Judith’s hope Pt. 02

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The persons and actions mentioned in this story are freely invented. Similarities with existing persons or events are coincidental.
Scenes of a marriage of three
The next weeks after my last club visit gave me a lot of thought about the situation of Judith, Thomas and me. And, of course, also the state of the child that was to come out of this threesome relationship. The thoughts accompanied me constantly and even at work they crept into the foreground. This reached the point where my work colleagues asked themselves what has caused these daydreams lately.
So Thomas and Judith longed for a child and I was to be the father. Adoption was out of the question. At least until Judith had born our own child.
My fertility was examined and there were no objections, but I still had to prove myself. I did not have any children yet. That my child would have an inborn disease was no more likely than with any other father. Judith and Thomas were doctors and had no problems with preliminary examinations during pregnancy. On the contrary. They would definitely want to see the child develop and being born under medical supervision.
Could I take on this responsibility? What if the two of them changed their minds and wanted to withdraw from our agreement that I would share paternity with Thomas? But wasn't this offer an incredible proof of trust or even love? Sure. But could I want that love between three people? Yes, I did, precisely because three people were involved. A love triangle is considered dangerous by experts. But could not I withdraw from it just as well? The question of having to come up with children's alimonies was clearly a minor issue compared with the possibility of being the father of a child. The bottom line was that we all wanted to form a family with two fathers.
And how did that all look from the point of view of the anxiously awaited child? As long as Judith, Thomas, and I were frank and open to our child, we could see no problems. However, I had to insist on this honesty which was not a problem for Judith or Thomas. I had as much a father's duty as Thomas. The child was to be well looked after but to grow up in freedom. Sex should be one of the most normal things in his world. With regard to sex, our child – as in all other matters – should know and learn to exercise her or his own rights but also to take responsibility for tasks and duties.
After long and careful consideration I came to the conclusion: I decided to be a father and I did want to do this jointly with Judith and Thomas. My role should be to impregnate Judith first and then to share the task of childcare.
I made this plain to Thomas and Judith one evening after a musical evening with Heike and Florian which we had enjoyed together with Maria. The evening had begun with Schubert's Sonata Arpeggione. But still the piano quintet in C by Bela Bartók, which was played at the end, resonated in us. A single gigantic song. I was surprised that Judith and Thomas, two declared lovers of light music, now thought so much of classical music. That must have been the convincing influence of Heike and Florian. I concluded that the combination of beautiful music and hot eroticism is just a very special thing for many more people than just myself.
And how should the generation of this child take place? That I withdrew for this into a quiet corner with Judith was out of the question. Rather, not only Thomas should be present but also as many of our — by then – forty members of the club of the rubber-less as possible. Judith and Thomas liked my suggestion to organize a candlelight impregnation ritual at the club.
We wanted to create an atmosphere of romantic lechery. Judith and I should be the couple in the center given free rein to our desire to copulate. We should be surrounded by many promiscuous couples engaged in unrestrained love play.
But was it realistic that, in this ritual, no man other than I was allowed to deposit his sperm into Judith?
If I was to be certified as the father the answer had to be yes. Thomas would also have to hold back because otherwise we would not have been able to make it clear to any of the other men why they were not allowed to fuck Judith. At least for the time being.
But all men including Thomas were to play lustful and free games with the other women. Maria should replace Judith as Thomas' partner for the evening. And we wanted to keep this up until Judith was pregnant.
Judith's most ardent wish is fulfilled
One of the following Thursdays, Maria, Judith, Thomas, and I were at the sex club. To our joy almost all couples of the club of the rubber-less had come that evening. Apparently, word had got around that there was going to be a particularly cool party that day. In any case, the buxom Anke at the bar was in a very tidy mood. This time Anke presented herself especially open-hearted, as if she wanted her outfit to stroke the balls of all men. She wore skin-tight leggings which displayed an even more obvious cameltoe than usual. Her not so huge breasts were largely uncovered by a revealing décolleté and it seemed as if her cheeky nipples wanted to pierce the tight patent leather top.
