Judy and Uncle Add Grandniece Ch. 01

tagIncest/TabooJudy and Uncle Add Grandniece Ch. 01

Things have changed since my last submission. I had to take some time off from writing to tend to life changing events, but hopefully, I'll be able to contribute more now that have settled down a bit.
This is a continuation, of sorts, of my series about Judy and her Uncle. It's not really necessary to begin with them unless you want to. Feedback is appreciated. Have changed jobs and moved back home and she has moved on with her life. Her daughter has grown into a beautiful 18-year-old young woman whom I've grown to love more as each day passes.
Chapter 1.
Judy and I still see each other quite often and have actually been able to get together once or twice in the intervening years, but nothing like it used to be. I miss our times together but understand that life must go on.
Our most recent get-together was interesting. As we lay together basking in the afterglow of our lovemaking we began to talk about family and reminisced about our relationship. She spoke about how things between us had gotten started so many years ago and went on to say how loving and gentle I had treated her and how much I had taught her about her sexuality. She said she hoped that her daughter would find someone as caring and adventurous as I had been with her. She went on to say that she was sure her daughter was still a virgin, having been pretty much home schooled and quarantined for the last couple of years of school due to the pandemic. She also said her daughter had been asking many questions about relationships and sex during that time. Judy surmised that her daughter Jamie's hormones were kicking in and although she hadn't been able to date very often she was probably feeling some sexual urges and was also feeling a bit frustrated.
I agreed and said she would have to make sure that when Jamie finally brought a boy home that he should be kind and caring, not just some hormone driven dick just trying to get into her pants. I said I thought Jamie was a sexy young woman whom I had watched grow up and develop into the beautiful woman she was now. She'll know the time is right when the right guy comes along, I said. She'll let you know too by always talking about the guy and pretty much gushing over him.
That's when Judy rocked my world. "You know, Don, Jamie talks about you all the time. She's eighteen now and she gets excited when you come over. When she talks about you, she often mentions that you are just so nice and she even slipped that she thought you were sexy one time. I think she's got the hots for you and truth be told, I can't think of a better person than you to be her first!" You could have knocked me over with a feather.
I just stared at my niece in wonderment. Sure, I had watched her daughter Jamie grow into a confident, strong young woman who was going to make some future husband a very happy man. Mentally, she was strong willed and independent. Physically, she was strong, having worked with horses and played sports during high school. She was strong, but not musclebound. She had curves in all the right places. Her breasts weren't large, but then again, neither was her mothers. I guessed about a b-cup. Her waist was neither skinny nor fat, just proportional with a small paunch of remaining baby fat. Her hips were not nearly as pronounced as her mothers. She had a nice, tight ass and her legs were muscular. I am just like most men, although many would never admit to it, I had watched her body develop over the years and just wondered what she would look like to her future husband all decked out in a negligee or lying naked on a bed. I never once attempted to even let myself think that I could be that lucky man or thought about acting on my thoughts. Yet, here was her mother telling me that I pretty much had her permission to seduce her daughter!
"You're joking, right?!" I said with wide eyed wonder.
"No, not really. I love her to death and don't want to ever see her get hurt. I remember what it was like to lose my virginity to my boyfriend whom I thought was in love with me only to find out a few months later that all he wanted was to get laid! It hurt that I gave something so precious to someone who really didn't care about me. I know you love her and wouldn't do anything to hurt her and I know that she loves you." She continued. "I've seen the way you look at her too! I've watched you check her out when you thought nobody was watching, especially in her bathing suits!" She laughed. "I know it's a guy thing, always checking out the young girls. I'm willing to bet you've already pictured her naked in your bed!
"O.K. I'll admit to checking her out. I am a man, an older one at that. Looking at these young girls brings back memories of my youth when I stood half a chance of being with someone here age and even the times when I did get lucky and was able to bed one. I remember the firm breasts, tight pussies and strong legs wrapped around my back and it makes me feel good to remember. It also makes me sad in that I will probably never again enjoy all those things. So, I look at Jamie and it triggers those memories, but I swear to you that I never once thought of acting out on those thoughts!"
