no place to keep my legs I had to put my legs on her lap only while she sat at the end of the berth with legs folded. Slowly I started to move my legs on her and with the leg-thumb I tried to touch her between the legs. She moved uncomfortably but could not do anything as I pretended to sleep. Then she kept her hands on my legs and slowly started massaging my bare legs as I was wearing a lungi being the night journey. She was wearing a loose lehenga and jacket. My junior started raising like hell and as everybody was sleeping her hands moved ahead and reached my knees. She took out a bed-sheet and covered me totally. Now her right hand reached my member and started caressing over the underwear. All the time I pretended to sleep and enjoying thoroughly. She pulled out the underwear and I helped her by lifting my torso for a while. She started pumping my member vigorously and I came with a flush wetting my lungi all over.

After a while, I told her ‘Vijaya, how long will u sit like that? You can relax by lying here and I pointed the little vacant space besides me. Without hesitation she lied down and to make space for her I was lying on my side. While my head was towards the window, she lied opposite to me. So we were in 69 position now. She covered both of us with the bed-sheet. I slowly lifted her lehenga and kept my palm over her cunt. It was full of hair as she must not have shaven for long. I started plucking the hair gently. She moaned with little bit of pain and pleasure. My fingers were searching for her cunt lips in the bushy hair. Eventually I found them and played with them. All the while she was moaning gently with pleasure. She pulled my lungi up to my waist and started kissing my member. It was like an iron rod and shining with the cum I ejaculated earlier. She started kissing all over including my balls. I was in heaven. Then she put me in her mouth and started sucking like an ice-fruit. Meanwhile I started kissing her cunt-lips and inserted my tongue inside the hole and twisted and twirled around. She started moaning loudly due to the pleasure. The more I started licking the pussy, the more she started sucking the penis. After four or five minutes of sucking we both came together and relaxed for a while. Next I wanted to fuck her the traditional style. As it was the pitch of the night and every body sleeping, we covered ourselves fully and I lifted her lehenga up to her waist and slowly inserted my penis side-ways. It was tight despite the lubrication received and really hot. As my tip entered the hole, she was ecstatic and uttered slowly ‘I have been waiting for this moment since long’ I told her then why don’t u tell earlier. She said ‘how can I? When madam was around through out? As I increased speed of the fucking it started making noise. We were scared that somebody may wake up and observe. But there was no stopping. It went on for full 10 minutes as I came twice earlier. Then after jerking off, we dozed off. By the time I woke up it was almost 5.30 AM and we were passing through the Godavari River. I woke her up and told her to get ready. After getting down from the train, we have taken a Bus to reach her village. Her family were surprised to see her. I told the mother we don’t need the services of Vijaya as we are moving elsewhere. But I will engage her after some time. The mother was sorry and kept pleading with me to take Vijaya. She further offered if we are not satisfied with the services of Vijaya, we can take her younger sister Swati who is also sitting idle. I had a look at Swati. She was fair and fat and filled at right places. Looking innocently at me, she said she will do anything for our family. How I have taken her to Hyd and how I fucked her is a different story which I will narrate in my next episode.

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