With or without Anke's contribution, the remarks exchanged at the bar continuously lost their PG-rating and the mood gave way to an unbridled horniness. The kisses got more and more wet and bawdy hands increasingly strayed off towards stiff nipples, bulging testicles, and hard cocks.
Once again, sex volcano Brigitte did not exhibit the remotest sense of modesty. Naked as God created her she sat down next to me; all of her body shiny from a mint scented massage oil. With an outstretched tongue, she wordlessly asked me to give her a wet kiss and without any foreplay she directly grabbed my balls. It hadn't squirted out my cum for a week so that I was especially loaded with sperm for Judith. Although I retaliated by groping for Brigitte's slippery twat between her wide-open thighs I had to hold her back. Otherwise, I soon would have made a mess of her with a violent ejaculation. Of course I did not want that, not only out of consideration for Brigitte. Also, the unwritten house rules made this unwelcome at the bar.
On my other side, an also horny Dagmar appeared. And smiled at me with her enthrallingly wide and beautiful mouth which made me melt away as always. But now she also stroked my naked breast with both hands. Then she started to nibble on my nipples and licked them to become wet, as if she wanted to entice me into a fierce battle of lovemaking. I could not help but to touch and caress every spot on the body of this sexy and athletic woman. But Brigitte was hardly impressed and continued with her heavy handling of my balls. I had to ask her for restraint because the pressure in my balls already was almost unbearable but still was needed elsewhere on that evening. With a knowing smile Brigitte let go of me. I soon had to stop Dagmar from sucking me off as well. But her disappointment and pout were only an act. I promised her to lay her later when we also would be rid of our most burning desire, she acting as an animator and me as a stud.
On the other side of the bar, the erotic mood crackled between Maria and Heike who together approached the tall Judith. To my joyful surprise, Judith was a fan of an all-female act, too, and this made her black eyes glow dark and wet. I was certain that this also contributed to the success of her impregnation that evening. The highly erect buds of Judith's firm and massive breasts were sucked by the two other horny women and Judith's sighs and pleasant moans resounded all the way across the bar area towards Brigitte, Dagmar, and me.
It was about time to get down to business. This time the club had decorated the large room with the pleasure meadow with many candles, which flickered in their glasses and spread a soft light. Maria and Thomas, the two masters of ceremonies of the evening, commanded one by one all couples to the pleasure meadow. These all sank to the ground in horny fights and a violent petting developed on all sides. Erotically charged songs softly sounded from the background.
Sarah spanned Florian's boner with both hands. He, in turn, licked his tongue through Jessica's cleft from top to bottom. She moaned every time Florian worked on her clit a little stronger. Rolf approached Sarah from behind and, without further ado, sank his thick cock in her already sufficiently slippery cunt. Then he started to fuck her in his typical satyr manner which soon made Sarah moan with relish. Soon, however, he switched to Christiane. This woman already was horny and ardently French-kissed Florian with breaking eyes while he stroked her clit peeking out of her slit.
Johannes and Katja delivered a lecherous scuffle in which breasts and balls were kneaded; then the glans receiving a blowjob and the twat wettened by his licking.
Ernst snogged with Heike and fucked her slit with two deeply immersed fingers. She retaliated by jerking his pole which already started to twitch suspiciously.
Maria and Thomas had also found their rhythm, lying on their stomachs. He lay on top of her and pressed his considerable cock between her buttocks from behind.
Erna's clit was spoiled by Daniel's tongue while Arne, with a lusty glint in his eyes, approached Sarah who was left behind in a frustratingly horny state.
Judith and I sat in our corner and watched the emerging orgy. But we did not want to stay out of it and stroked and caressed each other tenderly. In Judith's eyes, an ascending arousal became apparent while her thighs slowly opened to reveal her wet and shining cleft. Her clitoris poked out and pushed back its hood of skin folds and the labia.
"I think my ovulation is imminent and this mass petting here makes me even more unbearably horny." she whispered softly into my ear.
"Let me tell you" I responded. "My balls are pressing like crazy and ready to explode anytime. They will surely make you happy tonight!" I whispered back.