Judy twirled her fingers through the hair on my chest, leaned over and gave a quick little kiss there and then looked into my eyes. "I know you didn't. That's one of the main reasons I think you would be perfect for her first lover. I know, and so does she, that you love her and would do nothing to hurt her. You would put her on a pedestal and worship her body and soul. We've talked some and I've tried to explain to her that she shouldn't just give her virginity to some boy who is thinking only with his dick and will say anything to get in her pants. She agrees that that isn't how she wants to become a woman. She told me that when she thinks about it, she dreams about an older man who loves her and wants to make it a beautiful experience for her. That's when I thought of you."
"I'm honored you would think of me, but what about her? She's the important one in this scenario. What does she think?"
"Well, I asked her if she had any ideas of who that special man could be. She talked about her fantasy a bit and I pressed her on it. She said there were no specific faces of those men for the most part but that one person kept popping into her head quite often. She didn't want to name him, but I kept pushing her on it. Finally, with her face turning beet red from embarrassment, she admitted that face she kept fantasizing about was yours! So, that's why I am mentioning all this to you."
"Does she know you are telling me this?"
"Not fully. I got her to tell me about her fantasy of how she would make love for the first time. It was pretty basic. She described a lot of kissing, rubbing and fingering. She did say she could picture herself playing with a cock and even sucking on it a bit. She just figured that once her lover felt she was ready he would gently spread her legs and slowly enter her. She knew it would kind of hurt the first time because she was a virgin, but afterwards she thought of the kissing and rubbing and having an orgasm. Afterwards, she figured there would be a bunch of hugging and kissing and petting. That was how she pictured her mature lover, you, making her a woman. She has no idea what making love with you would be like!"
"Yea, that is pretty basic. I would do so much more with her. Dinner would be first so we could get to know more about each other and progress from there. Maybe start rubbing her shoulders and then progressing to a massage, you know how much I like giving them." I chuckled. It would take hours before the main event and she would be totally prepared. I'd do everything I could to make it as perfect as I could for her." I looked down at Judy and she was smiling up at me. "But, I would want it to be natural with no barriers. You know how much I hate condoms and she should feel what it's like to be filled with a mans come."
Judy nodded her head and said, "I know you hate condoms and I love the feeling of your come dripping from my well used pussy after we make love. It reminds me of the time we spent together. You don't have to worry about it though. Jamie has had some really bad cramping with her period for a long time now, so I took her to the doctors and had her put on the pill a few years ago. It's helped her a lot and I know she is protected."
"You said, "Not fully" when I asked if she knew you ere going to tell me all this. What does that mean?"
"Well, I didn't come right out and tell her I was going to tell you everything, but after the conversation was over a bit, I did tease her and say I was going to tell you she had the hots for you. She blushed. Then I asked her what she would think if you made a pass at her. How would she respond? She wasn't sure and she'd have to think about it was her response but, she did get a dreamy look on her face. So, I'm not saying it is a sure thing with Jamie, but I think you have a better than average chance of being her first lover. Knowing what I know about you and your love for her, and me, I can only hope that if you would decide to do this, you'd be successful. Would you be interested in bedding your grand-niece and being her first?"
"I still can't believe we are having this conversation! The horny old man in me is excited as hell over the prospect of bedding such a beautiful young girl and taking her virginity. The old man in me is worried that I wouldn't have the stamina to keep up with her if I did get so lucky and the logical man in me is telling me that she would probably reject me because I am so old and her relative. If I made the decision right this second, the answer would be 'HELL YES!', but I want to think about it a bit. I don't want to ruin things between us- and the rest of the family! But I am leaning towards a yes answer."
Judy looked at me with caring eyes. I knew she understood where I was coming from. She even said so! "I totally understand. In the meantime, I will talk with Jamie and not so much push her towards it, but just keep it in her mind." Judy rolled over on top of me and could feel the effects of our conversation on my cock. She leaned down, kissed me and then said; "Fuck me you horny old man! Make me come and pretend it is my beautiful virginal daughter!" So, I did.
