Julie’s first date – 1

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Hi,” I yelled into the receiver as someone picked up the phone.

“Hello,” replied a rather feminine voice, as I rechecked the number I had dialed.

“Oh, is Jack there?” I said uncertainly.

“Hey John, it’s me Jack. I’m planning something special for the party tonight. I was practicing my feminine voice. But don’t ask me why, OK?” he said.

“See you at the party for a special surprise…” Jack cooed into the phone, leaving me puzzled.

I hung up the phone wondering what the special surprise was. I searched for a nice costume for the party, and found my prince charming coat in my closet. I was pleased to find it after such a long time. As I eased myself into the coat, I again wondered what Jack was up to for tonight. I checked myself in the mirror hoping to have a beautiful girl as my date tonight. I was brought back to reality by the voice of my dad from downstairs . “You’re already late, John.” He yelled as I made my way down the stairs.

I arrived at the party where the speakers blared in my ears. As I walked down the hallway, I gazed enviously at the flirting couples who passed me. I felt bitter about being left dateless at this party. As I walked past a gorgeous looking woman, I let out a heavy sigh wondering if she could be my date tonight. I twirled back around as I heard a familiar but feminine voice behind me.

“Hello,” said the pretty blonde as I stared at her wide eyed. She gazed at me with deep blue eyes that dazzled me with their clear beauty and made me feel like I was drowning in them.

“Hi,” I muttered. But my head turned back, recognizing the features of this beautiful women, and I slowly realized who she was. “Is that you Jack?” I blurted out. The pretty girl suddenly held her delicate finger to my lips, and whispered, “Yes, it’s me John. But don’t say anything, no one here recognizes me except you.” “But, why Jack?” I exclaimed, sounding sort of surprised.

“I could see you were worried about being single tonight and I couldn’t bear the thought of my best friend being alone and unhappy. So I decided to help you out for at least tonight. Please don’t take this the wrong way,” She spoke softly.

She spoke as if she was finding the words to express what she felt for me. I felt like I was about to cry seeing my friend going to such lengths just for me. I felt a tear slide burning down my cheek as I looked back into her eyes with a look of gratitude. “Oh my gosh John, why are you crying?” She said as she wiped off my wet tears with her soft female finger. I forgot about the fact that she was my best friend yesterday, things had twisted around since then.

“How could I ever repay you Jack?” I asked sort of happy and worried. “By accepting me as your date tonight,” She said with her head down and a cute blush which I have never seen before. “Call me Julie, because that’s my name tonight” she said as the blush level increased on her pretty little face. “Julie, would you like to dance with me?” I asked kneeling before her, holding my palm out for her to take.

My new found princess placed her hand in mine and I rolled my fingers over her delicate ones. “Would love to.” she said. I slowly moved in pace with the music, my arm wrapped around this beautiful woman. I traced my hand onto her hips pulling her close as her perky little breasts found their place on my broad chest, getting crushed in between our melted bodies.

I smiled as I could feel Julie easing her head onto my shoulders like she had found a cozy shelter. I could feel my breath getting rapid as I felt a familiar change in my organ. I shuddered as I felt myself getting aroused, feeling the most beautiful girl in my arms I had ever met in my life. “This is not right John she gave up something precious only to make you feel better but you are doing something wrong,” warned my conscience. “She’s your girl and she is here for you. She would never think bad of you for this, “I thought.

“Anything wrong, darling?” she inquired lifting her head up from my shoulder, as her view traveled down my face to my chest and landed on the thing that was my worst nightmare. “I think someone is arousing you,” she giggled much to my relief, and I forced a smile back.

“It’s getting late. Could you drop me off at my house, John?” to which my response would have been positive always. As we reached her home, she opened the lock much to my surprise to find the house empty and dark. “My parents are on a vacation John, “she said, “I thought you could stay with me tonight, but if you don’t feel comfortable you can get back to your home,” she added.

I searched for an answer in my mind as she locked the door behind me giving me her cute smile once again. I sat on the sofa as she came out from her room dressed only in halter tops and a long skirt adding to my already aroused state. “You could sleep in my bedroom John, and I’ll sleep in my parent’s bedroom, ” she said between her yawn from her cherry red lips.

I found my head dumped on the pillow wondering how dumb I was for behaving this way tonight with a friend who loves me so much.

Around midnight, I walked inside the master bedroom surprised to see Julie sitting up, her back resting herself on a pile of pillows, wide awake. I walked in to turn on the lamp to see her beautiful face filled with tears rolling down her dimpled cheeks. I sat on the bed as I held her hands waiting for her to speak.