Maria and Thomas gave us a short hint that we should come to the center of the action on the pleasure meadow. Judith was told to lie on her back and spread her legs raised into the air. I was ordered to kneel in between, ready at any time to stuff Judith's crevice.
Then all the other women in the room formed a circle around us in the typical doggy position, their bottoms stretched away from us up into the air. Behind each woman, a man kneeled and directed his erect dick against the gaping fuck holes.
Thomas was the first to sink his thick and rock-hard fuck spear into Maria's wet cunt. She immediately gave off a loud cry of pleasure which was received by the other couples as a signal to start the mass mating around us. All the men drilled their fuck poles between the slippery cunt lips of the women kneeling in front of them.
The air was soon filled with suppressed cries of lust and the moans of the mindlessly horny couples. The smell of an unfulfilled mating urge gradually spread. The fucking around us became visibly more intense and the cunts began to smack audibly when the cocks penetrated deeper with each thrust. The moans and sighs of the impaled women and their studs steadily became louder. Soon it was only a matter of minutes until the first loads of sperm poured into the crevices which were fucked open. One after the other, the women gave in to their orgasms by tense cries of lust.
Judith and I had been holding back while watching the general fucking going on around us. I continued to caress Judith's firm dream body while we allowed ourselves to become immeasurably horny. She opened her thighs as wide and obscenely as she could and, moaning frivolously, invited me to give her a climax. I threw myself between her thighs and began to plough through her swollen cunt with my tongue. Finally I sucked in her clit and drove her into a fierce orgasm.
Judith's shrill scream was the signal for the ecstatic men to cum into the twats of their fuck partners. Their balls contracted one after the other and injected a huge amount of sperm into the depths of the pleasure caves. In many a slit, a white slime appeared after the slackening fuck pole withdrew from the cunt just flooded with semen. The men, gasping for air, then let themselves fall on the mat next to their equally worn-out females in heat.
But soon the men rose, began a lecherous dance around the women's asses lifted into the air, and jerked their shiny cocks back to stiffness. Sperm oozed out from some of the freshly fucked cunts and trickled down along the thighs. Little by little, the men got down on their knees again behind the women ready for doggy mating. They pulled their erect, rock-hard cocks through the slippery and smacking crevices. Some men, however, also lay down under the broadly spread legs of the female kneeling in front of them and began to lick through their crevices from bottom to top until the could suck in the aroused clit. It took a while until the women screamed their orgasms out, and the men lying underneath them stood up and immediately sank their hard mating spears into their cunts. Then a hot fucking began again ending up shortly afterwards in the second insemination of the women.
Judith and I lay or knelt in the center of this fuck circle and were aroused the unrestrained activity around us to the extent that we could resist no longer from a profuse mating. Judith jerked my cock, lifted her legs even further into the air, and offered me her defenseless gap for inevitable penetration. I immediately sucked the massive clit between my lips and drove Judith in record time into a thundering orgasm. Then I intensified my sucking on the protruding clit afterwards and drove her to her next, even more intense orgasm. This was repeated until Judith, after countless orgasms, emitted a piercing scream and collapsed with a powerless rattle. She gasped desperately for air and finally moaned at me:
"I'm so horny that I can't stand it anymore. Please, fuck and impregnate me on the spot!"
"Just you wait! You will be fucked as roughly as nobody has ever fucked you before. I'm going to squirt loads of my cum into your hot cunt!"
With that I threw myself on Judith lying on her back and sank my rock-hard dick into her wet and glistening twat. Judith immediately pinched my cock with her powerful pelvic muscles so hard that it was impossible to think of an escape. She is a true master in this subject!
"Fuck me! Fuck me as hard as you can! Give me your juice and make my belly big!"
My balls now were really explosive and drove me into a fuck ecstasy, spurred on by the choir of copulating couples around us.
"Fuck her! Fuck her hard! Spray your balls into her and get her pregnant. Fuck her like a son of a bitch!"