A couple of weeks went by before I got the chance to see either Judy or Jamie. I had purchased a new hot tub in the meantime and invited them to come try it out during a late afternoon cookout. Since it was a family affair and our significant others were present, we couldn't do anything other than act like a normal family for most of the evening. After dinner Jamie asked if we could go in the hot tub. Of course, I said yes. My wife and Judy's boyfriend opted not to join us, so they went inside to watch a movie while we partook of the warm water.
I was the first there and took the cover off the hot tub while waiting for the girls. After a few minutes they came down and my jaw hit the ground. Judy came down in a black one-piece suit with a large "v" cut in the front and crisscrossed with a latticework of straps. Her breasts were all but popping out and her nipples were clearly visible. Jamie was wearing a light-colored string bikini that left little to the imagination. The top material, what there was of it, was just triangles of cloth that barely contained her breasts. The triangles were held in place by tiny bits of string and like her mother, her nipples were clearly in view. Her bottoms were also almost nonexistent. The material in front covered just enough to be decent. You could almost tell that she had almost completely shaved. The material was tight against her vulva but not so tight as to show her camel toe. Her ass was similarly concealed by material that just barely covered her cheeks and was held together by small strings at the sides.
Judy was almost laughing as she walked up to me. "You might want to close your mouth before you start catching flies!"
I stammered and looked at her wide eyed and then looked again at Jamie as she walked up. "Wow!" was all I could say at first when I looked at them. When I again caught my wits, I looked directly at Jamie and told her; "My God, you have really grown up! You are absolutely one beautiful and sexy young woman. I bet the boys are all after you!"
Jamie blushed as she put her towel on one of the loungers. "Uncle Don! Stop it! You're embarrassing me!" We all climbed in and I showed them where the controls were and how to adjust the jets to get the best massage possible. We sat there talking for a while, letting the warm water and pulsing jets melt the tensions away. It was very relaxing. After about 10 minutes Jamie stood up and sat on the edge and began to twist her neck from side to side. As I looked at her I could see that the light-colored suit had lost some of its opaqueness. Her areolas were more visible and her nipples were sticking out, probably because of the difference in temperature between the hot water and cooler air. A quick glance down showed that I was correct in assuming she shaved as the material was plastered to here vulva. I could just make out her cleft and a little bit of hair above it. I started to feel myself becoming aroused at the sight.
Judy saw her twisting her neck and asked what the matter was. Jamie replied, "My neck is still a little stiff. The jets don't quite hit where it hurts."
Judy glanced at me and then back to Jamie. "Why don't you let Don massage your neck for a bit. He's really good at making you feel good. Trust me, I know!" Jamie looked up at her mother and smiled. I couldn't believe she had said that. Thinking back on how she and I had gotten started with a nice relaxing massage when we had shared an apartment a few years back brought back some erotic memories which added to my arousal. Now, even I was blushing a little bit.
Jamie asked me if I would give her a massage and I agreed. I sat on the edge of the tub and had her sit between my legs. I started to knead her neck and shoulders but the positions weren't very comfortable for me so I told her to stand up for a moment so I could sit back down in the water. When I was situated, I had her sit on the edge of the seat between my legs and lean foreward a bit. As I began to massage her neck, I could feel my legs on the outside of hers holding her in place. There wasn't much room on the seat so I also felt that nice tight ass of hers pushed up against my semi-erect cock. It was hard not to think about that as I continued to massage her. I was hoping she wouldn't notice my partially aroused state, but I guess she did because she started to wiggle her ass backwards and from side to side as I continued to rub her neck.
Judy watched what was going on and commented; "Feels good, doesn't it?"