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“I am sorry, John…..I just planned to dress up for you but things are getting way out of my control,” she continued as I rubbed her hands, “I am feeling….you know attracted with you but….I feel aroused which is a bad sign…….of what I had planned….mmmmmppphhh” her sentence broke in the middle as I held her face in my palm kissing her tender lips hard locking her in a tight embrace.

I broke the kiss much to my dismay but I felt I needed to let her speak what she planned to. She looked back into my eyes with equal percentage of love and lust. I slowly eased myself into the cot, as my hands cupped her cheeks again. I moved my lips parting it slightly as I found her trembling lips, eager and waiting for my touch.

I slowly probed my tongue out of my mouth, as it swirled around a little moving forward to the feminine prize that stood before it. Feeling her lips part for me, I slid my tongue in finding her submissive tongue laying there for my touch. I wrapped my arms around her pulling her close, smelling the feminine fragrance she wore, as my hands trailed around her curvy hips and pressed the soft curve underneath her clothes. My rough and manly tongue put up a playful fight in waking up the gentle and submissive tongue of it’s bearer.

I soon felt her response as she kissed back, applying pressure on my lips, wrapping her arms around my neck and pulling me close. My manhood twitched a little as it felt happy for the girl’s response as I peeled her top up her belly , up to her neck as I held it tight covering her face .

“Honey, what you are up to?” she giggled as I slowly kissed her eye lids moving down to her little nose. My lips found their way to her tender lips covered by the cloth yet wet. I continued kissing her lips as I was surprised to find perky little breasts underneath her brassiere.

I let a finger trace the cleavage as I peeled her top off rejoining with her pretty face. I stroked her brassiere as I smiled. “Where did these come from?” I asked not expecting her to blush so red.

“I am on hormones” she replied much to my surprised look. I was somewhat surprised by her reply but it wasn’t a shock. Instead a smile spread across my face much to my girl’s surprise. “Why are you smiling John?” she asked.

As I kept smiling, my hands found their destiny and I started stroked her cute, perky breasts. I felt her nipple rise to attention as if appreciating my touch. Her lips stopped further speech which turned into a feminine gasp as her nipples started reacting to my now wet tongue over them.

“Julie, I think we’ll have enough time in the morning to discuss about us, but now I feel something else is more important,” I said, my naughty lips took her nipple between them slowly nibbling and caressing the timid piece of flesh between the soft touch of my lips.

“Mmmmmmmmm” she purred.

“But John I wasn’t planning our date……Mmmmppphhhhhh ………..tonight,” she softly whimperd,” I was attracted to you but…..Mmmm…ssssss…I am sorry…..I..Mmmmm,” her breathing became hoarse as I probed my hand inside her panties feeling her hard yet silky candy.

“I love you, Julie, I said “No matter what.”

“I love you too, John.” she said.

I placed a wet kiss on her lips while she responded eagerly to my touch for the first time that night as I let one of my hand to stroke her cute nipples. “I like it when you do that” she said blushing, as I slowly realized she was referring to me caressing her curly pubic hair just above her sweet feminine candy which was rock hard by now.

I trailed my hand down, wrapping it around her sex slowly stroking it as I bent my head down to nurse her erect nipple. I rolled my tongue over her erect nipple as my hands kept stroking her candy.

I was rewarded by a gasp or whimper each time my tongue did its job on her erect nipple. I kept stroking her as I felt her body tense, feeling her buck her hips into my hand, as she wrapped her arms around my neck pushing me onto her nipples. I heard a soft whimper as I felt her womanly juice flow into my hands.

“How do you feel now Julie?” I asked as she relaxed under my arms breathing slowly. “Never been better honey” she replied. I scooped up her juice from my palm into my lips. She smiled as she saw me tasting her nectar. I smiled back as I held her face in my sticky palm, letting my lips fall on her lips covering it completely, as her juice flowed from my mouth to hers.

I broke the kiss half heartedly as I looked back at her lips. I admired the soft feminine curve on her lips, shining with a cute pink shade that would kindle any man’s desire to devour it.

I forgot the situation as I leaned in again for a hard kiss on her delicate lips which she accepted willingly. She smiled back at me quite shyly. She rose to a sitting position as she leaned her head onto my shoulder and I leaned against the bed resting my arms around her.

“I asked you to accept me as your girlfriend tonight darling, but now I feel I would like to take back the word tonight and change it to forever,” she said with the freedom of planned sentences as she looked into my eyes for a reply.

“Forever could be better,” I said, leaning in to plant a kiss on her forehead as we drifted off to sleep filled with dreams of the next step in our relationship as John & Julie.

To be continued………..