I felt like a long and forcibly restrained stud, finally allowed to mount his mare in heat and penetrate her with his huge dong. How could I do anything but to pound heavily into Judith like a madman and to fuck her to exhaustion? Soon the image and the noise of the jeering couples faded away from my vision and my hearing and a glittering starry sky exploded before my eyes. My balls went on a total rampage and announced the imminent ejaculation. But I wasn't quite there yet because I deliberately started to pound Judith a little less.
"Go, go, go, go! Fuck her, fuck her harder!" I heard the sound of the spectators as if coming from behind a theater curtain.
Again I picked up speed, sank my cock even deeper into Judith's greased cunt and banged hard against her cervix. She reacted with a loud scream. Whether this was out of lust or pain, I couldn't tell and I did not want to know anymore. Now I didn't want, nor was I able to, hold back anymore and slammed like a steam hammer out of control into the enduring Judith underneath me. A ball of fire burst in front of my eyes while my balls exploded. My cock spurted out of my bulging balls and flooded the maltreated cunt of Judith with wave after wave of sperm. Then I blacked out and sank down on the soft female body. When I regained consciousness, I felt Judith's face, wet with tears, against my cheek and I received her endlessly tender kisses and gentle caresses.
I wonder if I had already impregnated her. True, I only slowly recovered from being totally out of breath but I didn't feel as if I had already completely exhausted my balls which had lost their fitness during the last few weeks of abstinence.
In the subdued light around us a hugely salacious hustle took place. After gigantic orgasms, women raw from hard fucking and men with thoroughly emptied testicles desperately struggled for air but gradually recovered again. Then the couples rose, separated from each other, just to sink down again shortly afterwards, engaging in libidinous fights with new partners.
The foreplays became a little shorter with each round because the slits of the women were sore but still well lubricated and open from the preceding copulation. Joint juices came out of the women and were spread by the men over the mons and breast nipples or were returned into the cunts. The cocks pulled from narrow twats became only a little softer before experienced hands of one or two women re-established their steel-hard conditions and readiness for further couplings. Soon, everybody was fucking again in all positions and the room was filled with deep sighs and loud moans.
Next to me, Judith also awakened to an indomitable arousal. Incited by the hustle and bustle around us she started to massage her clit and twirl her nipples with gentle stroking movements. Suddenly she moaned loudly and maltreated between her labia her own lust pearl with a whirlwind of violently pressing fingers which she sank deeply into her cunt.
Also my cock moved to a new drive for action and rose far into the air again in a thickly swollen state. I began to jerk it off slightly because I intended to mount Judith again. At first she watched what I was doing, smiled at me, and looked at me with her jet-black eyes. Then she leaned over and began to stick my cock deeply into her mouth. I couldn't help but to push it further into her throat. At the same time resumed the treatment of Judith's clit which was still sticking out far between her swollen pussy lips. Soon we both moaned in the harmonious rhythm of our movements.
"You make me so … goddamn horny … that I … can hardly stand it" staggeringly came from Judith with difficulty.
My comment to this was that I gave Judith a lewd gaze, pulled my cock out of her mouth, and turned her onto her stomach. Then I lay down over her back, searched for the opening of her cunt, and rammed my cock into her dripping hole with a single hard push. After that I started to fuck her at regular pace, penetrating deeper and deeper into her rhythmically contracting twat. Finally I fucked violently against her cervix eliciting her loud cries of pleasure. My balls also began to press violently and I also had to noisily vent my arousal into the room. Our fucking became increasingly violent which was noticed by the couples fucking around us. They spurred us on between their own cries of lust to further climaxes.
"Let him really fuck you and allow him to fill your cunt with sperm!"
"Fuck her properly and inseminate her slippery fuck crack. Give her a big belly!"
The pressure in my testicles grew dramatically with the hard fucking. But Judith screamed around her tension with increasing voice. I felt how my sperm rose through my fuck bolt to unload itself into Judith's gaping cunt. Finally my ejaculation twitched through me like a mighty thunderstorm. Thrusting ferociously, I squirted my juices into Judith's panting pussy for the second time. At the same time, she was violently shaken by her orgasm. After that we both let ourselves fall off each other in exhaustion.

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