Jamie looked up at her and said, "Oh yea. It feels really good." At that, they both smiled. That should have been my first clue, but I am a little dense sometimes. Jamie pushed back a little harder and kept wiggling her ass against my cock, which was getting harder despite my attempts to think of baseball or some other thing to keep my mind off of that tight ass. I finally realized that there was no way she couldn't feel it against her, especially being as close as we were. Realizing she knew the effect she was having on me and didn't seem to mind it, I leaned foreward and kissed her at the nape of the neck. She shook a bit and slightly leaned back into me.
"I hope this neck massage is doing the trick and making you feel a bit better." She let out a deep breath and told me she felt much better. She got up and went back to her original seat and just looked at me for a moment. I took the opportunity to adjust myself and I know she noticed.
Judy told her daughter; "He gives great massages, doesn't he? That was only your neck. He's given me full massages a number of times. It's so relaxing and makes me feel really good. You should let him give you one of these days. I bet you'd really enjoy it."
Judy looked over at me and again smiled. I knew right away what she was doing. She was giving me a chance to seduce her daughter via the massage. "Yea, any time you feel like you'd like to experience a full massage, just text me and we'll set up a time and place to make it happen. I used to be surprisingly good at it."
We all looked at each other and Jamie said, "I think I'd like that. Do you think we could do it this Saturday?"
"I'll check my schedule, but I think that can be arranged." She smiled and the three of us sat in the tub for a while longer before my wife called out and said we should be looking like prunes by now. We decided to get out. As I was the first to get out, I was able to watch the two girls get out. Each unknowingly flashed me with their crotches as they lifted their legs to swing over the hot tub edge. I just smiled at them as I handed them their towels and thought how lucky I was with them in my life.
The week seemed to drag by as I was looking foreward to Saturday's events. I wasn't really sure how things were going to go on that day, but my hopes were high. My wife was going out of town for a few days to visit her brother at the other end of the state, so she would be out of the picture and she was going to make it a four day weekend leaving on Friday and not returning until late Monday evening. I called Judy during the week and let her know my house was open for the weekend making it easier on everyone. I had my massage table and oils there and I also had the hot tub to help everyone relax before the big event. We planned on getting together in late afternoon and enjoying a nice BBQ dinner and then the hot tub for a while before I was to give Jamie her massage. Judy could either watch the happenings or just hang out, it was their decision. During the conversation she told me that Jamie was really excited that I would be giving her a massage and she wanted to know how it felt when I did it. Judy laughed when she told me she had to be careful about what she said because she didn't want to spoil it for Jamie but she did tell her it was very relaxing and very erotic. She said that Jamie pressed her for more information, but she only told her; "You'll just have to wait and see."
I mentioned that Jamie should bring extra bathing suit for after the hot tub so she wouldn't be laying in a chilling suit while I gave my massage. One Jamie wouldn't care if it got stained with the oils. Judy agreed.
Saturday finally arrived. I had set up the massage table and oils in my finished basement just before they arrived. I placed a few candles around the perimeter and set the stereo to play soothing music when we finally came downstairs. I also turned the thermostat up a bit so the room would be warm when we finally came down. After the girls arrived, we sat around for a while conversing and then I threw some burgers on the grill while we chatted. After we ate, the girls made me sit while they cleaned up the dinner mess. As they stood side by side washing the dishes, I couldn't help but notice their asses wiggling from side to side. They both wore yoga pants. Judy's was stretched somewhat due to the size of her hips. I could see the string of her thong just above the hemline. Jamie's yoga pants seemed to be painted on her body. There was no hint of her wearing anything underneath. I had to adjust myself at the thought of what lie under those pants and the possibility that I might soon be able to see and maybe even touch what was hidden.
When they finished, I suggested that we go out and relax on the patio for a bit and watch the sun set. I offered to open a bottle of wine while we relaxed and Judy readily agreed. Jamie looked on with pleading eyes. I told her; "Yes. You can have a glass or two if it's alright with your mother."
Jamie looked at Judy and Judy just nodded her head. "I have no problem with it, just don't overdo it! Uncle Don is going to be giving you a massage in a bit and I don't want you to be passed out or too drunk to realize what a special treat it is."

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